Nothing but Truth

Excerpt from Ramtha, The White Book, Chapter 12:

“Student: I feel like I’ve spent my whole life going from one religion to another and, more recently, from one teacher to another trying to understand what life and God are all about. I’m really confused, Ramtha, because everyone has something different to say. Even though many things are the same, they all teach different things, and some of them are even completely the opposite of the other.

For instance, you say that there is no right or wrong and that God loves us whatever we do. In a way, what you teach makes sense to me, but it’s very different than what others teach. And some of what you teach seems a little far-out in a sense because it’s so different than what I have been taught my whole life.

I’m confused, Ramtha. I don’t know who to believe. How do I determine what is really true, what the truth is?

Ramtha: First, master, what mean you by the term far-out?

Student: Well, what I mean is, one has to stretch his thoughts to understand or accept some of the things you say.

Ramtha: Would you say that infinity and forever are far-out?

Student: Well, yes, in a way.

Ramtha: Then my teachings are indeed far- out, for that is how far they will take you, all the way to the perimeters of forever.

Now tell me, master, what is not true?

Student: Well, for example, imagination, fantasy, things that don’t correspond with reality.

Ramtha: Indeed? What are imagination and fantasy?

Student: Thoughts you entertain in your mind; things you make up in your thoughts.

Ramtha: And when you are entertaining these thoughts, are they not real? Are they not a reality in your consciousness? Are they not a truth in thought?

Student: Yes, but they may be true only in my mind. They don’t necessarily correspond with the truth about how things really are in reality.

Ramtha: You know, master, everyone wishes to know what the truth is. But if there is the truth, what is everything other than that when it also has a reality in consciousness?

Do you know what the truth is? That there is none. There being none means that everything is.

Everything is true, master. There is nothing untrue, for all things are derived from thought, which is God. And God is not one formulated thought; he is the reality of all thoughts.

Everything is real, for everything has been given credence through thought and has purpose in being .

What you term imagination and fantasy are certainly real, for they are constituted of purposeful thought.

Student: Even though they don’t correspond with the real world that is out there?

Ramtha: The world out there, which you call real, master, is only the illusion and creation of the greatest reality of all, which is the unseen reality called thought and emotion. How do you think all of your world out there came into being? It was created by imagination and fantasy. And once it became a reality in its material form, it then spurred further imagination and fantasy, for each begets the other and both are indeed real.

Everything created in thought, everything that exists in consciousness – whether or not it is ever manifested into the form called material reality – is true, master.

Student: No matter how bizarre it is?

Ramtha: Indeed, entity, for only attitudes determine bizarreness. Every thought entertained in your mind is true, for it is alive in consciousness; thus it is a part of the greatest reality, termed the mind of God, the platform from which all life springs forth.

Now let us see, master, if we can help you out a bit with your confusion. God the Father is thought, the truth of all thought. And the splendid thing about God is that he is indeed lawless, for if the Father had laws, he would be limited. But since the Father is unlimited, he allows options to his unlimited truth, unlimited thought. The Father has given each of you the will to accept and create from thought whatever truth adds to your own individuality, to perceive truth according to your desire and your unique progression into wisdom. And whatever truth you create in thought, the Father, life, will become so you may experience and understand that truth, that dimension of thought called God.

Truth is only what an individual perceives truth to be. Truth is an opinion, an attitude, a belief about something that has become an absolute in creative thought. Yet everyone’s opinion about anyone thing will differ, often vastly, for each has formulated that opinion based on his unique experiences and the understanding or misunderstanding that he has gained in his soul, not only from this life but from all lives lived before this one. So one entity will believe something to be true and another may not. The two cannot comprehend one another because they have not been one another and had the same collective experiences.

Whose truth is correct? Both are. They are both truthfully right, for each is expressing the truth which his experience and understanding have allowed him to perceive. But if one’s truth is that his truth is the only one that is correct, he is limited in his understanding.

Each entity in this dream – according to his experience and his own need and for the purpose of the fulfillment of self – will accept and create whatever truths he desires to experience for his evolution into wisdom. And for the purpose of that experience, each will seek out sources of truth which support what he wants to believe. Thus for however many Gods that inhabit this plane, there will be that many unique sets of truths, for each entity has the will and the right and the need to create truth differently.

So whatever you read or hear from a teacher is perceived truth: how he sees it, how he has learned it, how he has created it, how he is experiencing it. Thus if you studied under ten teachers, you would certainly be in great confusion, for each one’s truth will be different. And you may certainly find that one or another’s perception of truth will fit whatever you are needing at the moment. But if you are trying to discern which one speaks the truth, when you look at all of them you will realize that all of them do. What you must decide is to what degree you wish to become a particular truth, for whatever truth you accept will become an experienced reality in your life.

There are great teachers on your plane, master, and they are magicians of sorts, for they can do and manifest wondrous and miraculous things. But they still believe in death, and thus they will die. Even though they have progressed greatly in their learning, they have not yet taken their understanding beyond the limitations of death and dying to the understanding that life is really a continuum in being. So if you were to accept their truths as the truth, you too might become a magician, but you will also die. You see?

There is truth in everything, master, but there is also refinement in all things, for each moment refines truth. That is why God is not in a state of perfection but rather a state of becoming. Each entity continually progresses in his understanding to encompass more unlimited truth. And whatever his understanding is, moment to moment to moment, it will be the truth as he sees it, as he knows it.

Let us take a flower, for example. Is it true that the flower is a bud? Indeed. When the flower blooms, is it a liar because it is no longer a bud? No. It is in a state of progressive truth. And is the flower a liar when its petals fall and are no more? What is it then? It is in a further state of its truth.

Any teachings that you hear or read from a source that teaches of laws – or limits man, or divides the Isness into good and evil, or says that God is a singular entity rather than the Isness of all that is – any teachings like that are coming from entities who simply have accepted that to be their truth and are compelled to give it to the world. That is their truth, master, and they are not wrong. But a greater, more refined truth is that anyone who teaches that life is in any way limited has not progressed in his understanding as greatly as others have. For is God limited? If he were, master, life would not be ongoing and you would not even have the option to be confused.

What I teach is indeed a wondrous truth, for who dares to call God lawless, for then he cannot be used to control and enslave others. But the Father, the supreme consciousness, is indeed without the limitation of laws and judgments and endings. When you progress in your truth to embrace that unlimited understanding, then you will experience and truly understand the love and joy and ongoingness that the Father is.

Everyone knows, master, only to the extent that they desire and allow themselves to know. And most knowledge on your plane is built upon fear and survival and polarities of understanding. It is built upon judgment and the separation of peoples. It is built upon the understanding that man is a fallen creature who has no divinity. But man is God, master; thus to judge man is to judge God. To limit man is to limit God. To separate man from his divinity is to take divinity away from God.

If what you read or hear from a teacher limits your thought processes, it indeed limits the thought processes of the Father. Listen to what is said and how it is said. If it limits, separates, divides, then it is a limiting truth of an entity who has yet to progress into a more unlimited understanding.

What you inevitably learn from all of these teachers, master, is that you alone are your greatest teacher, for only you know what is the best of all things for you. How can anyone else know when he is busy living his own life and assessing truth from his own point of view? Only you can know what experience is needed in your soul for your own fulfillment. Only you can be the giver of your own truth, for truth is self-ordained and self-established. And that truth will not be found through scientific or intellectual understandings but rather through an emotional understanding, for truth is a feeling, a knowingness; it is not intellectual. To know what the truth is for you is to know what you feel the truth is.

