Micro Lesson – Abundance

I just had this thought I wanted to share. I tried to put it into a poem but the words aren’t fitting at the moment. So I will let them rest.

I realized I can say, without a twinge, that I know it can happen. I can also say, and believe, that it has happened to others. But I struggle with saying it is happening for me.

This is in reference to anything desirable, right now my thoughts are on when I leave this place. I can’t see myself as leaving here and moving into my own house. At the moment I can only see myself as probably living on the side of the road.

I am thankful I can see as much as I can. If it has happened, and has happened for others, then there is no reason it can’t happen for me. Even if it has never happened, has never happened for others, that does not mean it can never happen for me. There is a first time for everything!

There is no reason, beyond my own limiting beliefs, I can’t dream bigger and have more. The table is laid out before us. Everyone, without exception, may take from it what they want. There has always been enough, and there will always be enough.

I can sit here in the corner and take scraps. I can pick up a dish and select a small amount. Or I can grab a tray, as many plates as I can put on there, and pile them sky high. The choice has always been mine, is mine, and will always be mine.

Others can try to tell me what I am allowed to take and how much. But it is my choice whether or not I listen to them. I am done listening to them, I am done accepting the limitations of others, I am done accepting self-imposed limitations.

None of that has served me these 40 years I have been alive. Doing as I have done has only brought me here, to these circumstances and this situation. It does not work, so why continue using a flawed method?

Somehow, I don’t know how yet, I am going to get… No, I AM AT, the place where I can say, without a twinge, it happens for me. I am just as deserving as anyone else. Nobody has more of a right to the things they desire than I do.

We are all equal in our rights to our desires. It may not make sense from a human, physical standpoint. It may see as if some desires may cancel out or override others. But that is not our concern.

Our only concern, the only thing that matters, is following our heart, moving to the best feeling thought we have at this moment, visualizing the fulfillment of all our desires, and I guarantee that the closer we get to who we really are, the more harmonious all our desires will be together.

There is no reason to sit in that fucking corner and gnaw on bones. There is no reason to subsist on table scraps. It is time for me to get up off my ass, grab a plate and embrace all my desires, without criticism or judgment, without worrying about the how or finer details.

I want a nice bicycle and all the gear I need for a comfortable trip. I want a sleeper car train ticket pass and enough money for any other mode of travel I might want at any time. I want to be able to stay at nice places and have access to any physical care, from massages to mani-pedis, that I want. I want to be able to eat the kind of food I enjoy that makes my body feel good. I want a nice camera to take pictures with. I want to be able to stay at the Esalen Institute, in its nicest accommodations, and take as many course as they have of interest to me. I want to come back from this having finally released all excess material from my body and emerged like a butterfly from a cocoon, beautiful, light and free. I want a home to return to, a place of my own, in a community where I feel I belong, where I am welcome, where I have friends and someone to share my life with.

Those are my desires, and I leave them all the room they need to expand and grow as the time for me to leave draws nearer. These are the things I want, not sleeping off the side of the road, unless it is my choice, and only if I have chosen that.

In the eyes of society maybe I do not deserve these things. But I am done caring about or concerning myself with what society thinks or wants. Its interests do not match my own, so I leave it to its own pursuits while I follow my own.

I am done believing, feeling and thinking that I have to earn things or work hard for them. I have just as much a right to all my desires as someone who works 80+ hours a week serving others. Maybe they have to work that 80+ hours to feel they can have their desires. That is their choice. I am done feeling like I have to perform Herculean tasks in order to live a live of abundance, luxury and wealth.

I do not criticize or judge others in positions of service. That is the portion they have chosen for themselves. I will encourage them to dream bigger, to take a bigger portion, but at the same time I will support their choice, loving and accepting them as they are.

My idea of Donald Trump is that he sees himself as successful, wealthy and the next president of the United States. He accepts nothing short of the vision he has for himself. He accepts no limitations, not from others, not from himself. From this moment on, that is the example I follow.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear

I have been sitting with this for a while now, mulling it over. Longer than usual, normally by now I would have an article up or something. But I haven’t felt much like talking lately.

I always assumed that this saying meant what it said. When I am willing and perceive myself to be ready to learn something, the teacher I need will show up. But this has not been my personal experience, so I suspect I missed something here, and I think I know what it is.

The saying is attributed to Buddha, and I don’t think it has the first thing to do with the sort of readiness we think is meant by it. We think it is all about being allowing, open, receptive, ready to learn. Then, if you are anything like me, when the teacher fails to appear you t know the saying out. It must be false! I am ready but my teacher is not here!

