Embracing All You Have Refused To Accept – Running Towards All You Have Been Running Away From

Longest… Title… Ever… As I sat down and asked myself, “Is there anything I want to write here?” Is the blog due another post?” it occurred to me that I have not written a teaching type article in a while. Not sure how long, but I am fairly certain that it has been some time. I wondered what I could teach you, and one of the things that came to mind was I could talk about what I am learning.

Time and again it has been told to me that I was avoiding, running away from, playing small, trying to be invisible, etc. I have been instructed to embrace my calling (which appears to be writing), to embrace my fear, to stop playing small, to stop running away from hurt, pain and rejection. I have been told that I have… Not sure the right words… Avoided success because I didn’t want to fail, or failed initially because I didn’t want t fail in a big way, as in after I had succeeded.

Until I was told these things I thought I was being responsible and facing my fears. But somehow I have been in continuous avoidance, running away and playing small all these years. All of this taking place I guess outside my conscious awareness. All of this taking place without me being aware of it at all. I wonder what kind of experiences I must have had as a child to essentially ask for help running away so I could stay invisible and not have to be hurt. I always thought I had a high tolerance for pain. Maybe physically, but inside, emotionally, I must be like that character Glass that Samuel Jackson plays. I must have been unable to tolerate it.

The path ahead of me is clear. I must embrace my calling, my fear, and everything I have been running away from. I must embrace failure, pain, success and everything else I may experience as I do what I came here to do, which is apparently to write, although what I do not know. I twisted things up inside so much that I couldn’t recognize writing as my calling – I am still not seeing it. I lost most of my enjoyment for it and all of my passion. I also have to stop playing small and making myself invisible. It isn’t serving anyone, especially me. I must embrace success and any sort of roller coaster ride of emotion that may come with it.

Don’t fuck things up like I have. I messed myself up so badly… All these things I was doing to distract myself, and because I also hated myself, hated my body and could not accept it. I did not know how deep the rot went.

So if there is something that, deep down inside, you know you must do, DO IT. Immediately! If there is anything you have been running away from, it is time to turn around and face it. Stop running, stop playing small, stop trying to make yourself invisible. Just stop. Find a way to love and accept yourself as you are, all of you as you are, every aspect that you think of as you. The longer you run away, the harder it will be to stop running. The more ingrained all the bad habits will be ingrained, and the stronger the spell of forgetfulness that you have cast on yourself.

If you are sitting there, reading this, wondering what the hell to do with your life, you have wandered too far from your calling. You are lost, and you have to find your way back. You have to remember that thing you used to do, maybe you still do, that used to bring you joy, that used to make you happy, that you used to get lost in doing for long stretches of time. Stop running away and allowing yourself to get distracted. Make the time and do that thing you are called to do.

I don’t have any sort of guaranteed process or any steps for you to go through. I am pointing towards the moon, but you have to find your own way there. I know the processes that have helped me to get to the place where I am waking up and starting to disentangle myself, and I will share all of that with you. But that process may not resonate or be the best for you. One thing you can do is to state your pain. State, out loud, that thing causing your pain, or that you are struggling with. Make yourself aware of it, write it down. That will be the first step in working through it.

You can do this. Embrace your power, take responsibility for the life you are experiencing. If you are not happy, it is time to change it.

You can do this.

Believe it!

Status Report – A Few Insights and Truths To Share

This will be one of those unpolished blog entries I seem to do every now and again. Going through a lot of stuff, working through it, learning a lot. Getting lost in a game or sleeping or whatever even when I have an idea of something to write about, failing to honor my inner writer this last week or so when he popped up with something to write about. The result is a bunch of fragments that I share in the hopes that they will still be of use to you. This is also my belated attempt to honor my inner writer. I am learning to embrace him, accept him, his truth, and ultimately be one of the things I am – a writer.

So to start with I have been dealing with anger. I found Teal Swan as a result of looking for material on this after breaking my phone. I have learned that rage, such as what I displayed when I destroyed my phone over my knee before Christmas, is actually a cover or mask for powerlessness. Anyone who has ever read anything of mine posted here probably is aware that I certainly feel powerless a large portion of the time.

One of the insights I had about this, and the memory is faded now, has to do with water. Water flows down a channel, and it never gets angry when the channel is blocked by an obstacle. Instead it flows over, around, or under it. If it is unable to flow around it, it builds up, gathering strength, until it pushes it out of the way or flows over the top of it.

This is how I need to be with the things, the obstacles in my life, that cause me to get angry. They are what they are, and part of the process I have been practicing these last few years is to accept that. Accept what is, acknowledge it and stop resisting it. Resistance comes in the form of trying to change it or wishing it would be something else. My anger, in short, is resistance to the way a thing is. Or to sum it up – anger is resistance to isness.

Instead of resisting, being attached to the outcome in this way, wanting things to be other than what they are, I need to be like water. No emotion, no attachment to outcome. Just flow around, under or over the thing, accepting it as it is. If I am unable to move past it, then I have to be willing to be with it, gathering my strength, until I am able to move past it.

I had a far more eloquent way of stating these things when I first thought of this. But I have since lost that because I did not sit down to write. When we avoid things, when we fail to honor something, some aspect of ourselves, well we are not honoring ourselves, or this aspect. We are not loving and accepting ourselves. The end result will, without fail, not be our best work. Learn from my failure here. If you have an urge to draw something, or write something, or do something – put your awareness into that, acknowledge it, accept it, and then express it however it needs, no matter what others think. Be true to yourself, all aspects of yourself.

