This Imperfect Circle

I find myself coming back around again to where I started, when I started this blog. A sort of imperfect Zen circle. A little gap because it is incomplete, because there is always more to learn, more to realize.

I named this blog Bliss Writer because Bliss was the last part of my internet moniker. Or at least I thought that’s why I named it that. But perhaps there was something more going on?

I watched the latest episode of Yahtzee’s Dev Diary today on YouTube, and he said something that woke me up a little. I always wondered how Stephen King could collect those rejection notices on a nail above his writing space, when he first started writing. The pressures of everyday life, all the resistance he must have encountered to his desire to write – none of it stopped him.

I think that’s because writing was his hobby. As Yahtzee said (not quoting him exactly), “If you don’t enjoy your hobby you need a new hobby.” Whatever thing you enjoy doing, that might be considered work by others, but does not seem like work to you, whatever it is you can do for years and years without any fame, recognition or monetary compensation, that should be your “hobby.” I would call it your passion.

If there is something you do that you do despite what anyone says, simply because you enjoy doing it, and can continue to do that thing even if it never brings you any money, then you have the right motivations. That should lead you to success. It is how Yahtzee started out with his Zero Punctuation game reviews. It is how Stephen King started his writing career.

If your hobby seems like work, then you need a new hobby. If you do whatever you enjoy doing because you want to become wealthy, then you have the wrong motivation. Even if you were to find success, it would be short-lived.

The quality of a “work” comes from the joy and love put into it. You can’t put joy and love into something if you intention is to become wealthy by it. You can only put joy and love into something you truly enjoy doing, and will do regardless of whether or not success comes to you.

I see now that writing is my hobby. But it has become corrupted by the wrong motivation. I have become discouraged, because it has never brought me any fame, money or recognition. I feel like you, my audience, do not appreciate my work, by your lack of support. So my writing has suffered.

I need to be able to come in here and write simply because I love to do it. I need to find the same motivation that Stephen King used that had him sending out letters to agents in the first place, and allowed him to not be bothered by their rejections. What started him in submitting his work? Whatever it was, it must have been pure, because it did not corrupt his writing, his hobby, his passion.

Writing has to become my Bliss, in other words. Bliss Writer needs to be a blog written in a state of bliss. Of pure enjoyment, no matter what obstacle I, the author, face. No matter what resistance I encounter. I must write for the joy of it. Writing will now be my hobby, the thing I can do for years to come without any need for any compensation, fame, money or recognition.

The only thing that troubles me is, with my uncertain future and current age, is how long do I really have to do invest in this, to follow this path when it may lead nowhere? But then again, if I am really writing in  a state of bliss, I would not be worried about that. I am sure Stephen King and Yahtzee never worried about the road ahead. I have to figure out how to let these fears and worries go and follow their examples.

I definitely have some internal work to do.

Santa Claus Is Real – An After-Christmas Report

This year I have no choice but to consider that Santa Claus may, in fact, be real, as a number of my long-held wishes, some of which I actually did write to him about, have been granted.

But let’s consider Santa Claus as a human, anthropomorphic representation of Christmas, the spirit of giving, and a Universe of Abundance manifesting as the various things we have asked for.

Basically, The Universe is Santa Claus. Or Santa Claus is the Universe. Or something like that.

I wrote about how I wanted a Home Alone 2 style Christmas. I think this was really an extension of a long-held, and long-suppressed, wish I had to have a Christmas like my cousin Chris used to talk about when we were young. He was always talking about Ty’s, how he got this and that from Ty, how they (him, his brother Shadow and my uncle Warren) were going to, “…go over to Ty’s…”

I wanted to experience a Christmas like that. One with lots of presents, without any hindrance of budgetary or financial constraints. One where I had a chance at getting the truly nice (and expensive) things I wanted. Until this Christmas, I don’t think I have ever experienced that. I have always keep the costs of my items down, setting some sort of budget, just as I did this year. I mean if I knew I could ask for anything I wanted you would see things like my own house, a Telsa car, a gaming laptop, etc. on it. Not sure even Trump’s kids get to have a Christmas like that though.

The point is I have never, to my recollection, listed the more expensive things I wanted or needed. I would probably never list a house or a Tesla car. That’s just silly. I could create a list and send that to Santa Claus, c/o the Universe. For those really expensive, cost-prohibitive items, or the less tangible things like our family’s getting back together again (or world peace. Has anyone ever really asked for this?)

So I would list a gaming laptop if budget and financial constraints were no obstacles. I would list a bicycle, fitted to me. Probably a few other things like that. Nothing I would consider unreasonable. But I have never been able to do this. Only Santa has ever seen these items on my list, unless I included them on some of my birthday/Christmas list in the past, but if I did, I probably didn’t really expect these items.

