I want to throw off my shoes,
but these fields are crawling
with beetles, spiders and the
occasional snake, which I have
to dance over so I won’t harm it.

There is nothing to think about
out here, under this blazing sun,
a rake in one hand, silence in the other.
If only I would stop to listen,
I would hear it, beating with my heart.

But every once in a while
I will pause and look up
to watch the clouds drift by,
or the flight of a passing jet.
I tell myself that someday
I will be up there, flying away

Orange Sun

The orange sun
reveals my ignorance.
I still have much to learn.

I have traveled
many hard-won miles
to come to the place
where, on looking back,
I see with perfect clarity
that I am not the same
as I was.

I think of myself
as a spiritual person,
but now, in the light
of this orange sun I see
that there are an infinite
number of levels to climb,
an uncountable number
of steps left to take.

This orange sun
shines on one
not the same
as other orange suns
have shone on before,
and under the next
orange sun yet another
completely different person
will be revealed.

If I am still growing
then moments like these
must be the growing pains.


After many hours enclosed,
studying, I step outside
into the cool, evening air,
to find myself expanded,
filled with awareness,
almost even happy.

Everything is so much
bigger now, bigger than
the narrow confines
of my overworked,
exhausted mind.

The light of the setting sun,
these peaceful, floating clouds,
recharging batteries long seeming
dead, and empty.

Washing away the darkness
of the past hellish days
and cleaning some of
their stain from
my heart.

Unexpectedly, I feel peace.