Thankfully the other thought still has some freshness to it. I have been reading Narnia, and have just read through the chapter where the Tisroc is having a secret meeting with his son and vizier. In their conversation the Tisroc reveals how he feels about the free country of Narnia, how he essentially wishes to control it. I wondered what would drive a man, or rather a person, to feel that way. What is the point here?

I ran through a few things and finally settled on this… The Tisroc has a set of beliefs about how the world should be. The Narnians represent a challenge to those beliefs. As a result he finds himself wanting to control them, to not only protect his beliefs but also to, by controlling outer circumstances, but ultimately to be happy. As it stands he could not be described as happy, because there is this Narnia country near his borders that is not conforming to his vision of how things should be.

I wonder if this is the same for military-minded conquers throughout history. I know the fanaticism of some in religions circles (this includes science) is driven by similar beliefs, feelings, ideology, etc. Ultimately the desire to feel in control by controlling outer circumstances. Just something I was thinking about it. I wanted to know why the Tisroc wanted to control Narnia. There is a little more to it than that, again I did wait a little long to honor my inner writer so this is a little rough.

I guess the last thing I want to talk about is fear. Just yesterday my mom was talking to me about these two AI that argued and ultimately decided the solution was to destroy the human race. I heard or read something about that. Maybe you know what I am referring to. Also how some people in some country somewhere have received chips in themselves, and use these chips to pay for things. The whole, “Mark of the Beast” that Christians fear.

I wanted to say this to her, but have not brought myself to do so. I wanted to point out to her that fear is how they control us. It is through fear, after the 9/11 attacks that we now have to go through a bunch of security protocols if we want to fly anywhere, and guess what? According to Adam Ruins Everything (a show on Netflix you need to watch) they really don’t do anything other than take away our freedom and cause us inconvenience.

It is through fear of masturbation and sex that the Puritans decided to slice off the foreskins of their male children (you don’t want to know what they planned to do to women) and we still do this in America today even though there is no reason to do so.

They use fear through the media, through the news, through fear-mongering to stir us up, cause us to panic, and then we accept whatever the hell they want to do. We would sacrifice the freedom our forefathers bled and died for on the alter of safety and security, just so we could feel safe and secure. It is through fear that the Nazis controlled the German people and it is through fear that German soldiers were able to do what they did.

Ultimately this drive to control us is also powered by fear, a quest for happiness by seeking to control exterior circumstances. Of course those doing this wouldn’t phrase it like that. Instead, for example, if someone like myself were to challenge the laws of society one of these people, or anyone else under the controlling thumb of fear, would counter by asking, “Well what’s the alternative, chaos?” Yes, exactly. That which is not controlled is perceived to be chaotic. But there is nothing wrong with that. There is an assumption here that chaos is somehow bad, and control is somehow good. But the opposite its true.

Are your feelings ordered, logical? No, they are chaotic. Yet you have to be with them, feel them, and let them be what they are. They are your compass to your truth. In your attempt to stuff them down you disconnect yourself from your truth. Which means you are living a lie. Which means you are not heading in the best direction for you, which your feelings, if you would have allowed yourself to feel them, would have taken you.

I propose something radical, and I want you to be with it. Feel whatever you feel as I state this. Do not run away from your feelings. Be honest and true to yourself, all aspects if yourself.

Imagine a society without rules. No religion or science to control everyone. No laws or law makers. No consequences. Everyone can do whatever the heck they want. At first yes, there would be chaos and violence. Because everyone has been in a pressure cooker of laws, religion, rules and science. You can’t take the lid off without expect it to blow up a little. But then things will settle. Stress will vanish. Peace will take over. Why?

Because all the terrible things men and women have done to each other over the years is a DIRECT RESULT of them not honoring their personal truth, and being constrained by laws, religion, rules and science telling them how they should behave, be or feel. Trying to control them. So the individual strikes out, sometimes violently, and is punished. They are like a sore thumb sticking out that must be put back in its place. Yet nobody knows or has ever known anyone else’s “place.” Nobody, not even parents, know what is best for anyone else. It all boils down to control again. trying to make people and things fit, even when they do not, and if they do not, constraining them, punishing them, hammering them in until they do.

You think America is a free country? WRONG! Look at all the laws and rules, all the “societal norms” and all the other mechanisms in place to control you. Look at what happens when you challenge any of these laws and rules, or break them. The pressure of the court and jail systems is to make you conform, and if you will not conform, you risk being imprisoned for life or killed. Or living in this country will be very hard for you, and there will be a lack of support.

The cure here is two-fold. First you need to question everything. And I mean everything. Second you must not give into fear. No matter what others tell you, what you hear on the news, what you see on TV, what you read in the paper – doesn’t matter. The instant you allow yourself to yield to fear, you yield to those who presented you with it and you give them control over you. A better response when presented with something that is obviously meant to inspire fear is to question it. Honor whatever you are feeling, release and let these feelings go when you are ready, but do not act on your feelings of fear. Do not let your feelings of fear drive you.

Only when you are not afraid, are you are truly free.

