4-27-2020 – The Whole “Be Here Now” Thing

I keep running across this teaching from some of our best spiritual teachers. Ram Das wrote, “Be Here Now” and Eckhart Tolle only writes about the present moment. Even The Barefoot Doctor, in his “Tao of Manifestation“, in my reading today, has instructed me that the present moment is the only moment that exists. But I would like to challenge this viewpoint…

To begin with, your present moment experience is built upon the choices you made in an earlier present moment. Everything you are experiencing now has its roots in past choices you have made, whether you made them with full awareness or not it does not matter. Every future present moment experience will have its roots in the decisions you are making right now.

In other words, you are creating the future right here, right now, in this present moment. On a moment-by-moment basis, everything you do, everything you say, everything you feel, everything you think – all of it is the stuff out of which tomorrow’s present moment experience will be made. The future does indeed exist right now, but it is not tangible, it is in flux. It is constantly morphing and changing, affected by factors happening right now.

Likewise the past exists as I guess a sort of ghost. It is intangible, just like the future, but unlike the future, the past is set, its form has been realized and is a part of the structure of your present-moment timeline. This structure to the past is why folks say, “you can’t change the past.” That’s not strictly true. If you figured out the means you could go back in the past and do something different. But all this would do is create another timeline, and in returning to the future, you would still be in your original timeline, with its original past. Maybe someday humans will figure out how to travel between timelines, but for now, as far as I know, we can’t.

Interestingly this means that all other potential present moments and their pasts exist intangibly, in flux, just like the future. They are in flux, non-rigid, to you in your present moment timeline. But the past that created them is intangible, yet fixed in the present moment timelines of any other you. In other words, each version of you (and there are likely an infinite amount of them) has their own timeline different than yours only in the sense that this other version of you made a different decision in their past.

Every choice you could ever make, and all the ways it interacts and intersects; it all exists as potential to you, and reality to each of the other yous. You get to navigate along the map however you wish. You will never know, see or understand the map – it is beyond physical comprehension. The map exists, and you are free to travel it in any way you wish. It has no borders or limits, so you are never limited.

I take comfort in this. I know that somewhere, out there, is another me who is living their absolute best life, having not made the decisions that I have made which I criticize and judge by calling mistakes. In reality there are no mistakes and there is nothing you can do either right or wrong, bad or good. There are simply choices you make and the results of those choices. This other me has made much better choices and is enjoying much better results. So at least one version of me is happy!

In any case, to wander back to the subject at hand, to manifest something you want at some point in your future, you have to work not only with the stuff of this present moment, you also have to work with the stuff of the future present moment you want to experience. This is my understanding, so I am confused with folks like the Barefoot Doctor instruct me to, for example, envision the house I want in the future by overlaying it on the house I am living in now. Yes, I can spend time envisioning the house I want, and I have, but I am still living in my current house. That makes it hard to see the house I want in the future. It becomes hard work and very tiring to keep myself focused on the house I want, in the face of the house I currently live at.

I am offering a slight twist on manifesting something, like the house in my example… I reach into the future and affirm, “I WILL have the house of my dreams!” I say this with authority, I mean it. I use visualization to imagine what this house will look like. But I don’t spend any time looking at the current house trying to superimpose some future house on it. I have reached into the future potential and have used that energy to create a future present moment experience of where I am living in the house of my dreams. The rest is flow, openness and receptivity. I do not try to force anything to happen. I have simply told the map what my future destination will be, and as I operate in the natural flow of my life, I will be brought to it.

I think this is a better way of looking at manifestation. Yes, this present moment is the only moment you will ever experience. But it exists as part of a a fixed yet intangible past, made up of previous present moment actions and choices. At the same time it exists as malleable, yet intangible future present moment experiences, that come into being, moment by moment, based on the choices you make. Use the past only as a guide you can learn from in determining what sort of future you want. Use the present moment to create that future, by using its potential to create your desired future present moment experiences.

This stuff is kinda hard to talk about or grasp, huh? Lemme know if I need to explain anything here. Also I have presented this authoritatively, based on my own ever-evolving experiences. Scientifically perhaps they would not stand up – no proof. Consider all I teach here to be my thoughts, what I think, based on my experience, or my realizations. Instead of worrying about whether or not anything can be scientifically proven, test things out for yourself, and note the results you get. Whatever works for you – do that. Whatever doesn’t work, decide to try again or find another way. Question everything, test everything, try everything and figure out what works for you. Then come in here and share your experience, OK?