Student: But, Ramtha, how can you feel that something is true if it is not supported by facts, or if it is perhaps contrary to what science has discovered to be true?

Ramtha: Master, nothing can be proven by what you term facts, for facts will change as the understanding of mankind evolves and changes. Everything is conjecture, for reality is continually evolved and created through thought and emotion. Facts are only the current material manifestations of collective consciousness, collective thoughts that have been embraced into emotion by the whole of mankind.

The proof, master, is in the feeling, in emotion, for that is what gave reality to the fact in the first place.

What is the greatest reality, the greatest truth? Not facts, master. It is the feelings you have by accepting facts as reality, as truths in thought. That is the true fact. It is emotion that is the greatest reality. That is where all truth lies.

Whatever you choose to believe, master, so it will be. So now you choose what is proper for you, what you wish to believe.

Student: But, Ramtha, I don’t understand how that could be. For example, in times when most people believed the Earth was flat, if half of the sailors on a boat thought that the Earth was round and half thought that it was flat and they sailed off to sea, what happened to the boat?

Ramtha: Those who thought it was flat, master, flung themselves overboard. Heaven forbid they should be proven wrong. The ones who thought it was round continued the journey. You see?

Those who believed firmly that the world was flat never ventured to the edge to find out differently, for they were sure it was flat. Those who believed it was round sailed around and around and around. And they were convinced that it was round. But they did not know that it is not round. It is rather squashed. It is bursting at its seams, flat- headed and flat-bottomed, and it is hollow. But those who firmly believe it is solid will never know otherwise, for they will never contemplate going inward to find out differently. That is because they are of a limited understanding, which nonetheless is still true.

Be unlimited in your truth, master. Know that your world is round. But if you wish to be even more unlimited in your truth, know that it is flattened on its top and bottom. And to be even more unlimited, know that it is hollowed. And to be even more unlimited than that, entity, know that the center of your Earth is very much inhabited. But try to tell your scientists that.

If what you believe is of a limited form, then that is your truth, and you are correct and precise. If you believe in an unlimited form, then that is your truth, correct and precise. But if you are searching for something to believe in, don’t believe in either. Believe in you. There is no entity, no thing, no reality that is greater than you are, for you are the giver of all truth, the creator of all realities, the dispenser of all laws within your kingdom.

Now what I would tell anyone entity is this: Go and learn from your teachers or your religions until you are bored or it makes no more sense. Then seek the answer that feels right within your soul. Your soul knows what the truth is, and it will tell you through feelings. When the truth feels right, that is your soul rejoicing, because the grandest truth is unlimited freedom, whatever allows you to experience any truth you desire.

Truth is a limitation, master. To say that anything is true indicates there is untruth. But in a greater understanding there is neither truth nor untruth; there is only the Isness of ongoing, evolving life. Life is the only reality and from that all truth emerges, for truth is evolved and created every moment by every thought you have. Thus in any moment you can change your mind and think something else, and yet they are both true. They are both real principles, for both are options for emotional understanding.

There is no reality but life and options. When you understand that everything is true and nothing is – that there is only Isness – then you can perceive truth to be whatever you determine it to be, and it will be absolute as long as you recognize it as such. The moment you don’t recognize and give credence to that truth, it is no longer real. That is why this plane is the plane of creative realities.

Whatever truth you create in your life, know that you also can change. What allows you to become sovereign is to know that you can do and become anything you want and that you have the ability to change your mind anytime you want.

How long does it take you to become happy? Only long enough for you to think joy, and you will begin to beam . How long does it take you to become despairing? As long as it takes you to think despair, and you will become it. What is the underlying truth in this? That you have the option to become either anytime you desire, and that you can change your expression anytime you desire. That is the freedom the Father loves you with. When you know that truth within your being, you will exceed your limitedness into your godhood. And when others have permitted themselves to be governed with laws and morals and ideals, you will be a free entity, for you will belong to no truth but your own.

Only remember this: Whatever you think to be, is. Anytime you believe in anything, it becomes truth in an emotional reality within your being. That is why everyone is always on the pinnacle of truth, no matter what that point of view is. Your creative reality will always be different from everyone else’s. And when others utterly fail to see your reality, it is only because they are so immersed in the illusions of their own.

When you understand that truth is and can be all things, then you have not limited yourself from experiencing all things. Then you can readily participate in all experiences and have knowledge of them. Then you are free, for you are no longer enslaved to concepts or intellectual understandings that say this is how it is, when how it is, is truly everything that can be defined in thought.

This truth I give you, master, provides a greater unlimitedness in being, for in its virtue and context it embraces everyone else’s truth and allows all truths to coexist in harmony. When you embrace this understanding, then you can say to yourself, “Of the truth that I express, I am multifaceted in my truth. I am not one truth but all truth.” Then you are no longer inhibited in your creative flow or cloistered into one form of living and being.

Be who you are, not under the direction of Ramtha or Buddha or Yeshua or any other teacher, for none can teach you of your God self; they can teach you only of theirs. To fulfill your destiny, you must become who and what you uniquely are. If you try to live according to another’s life plan, you will never become that. The only way you will come to understand who you are and this fire that lives within you is through the truth of your own emotional understanding.

Love what you are intently and listen to the God within you, which speaks a very subtle tone. It is called feelings. The feelings, if you listen to them, will tell you of truth and your path for enlightenment.

Live the truth you feel inside you. Live it and manifest it so that it attests to the glory of you. When you do, then you will have assessed, lived, and understood life from your point of view. And however you perceive it, it will all be right. Be your own teacher, your own savior, your own master, your own God.

When you contemplate the simplicity of this, it will release you into the freedom to understand. Then you will not get caught up in trying to determine what is true and what is not, what is real and what is illusion. When you begin to remove yourself from the laws of religious dogma and belief and cease striving to be another’s truth, then you are free to express yourself and experience the things that your soul calls you to do, so you can be fulfilled in whatever knowledge and understanding you are lacking. Then through experience and emotion you at your own individualized pace become God, moment by moment by moment. And where shall your eternity end? Nowhere, for you are ongoing into forever.

When you learn that each moment you live, you are refining your own opinionated self – and when you allow yourself to do that without guilt and judgment of self – then one day you become the truth of all thought, the platform from which all life springs forth. But you cannot become that until you remove yourself from the collective consciousness of man – with its laws, ideals, and mass identity – and allow yourself to be the Isness of your own truth, of your own purposeful self.

For a long time man has separated himself from his divinity by taking away all of his options and creating laws in place of them. But the winds of change are upon this plane to bring about a newness, a reckoning in everyone, an unsettling of what has been considered absolute. I am pleased you have come to be a part of it, for your life will be much more joyous from this day forth. For who are you to answer to? No one but yourself. And what is the truth? Whatever self decrees it to be, for whatever you believe, so it is; and whatever you believe, so you will become. Know that, and you will teach many just by the way you live.

Never seek truth. Simply be. In being, you are at one with infinite universes.

Student: There’s much for me to contemplate.

Ramtha: Indeed, master. Isness. So be it.”

What Is The Truth?

This post should actually be a new episode of The Circle or cast as a video in some other way. But I do not have the equipment I want and feel I need to continue any more videos. So this text format will have to do. I think this might be one of my most important posts. I will do my best to get everything out as clearly as possible.

