Another Issue with Taking The Victim Role

So as I am sure I have mentioned before I am working my way through ACIM (A Course In Miracles.) Today I read something that, essentially, said that when we take any sort of victim stance (excluded, rejected, hurt, offended, etc.) we make our brother, also referred to as the son of God, guilty of doing that to us. It is an attempt to mix two dissimilar things – I can’t quite recall their names. I am still working this out in my mind. Anyway that is what the ego does. It attempts to make what is unreal or illusory real.

The fact is that your brother (this meaning any other fellow human) is a Son of God and is as innocent as you are. Any attempt to make them guilty of anything also, inevitably, makes you guilty as well. It occurs to me that the other problem with taking a victim stance is that not only are you playing the role of a victim, which disempowers you, you are also victimizing the one or ones you are making the victimizers. Because, like you, they are actually innocent.

I know this is hard to grasp, but I will try to paint the picture another way. To be excluded, left out or rejected takes, at a minimum, two parties. You, the excluded, left out and rejected one, and the others who have, in the reality you are making, excluded, left out or rejected you. They become guilty, you become innocent, so it seems in your perception. The same if you are beaten, robbed or raped. The same if you are cursed at or given the cold shoulder. Any treatment you deem undesirable that you receive requires two parties, one party will perpetuate the act, the other the act is perpetuated on.

Now this will disturb you, but even when we are talking about genocidal acts – the Jews being killed en masse by the Nazis – the Jewish people had their part in creating the atrocities they experienced The Jewish people placed the Nazis in the role of the victimizers, making the Nazis guilty and the Jewish people innocent. But the truth, at a soul level, the truth beyond the ego and the body it thinks of as itself, is that all are innocent, pure Sons of God, and to put anyone in the role of a victimizer is to victimize them.

When you play the part of the victim you disempower yourself, and you disempower those who are playing the roles of your victimizers. Both states, victim and victimizer, exist only in perception. There is a silent, unstated mutual agreement here. You put on the mask of the victim, they put on the mask of the victimizer, but these are only masks, not the true individual underneath. At any time you could take off your victim mask and put on a victimizer mask. Likely you already have, many times. And your victimizere can take off their victimizer masks and become the victims. But as I said, these are only masks, only roles we play, NOT The true actors.

An example drawn from my own life… I am working very hard at becoming a successful YouTuber, and my main work is in playing Minecraft, creating videos for it. But I see now I have fallen into a trap of my own making. Because I have placed YouTube in the role of the victimizer – making it hard for poor me, a struggling YouTuber, to succeed. And I have placed players I enjoy watching, players I respect, into victimizer roles, making me the excluded, ignore and left out one. When I realized this I also realized I didn’t want to do that. As I said I respect these guys – I want to be their friend – I do not want them to be my enemy.

The truth of the matter, at least as far as this server I wish to be a part of is concerned. is that these guys have little if any knowledge of me. How can I blame them for excluding or ignoring me when they likely do not even know I exist? This drama exists only in my head. It is coming directly from the ego, I am sure. If I want to be a part of this server, if I want to become friends with these guys, then I have to climb up to their level, not drag them down to mine. I have to keep working hard at Minecraft and become the best builder and YouTuber I can. If any opportunities come to collaborate or join others in the Minecraft community on a project, I need to jump in there. The question is, “How can I contribute? What can I do?” instead of “What can they do for me?”

I need to do this with my whole heart, even if I am never noticed, even if I never get to be a part of this server. Make that my goal, my intention, work towards reaching it in whatever ways it flows into my life to do so, but let go of any expectations – any idea or thought that anyone owes me anything. I have to be unattached from the outcome. Let go of any demanded or expected result. Just enjoy myself – that is the biggest key. If Minecraft (and making videos for it) is my passion, then pursue that relentlessly. If it isn’t, find what is my passion and go after that. The burden and responsibility for whatever I think of as success lies solely on me – nobody else. It is time for me to stop making myself the victim, and to stop making others the victimizers. It is time for me to stop disempowering myself, and in so doing, disempower others.