I am not sure that Buddha ever spoke of frequencies or vibrations directly, but I am fairly certain he is speaking of that indirectly here. I was watching one of the Law of Attraction In Action videos when it occurred to me. Readiness is not mental, it is vibration.

If you are not familiar with Abraham and other similar teachings you may be wondering what the heck I am talking about. Your frequency or vibration is not something you can directly change or influence. It is not some dial you can adjust to “tune in.” It is something that can be worked with indirectly, based on the beliefs you hold, feelings you feel and thoughts you think.

If you are depressed, sad, angry, impatient, etc. that is a sign you are operating at a low frequency or vibration. If you are content, happy, joyful, peaceful, etc. that is a sign you are operating at a higher frequency or vibration.

The circumstances and situations of your life are all created around your current frequency or vibration, just as your physical form stays apparently solid and in the same shape it is in because the bits of it of which it is comprised vibrate at a particular rate. If that were to change your physical form would change. Similarly the body, so-to-speak, of your life is the way you perceive it because of the frequency or vibration all the little bits of it operate at.

Yeah I know, that is getting a little hard to understand, so I will use some examples. You get up, and immediately you feel bad because you say to yourself, “Damn! I didn’t get enough sleep!” You burn your toast, your coffee is too hot so you scald yourself and spill some of it on your clothes, you see it is raining outside (pouring actually) and you forgot your umbrella. You are soaked through by the time you step inside of the building where you work, and everything just keeps going wrong for you the whole day.

Your partner gets out of bed, having fallen asleep the same time as you and gotten up when you did. They stretch, look outside at the rain and smile, thankful for all the rest they have been given. They make a perfect breakfast, seem to have a lot of time to get ready before work, even some extra for reading. They remember the umbrella on their way out the door, but decide not to use it at first, just enjoying the rain falling. They step inside of the building where they work and everything seems to fall magically in place for them that day.

Note that this is not about positive or negative thinking. Both people work, both have the same time to sleep and get ready, both encounter rain. But one person claws and fights their way through the day, while the other drifts through it effortlessly. Each has created their experiences of the day based solely upon their beliefs, feelings and thoughts.

How does this tie in with Buddha’s saying? Simple. You have to be at the frequency or vibration of the one who would teach you in order for them to even enter your experience. In our example the partner would be able to learn from a teacher, should they show up. He or she is in the right frame of mind.

But just imagine, for a moment, someone trying to teach the person who is angry, grumpy and feels nothing is working out for them? At best the words would fall on deaf ears, at worse they might turn around and slug their teacher. The last thing any grumpy person wants to hear? “Hey cheer up! It will be OK!”

So I think this is what Buddha is actually saying. When you are ready, meaning you are operating at your highest available frequency or vibration, the teacher will appear! But there is something else to keep in mind here. Your teacher may not appear like Mary Poppins out of the sky:

Your teacher may be your grumpy partner, your boss, your ex, or any other number of people (places or things) you encounter every day. But you can only receive the lessons they are teaching you when you are operating at the highest frequency you are capable of reaching! I know, it would be nice to have some wrinkly Yoda-like Zen master show up and teach you the mysteries of life. Maybe for some this happens. But until then your teachers are the very people, places or things that you interact with every moment of every day. The only way to learn from these interactions is to be in the right frame of mind. That is what Buddha means when he said, “When the student is ready…”

Another example, hard to quantify, but a few years ago (I can’t remember if it was before I was a Christian faith or after) I was reading John Daido Loori’s, “The Zen of Creativity.” I mentioned this at writing group today. I was struggling with this book at first. Not because of how it was written or my English capabilities, but because, I see it so clearly now, the teacher was writing from a higher frequency and spiritual level than where I was at the time.

I was just high enough to be able to access and notice the book. Sometimes that happens. I purchased Eckhart Tolle’s, “the Power of Now” and it sat for a long time. I was operating at the right frequency to receive it, otherwise I would not have even noticed it sitting there at the book sale. But I was not ready to read it then. In the case of Loori’s book, a change happened as I read it. Suddenly the process of reading the book became effortless. That is the first and (so far only) time this has happened.

All around us, every one of us, there are things we don’t even notice, that don’t even enter our awareness, because those things, be they people, places or actual things, are on a higher frequency we outside the one we are currently operating at.