Empowerment – The Most Important Spiritual Concept So Far

Here is the most powerful affirmation you will ever use:
I Am Living An Empowered Life
I Am Living A Life of Empowerment

For the last couple of weeks I have been working through this book:

I just finished a very long chapter, chapter 25, last night. Some of the work through this book has been extremely hard and painful. The work I did yesterday could have bothered me more, but really I found myself left feeling excited. Operating at a much higher frequency than normal, happy, almost joyful. I came to understand so many things about my life, and the most important of these is that I was, up until yesterday, living my life from a place of disempowerment.

I don’t know how to describe what empowerment VS disempowerment is very well, or how to explain to you how important this concept actually is. But I know it is transformational in nature. To paint a clearer picture I will draw examples from my own life.

I live in a RV with my parents, where every week, since my dad is either not feeling well or busy and my my can’t do it, I have to empty the sewer, using 5 gallon buckets. It takes between 5-7 of these, which I walk 200 feet or so (guessing here) to the house where I pour them down a pipe into the sewer. That shit (literally) gets everywhere! Even as careful and well-practiced as I am, drops of sewage end up on my arms, splashes end up against the side of my legs – you get the picture. Now I ask you a question, is living like this an example of living an empowered life or a disempowered one? If you guess disempowered you are correct.

Now I could live this life from a place of empowerment. I could empty those buckets of human shit in an empowered way. But my hunch is that if I was living a truly empowered life, this task would not enter into my experience.

This tells us that empowerment is some sort of combination of mental standpoint, inner strength, positive attitude and I don’t know what else. It is not only how you do it, but the way you do it and the spirit in which you do it. I am still learning. According to Mastin Kipp, from what I can gather, it is connected to the Saboteur Archetype.

I have known for some time, at least on an intellectual level, that I am responsible for my life. The choices I make and the outcome of those choices. Whatever is in my life I have brought into it. But what I didn’t know, what wasn’t made clear to me or I just didn’t see, is that it goes deeper, there is more to it. I am struggling with my thoughts and words here. It’s isn’t only that I have the power to choose, I am also responsible for the place from which I choose.

If the Saboteur is directing my life, then when I am given a choice to make, I would make it from a place of disempowerment. I am responsible not only for the choices I make, but also for the place from which I make them! I will use a personal example to try to clarify what I am trying to say here. Some years ago I managed to manifest all I needed to go to I Am Light in nearby Portland. I have posted about this I think. But while I made positive choices that lead to me going, I made those choices from a place of disempowerment.

So the experience was not as transformational as it could have been. If I had manifested the funds from a place of empowerment, the entire experience would have been far more effortless and flowing. It would have had much more of an impact on me, and I would have experienced incredible things I am sure. I think it likely I would have gotten the opportunity to go up to Mr. Dyer and shake his hand.

The Saboteur’s job is to protect you. It is there to keep you from getting hurt. If you are living a disempowered life, if you are, essentially, living the life of a rug that everyone walks all over, then you can not be hurt. You are beneath everyone’s notice. You don’t matter. You don’t stick out like a sore thumb. You’re not the nail that sticks out and must be hammered.

Unfortunately you are also dead inside. You are numb, unfeeling, stagnate and unable to grow. You are like the flower-to-be in the hard shell of its seed. You are sealed away from everyone and everything, rotting away there in your shell. Sure you will never be hurt in the ways you would experience if you popped out of your seed-shell and bloomed above the ground. But there would still be pain waiting for you, there at the end of your wasted life. Unfortunately many of us fall victim to this insidious trap, myself formerly included.

As I look back I see that almost everything I have done, maybe even every single thing, has been from a place of disempowerment. The Patreon campaign I started. The work I did at YouTube – another good example. I could have a channel with hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of subscribers. I have created quality material of social interest since 2012. But I started and have run that channel from a place of disempowerment, and the stats reflect that.

Back when I was mapping and modeling for the Unreal Tournament series of games I definitely worked from a place of disempowerment. Also in my writing. Even here at this blog and definitely at my other one. In approaching women to talk to them, no self-confidence or self-esteem – a place of disempowerment. In my extra physical explorations, culminating in the whole Brittany/Tulpa thing – disempowerment. I screwed up my visualizing skills, lucid dreaming practice and all attempts at Astral Projection. If I wasn’t doing things under the influence of fear, I was doing them from a disempowered place. Or maybe fear and disempowerment are connected, two links in the chain that bound me.

As I write this I see more and more examples. Awareness is key here. I am not entirely sure how to act from a place of empowerment. But I am more and more easily recognizing when I have been disempowered – what that looks like. To start the inner changes I want to make, I need to make, I created the affirmation I have now shared with you.

In short if you do something that gives your power away to another you are disempowering yourself because you have given them power over you. We do this when we are angry or bitter at someone. In our anger and bitterness we disempower ourselves and give the power to those we are angry or bitter toward. Basically if they didn’t have any power over us to cause us to feel angry or bitter, we wouldn’t feel angry or bitter. We get to choose how we respond, and we get to choose the place from which we respond. If we are living from an empowered place, we will choose an empowered response, and we will not feel bitter or angry.

This is why forgiveness is so important. When we forgive someone we take back our power. We empower ourselves. I am fairly certain that forgiveness is integral to or leads to empowerment. As long as we refuse to forgive someone, we are disempowered, because we have given them power over us. We become trapped in a prison of hate, which we have built ourselves, and to which only we have the key. The only way out is forgiveness.