I am not sure exactly how to go about all of this. I don’t know how things will play out. I am struggling with my mindset every day. There is a lot of work I need to do internally, and in applying myself to whatever my passion is, which in this case seems to be Minecraft. I can’t let things get me down as I have before. I can’t keep telling myself disempowering, unsupportive stories like, “YouTube is flooded with Minecrafters” or “You aren’t good enough” or “You came into Minecraft too late” or” All the OG Minecrafters have either left or don’t care about you” or “You’re too old”, etc. My focus has to be on doing what I enjoy and am passionate about. I need to have a dream, a vision, I am working toward, but I also have to be able to freely let go of it as needed. And I also have to trust that the Universe will provide me with what I have envisioned, its equivalent, or something better.

So… How about you? Is there anyone you need to release from the victimizer role? Do it now. By freeing them you also free yourself.

This Imperfect Circle

I find myself coming back around again to where I started, when I started this blog. A sort of imperfect Zen circle. A little gap because it is incomplete, because there is always more to learn, more to realize.

I named this blog Bliss Writer because Bliss was the last part of my internet moniker. Or at least I thought that’s why I named it that. But perhaps there was something more going on?

I watched the latest episode of Yahtzee’s Dev Diary today on YouTube, and he said something that woke me up a little. I always wondered how Stephen King could collect those rejection notices on a nail above his writing space, when he first started writing. The pressures of everyday life, all the resistance he must have encountered to his desire to write – none of it stopped him.

I think that’s because writing was his hobby. As Yahtzee said (not quoting him exactly), “If you don’t enjoy your hobby you need a new hobby.” Whatever thing you enjoy doing, that might be considered work by others, but does not seem like work to you, whatever it is you can do for years and years without any fame, recognition or monetary compensation, that should be your “hobby.” I would call it your passion.

If there is something you do that you do despite what anyone says, simply because you enjoy doing it, and can continue to do that thing even if it never brings you any money, then you have the right motivations. That should lead you to success. It is how Yahtzee started out with his Zero Punctuation game reviews. It is how Stephen King started his writing career.

If your hobby seems like work, then you need a new hobby. If you do whatever you enjoy doing because you want to become wealthy, then you have the wrong motivation. Even if you were to find success, it would be short-lived.

The quality of a “work” comes from the joy and love put into it. You can’t put joy and love into something if you intention is to become wealthy by it. You can only put joy and love into something you truly enjoy doing, and will do regardless of whether or not success comes to you.

I see now that writing is my hobby. But it has become corrupted by the wrong motivation. I have become discouraged, because it has never brought me any fame, money or recognition. I feel like you, my audience, do not appreciate my work, by your lack of support. So my writing has suffered.

I need to be able to come in here and write simply because I love to do it. I need to find the same motivation that Stephen King used that had him sending out letters to agents in the first place, and allowed him to not be bothered by their rejections. What started him in submitting his work? Whatever it was, it must have been pure, because it did not corrupt his writing, his hobby, his passion.

Writing has to become my Bliss, in other words. Bliss Writer needs to be a blog written in a state of bliss. Of pure enjoyment, no matter what obstacle I, the author, face. No matter what resistance I encounter. I must write for the joy of it. Writing will now be my hobby, the thing I can do for years to come without any need for any compensation, fame, money or recognition.

The only thing that troubles me is, with my uncertain future and current age, is how long do I really have to do invest in this, to follow this path when it may lead nowhere? But then again, if I am really writing in  a state of bliss, I would not be worried about that. I am sure Stephen King and Yahtzee never worried about the road ahead. I have to figure out how to let these fears and worries go and follow their examples.

I definitely have some internal work to do.

Making Honey

          Is the bee
  passionate about her flower,
          or is she
only interested in making honey?

      If I were like a bee,
  what would be a flower to me?
          What would I
     pursue so passionately?

          Would it be
     this writing of verse?
          Or would I
    be doing something else?

        According to one,
   there is no need to guess,
         my passion is
   a love I resist or repress.

          May I become
   like that "simple" honeybee,
          may I pursue
    my love just as fearlessly!

          May I be aware
     of all I would love to do,
            may it be
    these things that I pursue!

         ...and may it be,
         the same for you.

The Road Ahead

I wake up, stiff and sore,
It is on days like this I ask myself,
Are you sure you can handle this?
Of course I have no answer,
Just as I feel I have no choice.

I am good at manual labor,
I excel at writing,
I have creative aspirations,
Yet little real skill,
Why am I not as good at,
The things I would like to do?

I am burnt out, tired of this work,
Tired of this life where it seems I have little choice,
But to continue living as I have, in worse conditions,
Or hit the road where anything can happen,
Or just put an end to my miserable life.