So if you are looking for your teacher, they are all around you, every moment of every day of your life. If the story you are currently telling yourself has closed you off from receiving their lessons, change it. I had fun with my mother this evening. She was complaining about how she was able to watch only one show, and couldn’t do much with the dog on her lap. I turned it around,. I said something like, “Hey, I got to watch 1 show, I finished the things I needed to do, and my dog is feelings better now!” While you may not be able to directly influence your frequency, you can directly influence your perceptions about the things happening in your life, moment-to-moment.

Become a better storyteller. Be thankful for the desirable or good things happening to you, focus on those. Tell a better story about those things you would change. Tell a story about them being the way you want them to be. Ignore anything that presents itself which is not desired. Everything presented to you is a gift, you can claim it or you can leave it with whatever or whoever gave it to you It can remain theirs or you can claim it as your own. Select the gifts you accept as your own carefully. If they don’t feel good, don’t inspire or uplift you, graciously decline them.

No matter what happens to you, no matter how dire, grim or horrifying things may become, you can always, without exception, choose your response. That is your point of power. It is your magic wand. Changes may not always be immediate, but they are inevitable, as long as you keep choosing your response, accepting only the gifts offered to you that support your desires, and continue telling the story of what you want, instead of the story of what you perceive to be happening to you, should the two stories not be the same.

Who knows? In the right mindset maybe some version of Yoda or Marry Poppins will appear in your life to teach you. Anything is possible, all possibilities exist.

Trying Too Damn Hard!

You ever write a poem? Maybe a short story? You ever try to force those words out, squeeze them out of your skull? What is the end result? Compare that to writing that flows effortlessly. You’re typing or scribbling away, ignoring the spelling errors (unlike me right now), completely lost in the flow of words. Which kind of writing reads better? If you read it out loud, which one sounds better?

Obviously I can’t speak for you, but if you are anything at all like me, those words you squeeze out like the juice from a lemon ultimately leave a bad taste in your mouth. They just aren’t as good as biting into some juicy, sweet succulent fruit.

When I write about effort and work VS effortlessness and allowing it is this I am struggling to refer to. Can a seed that sprouts under your concrete driveway be said to be working hard to make its way up through the cracks to reach sunlight? On the surface it seems obvious, of course it’s hard work! But isn’t it just as likely that the seed is probing, looking for the path of least resistance, as it seeks the surface? Isn’t what a seed is doing a lot different that you trying to shove a spear through the concrete?

Neville is one of my favorite teachers of all time. You have heard his words here, I have shared his teachings, as well as my realizations and understandings based on what he has written. But Neville is missing something, or I have missed it in his writing. Neville’s whole teaching is equivalent to shoving a spear through concrete. You know what you want, you visualize it, you imagine it, something clicks, and you come back to your present moment experience, knowing it has happened, that your present moment experience just has to meet up with the experience you have created. You squeeze that lemon in an attempt to get lemonade.

But maybe, as I think I am coming to understand after watching Abraham today, just maybe in doing things this way there is, somewhere in the background, a focus on whatever it is you do not want, or whatever it is that has gone wrong.

Using my parent’s situation as an example, and using Neville’s teaching, I can sit here and visualize a house for them, imagine it, work on this every day until something clicks, come back to the present moment, secure in my faith it is provided. The problem is that it matters too much to me, and too much to them. There is a note of desperation here, I have to get my parents a house. Why? Because soon we will not have one. That is where the focus is, not on the new house, but on the coming lack of a place to live (what is not desirable, unwanted) and that neuters any effort I make to manifest this.

When it matters a lot, when it means a lot, when we are strongly invested in something. we may try to shove a spear through concrete to make it happen, or squeeze that lemon. Exhaust ourselves in our efforts. Is that seed exhausted? You would think so, I mean it would seem to be hard work to come up through the ground and layer of concrete. But the seed is taking its time, sending out shoots and roots. It is conserving its energy.

For the seed there is no proof that sunlight exists. Its nature is to go in the direction of the sun. How does it know where to go way down there in the darkness? You ever seen a plant growing naturally send its roots up to the surface and its leaves under the ground? Of course not! Somehow it knows. That is its faith, and it is exactly what we must do. The seed is our example.

In the part of the video I watched of Abraham (one of the Law of Attraction In Action videos) a lady was talking about how she was going to enter the dating scene, having recently come out of a relationship. How would Abraham do it? And Abraham said that they would have fun with this.  It became obvious that it mattered to the lady who she got with when she went out again. She wanted the right man, the right relationship. She wanted to do this right (how Abraham would.) Neville would tel her to imagine it, wait for that click, and come back to her present moment experience. Abraham tells her to have fun with it.

