Own Your Life

I was watching Law of Attraction in Action 11 today, and heard an account from a father about his “special needs” daughter (I place “special needs” in quotes because I want to be clear it is a label, a term, constructed by man to classify something that is not understood.)

This father worried he may be doing too much or too little for his special little girl, and Abraham, through Esther Hicks, tried to make something clear, without stating it directly (I may refer to Abraham as they after this, because they describe themselves as a collection of consciousnesses.)

Abraham basically tells this father that his daughter chose her physical form. But more than that, she chose him to be her father, she chose her mother, she essentially designed the life she would experience from a non-physical perspective, her place of alignment and power.

In other words, to quote Abraham, “We choose by default” while we are focused here physically (that is the term Abraham uses to describe our experience of physical bodies.) We generally respond to something we don’t like and as a result draw more of that experience to us.

These issues do not exist when we are not focused physically. As I understand it, through my reading but not through any direct experience, when we are non-physical we are already in alignment with our Higher Self. We choose consciously, with full awareness.

I think what Abraham was telling this father is that his daughter saw everything that would happen to her when she chose the form she would have and the people she would be born to. She saw what was most likely to happen under those circumstances and in that situation, and she chose this with full awareness and consciousness.

In other words nothing her father or mother could ever do would have been unforeseen. So there was literally no way for them to mess things up for her. Even if they screwed up so badly she ended up dead, she already knew about the possibility of this occurring.

She already saw, even before she was born, what her parents would do, how they would respond, how they would treat her, what medications she would be introduced to, the risks she would encounter, the struggles she would endure – everything.

If you are wondering how this is possible, it is very simple. Time can only be experienced physically. There is no progression of time outside the physical. It simply does not exist. In our physical forms we see it as a linear progression. Non-physically it is happening all at once. How that works is beyond physical understanding. At least its beyond mine at this moment.

Well I took the long way around to get to what I wanted to talk about. But the implications of this is staggering. Let’s just assume, for the moment, that what Abraham says is true. That we exist in some non-physical way before we are born into this world, and we consciously choose, with full awareness, the physical lives we will experience.

That means that everything that happens to us (or rather that we say or think of as having happened or happening to us) everything, we chose. If we were born to abusive parents, we chose that. If we were raped, we chose that. If we were murdered, we chose that. There are no exceptions to this. Everything we perceive to be bad or good in our lives is there by our choice alone. Even if it seems forced on us, we chose it.

That might sound horrific to some. Some may be offended by the very thought of this. I see it as empowering. It means I can own everything about my life I like or dislike. I can take full responsibility. I chose this life, and all its possible permutations. Nobody can force anything on me, because I already chose a life where those particular people would likely force those particular things on me.

But it goes much further than this. In fact, I am not sure I can properly express to you its full implications. Assuming what Abraham teaches is true, it means that even before I came into physical form I chose the people who would be my family, my parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins – how many of each or even if would have any and which ones. The beliefs, mindsets and religions they would have, if they had any and in what amount. The places we would live, the cities I would live and work in, even down to the details of the library I would have access to, if I had a library or not, and the people working there, as well as if and when I would move and experience other locations.

I could go on but hopefully you are beginning to see the implications of this. We can barely even grasp it from a physical perspective. That our lives were custom designed by us before we were even born. What I want to talk about now, the main point of this whole article, is what it means.

It means that I have no right to blame anyone for anything undesirable in my life. It means that the parents of a psychopathic murderer can stop blaming themselves for creating such a person. Their only responsibility is bringing this person into the world. They came into physical focus knowing that they would have such a child. But that child came into physical focus knowing exactly what it would be, and nothing the parents could have done would have changed that.

The child in our hypothetical example chose exactly the people he wanted and knew well before hand every nuance of how they would raise him. So the parents can stop blaming themselves. We are not responsible for the actions of our parents or our children. We are responsible only for our own actions.

It means all blame can go right out the window. We can’t blame others or God for the circumstances or situations of our lives, because we chose those exact circumstances and situations. If there is a destiny, fate or purpose to our lives, we chose that too. We chose the time we would be born into, the place we would grow up, the place we would live, and even the time and place of our death, or rather the time we shift focus away from the physical.

Yes, it means we do know the time and place of our death, we just don’t remember it, so it seems like it surprises us. But Death, that grim specter so many fear, is responding to our summons, it is not the other way around. He comes at the exact time and place we have called him, and his only duty is to help us transition from a physical focus to a non-physical focus (of course Death is likely not an actual entity, just a process or stage of physical life.) It also means that we can live as long as we like physically, but for reasons we only know non-physically we choose a predetermined set of years.