Well not one, or two, but four (possibly more as I think about this) items have been granted to me this year. In short they are:

  1. A tree with lots of presents under it for me.
  2. Christmas at Ty’s.
  3. A clear sign I am on the right track.
  4. The families getting back together.

As I may have mentioned earlier, this year, around Thanksgiving, Warren, Shadow and Chris invited us over to Ty’s for Thanksgiving. First time we have been really been together in a long time. A long-held wish of mine. I have been trying to get mom and dad to go up the hill, to talk to Warren, for a long time now. But, as far as I know, Warren didn’t want to talk to us, and my parents didn’t want to talk to him. I was pushing a large rock up a hill. But deep inside, I wanted us to come together again. Now Warren had started talking to us before Thanksgiving this year, then we got together for Thanksgiving, and we got together again for Christmas. A long-standing wish of mine has been granted. Our family’s are back together again.

But even better, my brother, who I would not expect to have done this or work so hard at it, was working with my cousin Chris and my uncle Warren to put this Christmas together. That took me completely by surprise. The amount of effort and work he put into this, not to mention working with other people – I am still amazed. I gladly give the credit to him, Chris and Warren for us getting together for Christmas this year. Maybe my desire created the football, but they ran with it and scored a touchdown!

So strike two items off a long held and, until recently, never really talked about list.

Then there is an issue I have been struggling with, and wrote about here. After being a Christian for approximately 20 years, trying the whole prayer and religion thing, and finding it didn’t work, I started walking my own spiritual path. But I always wondered if this was the right path, or if I still didn’t have it right. I didn’t want to go through another non-working system again. Didn’t want a repeat of when I was a Christian. I wanted to get it right this time.

I found, or was found by, the manifestation teachings of Abraham and others. I started to work on less tangible things, like frequency, vibration and how the inside reflects the outside. A lot of intellectual knowledge, but little experiential knowing. I even went to a 10-day meditation “retreat.” I have been ruthlessly excavating myself, and getting frustrated at all the things I needed to do, all the hoops I had to jump through, when it seemed nobody else needed to do any of that. They (family and friends) were off getting married and starting families. I felt left behind.

Then I found this video:

I found her initially when looking for information on anger. I had broken my phone in a fit of rage and I wanted to address the issue. Then I found this video, related to the man she is talking to, and learned about this tug-o-war between the aspect of me that cares only for intimacy and connection, and this other part of me that wants to be wealthy, to support myself and stand on my own. As I shared in an episode of The Circle:

I used the same process for talking to my Inner Voice to talk to this aspect of me that desired connection and intimacy . I listed to it. I acknowledged and honored it. I then did as it asked of me. I embraced it, took it inside me, and got on the same page with it. That is all it wanted. That is all I needed to do. I just needed to love it as a little child, because really that’s what this aspect of me was. It likely reflected the age I separated from it. By integrating it I take a step towards healing and wholeness. As far as actually connecting to people, I think I leave this to the Universe. For now my job is simply to remain open and willing.

I know this stuff may seem a little strange or “woo-woo” to some of you. That’s OK. It’s a little strange and woo-woo to me. But I have tried everything else I know to try. I tried to channel the anger through a visualization. But I since learned that this may not have been the best course of action. All that we do must tend towards healing and wholeness if we wish to create complete and drastic change in our lives. If this is the way for that to happen, it is no use arguing. You take the road that leads you were you want to go. Christianity didn’t go there for me. Science doesn’t go there either. No religion has ever or will ever lead there for me. Only these things I have done have shown any sign of taking me in the direction I wish to go.

I walked outside the other night, remembering to think about the day and what I have to be thankful for. I reasoned that if Teal Swan was right, if I was in a tug-of-war between the part of me that wanted to have money so he could step out on his own and support himself, and this other part of me that wanted connection and intimacy, that wanted to have real, true friends and was tried of being alone, well if I got on the same page with this aspect of me that desired connection and intimacy, the tug-of-war would lesson or stop. Of course there may be other aspects of me at odds with this aspect of me that desires money. But one less tugging against me should manifest in my life as something I have had seen very little of these last few months – money. Of course money is simply a physical manifestation of abundance. It is a distinct lack of abundance I had been experiencing.

Then I walk into Ty’s yesterday, and there is the first “real” Christmas tree I had seen since 2016 (at home, or in a place where my family had gathered.) Not only that but the thing was surrounded by a huge pile of presents. Then I go through my presents, and suffice it to say that Abundance had shown up in a variety of forms, including money. It was the best Christmas, in memory, that I have ever had. Not just because of finally having a Christmas at Ty’s, or because or family’s were getting together for Christmas for the first time in years, or because of the amazing presents, but because of all the energy and effort that had been put into this, and the validation (if you will) of what I had done. It was as if the Universe was saying to me, “Finally! You got it right! BAM!” Probably the Universe sounds more loving than that.