Abraham also uses phrases like “releasing resistance.” What does that mean? I think I understand it a little now. It is all about letting go. The more important something is to me, the more relaxed I need to be! Beating the drum (another phrase from Abraham) of what I want when I am so far away from it will keep me far away from it. I have to set down the drumsticks, let go, unattached myself, relax, and really just have fun. Find the next best feeling I can access. Allow myself to drift, without effort, towards whatever it is I want. At some point after this is when I can apply Neville’s teachings. But I have to be closer to what Abraham calls my vortex.

In other words no seed is going to develop a bud and bloom under the soil. Not that I know of anyway. Let’s say that maybe that is a seed’s highest calling, to bloom and procreate. This is the seed’s desire. But as a seed it is far away from blooming. If it tries to bloom now while it is under the soil it will not have the desired result. So the seed must be patient, work its way to the sunlight, reach the surface, develop stems and leaves, grow stronger, then and only then can it bud and fruit. It has to be closer to the surface, closer to the sun, before it can send out those stems and leaves. Call the surface or the sun the vortex of the plant. The energy can be put into what is desired only when it is close enough to its vortex, and the same applies to us.

Manifesting a home matters too much. Somehow, I have no idea how, I need to let go, unattached, and drift effortlessly closer to my vortex, where my ultimate desire awaits. Find a way to have fun with this process. It is not so much trying to focus on the positive. Not at all. It is more about focusing on what makes me feel good, what I want. The better I feel, the closer I am to my vortex. Abraham speaks of this as well. It will be far easier to manifest a house when I feel better in general. The only way I can feel better is to stop putting so much energy into visualizing what it is I want, which ultimately just makes me feel worse because it perpetuates my awareness that I do not currently have what I want. As a result it keeps my away from my vortex and the manifestation of what I desire.

Force VS Flow. Always turn in the direction of Flow, and away from the direction of Force. Yes, to get the juice out of a lemon you have to squeeze it. But you won’t bother to do that with a lemon that is either not ripe or rotten. The lemon has to be that nice, bright shade of yellow. It as to be a little soft, so you know there is juice in there. Then you squeeze it. That is how you make the best lemonade.

Everything has an ideal time attached to it for the best results. Results can be gained outside the ideal, but they will be less than ideal. Patience is needed. Faith is needed. Trust is needed. These are the things we must practice. That and letting go, removing our attachment, to the things that matter the most to us.  We can not win by effort alone, or by fighting back.

We have to be like the seed there in the soil, grounding, rooting ourselves. Probing upwards along the path of least resistance. Always seeking the light of our desire, our vortex, where this desire is waiting for us. There is no doubt, fear or worry. That keeps us in the darkness. There is only faith, hope and trust, an inner knowing that we will reach our desire in time, just as the seed knows it will reach the sunlight. This is how we emerge from darkness into the light.

Important Aspects of Manifestation

I started reading, “The Secret” tonight, and I finally came to understand something. Years ago when I started to explore a different spiritual path than Christianity I encountered a book entitled, “Spiritual Liberation” by Michael Bernard Beckwith. I really believed what the author was saying. I felt inspired by it, and I applied it to a real life situation.

I remember how I felt and some imagery from that time well. We we going to stay for a night or so at a hotel and spend the holidays with my brother. I remember the hotel we stayed in, I think it was a Super 8 in Kelso. I remember I tried so hard to manifest an awesome place to stay for my parents and I. But we ended up at this hotel, pretty much the exact opposite of what I wanted.

I also tried very hard to manifest a good experience with my brother, who I did not get along with at that time. Oddly I can’t remember if that was one of the bad holidays or the worst one or what. I just remember the stress and tension, how hard it was to make what I wanted to happen, how much time I had to spend thinking about what I wanted. I don’t think a single thing happened that I wanted to happen.

I never read anything from Beckwith since. I decided that he was teaching the process of manifestation wrong. I had followed what he had said. I suppose I should look at it now, knowing what I know, and see if I missed something or completely took something out of context. I liked the book, I just didn’t think doing it the way he detailed worked. I failed to get what I had asked so hard for afterall.

But I think I get it now, I had a realization, and understanding, and I will share it with you. It is simply this… Not only is focusing on what you do not want going to attract that very thing, putting extreme effort into focusing on what you want will do the same thing.

It’s an aspect of this feeling part of the manifestation process some who teach these principles mention. Let’s do a little experience, shall we? Think about something you really want. Something you want so badly you ache for it, or you almost do. Have something in mind? Good. Now think about this for the next 5 minutes. Think hard about it. Work so hard at focusing on this that you can almost break out in a sweat. As you do this tune into your body, without criticizing or judgment, observe how you feel.