With these as my choices,
What real choice do I have?

Outside, the sun is shining,
The world continues to move and breathe,
The trees are not worried about their fate,
The flowers continue to bloom,
Even where they may never be seen,

I wish I had the faith of a flower!
I wish I was a fearless as a tree!
I want to be as warm and inviting as that sun,
But I fear all anyone would care about,
Are my supposedly harmful rays!

Why is it we fear those things,
That give us and our world life?
What happened to make “modern” man,
So superstitiously afraid of his world?
Why is it others can continually fuck everything up,
For the rest of us and get away with it?

I wish I could express how I really feel,
To these people around me I call family,
And to those others I interact with regularly,
But they wouldn’t be able to hear me,
And even if they did, they wouldn’t understand.

Such a heavy burden to bear!
No wonder I wake up like this,
I chose this hell I get to live in,
That may be anothers heaven,
I created the reality I get to experience,
The responsibility for my life rests solely with me.

I know biking around as I plan to do,
With no real budget, plan or preparation,
Is stupid by anyone elses definition,
But for me I have to try something,
Anything at all to change the course of my life.

I have to try so that, should I fail,
I can honestly say I tried, that I did everything I could,
That I have set out and experienced the world,
That I gave life a chance to show me another way,
To lead me to my tribe, my people,
Those who love and support me,
That place I can call home,
Where I find my passion,
Where I find someone to share my life with,
I have to swim upstream, even if t kills me,
Even if I find nobody there when I arrive,
Because only after doing so can I legitimately,
Claim there is nothing in this world for me,
Leaving me to leave it freely, with a clear conscience.

Why does that scare so many people?
Why is this so hard for others to understand?
You would think I was committing the worst act possible,
The most heinous crime anyone could commit,
But it is my life, my choice to loose or keep it!

So I am not prepared and I may not make it,
I could get mugged or killed, anything bad can happen,
But lets not forget that anything good can happen too,
And that it is up to me to define what happens,
As either bad or good. It is no business of yours!

I am choosing to take responsibility for my life,
I am choosing the best path I can see open to me,
I am choosing to experience the world for myself,
I am choosing to live my own life and walk my own path,
I am choosing to see the wold differently than you.
All I ask is that you accept my choice and support it if you can.

I have been living like this for most of these 40 years,
I can’t live like this any longer, and I choose not to.
Just as I choose to embrace that sun outside my window,
The breeze caressing my skin, and the hidden flowers,
That so few people see. Just as I choose to listen to the trees.

My aspirations are set so high,
They are like stars in the night sky,
I fear I shall never reach them!

Pedaling to Passion

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So if it bothers you, just comment or reply here, and I will make any needed changes.

Passion VS Why

So I just spent a few hours looking for books or videos that would tell me how to find or restore my passion for writing. Also developing or finding passion in general. One of the last things I ran across was this inspiration video about finding your why. The video bugs me, let me explain.

In it you see people you are supposed to label as having it hard or tough. Learning how to walk, in wheelchairs. The speaker is really good, but the video is so fake, so phony. You are supposed to come away feeling guilty, because here are these poor souls struggling to even get on their feet, so what’s your excuse?

The assumption is that somehow their suffering is somehow more than yours. What right have you to complain about your life when that guy over there had his legs blown off by a landmine, and here you are, fully functional, able to walk around, yet you are sitting on your increasingly fat ass just watching TV? Look at them trying to learn how to walk in those prosthetic legs while you just sit there! Shame on you!

For the record this is not my opinion at all. I call bullshit. Some pain and suffering is obvious. If it is physical, viewable on the outside, that is obvious. But the real pain, the pain that makes you want to sit on that couch and is causing me to consider that maybe I am better off dead, that pain is deep inside. It is emotional, mental and spiritual. You may look 100% OK on the outside, yet inside you are struggling just as hard as that guy getting up out of his wheelchair. Everyday you go through a struggle just as intense, deep inside of you.

That’s why I call bullshit, why I say that video is fake. That’s why you and I both are struggling to get up out of our lives as they are now. It is easier to stick with the known, there is nothing that terrifies every human being, on some level, without exception, than the unknown.

Your why is something that you know. Your passion is something that you feel. Your why requires a reason. It is itself a reason. But your passion requires no reason. By nature it is free of intellectual entanglements. You do something for the sheer love of doing it! Your why may be a part of your passion, the two might end up getting blended together. But with your why you follow your head, and with your passion you follow your heart.