So many steps to get me here. Will I see Abundance continuing to show up in the months to come? Likely my journey is not complete. Life is a learning process. It is our classroom. I have probably just completed one assignment. Who knows what else I have to learn! But I sincerely hope that I see more money flowing to me, and that I create lasting, lifelong friendships along the way. Because that aspect of me that desires connection and intimacy is right. What good is all the money in the world if you are disconnected from the world and those in it? Better to be connected to the world, and those around you, so you can enjoy the money you receive. Any maybe, just maybe, the more connected you are, the more Abundance will show up, in a variety of surprising ways, not just as money!

So yeah, Santa Claus is real. Maybe not as a jolly fat man with a beard, wearing a red suit. But more likely as a Universe of energy, that has its own intelligence, its own sense of humor, and it is just waiting to give you everything you have ever wanted, but you have to get on the same page with yourself and open yourself to it.

Over the next few months I will be playing with this. I may talk to other aspects of me that are ready to be integrated and integrate with them. I will see what shows up next month, when I need money for a few things. And I will surly report back here. Because I want you to succeed in realizing your desires and dreams as well. I hope you Christmas has been just as amazing as mine, and if it hasn’t, I hope you experience many blessings and amazing things in the months to come. Maybe the things I have posted here will help you find the road that will take you where you want to go.

What “Money Is The Root of All Evil” Really Means

It is time to challenge a belief, a misperception, that many religious people, especially Christians, have about money. The Bible has multiple seemingly negative messages about it, including, “Money is the root of all evil” and “You cannot serve God and mammon (money).” Yet again religious folks, especially fundamentalist religious folks, have taken something the Bible says literally, which was never meant to be taken literally. Let’s sort this out, shall we?

Money is not the issue at all here, even though at a surface level that is what it looks like. In reality the issue is one of mindset. As I have taught many, many times, the things that have power over us only have that power as long as we give it to them. We can give things power over us primarily two ways:
1. By resisting it, which makes it stronger.
2. By “buying” its power, believing in it.

I have only begun to tug at the threads of this thing, so I do not have the entire tapestry yet. But the materialistic system is brilliantly designed. We will use an example with money to illustrate a point. Say you go into town and you see an armored truck. You know there are valuables inside. You also know there are armed guards, protective technologies and a very thick metallic shell you would have to get through to get to the cash.

From the side of those sending the trucks around to collect their valuables, there isn’t really resistance to you stealing them. It is passive only. Because if they resisted you stealing their valuables, you would then have the power. Any resistance of stealing will make the reality of things being stolen stronger. That’s just how things work. They, whoever they are, are well aware of this.

So they pass the buck, figuratively, onto you. As you see that truck, knowing what you know, the power of those things regarded as valuable in our society becomes absolute. You have to “buy in” to the value of whatever is inside, those items which society considers valuable, and once you have done this you perpetuate the materialistic system.

This is hard to grasp and put into words, but I am doing my best. Everything you see on the news, everything you are raised to believe from childhood – all of it is designed to cause you to believe in money, and to make money’s power over you absolute. This, in addition to religion, makes you much easier to control.

Why? Because if you are poor you see money as the only solution. And in some cases it is. If you need certain things, like clothing, food, medicine, etc., you must have money. By this the system is preserved. Even if you were to come into a lot of money, your mindset towards money gives it influence and power over you, so you really do become a slave to the dollar. Society raises you that way.

The only way considered acceptable and realistic to get money is to earn it through a job. Even though  there are other legal and moral ways to get money, once again you “buy into” what you have been told since birth – you really don’t have a choice, so these alternative means of acquiring money appear undependable, unrealistic and unworkable. You can’t have a house unless you have a dependable monthly income, right? No, actually that’s entirely and utterly wrong. But that is not what you believe.

This then is why the Bible says money is the root of all evil. Notice the Bible doesn’t say money is evil. You infer that money is evil because the Bible says money is the root of it. In your literal interpretation of scripture you conveniently forget to also take this part literally. According to the Bible money is the root of all evil. It doesn’t necessarily mean money is evil. I could say the virus is the root of all sickness. But a virus isn’t literally sickness. A virus only leads to sickness, and it only leads to sickness, there is no guarantee of sickness, only the possibility.

Exactly the same is true of money. Money can lead to evil, but it is not evil itself. Money is just some object we all agree to assign a value to, be it a coin or a bill or a gold nugget. It isn’t even the physical object the Bible is talking about here. What the Bible is actually warning is about is our mindset to money. The same applies to the other passage. It is all about mindset, more specifically, the things we believe in and give power to.