I will be quoting from Ramtha – The White Book by J.Z. Knight for this. Whatever your opinion of the lady, or Ramtha, or channeled entities, what I recently read felt right to me and it made sense. It made things clearer. I am claiming it as my Truth for now. If you own this book turn to Chapter 12, Nothing But Truth. If you don’t you will find an Amazon link to it at the end of this post.

In this chapter a student is talking to Ramtha. They have questions about truth. We will start with page 154, where Ramtha is addressing this student:

“Do you know what the truth is? That there is none. There being none means everything is.

Everything is true, master. There is nothing untrue, for all things are derived from thought, which is God. And God is not one formulated thought; he is the reality of all thoughts.

Everything is real, for everything has been given credence through thought and has purpose in being. What you term imagination and fantasy are certainly real, for they are constituted of purposeful thought.”

Spend a few minutes absorbing this, then continue to page 155:

“Truth is only what an individual perceives truth to be. Truth is an opinion, an attitude, a belief about something that has become an absolute in creative thought.”

“So whatever you read or hear from a teacher is perceived truth; how he sees it, how he has learned it, how he has created it, how he is experiencing it. Thus if you studied under ten teachers you would certainly be in great confusion, for each one’s truth will be different.”

Moving to page 156:

“What you must decide is to what degree you wish to become a particular truth, for whatever truth you accept will become an experienced reality in your life.”

“There is truth in everything, master, but there is also refinement in all things, for each moment refines truth. That is why God is not in a state of perfection but rather a state of becoming. Each entity continually progresses in his understanding to encompass more unlimited truth. And whatever his understanding is, moment to moment to moment, it will be the truth as he sees it, as he knows it.”

“Any teachings that you hear or read from a source that teaches of laws – or limits man, or divides the Isness into good or evil, or says that God is a singular entity rather than the Isness of all that is – any teachings like that are coming from entities who simply have accepted that to be their truth and are compelled to give it to the world. That is their truth, master, and they are not wrong. But a greater, more refined truth is that anyone who teaches that life is in any way limited has not progressed in his understanding as greatly as others have. For is God limited? If he were, master, life would not be ongoing and you would not even have the option to be confused.”

There is a LOT here to absorb, dwell on and think about. Take as much time as you need. I am going to use the passages I have quoted here and other passages from this chapter to work a few things out, clearing it up for myself and perhaps also you. In other words I will share my truth, as it stands in the moment of me writing this.

One thing I have realized, just from reading these words again and writing this post, is something I have alluded to before. That if Heaven were a perfect place, it would be stagnant. Perfection, as I understand it, is something that is complete, finished, frozen in time. It no longer adapts or changes. It no longer needs to. But without growth there is only stagnation and death. So perfection is not a desirable state. All things must continually change, perfection is an impossible goal akin to stretching one’s arm to grasp something that is constantly being pulled further and further away.

So we have to define perfection differently, and I think the best way to do that is to state that perfection is in a constant state of growth and development into more and more refined states. Therefore Heaven can not be some place, frozen in time for all eternity. Heaven has to be something more like a state of being rather than a place. And God cannot be at some pinnacle of evolution, because God, being perfect, would have to always be growing and developing, becoming more and more refined. Perfection then, is an infinite process of refinement.

Getting back on track to the original intention of this post… I have been, for some time now, constantly seeking The Truth. After being a Christian and coming to a point where I needed to renounce my faith and forge my own spiritual path, I didn’t want to waste my time with anything that was not true. I wanted to figure out the way to create the life I desire. I wanted the information and sources that would show me exactly what do to, so that in doing it I would manifest all my needs and wants. I didn’t want to waste time with things that did not work. I do not feel I have the time to waste.

But after reading this one chapter, I have come to understand that everything I encounter will be the truth. It may not be my truth, as Christianity is no longer my truth. But it will be the truth for the person who is sharing it, and those who believe the same as that person. So I guess my quest will be for the most refined information on manifestation I can find? It seems that I just have to go with my gut when I am reading something. But Ramtha has given me some good guidelines in my hunt for my truth.

I need to avoid anything that seeks to control or limit, or is divisive in nature. If I am reading something, and it is not speaking to me, or it is not edifying for me, I need to put it down and walk away. That material is not my truth and it will not aid me. Some materials may challenge me or hurt me as I see things I must address, and these I can continue studying.

So what have I learned from all this, besides what I have shared here? Simply put, that the search for the Truth is the same as Don Quixote’s search for windmills. I think a change of focus is needed. I am not sure exactly how to proceed here, but I guess I am looking for the manifestation teachings that work for me, that fit me and speak to me. And I don’t have to worry about going down any dead-ends, because as long as I am aware of the material I am studying and how it is affecting me, everything will either aid me in my journey or reinforce things that have aided me in the past.

Like perfection, truth is, in each individual’s life, infinitely changing. The thing you believe, feel and/or know to be truth right now, in this moment, may no longer be your truth in the days, weeks, years or decades to come. Or maybe it will be. Maybe in your case you have reached the most refined level of truth you will ever reach. And that is OK. The most important thing is to constantly question all the things you currently accept as truth. Keep checking in to make sure it is still your truth, and you are not just going through the motions unthinkingly. As much as possible, be willing to adapt, change, develop and grow.

Always remember that your truth may not be the truth for anyone else, so do not try to force it on anyone else. Share it with those whom you feel compelled to share. But do not seek to control or limit others. You can not fit an infinite God into a finite box of “truth.” You cannot accurately and completely define the indefinable. No one religion or spiritual path has it all figured out, no one religion or spiritual path is the only Truth. All religions, all spiritual paths, are truth in various stages of refinement. If at all possible, do not get stuck in one religion or spiritual path. Instead continually move into the most refined stage that fits you and speaks to you as you progress through your life.

Ramtha – The White Book

God Be With You

I have no more use
for this doubt and fear.
While I appreciate your truth,
your truth may not be my own.

Maybe these things I read,
Maybe these things I study,
Maybe these things I believe
are all wrong, and I am wasting my time.

Maybe they are not the Truth,
Maybe I am being mislead,
but I will not give in to fear.

Maybe I have to go
in the wrong direction
to find the right one.

Maybe these things
will lead me, circuitously,
to my own Truth.

I will study what you recommend,
I will take with me what speaks to me,
I will leave the rest of it right here,
with all this fear and doubt.

I no longer want it,
I no longer need it.
I must believe in myself,
that even if I get lost
I will once again find my way.

I must be patient.
I must trust.
I must keep going
wherever this path takes me.

Thank you for caring enough
to try to help me,
to try to correct me.

Go on peace,
and God be with you.

Woulda Coulda Shoulda – The Solution for Stress

I am directing this at everyone who worries and stresses over what they are worrying about. I am also addressing this to everyone who beats themselves up for either doing something or not doing it. Saying something or not saying it. Going somewhere or not going. Like all Truths, it is incredibly simple, and I have created a saying for this one. Ready?

If I should have done that, I would have done that.

Think about this for a moment. Let it sink it. To rephrase it for worriers:

If it should have happened, it would have happened
If it should not have happened, it would not have happened.

There is nothing in the entire history of mankind that should not have happened, without exception. That includes the Holocaust and any of our many wars. Before you get ready to attack me, let me clarify this… We may not like that it happened, or we may not have wanted it to happen, but the simple fact that these things happens proves that that were meant to happen.