It is the feelings that are the most powerful, and least honored in modern society. If given a choice between knowing and feeling, choose feeling every time. Knowing can lead you astray. It can talk you out of things. For example, it can tell you that your passion for dancing is ridiculous, you weigh nearly 270 pounds and you don’t have years of training. All valid arguments, all will keep you from dancing.

But your feeling will lead you into expressing yourself with your body through movement, learning to trust it, and even though accidents and injuries happen, that ecstasy, that joy and happiness you feel while you are in movement is priceless, and you will miss out if you listen to your head, all those whys, instead of your heart, with its singular passion.

I would rather die in my passion than in my why.


What is it you are passionate about? What is that thing, when you do it, that brings you ecstasy, happiness and joy? What is that thing you do which requires dedication, effort, hard work and practice, driven by your love, your passion for it? What is that fire in the engine of your heart that animates your life and gives it meaning, maybe even a purpose?

Until tonight, as I watched the first Step Up movie, I never asked myself these questions. Or if I did I didn’t really ask, to the point of deeply looking into myself and identifying something possibly lacking or missing. I think we go after others we perceive to have whatever its we believe, feel or think we lack.

I think one of the reasons I became so enamored of someone I will not name is because of her passion. This individual is portrayed as being very passionate about dancing. I think that’s what drew me to her, at a subconscious level. I think perhaps a man without passion will place himself around or with others who he sees as having it. A man without passion may pursue a woman of passion, for example. Some part of us realizes that something is missing, that we are incomplete or lacking, so we seek it outside of ourselves.

Can passion be found for something we excel at? Can it be regained if lost? Can it be developed? Is there a time limit for passion? Before you answer that one think carefully… Everyone who I can think of that has ever lived and been passionate about something started doing it as a child. Everyone, without exception. Maybe they dropped off doing it for some period of time then returned. But there was always a time in their childhood they doggedly pursued it as much as they were allowed. The tendency is to start young. How many dancers, singers, painters and programmers do you know who started after 40?

If it is too late, and I am not assuming that, but I think it is a valid question, then another question immediately follows. If I can not find something to be passionate about on my life, and by all appearances it seems too late to start, should I continue living? Again before you answer that, think about it. A person without passion, without that fire in the engine of their heart, has no ambition, no drive, no meaning and no purpose. They probably don’t even have a dream. They are just a shell, a zombie. They will do little more than remain in the same life situations they have grown accustomed to. If they are currently on the couch watching TV, that probably won’t ever change. If  person is faced with that likely future, wouldn’t it be better for them to just off themselves now?

I am not saying people can not or do not change. In fact I am the last person on earth who would ever believe, feel or think that. Also I am speaking from personal experience. I am 40 years old and living with my parents. I was doing the same sort of things 20 years ago as I am doing now. Only in my case I have grown desperate, tired of it. That is why I have consigned myself to hitting the road. I want to get away from my parents, find my tribe people of higher frequencies, higher vibrations. More support for me on my spiritual path. The possibility of physically present friends and lovers. I don’t see how I can find that here.

I was thinking earlier today that my parents are trailer park people. They started out in a trailer park, and now that the house is sold and they have a month to move, they have settled on moving into a trailer park again. They did look briefly at houses, then dismissed that. There is nothing wrong with being a trailer park person. But, at least in my parents case, it shows how they limit themselves, how they will not allow themselves to dream. There is no ambition, they are at anchor on the sea of life. They assume there is no better option for them. I catch them making these assumptions all the time, and I keep telling them, over and over again, to exhaust all possibilities.

But I am just like them. I have consigned myself to living on the road for an indeterminate amount of time. I have decided that I can do no better. I have little ambition, my dream is artificial and manufactured. I have no passion, no fire in the engine if my heart, other than to get laid (my apologies to any women I offended by admitting this.) I can’t come down on my parents when I am doing the same thing, in a different way, to myself. I do have good reasons to go, and it is not as easy for me. They can call a number and ask questions, I have to find the people to talk to if I want to go to college, move into a dorm so I can get out on my own, etc. And I am not sure it would be a good thing for me to move into a trailer park with my parents as I try to claw my way into a college, assuming I could find some subject that compels or draws me to it.