We humans, for all our intelligence, are incredibly stupid in certain ways. We say things like, “Guns kill.” No, they don’t. Bullets kill people. But even that is false. Neither bullets or guns kill people. You will never see a gun load itself, aim itself at someone, and then fire. Likewise you will never see a bullet float up by itself, aim at someone, and then hit them.

In fact the only way guns can kill is if they are loaded, and the people who use loaded guns do the shooting. And even that is not entirely accurate. Because in order for someone to kill another person, there has to be a mindset of killing, murder or violence. Guns can do absolutely nothing if the person holding them does not have the mindset, the mentality, to pull the trigger. AND IF THEY DO, IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT IS A GUN, KNIFE, STICK or LARGE ROCK!

The ONLY thing we would accomplish by getting rid of guns is to:
1. Create a HUGE back market for guns and
2. Cause people who want to kill, murder or use violence to use knives.

When it comes down to it, if someone wants to kill another person, a gun only makes it easier and quicker in some ways. They will use anything, including their bare hands, if they really have the mindset to hurt and/or kill. Not only that, the only people who would obey the law and not have guns are innocent civilians who would need them if and when they are attacked. In other words, the “bad” guys will ignore the law and still have guns, and the people that needed guns in order to protect themselves from them would no longer have them.

By this we see that all gun laws are completely useless, an exercise in complete and utter futility. It is our mindset that gives these things power over us. My mindset towards guns is actually not beneficial to me. I am actually empowering those who would pass gun laws by my resistance to gun laws. The only way I could create a reality that is more positive and supportive, of a higher frequency or vibration, is to let go of all these feelings I have about gun laws. But right now, in this moment, gun laws and those involved with that side of this issue have power over me.

The exact same thing with money. Right now society would use two words to describe me. Lazy (meaning I do not have a job and therefore am not a contributing member of society) and poor (meaning I have little or no money.) It is very hard for me to have the experience of abundance and wealth I desire as long as I maintain my current mindset about money, which is what has given it power over me. My mindset causes me to be “closed off” from the abundance of the Universe, and until I “open myself”, by freeing myself of the hold money has over me, I will receive very little if anything from it.

Those who see an armored car and consider robbing it are even more under the influence of money. If they rob the armored car, they will have to use some measure of violence. In this way money is the root of all evil, this is what the Bible is telling us. The things we do for money, when our mindset towards it is influencing our actions and giving it power over us, are evil. Not evil as in literally evil. Evil in this case means harmful to us and others, negative.

Worse, if those who see an armored car consider robbing it, then do so, they make money’s influence and power over them absolute. You can only rob and steal out of a mindset of lack and limitation. By stealing the robbers would continue to have an experience of lack and limitation. They would need to steal more money, and they would be unable to stop, until they change their mindset towards money.

This is why I would not consider stealing. Not because it is bad/good or right/wrong. I could care less about that. It is all about the hold I am allowing money to have over me. A lady I occasionally worked for mentioned some bag of cash that fell out of an armored car recently. She asked me if I would keep the money. I said I don’t think I would, not if it was easily identifiable who the money belonged to.

In fact wouldn’t keep a single bill. I would if the money and the bag had no identifying information, if there was no obvious candidate from which it came parked anywhere nearby. I once picked up a wallet on the bus. I could have opened it and taken any cash inside. But I did not. I didn’t even open it. I just handed it to the bus driver. But if I am walking along, nobody around, and find a $100.00 on the ground, in the middle of nowhere, I will keep it. I would consider that to be something the Universe provided.

My reason for this is simple. I am doing my best to practice of mindset of abundance. That means trusting that the Universe will provide. I often freely give of my money, or share it. I walk a thin line between being free with my finances and being careless. Once again I am practicing a mindset of abundance. In doing these things I am taking back the hold, influence and power I have allowed money to have over me. I seek the freedom to live the life I want and to experience an abundance of all good and desirable things.

If you are seeking this as well, then you must change your mindset towards money, starting with throwing out any literal interpretation of the any holy text, especially the Bible. Just release and let go of all negative and unsupportive beliefs, feelings and thoughts you have about money. As your mindset towards money changes, its hold influence and power over you will loosen. But you have to find a way to practice you new mindset every day. It has to become as natural to you as your former mindset was. When it does you will be finally be truly free.

Pedaling to Passion

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So if it bothers you, just comment or reply here, and I will make any needed changes.

Micro Lesson – Abundance

I just had this thought I wanted to share. I tried to put it into a poem but the words aren’t fitting at the moment. So I will let them rest.