The Universe is not chaotic. Everything happens for a reason. We can not always see the reason beyond our limited human perspective. When we are able to see the reason, when we are able to know and understand, we will. Until then we will not. Everything that has happened to us in our lives, no matter if we perceived it to be good or bead, was meant to happen. Nothing has happened to us, or will happen to us, that is not meant to happen.

This is a major burden we can release. Have any of your worries changed anything for the better? Has any of your condemnation of the bad things that have happened to you, others, humanity, etc., made anything better? Do you feel better for all your worrying and fear? Does it feel good to see something terrible that happened on the news and say out loud, “That’s wrong! That should never have happened!”

Be honest here. It feels clenched, tight, You muscles constrict, your teeth clench, you get into fight or flight mode. You are ready for battle. The problem is that you return to the tense state every time anything happens to you, or you hear about anything that has happened, that you do not like. This is, in a word, stress. It causes high blood pressure, increases the risk of heart attack, causes you to gain weight, etc.

If you can instead see something horrible, or experience something horrible, and at the end of it say, with a deep inner conviction and knowing that, “If it was meant to happen, it would. Since it happened, it was meant to happen” – that feels different. This is not resignation, because that is still a secret attachment to the way you think things should be. This is an inner conviction, and inner knowing, a faith that, even though you don’t agree with what happened, even though you do not like what happened, you acknowledge what you already know, that it happened because it was meant to.

The how and the way are not human concerns. They are simply not your business. These are left to God, Source, the Universe or whatever you want to call it. If you could know and understand why something happened, you would know it and understand it. If you could know and understand how something happened, or how to make something happen, you would know it. You know and understand only what you are able to know and understand at this point in your life. Nobody ever knows or understands more than they are truly ready for.

It’s liberating, because you don’t have to look back with regret at some missed opportunity. If you should have done that or gone there you would have. You don’t have to look back with bitterness and anger, trying to deny something that in your perception was bad that happened to you. If it happened to you, though you don’t know how or why, it was meant to happen to you. You can do the same with anything that has happened in human history.

Worrying will never find you a reason or a solution. It can’t. Worrying is denial. It is non-acceptance. You are not allowing yourself to accept something. Guilt also is denial. It is a way to beat yourself up about something instead of taking a moment to look inside yourself and facing whatever it is you need to face. In both cases you are not dealing with the issue, you are running away from it.

Allow, Release, Surrender. These are the three keys that will unlock everything for you. Embrace everything with acceptance and love, then release it and let it go. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, then release it and let it go. Proceed with confidence that nothing will happen in your life that is not supposed to, and there is nothing you can fail at because if you were meant to go somewhere or do something you would have gone there or done it. Anger, Fear, Guilt, Regret, Shame, etc. are all chains weighing you down. You will be a much happier person if you can just let all of that go.

Of course if you are meant to hear what I am saying and act on it, you will.

You might imagine, from what I have said here, that I am saying that nobody makes mistakes. This is correct. Nothing anyone has done or will do is wrong. The Universe sees no difference between a human killing a fly or another human. It sees no difference between humans killing each other and a lion killing a mouse. It sees no difference between a human raping another and a lion mounting a lioness in heat.

As much as you may not want this to be the case, Hitler is not roasting in hell somewhere. In fact, if you want him to be roasting in hell, if you are feeling anger, bitterness or hatred to another, you are the one who is in hell. Any desire for justice or vengeance closes you off from peace, and you close the door on experiencing love. Love is always there, but you are not allowing yourself to feel it. There is not a loving person on earth who seeks justice or vengeance for a perceived wrong.

As I have said before, right and wrong, good and bad exist only in human perception. There is no darkness, only light or an absence of light. The light is always there, it is humans who block it and live in darkness. You can think of your  time here in this physical form as akin to a surfer riding a wave. You are riding a wave of your actions, your choices, and whatever results from that. The ocean is the entire experience of all humans living right now, in this moment. All our waves interact and mingle with each other. They are all one.

You make a choice, You act. You steer your board a little this way or that, and ride a new wave of the results of your choice. Note that I am not using the word consequence here. That implies criticism or judgment; some sort of final reckoning. There is none. You could kill every person on this planet, you could destroy the earth itself, and you will still experience the end of your physical life, and the transition to whatever occurs after that.

You will bring with you everything you have learned. If you have grown during your time on earth you will transition to a higher form or reincarnate to learn new lessons. If you have stagnated and learned nothing, you will likely keep reincarnating until you learn whatever it is your soul needs or wants to learn. Some of the sources I have read state that immature souls are the ones that hurt others. Other sources say that our time here on earth is a sort of classroom. I think perhaps both are the Truth.

You are perfect and you do not make mistakes. You may not remember your perfection, and you may look at the things you have done or not done and think to yourself, “You know, I should have handled that better” or “I should have done that” or “I shouldn’t have done that.” None of this is True. You and your fellow humans may look at the things you have done or not done and label them as good or bad. But as far as the Universe is concerned, you have simply acted.

It is only in our society that we label things like murder and rape as bad or evil. It is only in human society that we have laws that allow us to live together on large numbers. Lions don’t have to worry about that. Some may think that lions are somehow less intelligent than humans. I don’t think so. In a pride of lions, the man can take his pick of the women when they are in heat. He may have to fight with other males, but he doesn’t have to go through all the bullshit that human males have to go through to find a mate. I think the animals have this figured out better than the humans.

Animals don’t require justice or vengeance. There is no consequence for killing one another. No men’s or women’s rights, no requirements to mate when they are in the mood. They live in large societies without the rule of law, and without the influence of man, their numbers remain stable, despite how many kill each other. Humanity may have intelligence, but until its members can live peaceably in large numbers without the need to control anyone’s behavior, we are less evolved than animals in this regard.

Proceed with confidence in your life. No matter how bad or good things get in your perception, no matter how seemingly out of control, everything is happening as it should, nothing is happening that shouldn’t, regardless of your opinion or the opinions of others. There is nothing to fear or worry about. You can trust yourself that you are doing the best you can at this time in your life, and this will remain true all the days you are here on this earth.

Release and Surrender your anger, bitterness, criticism, doubt, fear and judgment. There is no need for these things. Understand that to live in society you have to abide by its rules. If you do something that is perceived to be ethically and morally wrong, society will punish you. But as far as whatever you call god is concerned, you have done nothing wrong. There is no ethics, morality or rule of law in the spiritual dimensions. There is only love and light, and how much each soul allows itself to experience.

Reality and Video Games

This morning I had some thoughts that I think were inspired by the word “conviction.” As I worked it out in my mind, I compared the world to a video game. In a video game you can find the cracks and seams – its underpinnings. But in the real world these are hidden from us.

Most people are like the AI in a video game, barely aware of the world at all. If they encounter something unexplained, it may wake them up slightly, for a short period of time, but they quickly go back to sleep. Most are no more fazed by their encounters with the underpinnings of the world than an AI is in theirs.

An enlightened person can see and interact with the underpinnings of the world. How else could you explain levitation, walking on water, healing others, the things the rest of us all call miracles?

The Truth is obscured for the majority of humanity. Most have never seen it while physical. We have to have that faith and trust beyond belief, that inner knowing and conviction, it is there. We can’t break through using any directed physical means, as we might in a video game.

