This body
is too old,
this life,
is too long

for this young spirit.

My soul
may be old,
my heart
is lined with scars,

but my spirit is young.

It belongs to a man
who never really enjoyed
his childhood
and the process

of growing older.

I want to carve into
this aging flesh,
let the life-blood flow out
into the ancient earth,

releasing my young spirit.

I want to teach
my soul a lesson,
that pain should never
be inevitable,

that suffering should never
be prolonged,
that by the time the flesh,
has reached its middle years,

some happiness
must have been found,
some enjoyment of life
must have been experienced.

You can not scare me
with threats of hell,
I am in hell,
with every breath I take.

I yearn to be happy,
I yearn to be free.

If i can release this pain
with something sharp,
a blade, a piece of glass,
draining it from me…

when it is finished,
I shall finally find
happiness and freedom.

Hope is dream
of the pitiful,
the dirt a starving man eats
to fill his empty belly.

To dream
is to be delusional.
Better to accept
your awful fate

then to fight it.

2 thoughts on “Hell

    • What, exactly is a bad life? Who is it that judges good or bad? Right or wrong?
      Duality is a human construction. Bad and good are extremes that do not exist in the eyes of God.
      There is no right and no wrong outside of human perception.
      Humans created this duality, and will experience it as long as they believe in it.
      Good and bad are two sides of the same coin,
      Darkness is not the absence of light, it is the denial of it.
      Light is ever-present, going wherever it is accepted.
      God, Source, Universe – this is that energy that we call light.
      But it is both light and darkness, it is us, the perceivers, that decide on which extreme.

      This is hard to explain, but think of a prism, taking a single light source, and separating it into many different colors. The colors were always there in the light, though they could bot be seen.

      We are the prisms God’s energy courses through. Source, being non-physical, does not see the colors we see. It sees only its own energy. The colors, the light and darkness we perceive, exist only on our physical side.

      Hell is a construction of man, a way induced long ago to control the behavior of people through religion. This is the trap I was hoping to help you avoid. But at the same time I have to let you put your finger into the electrical outlet so you can experience for yourself the perils of doing so. Otherwise you can never learn.

      I can tell others all day long why they should avoid Christianity, and all organized religions, and all constructs of man designed to control behavior and impede or limit independent thought. But my words mean nothing to those who have no experienced the truth of these things for themselves.

      All I can do is love and accept you as you are and be there for you, supporting you, when you are ready to leave the trap you have thrown yourself into.


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