I realized I can say, without a twinge, that I know it can happen. I can also say, and believe, that it has happened to others. But I struggle with saying it is happening for me.

This is in reference to anything desirable, right now my thoughts are on when I leave this place. I can’t see myself as leaving here and moving into my own house. At the moment I can only see myself as probably living on the side of the road.

I am thankful I can see as much as I can. If it has happened, and has happened for others, then there is no reason it can’t happen for me. Even if it has never happened, has never happened for others, that does not mean it can never happen for me. There is a first time for everything!

There is no reason, beyond my own limiting beliefs, I can’t dream bigger and have more. The table is laid out before us. Everyone, without exception, may take from it what they want. There has always been enough, and there will always be enough.

I can sit here in the corner and take scraps. I can pick up a dish and select a small amount. Or I can grab a tray, as many plates as I can put on there, and pile them sky high. The choice has always been mine, is mine, and will always be mine.

Others can try to tell me what I am allowed to take and how much. But it is my choice whether or not I listen to them. I am done listening to them, I am done accepting the limitations of others, I am done accepting self-imposed limitations.

None of that has served me these 40 years I have been alive. Doing as I have done has only brought me here, to these circumstances and this situation. It does not work, so why continue using a flawed method?

Somehow, I don’t know how yet, I am going to get… No, I AM AT, the place where I can say, without a twinge, it happens for me. I am just as deserving as anyone else. Nobody has more of a right to the things they desire than I do.

We are all equal in our rights to our desires. It may not make sense from a human, physical standpoint. It may see as if some desires may cancel out or override others. But that is not our concern.

Our only concern, the only thing that matters, is following our heart, moving to the best feeling thought we have at this moment, visualizing the fulfillment of all our desires, and I guarantee that the closer we get to who we really are, the more harmonious all our desires will be together.

There is no reason to sit in that fucking corner and gnaw on bones. There is no reason to subsist on table scraps. It is time for me to get up off my ass, grab a plate and embrace all my desires, without criticism or judgment, without worrying about the how or finer details.

I want a nice bicycle and all the gear I need for a comfortable trip. I want a sleeper car train ticket pass and enough money for any other mode of travel I might want at any time. I want to be able to stay at nice places and have access to any physical care, from massages to mani-pedis, that I want. I want to be able to eat the kind of food I enjoy that makes my body feel good. I want a nice camera to take pictures with. I want to be able to stay at the Esalen Institute, in its nicest accommodations, and take as many course as they have of interest to me. I want to come back from this having finally released all excess material from my body and emerged like a butterfly from a cocoon, beautiful, light and free. I want a home to return to, a place of my own, in a community where I feel I belong, where I am welcome, where I have friends and someone to share my life with.

Those are my desires, and I leave them all the room they need to expand and grow as the time for me to leave draws nearer. These are the things I want, not sleeping off the side of the road, unless it is my choice, and only if I have chosen that.

In the eyes of society maybe I do not deserve these things. But I am done caring about or concerning myself with what society thinks or wants. Its interests do not match my own, so I leave it to its own pursuits while I follow my own.

I am done believing, feeling and thinking that I have to earn things or work hard for them. I have just as much a right to all my desires as someone who works 80+ hours a week serving others. Maybe they have to work that 80+ hours to feel they can have their desires. That is their choice. I am done feeling like I have to perform Herculean tasks in order to live a live of abundance, luxury and wealth.

I do not criticize or judge others in positions of service. That is the portion they have chosen for themselves. I will encourage them to dream bigger, to take a bigger portion, but at the same time I will support their choice, loving and accepting them as they are.

My idea of Donald Trump is that he sees himself as successful, wealthy and the next president of the United States. He accepts nothing short of the vision he has for himself. He accepts no limitations, not from others, not from himself. From this moment on, that is the example I follow.

The Only Thing Between You and Your Desire Is You

In the past few days I have become aware of something, probably helped by doing the 40-Day Prosperity Plan as instructed by John Randolph Price in, “The Abundance Book.” I have summed it very simply in the title of this article. The only thing between you and something you desire is you.Collectively we humans as a race believe that some will have more than others. The natural extent of this is that some must be poor if others are rich. So we have poor people and rich people. We have the homeless and those who have homes. The unemployed and those who have jobs.

We also believe that to go somewhere, from Point A to Point B, we must travel. We must use something, be it our legs, a bicycle or some motorized transport, be it animal or mechanical. We believe, in short, in the separation between where we are at this moment in physical time and space and where we would like to go.

We also believe, as I have talked about before, in the concept of earning money. But it goes deeper than that. We believe there must be an economy, and that it is somehow bad if there is not one. We believe in trading for goods and services, something of equivalent value. We believe in something called money that has an agreed upon value which can purchase things for us.