The majority of us have to somehow tap into the fact that we did see the Truth before we were physical. We have to have that feeling, that knowing. For example, even though we may not see the sun right now, we know it is there. We don’t have any doubts as to the sun’s existence, its rising and setting. We have to have the same feelings and mindset towards the Truth.

But an enlightened person has seen the Truth while physical. An enlightened person is fully conscious and aware. They can see the sun, to use our example, whether or not it is obscured. They see and understand the Truth.

It takes a stepping out in faith and trust to become enlightened. But I imagine that once someone is enlightened, they no longer need to have such levels of faith and trust. They have seen the Truth, the sun, to use my previous analogy, so they know it is there. They probably face other challenges.

“Hello beastie.”

When I was a little boy I used to look up at the clouds and imagine being up there. I wanted to travel up there. I wanted to explore the landscape of the clouds. I wanted to get away, I think, from things down here on the ground. I don’t think that desire has ever really left me.

I realized today that, like the character Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of Caribbean movies, I have my own “beastie” to face. I truly believe that if it had a real, physical form, that somehow it would be easier to face it and defeat it. I tell myself that I would have no trouble facing down the creature. That I would be brave enough or courageous enough.

It seems to me that because my “beastie” has no physical form that it somehow makes things more difficult. There is nothing definite I can go after, no creature I can defeat that will somehow make everything right. In other words, it is easier to jump into the mouth of a real, living monster than it is to jump into the mouth of some ephemeral, intelligible thing.

If all my troubles would just take a physical form, I could vanquish them, quickly and easily. I am sure of it. I am no warrior, no swordsman, but if I had something physical in front of me that I needed to destroy, which by vanquishing it would free some aspect of myself, then I could, and would, kill it.

Anyone can swing a sword or point a gun. I don’t have to be terribly good at either. If my monster somehow defeated me, ending my life, that would be OK. I would have fought and died for something that had value to me, namely my freedom from it.

But I am certain that the fight would end with me standing victorious. Maybe bloody, probably injured, but I could tap into years of rage to give me extra strength to defeat my opponent. I know I would succeed, that I would win. I know it.

But since my “beastie” is not physical, since it has no definite form, it is able to strike me from where I am weakest. My mind and emotions. It can hide, lurking in the shadows, strike out and then fade away. It can do this tirelessly, for years and years, wearing me down, weakening my spirit, and it has.

Just when I think I have a lead, I have its location pegged, just when I am about to strike, it moves away, unnoticed, unseen. Even when I do manage to hurt it, it seems another monster, another aspect of myself that must be faced, pops up. It is like a hydra, cut off one head, one aspect, another takes its place. It just never ends. I am weary with the constant changes to myself I must make.

Worse still I don’t know exactly what effect any of of this is having. I see no outward improvement in my physical circumstances or situation. I can’t be sure that the changes I have made in myself, to this point, have had any effect on anything that matters to me.

I am still pretty much as I was, in the circumstances and situations of my life. Inside I may have changed, but what good is inward change if it doesn’t lead to the desired outward change? It is a waste of time and energy, as far as I am concerned. I am exhausted.

Even my minor victories, if they can be called that, are made moot by the simple fact that I find myself constantly slipping into old patterns of thought. I find myself with the same unwanted habits. The record of my life keeps skipping over the same part, endlessly, and nothing I have done so far has changed this.

I wish I could face my ego and all its attendant crap man to man in physical combat to the death. I wish I could just rip the damn thing out of me, along with anything else I don’t want to be a part of me. I wouldn’t even care what kind of damage it may do to me as a person. If I could just rip all this bullshit out, I may be insane, or I may die, but for a few moments at least, I would have peace.

I can’t live as I have anymore. I learned this when I left grandma’s house and started my bicycle journey. Sometimes I wish I had just stayed away. Stayed out there. But I had nowhere to stay, no way to support myself. I also had some more lessons I needed to learn. I learned what I needed from that trip.

I am impatient with the holding pattern and ruts of my life, my current life experience. I have to get away from my parents, from my family, and establish myself. I have to face this “beastie” of mine in the one definite way I know how, and that is to begin then complete a novel of publishable length.

Not because that will fix all my problems. Not because I will become a millionaire. But simply because this is one monster I have been avoiding, and in facing it I face all the things that created it and set it before me. I will push through, and in some important area of my life I will have succeeded.

Any major success I can achieve will have magical, transformation powers on me. I know this! Until then I am just going through the emotions of living, running away, cowering before my “beastie,” unable and unwilling to face it and jump in, sword swinging.

Do not make my mistake! Face your beastie, whoever, whatever it is. Whatever form or non-form it may take. Tangible or intangible. Find a way, somehow, to follow your heart, that voice inside, guiding you. Ignore the voices in your head, or the voices of others that do not support your quest.

You must not fail! Your quest is just as important as Frodo’s quest to destroy the ring, and Jack Sparrow’s facing his “beastie,” and in doing so, save others, even if he was not initially willing. In order for you to live the life you came here to live, some parts of you have to die.

It will be painful. It will hurt. It may shatter you, leaving you to put yourself back together again. Beliefs systems may be challenged, questioned and ultimately shattered. Pull through, tear down the walls you have built around yourself, break the chains with which you have bound yourself, unlock and destroy any cage in which you have locked yourself.

Free yourself to be who you came here to be, to live the live you came here to live. You have to follow that dream, or risk living a nightmare. For your sake, and the sake of all you will touch in a meaningful, profound way, you must not fail!

Even as I say these words to you, I am saying them to myself. I don’t know how to tell when its time to give up. I am sure there is some point in a life where continuing to struggle is meaningless. Sometimes I think I am nearing that point. Other times I understand there are still more things I can and should do. There are options I must explore, just a few more things to try.

All I know for sure is that I am not ready to quit just yet. So I will be right there, fighting right alongside you, in similar battles of my own. Sometimes the fight isn’t really resistance and fighting at all. Sometimes it is just being still and letting go. It is just release. It is non-action.

We must always keep in mind that since our enemies are mostly non-physical, the rules for defeating them are not the same as the rules of the physical world. In the physical world you take action. In the non-physical world, you allow. You flow. Because resistance to a thing makes it stronger. Fighting a thing reinforces its reality, makes it become real. The more we give our attention to something we do not want, the more we attract what we do not want.

So the terms of battle make little sense sometimes. We have to keep in mind the things we want for ourselves, for others. We have to visualize them to draw them into our life experience. We have to acknowledge our monsters, then release them and let them go, freeing ourselves of them. We just continue to keep our eyes on the prize, whatever it is we desire.

It isn’t about positive or negative thinking. We have to embrace both. Its about staying focused on what we want. It’s about not responding when someone does something we normally respond to, staying on our “high flying disc,” remaining at our higher frequency or vibration.

It’s about allowing ourselves to be as we are, even as we allow others to be as they are. We don’t try to force change. It is about flow, not force. Flow is downstream, to what we desire. Force is upstream, away from what we desire.

It seems counter-intuitive and it doesn’t make a lot of sense. And I can’t be sure that even this is the “right path” or the “truth.” It seems to me, at this point in my life, that it is. It seems to me that this is the right battle plan for the opponents I now face. But only my own personal experience will reveal to me, in time, if I have chosen correctly. If I have finally found any sort of answer. It will be the same for you.