Another example I have encountered of giving away my power is when I have approached a woman to talk to her. If I go up to her without self-confidence and self-esteem, and furthermore if I approach from the rug-on-the-floor place of disempowerment, I have given the woman all the power. I think women can sense weakness, like sharks sense blood in the water. Few if any women want a weak man. So essentially what I have done in the past is virtually crawled up to a woman on my knees, handed her a loaded gun of rejection and allowed her to shoot me with it. About the only way a guy like that is gonna get laid is out of sheer pity.

To be empowered in my approach means I walk up to the woman with genuine, real, self-assurance, self-confidence and self-esteem (they can tell if you are faking it.) I will only be able to do so if my faith in myself is big enough. I can only have big faith in myself if I am living an empowered life, doing the things I do from a place of empowerment. This is also the best way to handle rejection, which I assume (I have to as I have not experienced the reality of this yet) would not happen very often, were I to approach a woman this way. But when it does happen, if it does happen, I have given the woman no power over me. She can’t hurt me. I have become the Man of Steel. She can shoot her rejection bullets at my chest all she wants and they will simply bounce off as I laugh playfully.

The side-effect of this is that I will make her more interested in me, because I am being authentically, genuinely myself, demonstrating big faith and high self-esteem. acting with self-assurance and self-confidence. I would likely be approaching this woman knowing that she is going out with me. I would be creating the reality I desire, not the reality I fear. Up until now I have been creating the reality I fear, and that has been the reality I have experienced. I assume if you can go up to a woman being authentically yourself, having vast amounts of faith in yourself, and knowing that she is going to go home with you, that is likely the reality you will experience 99% of the time. The 1% variable here would be the size of the woman’s faith in herself, how much self-assurance, self-confidence and self-esteem she has, and if she is operating from a place of empowerment or not.

Take a moment now and look around at your life. What are your living circumstances like? What are your relationships like? Everything in your life is a reflection of what is inside of you. All your attitudes, beliefs, faith, feelings and thoughts are reflected back to you in your experience of life. As I look around at the tiny size of my “space”, as I see the way I currently live, I see that my faith in myself and the Universe has been very small. I think empowerment ties in with faith somehow. I think if you have a lot of faith in yourself, you are likely to live a more empowered life.

I see now that I have to leave this RV because I need to leave the confines of my seed-shell, so I can sprout and grow. I have to leave my parents because I need that space to fill with others. I have to find and meet my tribe. I have to connect to others. I have to believe and trust in myself and the Universe. I have to have faith in myself and the Universe. I can not live here and live an empowered life at the same time. I am fairly certain.

As I said, I am still learning. I have to figure out how to make my choices from an empowered place or position. I think part of that is living my purpose. Part of that is faith as I mentioned. I have to stop playing small, the role of a rug on the floor. I have to stand up, be my authentic self, and follow my heart and passion. Were I to stay here, I would stay on that floor. I would stay a rug forever. I would never follow my heart or passion. I would never live my purpose. I would never experience the fulfillment of my dreams. I would never reach my full potential. This demonstrates just how important empowerment is.

Join me as I commit to living an empowered life from this moment forward!

One of the first bold steps I must now take is to operate my Patreon campaign from a place of empowerment. I have to be clear on what I need. I have to be receptive to receiving support. I have to be open in requesting your support.

I need money, plain and simple, to live on and to continue this work. Please support me through Patreon by becoming one of my subscribers:

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Thank you for your support. I really do appreciate it!

The Circle 01 – Perceptions, Wholeness and Accessing Your True Power

Perceptions, Wholeness and Accessing Your True Power

Let’s take a look back at a younger me, a me that had just gone through the whole Brittany/Tulpa experience, had archived then deleted the blog Romance Beyond Reality and started  A Different Path, the blog that later became BlissWriter. I wonder if I knew anything then that I forgot. I also wonder what I didn’t know then that I know now.

Here in the first teaching of The Circle I teach you about energy, your perceptions and how to access your true power.


What “Money Is The Root of All Evil” Really Means

It is time to challenge a belief, a misperception, that many religious people, especially Christians, have about money. The Bible has multiple seemingly negative messages about it, including, “Money is the root of all evil” and “You cannot serve God and mammon (money).” Yet again religious folks, especially fundamentalist religious folks, have taken something the Bible says literally, which was never meant to be taken literally. Let’s sort this out, shall we?

Money is not the issue at all here, even though at a surface level that is what it looks like. In reality the issue is one of mindset. As I have taught many, many times, the things that have power over us only have that power as long as we give it to them. We can give things power over us primarily two ways:
1. By resisting it, which makes it stronger.
2. By “buying” its power, believing in it.

I have only begun to tug at the threads of this thing, so I do not have the entire tapestry yet. But the materialistic system is brilliantly designed. We will use an example with money to illustrate a point. Say you go into town and you see an armored truck. You know there are valuables inside. You also know there are armed guards, protective technologies and a very thick metallic shell you would have to get through to get to the cash.

From the side of those sending the trucks around to collect their valuables, there isn’t really resistance to you stealing them. It is passive only. Because if they resisted you stealing their valuables, you would then have the power. Any resistance of stealing will make the reality of things being stolen stronger. That’s just how things work. They, whoever they are, are well aware of this.

