Those Summer Evenings

Naked in the moonlight
I stand,
cool grass
between my toes.

Stars shine brightly
a river of stars
flows across the sky.

The moon has come
and gone,
I feel the cool breeze
wafting over my skin.

I am bathed in starlight,
oh how I wish
for many
more nights like these!


Bright Stars

Pricked needle holes,
In the curtain of the night.

The Light,
Which exists inside everything,
Is bleeding out and shimmering through.

It shines,
With a piercing brilliance,
On this foggy winter’s evening.

I stand,
Transfixed by unknown constellations,
My eyes inevitably drawn to one in particular.

The Pleiades,
That small gathering of light,
I look for every year at this time.