Our Mindsets Are Our Greatest Obstacles To Our Abundance

In a little over a month my parents and I will be homeless. Today I learned that one of the families staying here has found a place. I celebrated this, and shared it with my dad. I thought it would encourage him. I mean, if they could find a place, so can we. But he is stuck in a mindset that you have to have money to buy a house. The fact that this couple had money enough to purchase this place seems to confirm that for him. He has no money set aside. I tell him about Downpayment Assistance, but it is like he doesn’t hear me. He usually starts in with his other mind-rut – his credit history.

As we travel around the area I see houses being built. I see subdevelopments that are filled with occupied houses. And I know that statistically speaking, not all of these people had money enough for a down payment. I know of one man who is renting a place, without a job, without any known income, and with a drinking/substance abuse problem. HE has a roof over his head. I point this out to my dad, but it goes right OVER his head. If it isn’t the chestnut, the same old saw, of this man having money from the sale of a house its this man has better credit.

It occurs to me that the people all around us are in a variety of monetary situations. Some have no money at all and no employment. But some of those folk are living happily in their own houses, while others from this same group are living in a homeless camp somewhere. On the other side of the coin there are those with plenty of money and/or a good paying job, who are living on the side of the road, even as some of that same group are enjoying nice new houses. The only thing separating these people is their mindset – the set of their minds. What they allow themselves to have and what they believe they deserve. That’s it.

I honestly don’t think money plays as big a role in getting a house as we are generally programmed from childhood to believe. There are people living in penthouses in New York who do little if any work, and it isn’t because they have a trust fund or come from money. Just as their are artists, dancers and singers working two jobs as they try to get their foot in the door. I am certain that as long as my dad doesn’t honestly and truly believe that he deserves a house, as long as he doesn’t allow himself to have one at any level in his mind, he will not be able to get a house. His fate, and by proxy, mine, is sealed, were I to cast my lot in with his.

I can’t do that anymore. I honestly believe I deserve my own house, my own space. I have worked hard all my life, and if that was any real metric whereby eligibility were granted, the scales would have to be tipped in my favor. I also want one, and am doing my damn best to allow myself to have one. Even without any income – only the future possibility of becoming a well-paid YouTuber, the goal I am working towards right now. The problem is I am infected by the same mind-virus, the same meme, as my father. I contracted the fucking thing from him. I caught myself later in the day, just a little earlier this evening, thinking about how I lost a subscriber at YouTube and doubting that I will ever make it as a YouTuber.

I realized it then and I see it very clearly now that as long as I do not allow myself to “have” success at YouTube, as long as a doubt myself and do not feel I deserve it, or am worthy of it, I will never have it. Ever. I am doomed to fail – in fact I failed before I even got started! I was advised to start a GoFundMe for my folks. Try to raise money to get them a house. I see now that it is useless for me to do so if I continue to think, basically that, “well I can put it up but I don’t think it will do any good.” If I put it up with that mindset, that belief, it will not succeed. That’s all there is to it. I am sabotaging myself and my parents.

I won’t belabor this but to put it bluntly I don’t think I will survive this. I have been fighting this bullshit for a long time now. I can’t seem to get out on the other side. I can’t seem to cure myself of this disease, free myself from this thing that both holds me down and keeps me back. But there is one thing I can do, maybe the only thing of any value I have ever done, and that is to warn you. Buying into the beliefs that were programmed into you since childhood by your authority figures, parents and religion is a dead-end road. You are marching a straight and narrow road from the cradle to the grave. You will have been born only to live a miserable life and then die. It doesn’t have to be that way, but must be as long as you believe it.

Now this may not be a belief you are consciously aware of. How often have you listened to the things you tell yourself? I mean REALLY LISTENED? Is your self-talk supportive or not? Friend or foe or frenemy (foe in disguise.) Are you allowing yourself to do the things you care about or have a passion for? Are you of the mindset that there is only so much to go around and you have to get yours before someone else does, or do you believe in an abundant universe? What are you allowing yourself to experience and to have? A house? A happy marriage? Work that speaks to you or that you can at least tolerate? Do you have money enough to live the kind of life you want to have? How do you feel when you look at something you want and say, “I now allow myself to have this, or something like it.” What kind of people have you surrounded yourself with? If you express some risk you want to take, do they support you or try to stop you?

Don’t wait until it is too late, until those old mindsets, those old habitual patterns, are so deeply engraved that you just can’t find a way out. Break free, rock the boat, shake yourself loose. Stop following everyone single-file to the cemetery. Stop doing what others tell you, stop doing what others want you to do, stop living for others. I have said it before that if you do not fill your cup, you will have nothing to give anyone else. You gotta find your path, and you will know when you are on it, because your old beliefs, your old ways of thinking, will just fall away. You will find real and lasting happiness there. Your life is not something meant to be endured. It is meant to be enjoyed. You are here to experience life and all the Universe has to offer joyfully. Open yourself up to that idea.