The one thing I do well, writing, if it could be transformed into dance moves, would be one eye-popping routine! At least as good as anything in that movie I watched. And their dance moves, if transformed into words, would rival my best writing. But the difference is that those characters love to dance. It is their passion. I have no passion for writing at all. If I could trade it for dancing, drawing or singing, maybe even programming. I think I would trade it without hesitation. I am good at it, but it holds no interest or value to me. I am sure as I write this that someone, somewhere out there, is disappointed in me. Maybe even offended by me. They would do anything to write even slightly as well as I do. Or I could be deluding myself and nobody cares about writing at all. Not like dancing, drawing or singing, to name a few things that somehow hold more value to people.

I don’t know what to do about this. I am pretty sure, and becoming more and more convinced, that I need that fire in the engine of my heart. That I have to find that thing I will devote myself to, practice and work hard at to develop and grow. That thing which will drive me, cause me to want to continue living my life. That thing which, when I do it, I become ecstatic, happy and joyful. That other love of my life. I think I need this, and I think I have always sensed it, but this is the first time it has entered my conscious awareness, this is the first time I have trapped it in a cage of words so that I can identify it.

I do not love myself, not like I should. I do not love life or living. There have been times where, briefly, I was enjoying being alive. Where I came close to ecstasy, happiness and joy. I may have even experiences these at various times in recent years. But nothing has stuck yet, I am like a yo-yo, I come up, and all-too-soon, I am drifting down again. I have not learned how to remain unaffected by my circumstances and those in my life. I have not been able to shut of the influence of these various factors. So I am tossed about on the waves of life, as I have not yet learned how to be the ocean.

I do not know what I am trying to say here. Getting lost in my writing. Still mulling over these recent revelations. I feel and I fear that if I can not find a way to love myself, my life and the moment-by-moment living of it that it would be better for me to give up, quit and throw in the towel, so to speak. Just exit this world, stage right. I have this “grass is greener on the other side” belief and mentality. I believe, feel and think that whatever it is I need or want, I can not and will not find it here. I have to leave my parents and their trailer park mentality behind, in order to change my own deeply ingrained trailer park mentality which I adopted and inherited from them.

But what if everything I need is here, and maybe also inside of me? What if there is nothing to find “out there?” What if I take the blindness I may currently posses with me wherever I go, so that I never see the opportunities standing just on the other side of the door? How can I believe in myself, believe in my body? How can I believe that I can have those things I need and want? That I can have nice things, like my own house and someone to share it with? How can I plug my ear to the specter of doubt whispering into it? (I have wanted to use that line for a few days now…)

I don’t have any answers. I don’t think fighting for whatever it is we are passionate about is the best way to go about things. But I do feel that if we are truly passionate about something we should abandoned ourselves to it, apply ourselves to it, work hard at it. That we would want to, if it is something we deeply and truly do care about. But at this moment, I can’t put my finger on what that may be for me.

If you are passionate about something, pursue it. I think this is the essence of what it means to, “Follow your heart.” Let your passion light the fires of the engine of your heart, driving you to its attainment, expression, mastery and realization.

Plug In To Your Passion

I watched a video I made just a few minutes ago. A video compiled from the clips of three movies, if memory serves. A video that required me to learn two programs; Audacity and Adobe Audition, as well as the processes of video editing. A video that led to me starting my first blog, Romance Beyond Reality, which lead to A Different Path, which has led to Bliss Writer. It all started with this video I made. I will provide a link here, but it may not make sense to you:

I am not willing to go into the details. I will simply tell you something I came to understand tonight, after watching it again for the first time in probably well over a year. I see how much loving effort and work I put into this video. Not just the technical stuff, syncing up the scenes with the song. But the choice of song and some undercurrent of emotion or feeling behind it. Maybe others can’t sense it, but I can.

This is what happened when I did something out of what could only be called a burning passion. This is what is known in some circles as inspired work or inspired action. It is the culmination of what I have been trying to tell you in these last few articles. That our only work is to be ourselves, to do what we love to do, to do what we are passionate about, to do whatever it is that compels us, draws us and speaks to us.

When our work comes as a result of doing something we love, something we are passionate about, when it is driven by that, when it flows from that, we can do anything. I mean that literally. We can accomplish anything. In this small example of mine my passion drove me to learn all these things I had to learn. It was the energy behind all the effort and time I put into this. It is what allowed me to work with this to the finest detail.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t normally install some new software I have never used before on my computer, requiring skills I have never developed or used, and create something I consider to be a masterpiece. Some may argue with me on that. It’s OK. As I said I can see it. I know how much effort and time went into this, and even though this experience culminated in a lot of pain for me, almost more pain and suffering that I could bear, I do not regret it, because it shows me what I am telling you.