As a result we believe we must earn things, work for them. Even those who steal believe that the only way to get something legitimately is to earn it or work for it, and they are choosing not to do so. In some cases they may not have a choice. What if they do not have the money with the collective agreed upon value for whatever it is they need or want? What if they are starving and have no money for food? Cold but have no money for clothes?

By our beliefs as a society we perpetuate a myth, and that myth is that there is something between ourselves and what we desire. It could be distance, it could be the need for an intermediary. But there is always something between you and your desire. That is the myth, and it is a lie.

You are made of the same stuff of the Universe itself. Energetically and even physically in some aspects. Who you really are inside, your Higher Self, your Soul, is actually the Source individually manifested as you, as your physical body. Even your psychical body is energetic before it is physical. Everything in the physical is an illusion. Distance, time – all of these things are illusions. They are physical constructs.

This may be hard for you to understand, so I will simplify it for you. There is a place you want to go. You believe you are in one location in physical space at this physical time, and the place you want to go is at another physical location which would take a certain amount of physical time to get there. If you were to pull out a map you could show me where you are and where this place is that you want to go. You could show me the miles, talk about speed limits and traffic conditions. As far as you are concerned it is very straightforward.

I tell you that it is only your belief in travel, in distance between you and where you want to go, and traveling as the intermediary that will bring you there, that makes it so. If you were able to free yourself of this belief, which is also the collective belief of human society, and just decide to be where you want to go, I guarantee that you would simply show up there. In the blink of an eye, as quick as a thought.

The reason you would be able to do this is because you believe you are here, at this location, right now, and just as you can be here, right now, you can simply be there, in the very next moment from now. Maybe even in the same moment. As I have not figured out how to free myself of these beliefs to practice this myself, I have no idea how it works. But I know it works. It just requires a different way of thing about being somewhere, a removal of the belief in the need for the intermediary of travel.

Likewise the only thing keeping food from starving people is humanity’s collective belief that A. Some have less and some have more and B. An item of equivalent value is needed to trade for something like food. The homeless and poor have little of equivalent value. The homeless and poor believe this, and so it is true. You believe it, and so it is true. The rest of humanity believes it, and so it is true.

But it does not have to be this way. Just as in our example of being in one place then being in another, all that is needed is to remove the intermediary of trade from the equation. The homeless and poor desire food, the next moment they have food. Or even at the same moment of their desire. It can work that way. Humanity just has to collectively stop believing in the separation between a person and something they want, and the need for the intermediary of trade to get it.

You want to help the homeless and the poor? First of all stop seeing them as somehow less than any others. Throw out the labels of homeless and poor. Throw out any belief or idea that there are some with more and some with less. Just throw it out. Next get rid of the idea that things have to be earned, paid for, stolen or worked for. Get rid of the idea that there is any need for anything between someone and what they need or want. Believe that if they need or want it, they are already one with it, they already have it. Then it is up to them to be allowing, open and receptive. It can be right there, ready to manifest in their experience, but as long as they are not allowing it in, they will never get it.

We are all already one with whatever it is we desire. There is nothing between us and our desire except ourselves. For the longest time I believed I had to earn money. I had to work hard for it. That this was somehow admirable and right. This is complete and utter bullshit! It keeps me from the things I desire. How many people work hard all their lives for some ambition or goal, but never reach it? Probably almost everyone who has ever lived. This is carrot-on-a-stick living, and I for one choose to no longer live that way.

When I wanted to go and see Wayne Dyer here in Portland, my earning and hard work beliefs had me helping a couple move two large U-haul trucks over an 8 hour drive away. I accomplished my goal, earning just enough to go. But my motivation for helping these people was all wrong. I see now I was looking to the money I was earning helping them move to pay for the tickets I desired. This sort of confrontational, grasping attitude towards those we purport to help causes them to shrink away from us. We are taught that the loudest bird gets the worm. We are taught we have to speak up and claim what is ours, what we have earned, what we have a right to. We have to stand up for ourselves. But it is all wrong.

I know now that it would have been far, far better if I had helped them out of a true desire to help them, with no goal of earning something I desired through them. If I had just helped them, as long as a genuinely wanted to, as long as it flowed in my life to do so, and not even thought about money or payment. If we act with a generosity of spirit and a true heart of service, most, if not all, people will respond generously. There may be some who would take advantage.

But here is the thing, you can’t be hurt or offended by that if you are not looking at someone as a means to an end, as the source of your supply. When you help someone because you genuinely care and want to help them, whatever they do is ultimately irrelevant. If you can stop looking to them as the source of your supply, you can have faith and trust that the Universe is looking out for you, and will provide.