How does it feel, working at this so hard? Does it feel good or bad? Is it exhausting or effortless? Light or heavy? I don’t know about you, but not only do I still remember how I feel, all these years later, from my experience doing something like this, for a couple of days, I remember it was exhausting, stressful, hard work and felt very, very heavy. I think it left a mark in me somewhere. I see now I am doing it at a much less conscious and obvious level regarding my desire to astral project and lucid dream. Now the we can see the problem, let’s fix it. We will start with some principles. Think of each one as a hypothesis, to be tested as true or false in your own experience:

Being light about an issue, not being attached, is how you create space.

In the lightness or space there is room for change to occur.

In the lightness or space you draw what you want.

Being tense about an issue, being very attached, removes space.

In the heaviness or lack of space there is little room for change to occur.

In the heaviness or lack of space you draw the opposite of what you want.

The lighter or heavier you are about something, the quicker you draw it to you.

This lightness or heaviness is an aspect of the feeling part of the manifestation process.

If you feel open and relaxed, happier in general, you are operating with a lighter frequency.

If you feel closed and tense, unhappy in general, you are operating with a heavier frequency.

We need an example… I think I have mentioned my parents, how they are Christians, and how they have a lack and limitation mindset I have been extricating myself from these last few years. Looking at Christianity from the outside, I see so many flaws. I see how they never question anything, how certain things in the Bible they profess is God’s Word is ignored when it is obviously applicable in certain areas of their lives, and how they stick to other verses to justify certain things. I see how this lack and limitation mindset is getting in the way of them getting a really nice house within their ideal budget.

I used to, some years ago, intervene when they started arguing. I since learned to stop doing that, that they have to learn to work things out between themselves. I was constantly trying to brainwash them thinking positively instead of negatively. I since learned that both must be embraced. I learned to stop my knee-jerk reaction to diffuse a situation. But I am now fighting a knee-jerk response to getting them to look at things differently to see the sun behind the clouds so-to-speak and not just focus on the clouds.

But now I see that there is an attachment here to them changing. I am invested in getting them to change, I am attached to getting them to change, which is bringing in a feeling of heaviness, because I want it so badly. I am fed up with their spewing stuff on me that I used to think was normal but now it actually bothers me. It disturbs me. I think maybe this is at the root of my knee-jerk responding, trying to get them to change. As I did before when they argued, I have to step back. I have to tale my hands off the situation.

My parents need space to change, and space only comes with lightness. By my attachment and the heaviness that comes with it, I have constricted that space. I have made it harder for them to change and manifested the exact opposite of what I wanted. Exactly the same as if I constantly thought, “I don’t want my parents to think that way anymore. I don’t want my parents to think that way anymore. I don’t want my parents to think that way anymore…” It is a powerful negative focus, and will either reinforce things being the way I do not want r draw in more circumstances and situations I do not want, or both.

If I want my parents to change I need to create the space for them to do so, in order to create that space I can not be attached to them changing. Part of loving and accepting them as they are is loving and accepting them as they are. This is an ideal, it is a practice. I will never truly love my parents, because as I have said before love is unconditional. As long as I have reasons why I love my parents (and I have a lot of them) my love for them is conditional. But I can always strive to love and accept them as they are, I can always practice loving them even when I do not have a reason to do so. Part of a way for me to practice, to work my way towards, this ideal is to stop being attached to them changing.

I retain my desire that someday, in their own time, even if that time never comes, they will learn to think differently. They will learn to question their religion and their current way of thinking in general. They will come to know God in their own direct experience. I continue to want the best for them, to want them to be happy, and then I just let it go. The desire is still there, but I am not invested in it. I am not attached to it. The thinking remains. Constant thoughts of them being happy, having the best life possible. But without attachment to this outcome it becomes lighter, and that creates space, and it is in that space they have the room to change, if they choose to.

That is the most I can do. Practice loving and accepting them as they are. Support them as much as possible. Want them to be happy, living the absolute best life possible. Remain unattached and uninvested, nether for nor against, any particular outcome. Let the chips fall where they will, leave it to Source. Just let go.

Do you understand? I wanted to stay in a nice place too hard. I want to astral project and lucid dream too hard. I want to escape from the current circumstances and situations of my life too hard. Not too much. The amount of want, how badly something is wanted, the depth of want, is not the issue. The deeper the desire the better.

The problem isn’t how badly something is wanted, the problem is how attached you are to getting something you want. How invested you are in getting it. How hard you want it. It becomes an unhealthy obsession, you are obsessed with it really. It affects you, your physical body, your emotions, how you feel and your thoughts. This is why some teachers say to ask then forget. Or write a letter and burn it. These are ways to detach yourself from a desired outcome.

