On Being Logical, Rational, Scientific or Skeptical

My dad and I used to watch Finding Bigfoot, and I remember how the group’s skeptic came across. I got a glimpse into how the mind of someone like that thinks.

Last night we watched an episode of Chills on YouTube, and I swear, for every unexplained picture or video the narrator told us that, “…most think this is a camera malfunction…” Now I am going to cut this whole thing off at the knees. Modern cameras rarely, if ever, malfunction!

I have taken literally hundreds, if not thousands, of photos, at all times of day, using everything from 35mm cameras, to ancient digital cameras, to modern digital cameras, to a number of different phone cameras. As far as I know I have never caught anything paranormal. Except maybe some orbs. But I have also never caught any glitches or camera errors – even when I messed with the settings to produce various effects.

I am certain my experience is the same as the average photographer’s experience, hobbyist or professional. If you put your finger over the lens, you know it. If your cord goes over the lens, you know it. If you take pictures over an old roll, you know it. For the record I have done this too – no ghosting or anything like that. It just looks like two pictures on top of each other.

If we are going to be completely logical, rational, scientific and skeptical about this, then we have to conclude it is unlikely that every single unexplained picture or video is due to a camera malfunction. Camera errors or glitches may have happened pre-1970 or 1980. But for the last 30 years at least, and probably a lot longer, this has been a non-issue.

Which leaves us with the other common statement, “…some believe this to be a hoax…” Again taking a logical, rational, scientific and skeptical approach we have to realize that people, on average, are honest, and that the dishonest ones are, on average, creatively lazy. In other words few people are going to go to all the trouble and work to create a hoax. There will be the exception to the rule, certainly, and the occasional class project or student film. But it is just as unlikely that every unexplained picture or video is a hoax as it is that it is due to a camera malfunction. Certainly nowhere near to happening enough in either case to cover every photo or video with unexplained content.

One last thing… If we set out to look at an unexplained video or photo expecting to call it faked or a camera glitch we are being biased, and that is not logical, rational or scientific. It is, in short, being closed-minded, AKA skeptical. You have come into this expecting a certain result. I would go so far to say that you want it to be fake or a camera glitch, you might even need it to be. Because if it is real, then you have to question all those beliefs of yours.

A belief can be defined as, “…a thought I trust is true.” (Spencer Johnson) People get angry at me when I tell them that science is a religion. But that is what it has become. Scientists fight to defend their “scientific facts” just as hard as Christians and Muslims fight to protect their “religious beliefs.” Scientists have many theories, which are just thoughts they feel are true, which they have tested with that expectation.

Sooner or later science is going to have to come out the 1700 or 1800s when the majority of our current methods were established and realize that there is more than you can measure in a lab or experience with your physical sense. Everything you call a “scientific fact” today may very well be, at best, thought of as cute and antiquated 100 years from now, just as we currently think of many “scientific facts” from hundreds of years ago today.

Trade in your skepticism for logic and being rational minded, because a skeptic must be closed minded, or somewhat against whatever they are skeptical about, by nature. A truly logical, rational minded person doesn’t come into a situation expecting anything. They are completely open-minded. They are there to observe and record what they observe. Try looking for Bigfoot and the paranormal this way.

Coincidentally, this is also the truest definition for a scientist. Someone who doesn’t carry around their scientific tomes like they are the holy scriptures, who instead sets out to discover something, leaving all biases, opinions, skepticism and close-mindedness behind.

Our world would be a much better place if we just stopped adopting the experiences and words of others and instead went out to experience, as much as possible, whatever it is we are interested in for ourselves, be that God, bigfoot or the paranormal. Question everything including the Bible, the Quran, the latest science textbook and The Origin of the Species. Use the words written by others as mere guidelines to prepare yourself for your own search. Stop blindly following what other people say simply because they wear the label of “an authority on the subject” or “teacher” or “pastor.”


The Circle 25 – Talking to the Voice Inside

The Voice Inside

Hello and Welcome! In this episode of the Circle I will present a method for asking questions and getting answers from anything that ever has, does or will exist.

We are also going to participate in an experiment which I think may be the first of its kind, where we will collectively ask the same or similar question, then share the answers we receive.

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