Furthermore when you work for someone you are usually working for the intermediary, money in this case. Money is not what you desire. There is an item you desire, a circumstance or a situation. Money is a means to an end, that is all. What use is money as food, clothing, or anything else? Maybe its a good fire starter. But it has little physical use, you are always trading it in exchange for something.

I put distance between myself and the ticket I wanted to go and see Wayne Dyer. I believed I had to earn money to buy it. I believed I had to work hard to earn that money. The reality I created for myself was exactly what I believed. I had to earn the money, just enough for the tickets, and I had to work hard for it too. If I knew then what I know now I would have focused on the tickets, not the money to buy them. I would have seen this couple I helped as one possible channel my Abundance could flow through from the Universe.

But I would not look to them as the Source of that Abundance. By not looking to them to be the Source of my Abundance, I would have been able to genuinely help them, and I would not have been attached to them paying me enough to buy the tickets. Look at the word I keep using, even now. Enough. Just enough. I limit myself even now, relegating myself to enough, rather than Abundance.

The point is I would have been genuinely helping them, motivated more by love instead of a goal, and this would have created more of an opening for generosity. Maybe, just maybe, I could have gotten the ticket I wanted and had a lot of money to spare. Maybe I could have accomplished my desire to rent a room in Portland over the weekend. Maybe I could have talked longer to that woman I met at Red Robbin, gotten her number, took her out on a date.

There is a world of possibilities there I closed myself off from because I was focused on earning money, earning enough money to buy a ticket. Because I believed that there was a separation between me and my desire, and that I needed an intermediary, money, to bring my desire to be. Instead of simply wanting the ticket, and allowing myself to have it in the next moment. Or the same moment.

Here’s the kicker… The stuff that makes up everything, you, me and the entire Universe, is infinite. Because at its Source it is energy. Infinite energy, that never dies, it only changes form. So even if every man, woman and child on earth all of a sudden got everything they ever needed or wanted, had every desire granted, it would not deplete anything. The economy may take a hit, sure. But there would still be more to go around as needed and wanted. The Source of everything can never be depleted, and it works outside of physical space and time.

Something I came to understand some time ago, even if every beautiful red-haired virgin on the planet were married or in a relationship, if I wanted one, and was able to simply allow the Universe to provide, it could, in the moment of my desire, bring a child into the world sometime in what I would perceive as my physical past, who could grow up, become a woman, meet me and be the person I share my life with. Doesn’t that idea just boggle your mind?

If more is desired it is provided, instantly. There are no limits in the realm of the energetic which is outside of physical space and time! There are no limits, period! It is only in the physical that we see any constraints, but these are artificial creations, and have nothing to do with our true nature, with our essence, which is the Source of everything in the entire Universe.

It is time to free yourself of these beliefs of lack and limitation. Time to free yourself of these beliefs of earning and hard work as the only legitimate way to manifest things into you physical experience. Time to stop seeing yourself separate from whatever it is you desire. Time to stop believing in that separation, and any need for any sort of intermediary. If you want something, you can have it. You do not need to trade anything for it. If you want something it is yours, instantly, and this does not happen at the expense of anyone else. If you want to go somewhere you are there, the instant you wish to be there.

All forms of lack and limitation exist only in the belief of them. It is really as simple as that.


I was brushing my teeth as I realized something else. Asking is also a form of separation between you and what you desire. If you ask for it, it implies you do not have it. Asking also becomes an intermediary between you and your desire. I think the right process here is to claim it. As you are already one with everything and everyone, simply claim whatever it is you desire. As if it is already yours, has already been provided, and now you are simply claiming it for yourself. I think Emmet Fox talked about this approach in, “Stake Your Claim.”

How Do I Enter A State of Money?

You can’t. It is impossible for you to attain. It has to come naturally. You have to attract money naturally. Some attract money by working, Others steal. You have to find your way to attract (or draw in) money. Like fishing. You have to find the right lure, the one that works consistently for you. And it will only ever be your lure, (used by) nobody else, even through [despite the fact] theirs may be similar. Also it is fishing without seeking the fish. Fishing without chasing after the fist [hunting.] Hunting without chasing.

So then, what is the right bait for you? That is the question you really need answered. How can you make it so money comes to you as easily as it seemed to you to be doing previously, after a long time of asking and wanting but not receiving? What can you do or not do? What did you do then that you need to do now? Or what did you not do that you need to stop doing?

The truth is you have been working on your mindset for a while now. You are getting better at how you think about money – improving in fact. There is not so much of a focus on limitation and lack. This is the design process of the lure. You are making your lure, even as you write this. You have to be patient. It will become obvious what you can do to lure money into your life.