We all have to find our way and figure out this thing called life. We all have to find our own path. So if these words ring true with you, if they resonate with you, listen to them. Follow them and your own heart. If they do not, don’t. Just follow your heart until you find what does.

Remember you are not alone. We are all in this together, we are all facing our individual “beasties,” the absolute best thing we can do for each other is love and accept ourselves so we can love and accept each other. To respond with love, letting peace and love rule our hearts. To follow our dreams and our hearts, encouraging others to do the same and supporting them while they do.

I will meet you on the fields of battle, and later, we shall drink in the halls of Valhalla, with all the other mighty warriors who have come before us!

Branching Off

My dad said something to me tonight that made it clear, it seemed to me, that he feels in some way responsible for my life. The subject of my birthday came up, just a few days away now, and he mentioned I would be the same age as Dale Earnhardt Jr. 41. After that he corrected himself, seems Mr. Earnhardt is actually 42. But anyway I commented that at least he has done something with his life, and my dad said his dad was famous, and that probably helped. I think I have read between the lines here fairly accurately.

As I prepared for bed tonight I asked myself how I could remove this guilt my father feels. I know that I am solely responsible for my life, its circumstances and situations. I decided that the only thing I could do was succeed. This brings up another  subject I will return to. In any case I figured if my dad could feel responsible for my failure he could also take credit for my success, and furthermore, I could credit him. I actually do have legitimate reasons to say that any success I have is because of him.

In my mind I was going over a speech I would give, and something occurred to me… No parents can ever produce anything else other than copies of themselves in their children. All parents are limited to the extent of their view of reality, the things they believe, the things they have learned. No father can ever teach his son or daughter to drive without first having learned to drive themselves, for example. Families are factories that perpetuate all that has been passed down from previous generations.

The only way any child can become different is by breaking away from the reproduction line, as it were. I had a choice in my own life. I could have stayed within the safe confines of my parent’s belief systems, and my fate would likely be to get married, have children and work all my life to support my family. That is my dad’s fate, and was his dad’s fate. But I didn’t do that. I broke off from that and am now on my own path.

However this is co-creative, to use Abraham’s terminology. If my parents had interfered with my investigations outside of what they believed, then I would have been trapped in my former faith. They did protect me from what they believed was satan’s influence, or worldly, when I was little. they did interfere then. But for whatever reason they took their hands off of me sometime around when I became a teenager, or maybe it was a combination of I was outside their influence and their habit of interfering was broken.

Whatever the case may have been the fact remains that no baby will ever learn how to walk if you carry them all the time, or if they come to depend on your hands being there. As a parent you know you have to let go, even when your baby is falling flat on their face, and this same scene is replayed many times in many different forms throughout our lives. There just comes a time when parent’s have to be hand’s off so their child can develop, grow and learn.

It also occurred to me that all the heroes of the Bible are children that broke away from their parents. I can’t think of a single instance where a child of someone like Moses or David simply inherited greatness from their parents. Jesus was nothing at all like his human mother and father! Feel free to correct me if I am wrong here.

In other words the factory model at work in the majority of families in our modern society is unable to produce anything exceptional. That is why we have no Jesus or Moses in our modern times. Because almost every child in America has followed in the footsteps of his or her parents. The last few great figures I can think of are perhaps John Carmack, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Einstein, Nikola Tesla. All nothing at all like their parents, all broken away from the family production line. But far, far to few, and the number of these special individuals looks, to me anyway, as if it is decreasing.

Exceptional people grow from ordinary soil. It applies not only to those who, on some physical level, have exceeded others. It also applies to the spiritual dimension. This breaking off is necessary in order for any person to experience that which is called God, Source, Universe or Higher Self, as well as many other names, for themselves. You Christians! Do you realize the Biblical heroes you admire and on which you base the lessons you teach, are all children who broke away from their parents, and in many cases, their peers, religions and society? Do you understand that your child will never be like these men and women as long as they do not break away from you?

For every parent out there, the best thing you can do for your child is support them in breaking away from you. By that I mean breaking away from what you believe and define as reality. If you want them to truly excel and succeed, you have to take your hands off, just as you did when they first learned how to walk. They can not stand on their own as individuals if they are depending on the crutches of your worldview. They can not experience God for themselves within the confines of any religion

When it comes down to it, you only know a tiny piece of all there is to know about the world or whatever energy created it. You know only one definition of the thousands that attempt to define that which is indefinable. Share these fragments with your children, and let them go into the world to find the pieces that fit for them. Let them construct their own view of the world and the energy that created it from these.

When the day comes that I am standing in from of others with a life worthy of sharing credit, I can give credit to my parents, because I was allowed to break off on my own. I have fallen on my face a number of times, and may many times more. But we all do that when we first learn to walk. As it has been said, the number of times you fall is not important. What is important is that you keep getting back up. Otherwise you will never learn to stand on your own, to walk.

For me the result is that I have a much bigger fragment to share with my own children, and they will have a bigger fragment still. Eventually, once every human has a big enough fragment the completed whole will be revealed.

In the words of Gorden Matthew Sumner (Sting), “If you love someone, set them free.”

Everything Happens for a Reason

You may have heard someone say this, may have even nodded your head, unthinking. It is unlikely that you understand the full ramifications of this statement, what it really means.

We will work off a number of premises today… First, as Abraham teaches through Esther Hicks, this thing called your conscience is actually just a collection of adopted beliefs about what is right or wrong, good or bad.

Second that nothing happens that should not have happened, without exception. If something happens, no matter how terrible or tragic it is perceived to be, the fact that it happened proves that it should have happened, because it did happen. On the flip side, if something has not happened that you feel should have happened, the fact that it has not happened proves it should not happen, because it has not happened, yet. No is not a permanent state, every no is a potential yes.

Third everything that happens is asked for or drawn to, without exception. Likely it is not conscious the majority of the time. Occasionally it is conscious. That thing you dread, that you fear, that you obsess over, that is the thing that will come to you, because you are calling it by strongly to you focusing on it.

In the shower today I started thinking about my brother. The holidays are coming up and we really do not get along. We have had some terrible fights around this time of year. I was thinking about how I asked for a brother, how I was so lonely as a kid and so desperately wanted someone to play with that I asked for a brother, and it wasn’t long after that that he was born. I am not sure I directly remember much of this. It is more like an old story I have told myself for many years, based in part off what my parents told me.

Up until today I have felt guilty for how I treated my brother in the past. We had some violent confrontations as kids. I spilled boiling water on him from a water distiller, not on purpose, when we were both small. In later years when he and a friend were picking on me I kicked him, hard, in the butt with a steel toed boot. I remember these things readily, I only just now remembered how he shoved a vacuum cleaner pipe into my face, leaving a scar on my nose I have today. I beat myself up over what I did for so long. Not anymore.

How many years would I go on punishing myself for these things I did in the past, knowing now that I only feel they are bad because I was literally programmed, through my conscience, which as I said is an inherited belief system about what is right or wrong, good or bad, to feel that way? Knowing also that my brother could only be hurt by me if he was, at some level, asking for it or drawing that experience to himself? Knowing also that I could only hurt him in that way if I was asking for that experience, or drawing it to me? The fact that it happened means it was supposed to

If something is supposed to happen it can not be felt or thought of as bad or wrong. Bad or wrong implies that something has happened that was not supposed to. It is at odds with what is. Being at odds with what is, this is the source of most, if not all, of our suffering. Everyone out there upset that Donald Trump is our president is only hurting themselves. The fact is that he is our president. That is what is, in this moment. That is the reality, in this moment. When you argue with what is, you argue with reality, and you only end up hurting yourself and others.