So they pass the buck, figuratively, onto you. As you see that truck, knowing what you know, the power of those things regarded as valuable in our society becomes absolute. You have to “buy in” to the value of whatever is inside, those items which society considers valuable, and once you have done this you perpetuate the materialistic system.

This is hard to grasp and put into words, but I am doing my best. Everything you see on the news, everything you are raised to believe from childhood – all of it is designed to cause you to believe in money, and to make money’s power over you absolute. This, in addition to religion, makes you much easier to control.

Why? Because if you are poor you see money as the only solution. And in some cases it is. If you need certain things, like clothing, food, medicine, etc., you must have money. By this the system is preserved. Even if you were to come into a lot of money, your mindset towards money gives it influence and power over you, so you really do become a slave to the dollar. Society raises you that way.

The only way considered acceptable and realistic to get money is to earn it through a job. Even though  there are other legal and moral ways to get money, once again you “buy into” what you have been told since birth – you really don’t have a choice, so these alternative means of acquiring money appear undependable, unrealistic and unworkable. You can’t have a house unless you have a dependable monthly income, right? No, actually that’s entirely and utterly wrong. But that is not what you believe.

This then is why the Bible says money is the root of all evil. Notice the Bible doesn’t say money is evil. You infer that money is evil because the Bible says money is the root of it. In your literal interpretation of scripture you conveniently forget to also take this part literally. According to the Bible money is the root of all evil. It doesn’t necessarily mean money is evil. I could say the virus is the root of all sickness. But a virus isn’t literally sickness. A virus only leads to sickness, and it only leads to sickness, there is no guarantee of sickness, only the possibility.

Exactly the same is true of money. Money can lead to evil, but it is not evil itself. Money is just some object we all agree to assign a value to, be it a coin or a bill or a gold nugget. It isn’t even the physical object the Bible is talking about here. What the Bible is actually warning is about is our mindset to money. The same applies to the other passage. It is all about mindset, more specifically, the things we believe in and give power to.

We humans, for all our intelligence, are incredibly stupid in certain ways. We say things like, “Guns kill.” No, they don’t. Bullets kill people. But even that is false. Neither bullets or guns kill people. You will never see a gun load itself, aim itself at someone, and then fire. Likewise you will never see a bullet float up by itself, aim at someone, and then hit them.

In fact the only way guns can kill is if they are loaded, and the people who use loaded guns do the shooting. And even that is not entirely accurate. Because in order for someone to kill another person, there has to be a mindset of killing, murder or violence. Guns can do absolutely nothing if the person holding them does not have the mindset, the mentality, to pull the trigger. AND IF THEY DO, IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT IS A GUN, KNIFE, STICK or LARGE ROCK!

The ONLY thing we would accomplish by getting rid of guns is to:
1. Create a HUGE back market for guns and
2. Cause people who want to kill, murder or use violence to use knives.

When it comes down to it, if someone wants to kill another person, a gun only makes it easier and quicker in some ways. They will use anything, including their bare hands, if they really have the mindset to hurt and/or kill. Not only that, the only people who would obey the law and not have guns are innocent civilians who would need them if and when they are attacked. In other words, the “bad” guys will ignore the law and still have guns, and the people that needed guns in order to protect themselves from them would no longer have them.

By this we see that all gun laws are completely useless, an exercise in complete and utter futility. It is our mindset that gives these things power over us. My mindset towards guns is actually not beneficial to me. I am actually empowering those who would pass gun laws by my resistance to gun laws. The only way I could create a reality that is more positive and supportive, of a higher frequency or vibration, is to let go of all these feelings I have about gun laws. But right now, in this moment, gun laws and those involved with that side of this issue have power over me.

The exact same thing with money. Right now society would use two words to describe me. Lazy (meaning I do not have a job and therefore am not a contributing member of society) and poor (meaning I have little or no money.) It is very hard for me to have the experience of abundance and wealth I desire as long as I maintain my current mindset about money, which is what has given it power over me. My mindset causes me to be “closed off” from the abundance of the Universe, and until I “open myself”, by freeing myself of the hold money has over me, I will receive very little if anything from it.

Those who see an armored car and consider robbing it are even more under the influence of money. If they rob the armored car, they will have to use some measure of violence. In this way money is the root of all evil, this is what the Bible is telling us. The things we do for money, when our mindset towards it is influencing our actions and giving it power over us, are evil. Not evil as in literally evil. Evil in this case means harmful to us and others, negative.

Worse, if those who see an armored car consider robbing it, then do so, they make money’s influence and power over them absolute. You can only rob and steal out of a mindset of lack and limitation. By stealing the robbers would continue to have an experience of lack and limitation. They would need to steal more money, and they would be unable to stop, until they change their mindset towards money.

This is why I would not consider stealing. Not because it is bad/good or right/wrong. I could care less about that. It is all about the hold I am allowing money to have over me. A lady I occasionally worked for mentioned some bag of cash that fell out of an armored car recently. She asked me if I would keep the money. I said I don’t think I would, not if it was easily identifiable who the money belonged to.

In fact wouldn’t keep a single bill. I would if the money and the bag had no identifying information, if there was no obvious candidate from which it came parked anywhere nearby. I once picked up a wallet on the bus. I could have opened it and taken any cash inside. But I did not. I didn’t even open it. I just handed it to the bus driver. But if I am walking along, nobody around, and find a $100.00 on the ground, in the middle of nowhere, I will keep it. I would consider that to be something the Universe provided.