The only thing standing between you and something you want are your beliefs and mindset – the habitual way you think. Change your mind and you change your life. Different ways of thinking open up different experiences and options. What are you allowing yourself to experience and to have? Is it what you really want, deep down inside? Take a moment and listen to what that still small voice inside is whispering. The sooner you get started, the easier it will be to choose a way of thinking that supports you and opens you up to new possibilities. You know what happens when you stay entrenched? Literally in a trench? You will either starve to death or you get taken out by enemy fire. Nobody who has ever stayed in a trench, never leaving, has survived.

I fucked up. I tried and quit piano, though I enjoyed it. I tried and quit singing, even though deep inside I want to sing, I want to free my voice without fear or shame. I tried drawing, and despite the fact I have proof I can draw, I still don’t consider myself to be any good at it. I tried mapping for games I enjoyed playing, and quit when I compared my work to others and came up short. I tried programming and couldn’t stick with it. I keep picking up writing and dropping it again. I start a story and quit a couple of chapters in. I tried to meet someone to share my life with, and have long since given up. In fact I went through my entire time at college without really socializing at all – or even trying. I am running hell-bent at YouTube because it is my last hope, and I think it actually might be.

DO NOT follow my example! DO BETTER! Your happiness, your life, literally depends on it!

What “Money Is The Root of All Evil” Really Means

It is time to challenge a belief, a misperception, that many religious people, especially Christians, have about money. The Bible has multiple seemingly negative messages about it, including, “Money is the root of all evil” and “You cannot serve God and mammon (money).” Yet again religious folks, especially fundamentalist religious folks, have taken something the Bible says literally, which was never meant to be taken literally. Let’s sort this out, shall we?

Money is not the issue at all here, even though at a surface level that is what it looks like. In reality the issue is one of mindset. As I have taught many, many times, the things that have power over us only have that power as long as we give it to them. We can give things power over us primarily two ways:
1. By resisting it, which makes it stronger.
2. By “buying” its power, believing in it.

I have only begun to tug at the threads of this thing, so I do not have the entire tapestry yet. But the materialistic system is brilliantly designed. We will use an example with money to illustrate a point. Say you go into town and you see an armored truck. You know there are valuables inside. You also know there are armed guards, protective technologies and a very thick metallic shell you would have to get through to get to the cash.

From the side of those sending the trucks around to collect their valuables, there isn’t really resistance to you stealing them. It is passive only. Because if they resisted you stealing their valuables, you would then have the power. Any resistance of stealing will make the reality of things being stolen stronger. That’s just how things work. They, whoever they are, are well aware of this.

So they pass the buck, figuratively, onto you. As you see that truck, knowing what you know, the power of those things regarded as valuable in our society becomes absolute. You have to “buy in” to the value of whatever is inside, those items which society considers valuable, and once you have done this you perpetuate the materialistic system.

This is hard to grasp and put into words, but I am doing my best. Everything you see on the news, everything you are raised to believe from childhood – all of it is designed to cause you to believe in money, and to make money’s power over you absolute. This, in addition to religion, makes you much easier to control.

Why? Because if you are poor you see money as the only solution. And in some cases it is. If you need certain things, like clothing, food, medicine, etc., you must have money. By this the system is preserved. Even if you were to come into a lot of money, your mindset towards money gives it influence and power over you, so you really do become a slave to the dollar. Society raises you that way.

The only way considered acceptable and realistic to get money is to earn it through a job. Even though  there are other legal and moral ways to get money, once again you “buy into” what you have been told since birth – you really don’t have a choice, so these alternative means of acquiring money appear undependable, unrealistic and unworkable. You can’t have a house unless you have a dependable monthly income, right? No, actually that’s entirely and utterly wrong. But that is not what you believe.

This then is why the Bible says money is the root of all evil. Notice the Bible doesn’t say money is evil. You infer that money is evil because the Bible says money is the root of it. In your literal interpretation of scripture you conveniently forget to also take this part literally. According to the Bible money is the root of all evil. It doesn’t necessarily mean money is evil. I could say the virus is the root of all sickness. But a virus isn’t literally sickness. A virus only leads to sickness, and it only leads to sickness, there is no guarantee of sickness, only the possibility.

Exactly the same is true of money. Money can lead to evil, but it is not evil itself. Money is just some object we all agree to assign a value to, be it a coin or a bill or a gold nugget. It isn’t even the physical object the Bible is talking about here. What the Bible is actually warning is about is our mindset to money. The same applies to the other passage. It is all about mindset, more specifically, the things we believe in and give power to.

We humans, for all our intelligence, are incredibly stupid in certain ways. We say things like, “Guns kill.” No, they don’t. Bullets kill people. But even that is false. Neither bullets or guns kill people. You will never see a gun load itself, aim itself at someone, and then fire. Likewise you will never see a bullet float up by itself, aim at someone, and then hit them.