Everything I have done in the past, everything I have beat myself up over all these years, causing me to bind myself, oppress myself, repress myself and ultimately, hurt myself, every single thing that happened, was exactly what was supposed to happen. Let me repeat that. Everything that has happened was supposed to happen. End of story. That is reality. That is what, at each of those times, is.

Everything that happened to me I have asked for, I am solely responsible. Everything that I have done to others they have asked for, and they are solely responsible, with the exception that I could not have done any of that to them unless I was asking or drawing to myself the experience of doing that to them. It takes two, one to ask for an experience, one to deliver or hand out the experience, which is also asked for in some way. And as I said before the majority of this is not done at a conscious level.

Today I have decided to forgive myself. To issue myself a certificate of forgiveness for every perceived wrong I have done. I have admitted and accepted these things, embraced them, released them and let them go. I have decided that from this day forward, I will define what is right or wrong, good or bad, based on my feeling. My feelings will not lead me astray. I know I will not hurt anyone, even given opportunity to, because I am a sensitive person who does not want to hurt anyone. The idea of hurting anyone feels bad to me. Not because it is a sin and I will go to hell if I do it. Not because there will be consequences in the next life, or karma.

The only consequences we face for our actions are in this life, in the society where we live. There is no final judgement. We do not need the beliefs of others about what is right or wrong, good or bad, to control our behavior. Too often when we repress ourselves in certain areas of our lives they become twisted beyond natural, normal states. I truly believe, the rise of the LGBT community is solely due, as I have said before, to religious oppression and sexual repression. It is a rebellion against some ancient inherited part of our collection conscience that says what is right or wrong, bad or good, in a relationship. It is not our own personal beliefs. These are beliefs that have been passed down, generation after generation, that we have successively adopted.

I am certain the 60’s were mankind’s first collective cleanse, a shaking off of the old, adopted and inherited crap, and the LGBT movement is performing a similar function today. As a race we have collectively asked to be free from the strictures of our past, and now we are freeing ourselves. In the past we wanted the strict moral and religious code, that is what we collectively asked for or drew to us. Either we wanted it or we are all afraid of it. Either way there was a focus on that, and that is what we received. Now there is a focus away from morals and religion, and that is what we are receiving.

I think we are moving as a race into a future were there is less control over us and moral as well as religious flexibility. Honestly this is the way it should be. We should not have to be told to “…treat our neighbors as ourselves.” We should want to. We should not have to be told not to hurt others, we should have no desire to hurt others. We should not have to be told who or what God is. We should want to experience whatever or whoever God is for ourselves. If this is the future we are headed to, it is a bright one indeed!

But what I want you personally to take away from this, right now, in this moment, tossing aside everything else I have said, is that it is time to stop punishing yourself for the things you have done. Everything you perceive to be negative, bad or wrong that you have felt or thought, said or done in the course of your life. Whatever has happened was supposed to happen. Whatever you did was asked for and drawn to whoever you did it to. You also, in some way, asked for or drew to you these experiences. It is time to let them go, to admit and allow them, embrace them with love and acceptance, then release and let them go.

You are causing more harm to them, and yourself, by keeping these things alive in your memory. They can’t move on until you do. Move on. It’s done, it is in the past, no matter how horrible you perceive what you have felt or thought, said or done to be, that was then. You are not living there anymore. You are here, in this moment, reading these words. As long as you insist on revisiting the past you are denying the reality of what is, and your suffering, and their suffering, will continue.

Do everyone a favor and come back to this moment, right here, right now. To quote Ram Dass, “Be Here Now.” Where else can you be anyway? Can you go back to the past and change anything? No. But you can be here, in this moment, and from this moment on build a better future for yourself and others. I think that is a far better place to put your energy and focus, don’t you?

I don’t know about you, but I am done being a prisoner of the past. I am done letting others tell me what is right or wrong, bad or good, desirable or undesirable. I am done subscribing to any singular individual’s or group’s ideas about God and the afterlife. I want to learn from them all, be open to all viewpoints. Be open and receptive in general. Let peace and love rule my heart, openness and receptivity rule my mind. That’s what I want, and what I am doing right now, in this moment.

What do you want? Why do you believe what you believe? Why do you think certain things are wrong or bad, and others are right or good? I recently learned that the idea of earning, which I was long raised to believe was right and good, is actually not. Because it causes me to believe i have to earn everything I have, and so closes me off to receiving things without earning them.

Have you actually sat down and questioned some of your fundamental beliefs? Do so no, let go of those you are ready to release and let go. Keep those you still want to hold onto. But at least do yourself the favor of questioning them, because these beliefs of yours, whether they form your conscience, your religion, or both, are directing your life right now, in this moment.

Is your life, in this moment, headed in the direction you wish to go? If something feels off, it is. Honor your feelings. Follow them. Listen to them. You do not need others to control you, to make you behave. It can be natural to you. You do not need a conscience, and you do not need a religion. These are crutches, use them until you no longer need them, then learn to walk on your own.

Some thoughts about Swiss Army Man and Life

I have just finished watching this movie for the second time in a span of maybe a couple of weeks. Not something I intended, I rarely watch a movie again within a few months of my initial viewing. My dad brought it home and I didn’t want to be like, “I don’t wanna watch that! I’ve already seen it!” It reminds me of my brother. I know I am being critical and judgmental here, but I don’t want to be like that.

Besides I didn’t get to watch it with my dad the first time around like I wanted. It was more important for me that he got to sit down and relax and enjoy himself after a few days of hard work, made harder because he has some sort of tooth infection that has caused his face to swell up. It is his choice, yes, but my dad works so hard. maybe he is driven by personal beliefs and the beliefs of his father. But whatever the reason for his choice, he still works very hard, and I want him to be able to rest and relax when he is done killing himself off. I want to help in whatever way I can.

The first time I watched this it did not have the effect on me that it did the second time. We had just finished the movie, dad recalling the end because he had walked in on me watching it the first time. I had to start it because I had to go to be to get up early for class the next morning. I tried to explain why I didn’t tell him. I am not sure I did a very good job.

Anyhow this time I was overcome by a sudden feeling some time after finishing the movie. I can best express it through a question. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we hurt each other and ourselves so much? Are we so helpless under the control of our egos, our sense of identity, we can’t step back and see what the hell we are doing?

I read a very lengthy article about the film. Well I read maybe half of it. Just wanted to know what Dano’s character said to Manny at the end of the movie. In this article it talked about how people walked out of the theater over the farts. Really? Are we all collectively so prudish, so impaled by the sticks up our collective asses that farts offend us? What, will we beat our children if they fart? Or worse, make them feel guilty about it? About a natural body function most of us can not control? What’s next? Criticize sweating? No, guess we have already done that. BO? Definitely we frown on masturbation, no matter what our belief systems or religion.

I head this audio clip, or rather read what Trump said in it, about trying to get it on with a woman. Then Hillary says, and I think I am quoting this exactly, “We can’t have THAT MAN as president…” So Hillary not only ha a problem with men, she has a problem with men who have a healthy libido? Congratulations America! One of your presidential nominees has a healthy libido (sexual drive.) I fail to see the problem… In fact I am glad that this came out. You know what I didn’t hear when Bill Clinton was president, before Lewinsky was found under his desk giving him a blow job? Anything at all about sex.

