If time is not real,
a construction of man,
who decided that it takes
14 minutes to steam an egg?

Has it always been 14 minutes?
Does it take more or less time
in other parts of the world?
Why 14 minutes anyway?

Why couldn’t it take 1 minute,
or cook inside my hand,
or come out of the chicken
already cooked and ready to eat?

Who decided that cooking
an egg is the best way to eat it?
Who decided that flames
would produce heat for cooking?

Somewhere in New Zealand
a man named Nungali may be
scoffing me and laughing at
my continuing foolishness.

But perhaps even the great Nungali
has no answer to this question.
Or perhaps for him, cooking an egg
takes only as much time as he wants!

Perhaps one man’s “Magical Thinking”
is just as valid as the “Scientific Method.”
Who decided that science is better
than magic and manifestation anyway?

Maybe one man’s trash truly is
another man’s treasure.
Maybe I can learn to cook an egg
in the palm of my hand!

But for now steaming an egg
takes 14 minutes,
and the one who started this
remains unknown.

Fallen Brother

A noble, majestic tree falls
as I watch, horrified and sickened.

This sacrifice of something
deemed less important,
than the desires of men.
This continuing rape
of mother earth
by those too ignorant and
too stupid to understand!

They see only the value of the flesh of each tree
they do not see the brotherhood,
the Source essence of God found in each tree,
and found in them as well.

Silently I mourn for my fallen brother,
for the cutting down of one more thing of beauty,
for the wanton destruction of my home.
This image is forever etched in my memory.

What do they plan to do,
when the last tree falls?

The Circle 29 – God’s Will Is Your Will

God’s Will Is Your Will

In this episode of The Circle I share something that blew my mind, that God’s Will is actually Your Will, that they are one and the same.

The materials I am drawing from are Claim Your Power by Mastin Kipp: https://www.amazon.com/Claim-Your-Power-Journey-Dissolve/dp/1401949541/

Also Ramtha, The White Book by JZ Knight: https://www.amazon.com/Ramtha-White-Book/dp/1578730457/