What it means to me personally is that I can stop kicking myself. I did not screw up my life. How could I screw up my life? It is impossible for me to screw it up, because everything is playing out exactly like I chose even before I started living this life. I am playing my part to perfection, every mistake I make, or rather, everything I do that I perceive to be a mistake, is one I chose to make! If I am a lazy fuck up, I chose to be a lazy fuck up! I can never, and will never, be less or more than I already chose to be.

That is why I see it as empowering. Some part of me feels like I screwed up. I waited too long to meet someone and start a family. I have no desire to work for someone else at some crappy job that leads nowhere. I am 40 years old and still living in the vicinity of my parents. I am about to bicycle down the coast, a 280 pound overweight and out of shape man with only foodstamps for food. To just about anyone’s ears it sounds like a horrible decision. But if I do it, I chose to do it. If I don’t, I chose not to do it. Whatever I do now in the physical, I chose in the non-physical. I can’t mess it up.

There is a freedom in this. Even though it may seem as if the course has already been pre-programmed, I can still operate under the very real illusion of free will. I know that I am exactly as free as I wanted to be before I started this journey. I will never want more freedom than I have. So I am not trapped at all. I am not consigned, destined or fated to anything that I have not chosen to be. Even when I take my trip, if I get mugged and everything is stolen, that is an experience I have chosen. I already knew well ahead of time the circumstances and situations of my trip and the people I would encounter.

How does this tie in with manifestation? I think it works like this… You have already designed the full extent of the bad and good (or what you would perceive to be bad or good) while physical. Following the desires of your heart is going towards the full extent of the good you have already assigned to yourself. Denying the desires of your heart is going towards the full extent of the bad you assigned to yourself. Life will always be exactly as enjoyable as you choose it to be in this moment.

For me, if I have not chosen an experience of getting mugged and having everything stolen from me on my trip, this will not happen. If instead I have chosen to meet awesome and interesting people, to find help as needed, and to enjoy myself, this is what I will experience. I can never experience being mugged and robbed unless I already chose it before I came into this life, and now choose to focus on the possibility of this happening to me or how I don’t want it to happen to me.

So while I may not remember exactly what awaits me on my trip, I know there is nothing to fear, because I have chosen all the circumstances and situations of my life, and whatever happens to my physical form is within the range of what I would perceive to be bad or good. It will never get worse than what I chose, it can never get better than what I chose. I designed it all, with full awareness and consciousness, for reasons I do not remember. When I leave the physical I will remember everything, and I will have done with my life exactly what I intended to do with it.

What it amounts to is that I can either enjoy the ride or suffer through it. Either way I will leave the physical having experienced and learned everything for which I came into it. There is no failing grade. So I may as well focused on what I desire, what fills my heart with joy, what makes me happy. Follow my heart, my intuition, the dictates of my conscience. Realizing there is no need for me to suffer, suffering is a chosen response to circumstances and situations I already picked out.

If I picked it out I may as well own it and take responsibility for it. I may not be able to control everything that happens. But I can take comfort knowing I chose it, and I can continue to choose my response to it. Also the more things I choose, by focusing on them, that empower me and bring me joy, the better my experience of life will be. It is all up to me, nothing can truly be forced on me, nothing can happen that is better or worse than what I have already chosen. I am free to take whatever comes at me in whatever way I wish. So I can stop kicking myself and start enjoying myself.

OK, I am starting to ramble and get sleepy. I hope you are starting to see how amazing this is, all its implications. You are not lost unless you wanted to be. If you don’t fit, or haven’t found the place you fit yet, that is because you did not want to. If you are alone you wanted to be alone, or you wanted to wait for the right person, and experience what happens when they come into your life.

You do belong, you do matter, you are worthy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, whatever you may be experiencing in your physical form that you may perceive to be undesirable. You are exactly how you wanted to be, and experiencing exactly what you came here to experience. The only question is… Will you embrace it or resist it? How will you choose to respond?

Also yes, you can apply this even to the government that rules you and the laws it requires you to follow. You chose all of that, and you chose knowing what would happen if you broke the law or obeyed it. You may even have chosen ahead of time if you would break the law or obey it. So you can’t get mad at your government, because you chose it, one way or another!


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