A Message To Those with Delusions of Royalty

I know it is not as prevalent today, at least not in America where I currently reside. But for generations this idea has persisted among humans that some humans, by winning the genetic lottery, are better than other humans. These humans look down on their fellow humans and have referred to themselves in the past as royalty. This post is addressed to anyone out there that still has this delusion.

Were I to cut you open, you know what I would find? The same blood, organs, muscles and bones as I have, were you to slice me open. Your blood is not blue. It is not somehow more pure. You might have a better red blood cell count or something like that. But ultimately, your blood is exactly the same as my own.

The only value your blood has, the only value it can have, is the value you give it, and others stupidly agree to. I no longer contribute to this collective unconscious agreement. I no longer buy into the idea that there is any such thing as royal blood or bloodlines. All I can see is something like we can see in pure-bred dogs – a lot of inbreeding for some stupid ideal, the reasons for which have long since been lost to time.

The circumstances you were born into, the genes you happen to carry – none of this makes you special. Your stubborn belief in your specialness only serves to drive a wedge between you and other humans. It is a divisive mindset. When you see yourself as above and separate from another, it makes it easier for you to hurt them.  This banner of separation humans have been waving for thousands of years is the source of all conflict, all war.

If the “touchables” or royalty in India saw the untouchables as their brothers, as their sisters, as connected to them and one with them, it would end generations of suffering. For a place where everyone goes to seek enlightenment, India is one of the least enlightened countries in the world, perhaps second only the Muslim countries like Iraq and Iran. If you turned to the one next to you and could see God sitting there, you would not continue to act the way you do.

You are free to believe whatever you want, and if you want to believe that you are in some way better, go for it. But understand that this is a belief, not a fact. It may be a fact to you, and the circles you hang out in. But in the eyes of Creation we are of equal value. God is in each of us. We are connected, we are one, and this is our true value, this and the essence of who we are. Those are the only things that survive long after your physical form has perished.

Who are you inside, as a person? As a human being? Are you truly living to your full potential? Are you following your dreams and passions? In what way are you contributing to the whole of humanity? What legacy will you leave behind, that has had a definite, positive impact on others? Or are you gliding through your life, expecting everything to be handed to you, contributing nothing, expecting the world? If you were laying on your deathbed, right now, could you honestly say you have no regrets? Do you like yourself the way you are, the way you treat others?

Answer these questions honestly.

Egypt is filled with the crumbling aspirations of those who wanted to be revered as gods. Some of our most beautiful architecture is dedicated to those who had wealth and power. Yet little else of their legacy remains, besides dust and bones. So many lives have been sacrificed on the alter of someone’s ego. This idiocy must stop! And it starts with us, from this moment on, refusing to buy into this crap any longer.

Micro Lesson – Abundance

I just had this thought I wanted to share. I tried to put it into a poem but the words aren’t fitting at the moment. So I will let them rest.

I realized I can say, without a twinge, that I know it can happen. I can also say, and believe, that it has happened to others. But I struggle with saying it is happening for me.

This is in reference to anything desirable, right now my thoughts are on when I leave this place. I can’t see myself as leaving here and moving into my own house. At the moment I can only see myself as probably living on the side of the road.

I am thankful I can see as much as I can. If it has happened, and has happened for others, then there is no reason it can’t happen for me. Even if it has never happened, has never happened for others, that does not mean it can never happen for me. There is a first time for everything!

There is no reason, beyond my own limiting beliefs, I can’t dream bigger and have more. The table is laid out before us. Everyone, without exception, may take from it what they want. There has always been enough, and there will always be enough.

I can sit here in the corner and take scraps. I can pick up a dish and select a small amount. Or I can grab a tray, as many plates as I can put on there, and pile them sky high. The choice has always been mine, is mine, and will always be mine.

Others can try to tell me what I am allowed to take and how much. But it is my choice whether or not I listen to them. I am done listening to them, I am done accepting the limitations of others, I am done accepting self-imposed limitations.

None of that has served me these 40 years I have been alive. Doing as I have done has only brought me here, to these circumstances and this situation. It does not work, so why continue using a flawed method?

Somehow, I don’t know how yet, I am going to get… No, I AM AT, the place where I can say, without a twinge, it happens for me. I am just as deserving as anyone else. Nobody has more of a right to the things they desire than I do.

We are all equal in our rights to our desires. It may not make sense from a human, physical standpoint. It may see as if some desires may cancel out or override others. But that is not our concern.

Our only concern, the only thing that matters, is following our heart, moving to the best feeling thought we have at this moment, visualizing the fulfillment of all our desires, and I guarantee that the closer we get to who we really are, the more harmonious all our desires will be together.

There is no reason to sit in that fucking corner and gnaw on bones. There is no reason to subsist on table scraps. It is time for me to get up off my ass, grab a plate and embrace all my desires, without criticism or judgment, without worrying about the how or finer details.

I want a nice bicycle and all the gear I need for a comfortable trip. I want a sleeper car train ticket pass and enough money for any other mode of travel I might want at any time. I want to be able to stay at nice places and have access to any physical care, from massages to mani-pedis, that I want. I want to be able to eat the kind of food I enjoy that makes my body feel good. I want a nice camera to take pictures with. I want to be able to stay at the Esalen Institute, in its nicest accommodations, and take as many course as they have of interest to me. I want to come back from this having finally released all excess material from my body and emerged like a butterfly from a cocoon, beautiful, light and free. I want a home to return to, a place of my own, in a community where I feel I belong, where I am welcome, where I have friends and someone to share my life with.

Those are my desires, and I leave them all the room they need to expand and grow as the time for me to leave draws nearer. These are the things I want, not sleeping off the side of the road, unless it is my choice, and only if I have chosen that.

In the eyes of society maybe I do not deserve these things. But I am done caring about or concerning myself with what society thinks or wants. Its interests do not match my own, so I leave it to its own pursuits while I follow my own.

I am done believing, feeling and thinking that I have to earn things or work hard for them. I have just as much a right to all my desires as someone who works 80+ hours a week serving others. Maybe they have to work that 80+ hours to feel they can have their desires. That is their choice. I am done feeling like I have to perform Herculean tasks in order to live a live of abundance, luxury and wealth.

I do not criticize or judge others in positions of service. That is the portion they have chosen for themselves. I will encourage them to dream bigger, to take a bigger portion, but at the same time I will support their choice, loving and accepting them as they are.

My idea of Donald Trump is that he sees himself as successful, wealthy and the next president of the United States. He accepts nothing short of the vision he has for himself. He accepts no limitations, not from others, not from himself. From this moment on, that is the example I follow.