If time is not real,
a construction of man,
who decided that it takes
14 minutes to steam an egg?

Has it always been 14 minutes?
Does it take more or less time
in other parts of the world?
Why 14 minutes anyway?

Why couldn’t it take 1 minute,
or cook inside my hand,
or come out of the chicken
already cooked and ready to eat?

Who decided that cooking
an egg is the best way to eat it?
Who decided that flames
would produce heat for cooking?

Somewhere in New Zealand
a man named Nungali may be
scoffing me and laughing at
my continuing foolishness.

But perhaps even the great Nungali
has no answer to this question.
Or perhaps for him, cooking an egg
takes only as much time as he wants!

Perhaps one man’s “Magical Thinking”
is just as valid as the “Scientific Method.”
Who decided that science is better
than magic and manifestation anyway?

Maybe one man’s trash truly is
another man’s treasure.
Maybe I can learn to cook an egg
in the palm of my hand!

But for now steaming an egg
takes 14 minutes,
and the one who started this
remains unknown.

This Land

Every thorn on every vine,
Is a drop of my blood or a bead of my sweat.

Every blade of grass,
A second spent in toil.

Every leaf on every tree,
A tear I did not allow myself to cry.

Every scratch on my skin,
Is an unfulfilled wish or dream.

This land is not my land,
Yet every square inch is a part of me.

This house is not my home,
But what else do I have to return to?

For 7 long years I have paid the price,
But what will remain of my investment should I return?

I have no answers to these questions,
Only more work to do, until the day I leave.

More of Something Wonderful To Think About

We live in a world of duality. That means for everything that exists, its opposite also exists.

If you are interested in someone, and you have consulted your inner guidance (in whatever form that may take for you, from listening to your heart or talking to God) and have received the words or thought that this person is not the right one for you at this time in your life (likely you will have already had this thought in the back of your mind before you even asked about it), in that same instant there exists someone who is.

In other words, you can not have someone who is not the right person for you at this time in your life, without also having someone who is. One can not exist separately from the other, in a world of duality.

Tying that in with what I said earlier, even if in the unlikely chance that there was nobody else on earth compatible with you before you found out that this person you are interested in is also not compatible with you, the second you verify the existence of someone who is not compatible, someone could be born in what you would perceive as your past, grow up, and exist now, in what you perceive as your present, someone who is.

You may feel it is hard to find someone who is the right person for you. But you can always, without exception, find someone who is not the right person for you. As long as you can find someone who is not the right person for you, there has to be someone who is.

Also it would do not good for someone to be the right person for you who lives in Alaska when you never venture outside of some small city in Italy. So a number of things come built in to the person who is the right one for you.

They will be someone you have access to, in whatever way is best for you, or that you desire. They have to be, or they wouldn’t be the right one for you. If you travel, they will be in the range of your travel. If you stay in one city, they will live in that same city. If you are confined to your apartment, they will likely be in the same building.

They will also be someone you are, or can be, or will be, attracted to. Maybe not initially. Sometimes we look at something, or someone, and immediately decide we dislike it. If it is a pair of shoes you may hate them at first. Then you find, after a month or so, you wear them all the time and they are your favorite pair of shoes. This can happen with people as well. The one who is the right one for you at this time may not initially be someone you would consider.

So there is no reason for you to ever give up. You never have to kill yourself just because you can’t find anyone. If you find even one person who is not the right one for you, in the instant you confirm this and know it for sure, there is someone who is. That person will be within easy access of the natural flow of your life, although you may not be aware of them or recognize them at first.

In other words, you don’t have to go out hunting for them. They will be right there, somewhere, within the range of your life, as it currently exists, or, if it is changing, according to that change. They will be at your place of work, at the restaurant you enjoy going to, your coffee shop, somewhere along the route you take to go to work, at your local grocery store, in your building, or at the park you visit, or along the country road where you live.

You may not meet them, or they may slip under your radar. But that is OK, because as long as there is someone who is not the right person, there is someone who is, at all times, all through your life, ad infinitum.