That when we are driven by love and expressing our passion the end result is our Mona Lisa. We can do anything, learn anything. There is no training needed for this. We don’t have to be educated at all. In fact many of those we call geniuses, in the artistic and scientific worlds, never went to high school, much less college. All of that is utter nonsense. It is yet another false belief held by society.

When we listen to our heart and follow where it takes us, it is an unfailing guide. It will pull us through anything and everything. If we were inspired to draw someone or something, and we had never picked up a paintbrush before, learned color theory or how to use the various tools of a painter, we could still create something beautiful. It may be flawed in the eyes of our critics. But I guarantee that it will be beautiful. Not at all like the symbol drawing of our childhood, which we carried with us into adulthood.

But if you wanted to paint, and you had this burning desire, this love, this passion, you would devour anything you needed to learn. You would learn the techniques. You would learn how to use the tools. Doing what you love to do would give you the energy to acquire the skills you needed. If you could just give yourself, with full abandon, to your love, whatever it is, it will carry you through any obstacle course of technical requirements.

Rumi was not born a poet. He did not take his language equivalent of English 101 and 102 in college. Shams swept in, and in some way I don’t understand, became Rumi’s passion. When Shams was killed or murdered, it only inspired Rumi even more. His passion continued to drive him, in all his writings. Rumi remains today, over 800 years later, one of the most amazing poets in human history. That is what abandoning yourself to your passion will do for you.

When I abandoned myself to my passion, my love, which I can not explain and am not willing to talk about, beyond this mention of it, I created this video, even though I had never edited a video in my life before, even though I had never used the tools needed to do so. I didn’t go to college and take some sort of course. I never trained myself. I threw myself into the creation of this video, my monument to my love. I wonder what I could have done with even better equipment and tools!

It was only a small thing. Just a video, it may not be remembered at all after I have left my physical body. But it shows me that there is nothing I can not do. It shows me that if I could do that, then I could do far greater things. Things that would be remembered, long after I have left the world. Maybe even 800 years from now.

The only requirement is that I be myself. In being myself, doing what I love to do, my work will be inspired. In doing inspired work I find my passion, if the work itself is not my passion. I do not know what this right now. I do not know what thing it is that I can do, driven by my passion, by my love. I have not found my inspired work yet. This video was not it. It was driven by love for another.

Whatever it is that is my passion, I will have a love for that. It may be inspired by someone, or by the love of someone. But the passion will be for the work itself. It will be the work I love to do. The work that I can do in the natural flow of my life. The work I could do, every day, for the rest of my life and never grow bored of it or get tired of it. I could do it forever and my enthusiasm for it would never wane.

I hope it is easier for you. I hope that as you read these words I am writing you glimpse in your mind, or you just know, what it is that you love to do. What it is that you are passionate about. I hope you find the courage, faith and trust to drop whatever it is you are doing now, no matter the consequences, and go after that.

When our work is inspired, we have an effect on others. They begin to do their inspired work. Imagine the effect on the world if every human’s work was inspired, driven by their collective and individual love and passion! But we can not charge others with that energy if we are not plugged into it ourselves. We plug in by being ourselves, and doing what we love to do. When we are living the life we came here to experience, others are encouraged to do the same, and the whole of creation benefits.

We remember those people in our past we think of as great. Those artists and scientists. Their effect on teh world is felt even today. But we forget that we can be what others call great as well. In reality it is not that we are great, it is that we are true. Everyone we think of as great was true to themselves, their love, their passion, their vision. That is what gave them what we think of as their greatness. That is how their effect is felt in the world even today.

So in order for us to have that effect on the world, for us to become what others would label as great, we just have to be ourselves, and let our work flow from doing that which we love, that which we are passionate about, that which we envision. That energy will bring us through any obstacle that stands in our way, be it something we need to learn or a talent we need to develop.

But plug into your love, passion and vision first so you have the energy to carry you through the other stuff. Don’t try to learn everything others and yourself tell you that you need to learn. Throw out any list of requirements. Be yourself, and in being yourself find the doing that makes you feel good and which brings you the most joy. Do that and the rest will take care of itself.