In your attachment you place yourself between Source and what you are asking for. You are putting effort into getting this. Likely you are trying to make it happen. You slip into thinking about the how, and you have no business there. The how is entirely the Source’s domain, not yours. Do you have to figure out how to make a flower bloom? No, Source takes care of that, given the correct, natural conditions. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into mentally yelling at the flower to bloom, it will make no difference, and likely will result in it dying.

No, anybody who knows how to grow flowers knows to just place the seed in the right conditions (light, nutrients, soil, water, etc.) and leave it alone. Maybe protect it from bugs, maybe prune it when needed, maybe weed around it. But nobody places a stranglehold on the stem of the flower and try to make it bloom through sheer strength of will!

This is probably what Abraham is referring to when he uses the analogy of rowing upstream. I never really got it until just now. I understood it intellectually, I understood the analogy. But I never truly knew what was meant by flowing upstream, what is actually being done that is analogous to that.

Too many people have this idea that effort is needed. But manifestation is meant to be effortless. The work you do to manifest something, where you place your effort, is not in focusing on either what you do not want or what you want. It is not in trying to make something happen. Your task is to know what it is you want, and then remain allowing, open, receptive and unattached, leaving how this occurs up to Source. Taking your hands completely off the situation, just letting go.

I struggled, I think based on something I read, saying something like this about myself, “I AM A Master of Manifestation.” I guess at some level I felt, maybe I still feel and need feel through it, that making things happen is God’s work. But let’s think about this. If you cup your hands and ask for a diamond, intending to pull it out of thin air, the asking for the diamond is implied, right? From the moment you cupped your hands, you asked. You are not creating the diamond, you are not making it appear. You are merely asking for it, calling it. Manifesting is the process of making something manifest, right? Making something manifest is really just a officious sounding way of saying asking.

So you can say of yourself, “I AM A Master of Manifestation” even if it is not true, this is the reality you are creating for yourself. If you are not this, then you become this. In the case of our example of pulling a diamond out of thin air, theoretically all you have to do is ask for it, and this is done simply by thinking about it. Then it is a matter of being allowing, open, receptive and unattached. No pressure on this diamond showing up. If it does, awesome! If it doesn’t, that’s OK. You did not fail, the process works. I still don’t have the real flower, the direct experience, as to why things I ask for have not shown up. But I now know better what not to do.

Neville talks about feeling as if you already are or have whatever it is you ask for. Assume the feeling, imagine it, in this visualization remember back to the time you asked for it without leaving the visualization, something will click, at that point you return. Now it is just a manner of waiting for whatever you have asked for to occur or show up.

I would add that on your return you let it go. You continue to have our desire, think how wonderful it is to be or have whatever you have asked for, but remain always unattached and invested. Let it go, let the pieces fall where they may, leave it to Source.

Now it is a matter of applying what I have said here and practicing it, for both you and I. Soon, very soon, in the immediate future, I am at a place where I could cup my hands, ask for a diamond, and one just shows up. Life is not meant to be hard, the world is not meant to be cold or cruel. We have adopted these perceptions from others and society. But manifesting something should be no more difficult for us that blooming is for a flower. Our work is not to bloom, but to create the necessary conditions. The blooming, the manifestation of something, comes naturally from that.

It’s about the motivation behind the effort or work. If you are putting effort – work – into making things happen, because you believe, like so many others, that it is only by the sweat of your brow you will create whatever it is you want, you will manifest some of what you want, because your thoughts will predominately be on what you want as you work. But you will never completely succeed, because of your initial motivation. Trying to make something happen gets in the way of it happening.

The right kind of work to create what you want comes naturally from the conditions you create, the thoughts you choose, at this moment, to think. In my parent’s case, they want a place to live. They can stress out about it and drive around all day looking, or they can create the conditions they want, in this case just think about the kind of place they want to live, all the aspects that are important to them, and from that mindset start looking. It isn’t the looking that will bring them a place to live. It is their mindset, the looking is secondary.

Creating the necessary conditions is analogous to pointing the boat downstream. We don’t even need to row. We don’t create the boat or the stream. We just steer and keep it pointed in the right direction, towards whatever it is we want.

Serving Others

I have long struggled with this concept or idea of serving others. Maybe it was how I was raised, a rebellion against that. Maybe I have always been in tune to some inner knowing. Something in me rejects, if it is not outright against, the idea of serving others. Especially the common teaching in many spiritual materials that serving others is some sort of high calling, if not the highest calling.

