Beliefs Get In The Way

I need to work something out here, something that may be worth sharing. I won’t know until after I have written it.

I am reading Anita Moorjani’s, “Dying To Be Me.” She says, “Needing to operate out of concrete beliefs limits my experiences because it keeps me within the realm of only what I know – and my knowledge is limited.” The alternative is awareness, which takes us out of the realm of what we know and brings us, “…closer to Oneness.”

So… Beliefs get in the way. They keep us in the world of duality and what we know. That means belief is not the key to manifesting or anything else. It seems to support my decision to keep cutting beliefs away, to just let them go. To remove them, as much as possible, from anything I write or teach.

I just realized something else… When I have this thought like, “I should have been more loving…” then I have a belief that I needed to be more loving in that situation. But that becomes a measuring stick, and if I don’t measure up to it, I criticize and judge myself.

Not only that but it becomes easy to measure others then criticize and judge them when they don’t measure up. None of this is simply accepting things as they are. I can not allow the experience of things as they are, in their natural state, as long as I need or want them to be any different. I must let go of all such belief-based expectations.

My need to be more loving gets in the way of accessing my true nature, which is love. I already am love, I already am perfect as I am, there is nothing more I need to be. If I am not allowing myself to be who I am, which is love, I am not allowing others to be who they are, which is also love.

When I read concepts and ideas in a book like this, structuring what is taught into a belief system, essentially creating my own personal religion out of it, is like constructing a cage. That will limit me in the end.

Instead it seems the way to proceed is to be open to these concepts and ideas. To let go of belief systems, and the need to turn these concepts and ideas into things I believe. To be aware of what these concepts and teachings are telling me.

There is a realization here I was close to. I will update this post when it comes. It was right on the tip of my tongue, or fingertips, a moment ago. Something about just being aware of the concepts and ideas I have learned instead of believing in them as true or false. Just allowing them into my experience. That this awareness and allowing is all that is needed.

In any case it seems clear now that I must release and let go of my beliefs in order to move out of the realm of what I know and into the realm of the unknown. Which is also something she mentions, becoming comfortable with the unknown.

The pieces are starting to fall into place. Being myself, not trying to be loving, not even practicing being love, but allowing myself to be what I am, which is love. Love is who I am, not anything I have to try to be.

In being myself I allow my purpose to unfold. In practicing awareness I come closer to Oneness. In loving myself, having self-love, I have love to give others. I am closer to my true nature, to who I am, so I can access the love that I am.

Loving myself is not something I do. I allow myself to be who I am. I stop trying to be what others want me to be or tell me I should be. I accept myself, just as I am. Until I realize the truth, that I am love, I just remain aware and open of this. I let go of the doing. I allow the being.

Being and consciousness, what she calls magnificence, are the keys then. Just accepting myself and the world around me as it is, without needing it to be anything else. In the words of Anita Moorjani, “To me, the first step to conscious awareness is understanding how nature intended things to be. It means being aware of our bodies and surroundings and being able to respect the essences of things without needing them to be different – and this includes ourselves.”

Acceptance. Allowing. Openness. Letting Go.

I AM Love.

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