The Storm

I enter.

My mom starts talking about
how great and good God is,
the way that tree fell.

I feel such a surge
of hatred, anger and maybe
even a little bitterness.

But I choke back my words,
and say nothing at all because
I don’t want to hurt her.

I exit.

I have come to feel
that everyone is entitled
to their beliefs.

I just wish they would
stop shoving them down,
my throat, smothering me.

Is it too much to ask
that you respect my right
to believe as I wish???

I am doing that for you,
though your unquestioning,
sheep-like behavior wounds me.

When will humanity evolve
past the need to define God
and simply accept things as they are?

When will they let go
of the old, the outdated,
beliefs of others, long dead?

Will they ever learn
to define God for themselves
and respect each person’s experience?

The wind rages, trees fall,
limbs are blown across the lawn,
reflecting the storm within my soul.

Message to the Monster

You use darkness
to persecute that which
you call darkness,
because you are unable
to face the darkness
deep within yourself.

You try to control
everything outside you
because you are unable
to control yourself.

You are weak,
but want to appear strong,
you think that strength
comes from power,
that if you can force your will
on others you must be powerful,
but you are weak
because true strength
comes from inside.

Deep inside, deep down inside
you are rotten and corrupted,
you look for demons outside you,
but you are the real demon
and with your every act,
your every evil deed,
you feed the demon
and make it stronger.

You are not merely a flawed human,
you are a flaw, dressed as a human.
You are not worth saving,
Your only value lies in your death,
so that your stinking frame
will no longer haunt this world.

We will all be better off
without you here,
the day you die
will be the happiest,
most joyous day
in human history.


These words cut so deep –
the biting things you say.
Why can’t you just
leave me alone anyway?
What have I ever done to you
to merit what you say and do?

I am barely holding in here,
slipping more and more each day,
with your continuous assaults
you pry my fingers, one by one, away.
I do not know the words to say,
other than loved ones do not act this way.

They do not strike
with words or fists,
they do not treat the one
they claim to love like this.

There isn’t much more I can take,
it won’t be much longer until I break.
It isn’t because I am not strong enough,
it isn’t because I am weak.
It’s because I didn’t get the support I needed,
the support you should have provided.

No plant thrives in darkness for long,
or under the glare of an unrelenting sun.
We all need shade and rest,
to grow strong and bloom our best.

But you have continuously failed at this,
and my blood is on your hands.
Your denials will never wash it off,
you must live with whatever happens,
because you created this mess.


Falling… Falling…
I can not see the ground,
I have gone off the edge
and am plummeting down.

Down… Down…
Where will I land?
What awaits me
far below?

The future is uncertain,
my fate is unknown,
there is only my falling,
lost in this emptiness.

At once elated and afraid,
there is nothing but to wait,
listen to the whistling wind
and feel the pull of gravity.