Until then you can always ask me for whatever funds you need or want. I will provide. I may not provide the way you expect or want. You might ask, for example, for the $7.00 for the seminar and book being offered. I might give you a choice. You can spend the $10.00 you got from ____ for ____ or you can ask me. Not use that money and listen to your conscience. There is no judgment, no criticism. Just action and consequence. Your decision will aid in the design of your lure or hinder it. The choice is always yours, that is free will.

Your are disgruntled, caught in a martyrdom loop. You feel you usually do the right thing and what has it gotten you? You are thinking that you will not use the money , not get the course as a result, and nobody will care. There is no reward. No reason to be nice, to do the right thing. To listen to your conscience or follow your heart. So you suffer. You think it would be easier to take what you want. But you are afraid that if you do you open yourself to bad things happening to you, or those you love, and this fear is not ungrounded. But you could still have bad things happen to you and your loved ones, no matter how good you are. You hear stories about what happens to nice people all the time. The truth is that taking what you want has more bad consequences than being nice. Being nice harmonizes you with the loving way of the universe. Ultimately your actions should be based in/on love. Then if bad things happen to you, good things will also happen.

So I may not provide you with $7.00 for the book and seminar. But I might bring the same information, whatever you need from it, if anything, into your life in another way. Because you are not asking for the book and seminar. You would be asking for the teachings of the book and seminar. Even if you were to specifically ask for the book and seminar, you aren’t going to put them in a case and collect them! That is not what you want at all. You thought you would read the book, attend the seminar, watch the videos or listen to the CDs or whatever they gave you. So it is the content you want, not its delivery system. So it may seem as if I did not answer, when in truth I have already set in motion everything needed to give you the information you were asking for.

This is the secret. You may ask for a certain shirt or pair of jeans. What you really want is to either fit in our express yourself in some way. The clothes help you do that, help you define yourself in some desired way by your appearance. I will help you define yourself in whatever way you seek independent of your clothing and physical presentation. In your specific case you want to astral project and lucid dream. What you really want is that adventure, that freedom to explore. Yes, part of it is to explore those realms. But the stronger part is the adventure, the freedom. So I will provide that in some way.

I will always respond to what speaks to me the loudest from inside you. What your heart says over your head. If you understand this, you can get to the root of whatever it is you really want, ask for that, and you will receive it that much quicker. As a bonus I get to choose whatever form I want (which I do anyway) and present that to you. Since you have no expectations in this case, you are surprised, It is like getting a gift that is exactly what you wanted but never asked for. I know exactly what you really yearn for, and I will provide it. I know what form it should be in, how it should come to you, what way you would receive it best – everything there is to know. You just have to trust me. In a way you can think of that as your payment. Not that you owe me anything. But we are trading. Your trust for the object you really want at your heart level.

Truly children have it easier. They can ask Santa Claus (another form of me) for a red tricycle. In this case what they really want might be freedom, independence, adventure, or to fit in, or to stand out. But for them the tricycle is the best form at this stage in their development, So in most cases a red tricycle is what they get, usually through their parents. But I am behind it all, always listening, always watching, always attentive, always receptive, always accepting. I love always and I always will.

So make your request and yes, share these words. You can approach E2 and the sequel now with a new sight/vision. Now you know how to ask for something, and receive it. Now you understand how I will answer. Now you know what I am listening to, what I am tuned in to, when you make your request. You have been honored to receive this information. But you had to be open and receptive to it, so you were, and so you received it. Now share it with others. You have your answer 🙂

I have omitted some personal information. The things in brackets and with forward slashes are like extra words I feel I need to add that way. Parentheses may be something I added, and sometimes is used for proper grammar when I have a bit surrounded by commas that should be replaced with parentheses .

This is from what I call, “The Voice Inside.” I think of it as something like the Christian’s idea of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is supposed to be the voice of God inside a Christian. This Voice Inside is the voice of what I call The Source, my name for what other’s call God. I just started being able to hear it will translating dreams. I have just started, as of today, using it for other things, in this case to answer some important questions.

It is very hard to describe. There are words, I can sort of see them, I know them, what they are in some way. They come out, and they are not my words. I know they are not my words because they write things I may resist writing, and probably would not write. They are not always agreeable to me, ideal to me, in my perception. But the reality is that my perception is wrong. While I can’t be certain. I think these words are Truth. Maybe not absolute Truth, but Truth as I can understand it at this time in my life.

Up to this point in my life I followed the voices of my parents. Then my teachers. Then those authority figures in my Christian faith. Then authors as I left my faith and pursued my own spiritual path. Teachers, through whose books I learned and grew. Through it all I also followed my own voice. These voices brought me here, to this place in my personal and spiritual development. Now I will follow this Voice Inside for a time. I can always choose to ignore this Voice Inside. I can always override this voice with my own. But for now I have decided against that.