My reason for this is simple. I am doing my best to practice of mindset of abundance. That means trusting that the Universe will provide. I often freely give of my money, or share it. I walk a thin line between being free with my finances and being careless. Once again I am practicing a mindset of abundance. In doing these things I am taking back the hold, influence and power I have allowed money to have over me. I seek the freedom to live the life I want and to experience an abundance of all good and desirable things.

If you are seeking this as well, then you must change your mindset towards money, starting with throwing out any literal interpretation of the any holy text, especially the Bible. Just release and let go of all negative and unsupportive beliefs, feelings and thoughts you have about money. As your mindset towards money changes, its hold influence and power over you will loosen. But you have to find a way to practice you new mindset every day. It has to become as natural to you as your former mindset was. When it does you will be finally be truly free.


Why is this so clear to me,
But so hard for others to see?

It is not the bullet which kills you,
It is your body’s resistance to it!

A walled city or a line in the sand,
Means there is something to defend.

If there is something to defend,
Then something can attack it.

The existence of one,
Means the existence of the other.

When we say there is something that can hurt us,
We give an attacker leverage to use against us.

It takes away our power,
Giving it to our attacker.

Where there is no resistance,
There is nothing that can be hurt.

How You Can Change The World

Sometimes I feel so powerless. I read something, like what China is doing to Tibet, and how nobody is doing anything about it, and I wish I could wave a finger and kill everyone on earth who is bad. Who is harming others, being oppressive, being criminal. Just wave a finger, and only good people will be left.

But I realized today that all the countries are being mirrors to each other. China is being a mirror to America and maybe India, among other countries. China is showing us what we need to address as a race. America is showing other countries what they need to do. These mirrors not only show each country what they need to collective become or do, these mirrors all together are showing the human race what needs to change in its being, its consciousness.

Maybe suffering itself is unnecessary. But these mirrors are. When humanity has become what it needs to become, has gown how it needs to grow, is what it needs to be, doing what it needs to do, the mirrors will cease. There will be no more countries doing horrible things showing us what needs to be addressed. That will simply stop. Humanity will know when it, as a race, is collectively where it needs to be because there will be no mirrors anywhere showing any country or group or person the things they need to address. There will be nothing more to address. Suffering will cease, conflict will cease. There will only be harmony.

As long as there is disharmony, as long as there are mirrors, there are things that must be changed. Things that must be addressed, Things that must be faced. We start the process with ourselves, and it proceeds outward from there. We do not force anything to happen, or make anything happen. Things just naturally happen, we flow into whatever courses of action that need to be taken. But we start with ourselves first, and it spreads from there to our families, or communities, our nations and finally the world.

All change begins one person at a time, looking at the mirror of the world outside of themselves, seeing what needs to be addressed, and dealing with it. Like a man looking in a mirror to see if his tie is straight. Or a woman looking in a mirror to see if her hair is gathered neatly. They wouldn’t know to straighten their tie, or if it was straight, had they not used the mirror. They wouldn’t know that their hair is gathered together correctly, hanging evenly, set the way they wanted.

What is referred to as”the real world” is a mirror to each of us. We look out in this world and whatever we see that is, in our perception, bad, negative or wrong, is showing us what we need to change in our own lives. It is showing us what we need to address in our own lives.

Eventually we come to the point where we look outside and all is harmonious in our perception. That means we have changed what we needed to changed, become what we needed to become. Others may see the word differently, but that is because they are seeing what they need to address in their own lives. If one of these people brought a conflict or war to the attention of the one seeing things harmoniously, they would not longer be seeing things harmoniously, and would be seeing something they need to be or change.

When nothing is brought to their attention, they proceed in the world, living as examples to the rest of us because there is no disharmony around them, no conflict, nothing wrong. In their immediate sphere if influence there is nothing that needs to be addressed. When we all live like that humanity is no longer in conflict. Until we live like that, we must each deal with ourselves, and our individual spheres of influence.

You eat an elephant one bite at a time, and you change the world one person at a time. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary. Rosa Parks just stayed in her seat. As a result, America was set on the road to change. You just do whatever it is you can do, based on what is reflected to you in your sphere of influence.

Maybe you used to be a smoker, but you quit, and you see others smoking around you. You know how hard it was to quit, you know why you quit, so you share with those others these things. They decide to quit, and maybe, following your example, they share why they quit with others. So it goes. Some may not quit, that does not mean you failed, or anyone failed. You did what you could do, in your sphere of influence, and maybe sharing one time is not enough. Maybe you have to share multiple times. Or maybe the sharing is not important to this person. Maybe this one who has not quit is watching you, waiting for you to stumble, to smoke again. So your course of action for them is to remain strong. Be an example. Never smoke again. That will bring them to change.

The change can be fast or slow. It does not matter. We do not try to make anyone or anything change. We change ourselves, and in the natural flow of our lives, if there is other action to take, we take it. We give no thoughtr to who is changing or not changing. We give no thought to how fast or slow the change is taking place. We let all of that go, do what flows naturally for us in our lives to do, and leave the rest. It is enough that we have done that, there is nothing more to do. A snowball starts small and it takes a long time for it to become a mountain. All we can do is build the initial snowball and send it on its way.