I remember I think at Dao Bums posting something about this. I could see clearly how serving others perpetuates their need for your serving them. It disempowers them and keeps them where they are. What do I mean by this? I will try to illustrate by an example…

If you start serving the homeless food,very soon a few things happen. First of all you perpetuate the societal cause of homelessness. This is because you are not addressing the cause of their homelessness, only one of the symptoms of that cause. As long as you feed the homeless there will be homeless to feed. It is an infinite loop.

Secondly you block them from ever leaving the mindset of homelessness. They put themselves in that experience or state, indirectly or directly. By feeding them you disempower them, keeping them in that state. They never learn that they put themselves there, and as a result they never learn to think any differently.

They have to become aware that what they experience in their life is solely their responsibility. That they choose what to think and their responses to what happens in their lives. Until they become aware of the thinking that has placed them in this experience, they can never leave it. Awareness is a prerequisite for change.

This is just one example I can come up with as to why service may not necessarily be our highest calling, or even for the good of others. This attitude we have, that whoever we serve needs us, will keep those we serve in a position of needing our service.

I have since come to understand a few things about service:

  • Service must be given completely willingly.
  • Service comes automatically through alignment to Source.

If you do not really want to serve someone in some capacity, you should not do it. For example, if a neighbor asks for your help in their yard (maybe they want your help pulling weeds) if you go over to help them it must be with the right attitude. You must really want to help them pull weeds.

Now maybe they offer to pay you for your work. There are two things to keep in mind. One is that the Source is the source of your supply, not the money they give you. The second is that, paid or not, if you are not really and truly willing to do the work they are asking you to do, it is better if you do not even go over and work for them. The truth of your attitude will announce itself very clearly in your actions and especially the quality of your work. And yes, this is also true of a professional job, not just helping the neighbor pull weeds.

I just realized the second aspect today after watching “Law of Attraction In Action 11 – Who You Really Are.” A man came up and said he had throat cancer. Abraham, through Esther Hicks, worked with him to face the cause of this illness. It turns out he was a teacher, and wanted to teach others, but knew they were not ready to listen, so he was holding back. He was not aligning himself to who he truly is, Source energy, the Source within him. I might use the phrase his Higher Self. In other words he was focused on others, using them to keep himself out of alignment with who he really is.

It occurred to me that the best way I can possibly serve others is from a place of alignment with my Highest Self or Source. In my case my parents are looking for a house. I am constantly hearing about how so-and-so said this or they heard that, or they can’t afford this, or they can’t go any higher than that. I am constantly in a battle trying to get them to see the sun behind the clouds. But I see now I have to stop, love and accept them as they are, and let go. As Abraham told the man, we can’t change how others think. Here is a quote they mentioned, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

The best way I can serve my parents is to somehow just close my mouth and focus on my breathing or something and let them rant. I need to focus on aligning my self with my Self. I am not yet entirely sure how to do this. But I can just accept that I do not know how to do this, let that go as well. Just be allowing and open. Trust that things will fall into place and I will become aligned with my Highest Self.

I think part of what I can do to come into alignment with my Higher Self is to let go of whatever I am holding onto that is keeping me out of alignment. In my case just letting go of any knee-jerk reaction to intervene when my parents are arguing, or when either one of them says something negative. Stop trying to change them. Love and accept them as they are, and that encompasses the whole package, including the way they think. We all have to find our own path up the mountain. They are on theirs and I am on mine. I nee to focus on my path, and leave them to theirs. It is what they have chosen after all, just as I have chosen mine.

Once I am in that place of alignment and have become a living example to others around me I will be in the absolutely best place possible to serve others. Not only that, but I suspect I serve others just by being an example of someone in full alignment with Source. In that regard then service is the highest calling. It is not so much about what I can do for others. Too much emphases on actions, on making things happen.

It is more about what I can be for others. How I can show them the way by demonstrating it in my own life experience. Just let go of trying to change, convert or convince anyone, it’s a fruitless, pointless exercise anyway. A waste of time and energy, Sisyphus pushing the rock up a hill. The best outcome is that the damn things rolls down on top of me!

No, part of the practice loving and accepting others as they are is to take them as they are. To stop trying to change them. To stop wishing they were different. To stop hinging my happiness on their being some way that makes me happy. I have to let them be as they are and take them exactly as they are, focusing on my own alignment with Source.

By doing that I help them. I don’t set out to change them, convert them, convince them or “save” them. I set out to align my self with my Self, and as a result they are helped. As a result they, on their own, when they are ready, if they are ready, become changed, converted or convinced. They learn how to save themselves.

