Reality and Video Games

This morning I had some thoughts that I think were inspired by the word “conviction.” As I worked it out in my mind, I compared the world to a video game. In a video game you can find the cracks and seams – its underpinnings. But in the real world these are hidden from us.

Most people are like the AI in a video game, barely aware of the world at all. If they encounter something unexplained, it may wake them up slightly, for a short period of time, but they quickly go back to sleep. Most are no more fazed by their encounters with the underpinnings of the world than an AI is in theirs.

An enlightened person can see and interact with the underpinnings of the world. How else could you explain levitation, walking on water, healing others, the things the rest of us all call miracles?

The Truth is obscured for the majority of humanity. Most have never seen it while physical. We have to have that faith and trust beyond belief, that inner knowing and conviction, it is there. We can’t break through using any directed physical means, as we might in a video game.

The majority of us have to somehow tap into the fact that we did see the Truth before we were physical. We have to have that feeling, that knowing. For example, even though we may not see the sun right now, we know it is there. We don’t have any doubts as to the sun’s existence, its rising and setting. We have to have the same feelings and mindset towards the Truth.

But an enlightened person has seen the Truth while physical. An enlightened person is fully conscious and aware. They can see the sun, to use our example, whether or not it is obscured. They see and understand the Truth.

It takes a stepping out in faith and trust to become enlightened. But I imagine that once someone is enlightened, they no longer need to have such levels of faith and trust. They have seen the Truth, the sun, to use my previous analogy, so they know it is there. They probably face other challenges.

3 thoughts on “Reality and Video Games

  1. Hi Mark! How are you?Hope you are well. I know you are now NOT Christian,but do you mean you don’t like Jesus? Do you hate him? It would be nice of you if you could answer this simple question.Thank you.


    • Hatred is not my practice, but it is an easy hole to fall into. I do not agree with most of the things Christianity and other organized religions teach. I do not agree with most of the content of their holy books. I see Jesus as more of a character, likely a composite of several people. I find him to be an inspiring role model. Who wouldn’t want to walk on water and heal others with a touch?

      So Jesus inspires me, and I follow some of his teachings, but I am not identified with any of my currently adopted beliefs, as I was when I was a Christian. Also as far as the teachings of Jesus go, I prefer the way Emmet Fox teaches them.


  2. Of course, I don’t know about Emmet Fox.Could you tell me about it? I had difficulty to understand “Jesus’s death on the cross”.But now joying being menber of’bible’posting thread called「Did we all killed Jesus Christ?」which is made by me made me more clear and learn about Jesus. What is here very interesting for me that Jesus is God.


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