In the case of Tibet what I can do is start up my petition again. I can share a link to that petition. That is all I can do, at this moment. That is enough. That is the start of the snowball, the first bite of the elephant. Someone else may send a letter to get the attention of those in power in their government. Someone else may start a protest to raise awareness. This is how the snowball grows, how the elephant is consumed. I do not think about how I should be doing something else, or should not be doing this. It is in my awareness, I need to address it. China is being a mirror to my country, so my country must address the issues the reflection shows in itself. But my country can do nothing, and will do nothing, unless its individuals do something, unless I, as one of its individuals, do what flows naturally in my sphere of influence to do.

This is the power I have, the power to change the world. It is not a power I need ti fight for or seek. It is not even a power I earn,. This is the power I have already, the power of simply being aware, noting when something presents to me the issues I must address in my own life. You possess this same power. You are not powerless. Where you live, your lief circumstances, ate irrelevant. If you are alive you have this power, period. To use it, simply look around you at the things you perceive to be bad, negative or wrong. Things you want to change, things that convict you.

If you are a Chinese citizen, look at what your country is doing to Tibet. Would you like those things to be done in your own country, your own cities, to your own families? If you feel convicted about the actions of your country, speak out. Stand together, in whatever way you can, to raise awareness of what is going on in Tibet, and in this way, you can influence the actions of your country. China is your country, it belongs to you collectively, the individuals and their families who lives there. Not just to the people in charge or the royal families. What is going in in Tibet is showing you what needs to be addressed in your country, and what is going on in your country shows you clearly what needs to be addressed in your individual lives. Be what you need t be, do what you need to do, change your country and help change the world.

If you are a Chinese soldier in Tibet, abandon your post. This is what you can do. Or, if you have authority, give orders that will help the Tibetan people. Go against the orders of your country. That is what you can do. If you are a Chinese police officer, called in to stop a protest, stay home. If you have authority in the Chinese police, disobey any orders against the Chinese people. The Chinese government is absolutely powerless without its police officials and soldiers. Imagine if all the soldiers and police officers stopped following the orders of its government in a peaceful protest! Things would change very quickly, with little or no violence.

Determine what these things, being mirrors to you, are telling you to address in your own life. Make the changes, allow yourself to be whatever you need to be. Do not make anything happen, do not run away from what is happening. Be or do what flows naturally for you to be or do in your own sphere of influence.

In this way we navigate our lives. We know what to change in ourselves that needs changing. We know what to do in our lives that needs doing. By addressing these things in ourselves, we address the issues we see in the world. We become the butterfly, moving its wings, causing a tornado on the other side of the planet.

Apparent Reality VS Reality

I am reading Adyashanti’s “Falling Into Grace” and at first this text was really speaking to me. But then the author started talking about “accepting what is” and how some things are “immovable and unchangeable.” I disagree, 100%, with this belief. I can easily demonstrate why.

All around me are walls and windows. Someone like Adyashanti may say that the reality is that these objects are solid. You can’t go through a closed window or a wall. That is reality. But this is a false statement.

There is another reality, that the windows and the walls are made of particles and space. That these particles vibrate at a certain frequency, and this is the same frequency my physical form vibrates at. As a result my hand won’t go through a wall because of this vibration.

But there is also yet another reality, that I can affect my body with my mind, so if I could affect the vibrational rate of my body, then I could, theoretically, walk right through a wall or a closed window.

All these “realities” are really only “apparent realities.” Accepting the “reality” of the solidity of closed windows and walls is not really accepting reality. It is accepting a belief about reality. That such things are solid. In truth nothing is immovable or unchangeable, or else it would be perfect. Another author said it best, something along the lines of, “It is only real if it never changes.”

I think it is as foolish to accept an unwanted apparent reality as it would be to fight against it. In fighting what appears to be real we are, in essence, giving it power over us. We are making it more real for us. But in accepting it as real we give it the same power. We never challenge it. By letting things be as they are we are essentially saying that is is OK for these things to be the way they are, when maybe it is not OK. If we are going to accept, admit and allow we should accept, admit and allow everything, including when something is not OK.

A Buddhist monk who sits there as someone prepares to shoot them or cut them in half with a sword because that is the reality of the situation is foolish. They are not giving value to either their life or the life of the one about to perpetuate the act, as every action has a consequence, and murder has a consequence in the life of someone who commits it. The monk should defend themselves or run off. Because it is only an apparent reality that they are about to be killed. As they aren’t dead yet, it is not real. They have just as much chance to escape, or win their freedom, as they do of being killed.

The apparent reality in our American cities is that here are many homeless people. It is foolish for us to simply accept that and say, “Oh well, that’s just how things are.” No, the truth is that this is how you believe things are, and how other people in society believe things are, but this is not the reality, only a collective belief in an apparent reality.

Going out there to feed and clothe the homeless also enforces the apparent reality of homelessness. Because the energy of service draws more service to it, so in truth you create more homelessness by serving the homeless. Also fighting against homeless, trying to remove them from the streets, will only give the apparent reality of homelessness more power.

I think what we have to do here, in this example, is accept the apparent reality of homeless, but not in any way invests belief energy into this state. We acknowledge it appears to be real, that homeless people have come into our sphere of awareness. Then I think the next step is to look inside ourselves. What is being reflected to us outside is showing us something wrong inside, inside each of us individually and inside society collectively.