What they do, feel or think is truly none of my damn business. This is probably what the Bible is really trying to tel us when it says to focus on the log in your own eye not the mote in the eye of another. You work on yourself first. That alone will take your entire lifetime. That work never ends. But if you really, truly want to help others, this is where you start. Outside Change Begins Inside.

You can offer no better help or service than your example of living in alignment with Source. It is from that place of alignment that you will have the right attitude and motivation when stepping out into the world to help or serve others. Your motivation for doing anything is of paramount importance! The best motivation is to align yourself with Source and then to act from that place of alignment.

This then is what you can take it to mean when you are told service is your highest calling. It’s just that some information is missing and out of order. Your highest calling is to align your self with your Self, and from that place of alignment help, serve or work for others.

In other words, build your house upon the rock! To help, serve or work for others before you have come into alignment with Source is to build your house upon the sand. All that effort to change, convert, convince or “save” others will just get washed away.

Streams in the Desert

Depending on any circumstance to be the source of our supply is to be like a man in the desert, next to a dried up stream. As long as the man stays there, expecting water from where it once flowed, he will eventually die of thirst. He must get up and find another channel.

In the same way we must never expect our supply to come from the same places. These channels may dry up. We must always be open to receiving our supply from other channels. All the channels of our supply flow from the same and single Source.

Things such as allowances, bank accounts, investments and paychecks are only channels. They are not the source of my supply. Source is the source of my supply.

Something To Examine

In many spiritual texts, especially the writings of Eckart Tolle, the reader is instructed to turn inward, or to look inside. To stop looking outside of themselves for answers. To stop looking outside of themselves for pretty much everything. That the answer is found inside.

Let’s examine this belief, shall we? If you are hungry, will meditation feed you? If you have a sexual urge, or a desire to mate, or a desire to have children, are you asexual, able to mate with yourself? How about we go a little more general and less extreme. Can you find a life outside of yourself? A dream to follow? A destiny or purpose to fulfill?

Obviously not. So why do so many spiritual teachers recommend meditation as a major practice in our lives? Why are Buddhists advised to meditate for hours at a time, for most of their day? Why do monks meditate, breaking up their times of meditation only to do any work needed to maintain their monastery or feed their bodies?

The beliefs that lead to the practices of looking inward, typically through the use of meditation, are flawed. Maybe we choose our lives before we get here. But I doubt very highly that most of us chose to live the life of a celibate monk. Such a life is not living at all, it is just as dead and stagnant as the Christian ideal of perfection.

Any life you would choose to live can and will only be found outside of yourself. You will not find a life inside, or during meditation. To live a life requires interaction with external things, however you would define them. For example, if you want someone to share you life with, they can only be found outside of yourself.

Certainly there are things you can gain and learn from while looking inside of yourself during a practice like meditation. There may be answers waiting there, below your conscious awareness. There may be insights, realizations and understandings. But everything you learn you have to take back with you, into your life, to apply it. In other words, everything you learn you must live!

I do not know what I should do with my life. I suppose I have dreams, or at least very strong desires. Not sure I have anything I love to the point I could follow my heart. I don’t feel I have a purpose or a reason to live, and I guess I still believe I need a reason to live. I have set the intention that if I can not live a life I want, I do not want to live.

This scares people, they are afraid of loosing me. But outside of my immediate family there is nobody here possessing me that could loose me. There is nobody here who can say they have me. There are just these words and a name on the screen. The threat that maybe one day the words will cease to appear.

If I want a life I must look outside of myself to discover it. If I want someone to share my life with, she is outside of me too. If I want to live a desire, or dream, or a purpose, or anything else, I have to look outside of myself. Even any place I would “fit in” lies somewhere out there. None of these things will be found sitting here, in my room, for as long as I have this room anyway.

In essence that is exactly what I have been doing with my life for the last 40 years. Sitting, looking inside, and waiting for something to happen. Nothing ever has, and I suspect nothing ever can or will. Do not fall into this trap!

I think we are all like puzzle pieces, and those monks meditating all day or like pieces sitting in the box, or off to the side. Maybe a few other pieces fit with them, but these are also away from the main area. Those of us who get moving and looking for our calling, or live our dreams, or follow our hearts, are like pieces moving towards the center, finding where we fit, and contributing to the bigger picture.

I feel I have been sitting off to the side long enough. Too long in fact. I may not be able to find the place where I fit. But I have to at least try.

Think about what I have said here. Examine and test it.