You know who I am worried about? Hillary Clinton. That woman is so repressed, and has been since before Bill Clinton entered the oval office. Obviously the man wasn’t getting any at home, or if he was, which I doubt, it wasn’t enough. There was something lacking, and my guess is Hillary wasn’t putting out. I wonder if the lady has even gotten laid in the last few decades. I don’t have to worry about Donald Trump. He speaks his mind and is taking care of his needs as a man. But Hillary Clinton is so sexually repressed she is falling under the weight of it like a black hole falls under the weight of its own gravity.

You know who we can’t have as president? A woman who lies, who has indirectly caused the death of others (maybe even directly), a woman who can’t be trusted in simple security matters, and finally a woman who is sexually repressed. The expression, “You need to get laid” has never been more applicable to any human being on the planet at any point in time.

Monday through Thursday I ride the bus. I might get a ride to the bus stop. Or I may bicycle. I travel 14 miles to campus, and another 14 back. I spend 3 hours or so in class, and another 2 hours or so in two separate computer labs. I am a serious student. But I have never felt more alone and isolated. This whole thing in the movie, about talking to a woman, seeing her on the bus, it struck a chord in me. The whole time I was bicycling earlier this year I believed I had to go it alone, do it all by myself. I am only learning in the last few months the truth in the saying that no man is an island. Hillary Clinton is an example of what I could become if I continued down a path of taking this all too seriously believing I have to go it alone, never trying to meet or talk to anyone.

Yes, time on campus and doing homework needs to be taken seriously. But there must be balance. There must be friendships and partying. There must be an embracing of one’s self, one’s physical form and all its functions, all its parts. There must be an accepting of one’s self as they are. If you are horny, you should masturbate, but only if you have nobody in your life to have sex with because honestly, masturbating is a poor substitute for sex and it gets real old, real fast. Oh to have someone to share the act of lovemaking with!

Do not wait for marriage. Do not rush things either, just don’t hold back. Marriage and waiting are remnants of a dead and dying patriarchal and religious system. As a race we need to move on. People like Hillary Clinton and her husband are the direct results of such systems. such systems also make us ashamed of farting in public. They make us ashamed of our bodies. They tell us we must always wear clothes and hide our nakedness, often called our shame. It just has to stop. Do you think any peacock is going to propagate his species if he doesn’t fan  out those beautiful feathers? No. You might call Trump a peacock and think it is a bad thing. Not me. A man who embraces his sexual drives and urges is healthier than a man who doesn’t, or tries to hide it.

As a man who has hidden himself away, isolated himself, who still feels fear, guilt and shame every time he masturbates, who is worried he will be caught, what it would do to his parents, not to mention what would happen to him, a man who does not have the courage to say the sorts of things Trump is recorded as saying. I have always been proper and respectful. But I am miserable. The only differences between me and Dano’s character in that movie is A. I have not tried to kill myself yet and B. I don’t even have a farting corpse for a friend. In the past I have opened up my home to others, and they “got some” while sleeping at my house. You know where I was? In my room, alone, without anyone.

We all have to seriously loosen up, and the few of us that have woken up from the spell of our religions, we have to help rouse the others. Ethics, morality and religion really need to go out the window, to be replaced by a single principle, in the Bible it is called, “Love they neighbor.” I know it sounds scary, but ethics, morality and religion are attempts to control behavior. Control = repression. What happens when something is repressed, I.E. put under extreme pressure? Murder, rape, suicide and every other evil mankind commits on itself. To embrace and accept ourselves, our nature and our urges, to love and accept ourselves, will allow us to love and accept others, and give them room to embrace these aspects of themselves as well. You will find in such a society little or no crime.

I know that may be hard for a lot of you to accept. Even if I told you that others have said the same over and over again throughout our history, only to me ignored, imprisoned, killed, murdered, ridiculed, tormented or tortured. Ask yourself if the message is wrong, why does it keep showing up? How many years passed before people believed those telling them the earth was round, not flat, and the universe did not orbit around it? How long do you think that took, before humanity finally got the message?

But for now just let that be. I want you to think for yourselves. I am not trying to convert anyone. But I will challenge you and cause you to ask questions. I will also give you a very simple assignment…

Talk to that pretty girl, or the handsome guy, on the bus, or the next time you see them in the hall at school, or in the lunchroom, or at class. Ask that man or woman out at your job that has caught your eye. Stop trying to go it alone. Trust me, after over 20 years of that path I can tell you that this road goes nowhere. I would rather have a dozen girls laugh in my face than miss the one who laughs with me and smiles at me. I admit, I am not sure I could handle 20 girls laughing at me. I am not a fan of rejection. But I am also not a fan of being alone,  just one man on campus, in his own little world, isolated from everyone else.

If you ever meet me, I will not be hiding my farts. If I catch you masturbating, I will not tell anyone, I will not criticize or judge you. If you are a pretty woman I may enjoy watching you, but if you are somewhere I can catch you doing it I will assume it is an open invitation. And yes, if the worst I will catch you at is burping or farting, that’s cool too. I simply refuse to bear the burden of religion’s and society’s constraints any longer. And I am voting for Trump. Rather than put me off, this recording makes me favor him even more.

Maybe he is a racist and a womanizer. If he is these things will bite him in the ass and I have a hunch he is capable of changing himself for the better. If he refuses to adapt as needed to all the requirements of the post of president he simply won’t last very long. I just want someone in the office who speaks his mind for once, is not politically correct and doesn’t try to be, knows how to handle large amounts of debt and money, and will undo the many, many things Obama did that I never voted for and do not approve of.

And I didn’t mind watching Swiss Army Man twice. I think I may even have enjoyed it. I can’t say for 100% certain that I liked the movie or not. But I liked that the people behind it had the courage to make it, and I like that Dano and Radcliff had the courage to be a part of it. I do not approve of the borderline gay content. It never crossed the line, which I appreciate, but it came close. I can not condone or support same sex relationships. I will not hate any members of the LGBT community, but I do not have to like them either. I don’t know how I will love and accept such people as they are. But I am still growing and learning. Maybe someday I will reach that point.

It’s time to stop hiding behind that book or those headphones. Put yourself out there, and help others do the same. We are all lonely, too many of us have succumbed to suicide as a means of escape. There has been far too much pain for everyone. Embrace life and the living of it. Fart, masturbate, have sex and enjoy yourselves. No holding back, no forcing yourself. Just flow, without attachment, as much as you are able, into and out of the relationships in your life.

If you are not forcing or running away, then the timing will be right. Telling yourself that someone should or should not happen is futile. If it should have happened, it would have happened. If it should not have happened, it would not have happened. The fact that something happened or did not happen is exactly how it should be. Stop fighting and struggling against the things you can not change. Accept and embrace them, release attachment. Everything is exactly as it should be, even if from your perspective or anyone else’s that does not seem correct. This statement will prove itself true in time.

On the stage we have chosen,  whether we are conscious of the choice or not, we wear our masks and play our parts. If you are not happy with your life, take off your mask, assume a new role, select a new stage. That is the only power we have, and we all have it, equally. We can all choose how long we will wear our current mask and play our current role on our current stage. You are not destined or fated for anything, unless you choose to be. Ultimately the experience of your life is up to you, whether or not you are aware of it.