Addressing whatever it is that is allowing homelessness to appear is how to address the issue of homelessness. Our beliefs about apparent reality that we actually believe are reality, our beliefs about society, our beliefs about the individual’s place in society – these are where the issue of homelessness has been given birth, and until we address this, no matter how much we serve the homeless or throw them off our street homelessness will continue to appear. It points to a flaw in society itself. Exactly as sap coming from a sawn limb points to an injury in the tree, or blood coming form a wound points to an injury in the body.

In the case of our Buddhist monk, an even better tactic of non-resistance is to not even resist the bullet or sword blade! Really! The only way a bullet can pierce or a sword blade can cut is because of our beliefs in what bullets and sword blades can do. These beliefs are reflected in our bodies. We believe the bullet can hurt us, we believe the sword blade can hurt us, so these things can hurt us. But remember, this us apparent reality. It seems to be enforced by all we know about the world around us. But it is not true reality.

In truth the monk can make his body non-resistant to bullets and blades, so that both would simply pass through, leaving them unaffected. It only requires mental training of the ability to use one’s mind to change the vibrational state of the body. Monks are already most of the way there. They have exceptional mental clarity. In some cases they have exceptional body control. This is just the next step in the natural progress of their training.

It is not about defying reality. It is about defying apparent reality. This is done without any kind of seeking, including the seeking of control, and any kind of struggling. You accept what appears to be real, but you also know, with every fiber of your being, that it is only apparently real, that it is not necessarily what is truly real. You become non-resistant to apparent reality, but in this acceptance and non-resistance you still challenge it.

You test it. You ask, is this really real, or is it only apparently real? Do I really know for sure that I can’t walk through this wall or allow the blade to go through me? You can’t honestly say you know this for sure. You can’t honestly say that you have learned everything you need to learn to walk through a wall or allow a blade to pass through you. You can’t honestly say you know everything you need to know. You can’t honestly say you have tried everything there is to try. You can’t honestly say you are no longer investing belief energy into apparent reality somewhere. You may still have deeply ingrained beliefs about apparent reality from society, your family or your culture.

An example is needed here, and we will use the Bible, which may be a fable, or may be false, but for now we will assume that all accounts are true and that there is hidden ,meaning we may not have uncovered yet. Jesus stepped out of a boat and onto the surface of lake or sea, during a storm. He walked on water! The apparent reality is that water is not solid, that you will sink, and when one of his disciples tried it, they started to sink. For a moment they stood on the water as they forgot apparent reality, seeing Jesus out there, walking around, but then their beliefs about apparent reality, literally, began to sink in!

But Jesus invested no energy in apparent reality. He did not fight the water or the waves. He probably did not fight opposing beliefs. He probably accepted everything, allowed everything, but invested no energy at all into apparent reality. So he stepped out and walked on water. If Jesus could walk on water, we can too. We can walk through walls and let blades pass through us. We simply have to invest our belief energy into knowing, having faith, we can, rather than in the apparent reality that we can’t.

Everything Jesus did, everything Buddha did, we can do, and more, without exception. We are limited only by our beliefs. Our thoughts do affect reality, but not directly. First we have a thought, then we choose to believe in that thought or not, then if we have chosen to believe in it the thought it affects our perception of reality.

Jesus probably had a thought such as, “water is not solid, you can’t walk on that, everyone knows that!” but he chose not to believe in it. He chose another thought, probably something like, “Through my father I can do anything, even walk on water.” He believed that thought and stepped out, knowing that the water was a surface he could walk on, and as a result he was able to walk on water It was not a miracle. It was just a different thought, belief and perception.

A teacher like Adyashanti seems to be saying, unless I am misunderstanding him, that we are powerless. That there are things we can’t change, that we can’t control. I say that is absolute bullshit. I say that seeking to control and change things will lead to suffering, same as any seeking, and in that aspect he is correct. I say that accepting apparent reality (and it is all apparent reality at this stage, because it is always changing, all the time) is as foolish as struggling against it. Both approaches give apparent reality power, and take it away from you.

I say that you are not powerless, that you can control and change things. But you don’t do it through seeking or struggle. You change things by seeing them as they appear to be, as they present themselves to you, and then simply choosing not to invest your energy there anymore. Whatever the truth, you have an energy in you that is the same energy in everyone else and the whole of creation. You can interact with that energy using your thoughts, solidify that energy using your beliefs, and through your perception experience that energy in any way you wish.

Here is an even simpler, parting example… Someone comes up to you and spits in your face. You have a thought about this experience. From these thoughts you choose what to believe and that determines your response. If in your culture it is an honor to be spat upon, you have a though that this is an honor, and you smile and say thank you. If you are a descendent of Irish settlers in South Bronx you have a thought that this asshole is insulting you, and you punch him into next week. If you smile at all it’s to show all your teeth in a threatening gesture. If you are a Buddhist Monk you will probably have the same thought as the Irishman, but will still smile lovingly at the person who spat on you.

In this example, whatever you chose to do, you had a choice of action. Thoughts came, you chose which ones to grab onto and then you choose to invest energy into the corresponding belief. That belief, in turn, had a direct effect on your perception of reality. You chose to be honored, insulted, or to simply accept it as what is. You determine what is real for you, which is in fact only an apparent reality. This is your power, to choose what beliefs you will put energy into, and this will directly affect your experience of apparent reality through your perception of it.