I find this particularly encouraging, because I live two and a half miles or so from a small town, on a country road, and I don’t drive or go out socially. I rarely leave the house in fact, and am pretty much confined to the property, unless I decide to bike out on the road around what I call the loop. So somewhere nearby there has to be a female who is the right one for me at this time in my life. Because all around me are females who are not.

Now I am not 100% sure how I am to cross paths with this person or persons. I don’t know how to apply this knowledge at a practical level just yet. I know it has something to do with being open and receptive. Taking any opportunity that comes my way. Being aware and present of what is going on around me as I flow in the natural course of my life. Somewhere, out there, is the female who is the right one for me at this time in my life, even for someone as isolated and sheltered as me.

I think it is something like this phenomena, where you are looking at a particular type of car, or buy one, and all of a sudden you see that same care everywhere. An even better example for me is the bus. The bus has been running in this small town for at least as long as I have been here. It has been coming into and going out of town on a regular basis. But I can’t think of one time I ever saw it, until I took my first ride on it. Now I notice it whenever it passes by or I pass it. It simply didn’t exist for me until I rode it, even though it was always there, and had been there the whole time.

In a similar fashion the one who is the right one for you may not exist for you right now. But that does not mean they do not exist. They do, you are just not aware of them. You don’t know they are there. You do not notice them. But they are there, and the moment you find even one person who is the right one for you, your perception will change, and you will see others, because there is no “the one.” There are multiple people who are the right ones for you all through the various stages and times of your life.

Don’t give up. If you have found even one person who is not the right one, there must be someone who is. Remember that on noticing someone who is not the right one, you will notice others who are not, because your perception has changed. But for everyone who is not the right one, there is someone who is, so remember this and take heart.

Be open and receptive. Be aware and present as you move through the natural flow of your life. Take any opportunities that feel right, do not allow fear to control you. Somewhere, easily accessible, is at least one person who is the right one for you at this time in your life. Greet each morning with the question, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I meet the right person for me today?” No expectations, setting deadlines or taking control. Just an open question that does not require an answer. See what happens.

Something Wonderful To Think About

I have also shared this at the Dao Bums forums:

First, some assumptions… Linear time is experienced only while in a physical form. Outside of the world of forms, all time is one. Past, present, and future. Also everything starts as energy before it becomes physical. Finally when we desire something it comes into being energetically.

Let’s say that right now, at this moment, maybe a few of you out there feel as I do. Alone. Lonely. Nobody to share your life with. Like me you want someone to share your life with. Maybe, like me, circumstances seem to prevent you from finding, or being found by, anyone.

You go into town and it seems everyone has someone to walk with. There are couples everywhere, walking hand-in-hand. You find a blog and see a picture of the very beautiful poster, and her boyfriend. It may seem as though everyone has someone, except you.

But here’s the thing… Even if every single person you would label as desirable “out there” had someone, there can still be someone “out there” for you. There always will be. How, you may ask?

Very simple. If, outside the physical, all time is one, past, present and future, then it is possible for someone to come into the world, sometime in what you would think of as the past. For that person to grow up, and come into your life, in what you call your present.

In other words, your desires now, in this present moment, can affect the past, the present, and the future!

Even if that person found someone else along their way to you, another person could come into existence the exact same way and find their way to you. You are not limited to just one person all your life. There is no, “the one.”

Instead there are multiple people, at different times in your life, that will fit with you during each time. There always will be. There can never be any lack of people, because they can infinitely come into existence as long as you are desiring someone to share your life with.

In other words, you never have to be alone or lonely. You never have to fear there are not enough people out there, so that you can have someone to be with. There will always be someone, more likely several someones, who will be the right ones for you to be with at this point in your life.

Only religious and societal beliefs limit us to one person. You may be with several people, all at once, or at various times in your life, in any combination. If you can accept the assumptions I have stated, then you can know that there is always hope. It is never hopeless, you are not consigned to be alone the rest of your life.

The only thing you have to do is to be allowing, open and receptive. Just be yourself, having faith that the person or persons who fit best in your life, at this time in your life, are right there, and somehow, in some way, you will get together with them.

There is no need to give up on life, to shut down or end your physical existence. No matter how it may appear right now, in this moment, the truth is that there will always be at least one person “out there” for you.

Time is not static. It is dynamic, and always changing!