In fact the only way guns can kill is if they are loaded, and the people who use loaded guns do the shooting. And even that is not entirely accurate. Because in order for someone to kill another person, there has to be a mindset of killing, murder or violence. Guns can do absolutely nothing if the person holding them does not have the mindset, the mentality, to pull the trigger. AND IF THEY DO, IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT IS A GUN, KNIFE, STICK or LARGE ROCK!

The ONLY thing we would accomplish by getting rid of guns is to:
1. Create a HUGE back market for guns and
2. Cause people who want to kill, murder or use violence to use knives.

When it comes down to it, if someone wants to kill another person, a gun only makes it easier and quicker in some ways. They will use anything, including their bare hands, if they really have the mindset to hurt and/or kill. Not only that, the only people who would obey the law and not have guns are innocent civilians who would need them if and when they are attacked. In other words, the “bad” guys will ignore the law and still have guns, and the people that needed guns in order to protect themselves from them would no longer have them.

By this we see that all gun laws are completely useless, an exercise in complete and utter futility. It is our mindset that gives these things power over us. My mindset towards guns is actually not beneficial to me. I am actually empowering those who would pass gun laws by my resistance to gun laws. The only way I could create a reality that is more positive and supportive, of a higher frequency or vibration, is to let go of all these feelings I have about gun laws. But right now, in this moment, gun laws and those involved with that side of this issue have power over me.

The exact same thing with money. Right now society would use two words to describe me. Lazy (meaning I do not have a job and therefore am not a contributing member of society) and poor (meaning I have little or no money.) It is very hard for me to have the experience of abundance and wealth I desire as long as I maintain my current mindset about money, which is what has given it power over me. My mindset causes me to be “closed off” from the abundance of the Universe, and until I “open myself”, by freeing myself of the hold money has over me, I will receive very little if anything from it.

Those who see an armored car and consider robbing it are even more under the influence of money. If they rob the armored car, they will have to use some measure of violence. In this way money is the root of all evil, this is what the Bible is telling us. The things we do for money, when our mindset towards it is influencing our actions and giving it power over us, are evil. Not evil as in literally evil. Evil in this case means harmful to us and others, negative.

Worse, if those who see an armored car consider robbing it, then do so, they make money’s influence and power over them absolute. You can only rob and steal out of a mindset of lack and limitation. By stealing the robbers would continue to have an experience of lack and limitation. They would need to steal more money, and they would be unable to stop, until they change their mindset towards money.

This is why I would not consider stealing. Not because it is bad/good or right/wrong. I could care less about that. It is all about the hold I am allowing money to have over me. A lady I occasionally worked for mentioned some bag of cash that fell out of an armored car recently. She asked me if I would keep the money. I said I don’t think I would, not if it was easily identifiable who the money belonged to.

In fact wouldn’t keep a single bill. I would if the money and the bag had no identifying information, if there was no obvious candidate from which it came parked anywhere nearby. I once picked up a wallet on the bus. I could have opened it and taken any cash inside. But I did not. I didn’t even open it. I just handed it to the bus driver. But if I am walking along, nobody around, and find a $100.00 on the ground, in the middle of nowhere, I will keep it. I would consider that to be something the Universe provided.

My reason for this is simple. I am doing my best to practice of mindset of abundance. That means trusting that the Universe will provide. I often freely give of my money, or share it. I walk a thin line between being free with my finances and being careless. Once again I am practicing a mindset of abundance. In doing these things I am taking back the hold, influence and power I have allowed money to have over me. I seek the freedom to live the life I want and to experience an abundance of all good and desirable things.

If you are seeking this as well, then you must change your mindset towards money, starting with throwing out any literal interpretation of the any holy text, especially the Bible. Just release and let go of all negative and unsupportive beliefs, feelings and thoughts you have about money. As your mindset towards money changes, its hold influence and power over you will loosen. But you have to find a way to practice you new mindset every day. It has to become as natural to you as your former mindset was. When it does you will be finally be truly free.


Why is this so clear to me,
But so hard for others to see?

It is not the bullet which kills you,
It is your body’s resistance to it!

A walled city or a line in the sand,
Means there is something to defend.

If there is something to defend,
Then something can attack it.

The existence of one,
Means the existence of the other.

When we say there is something that can hurt us,
We give an attacker leverage to use against us.

It takes away our power,
Giving it to our attacker.

Where there is no resistance,
There is nothing that can be hurt.

The Problem of Positive Thinking

I am watching a video with Eckhart Tollle and Wayne Dyer. A question about positive thinking has come up. I recall that I talked with someone about this, maybe wrote about this. I feel compelled to write.

In the story of my life, in that aspect of me called ego, identified with my form, when I was a Christian and that was a part of my identity, I was extremely depressed. I had spells of rage, probably because of that depression. I blamed God for all the things He didn’t do or provide. I isolated myself in my room, and glued myself to a computer screen. It should be obvious that in such a state I was not thinking positively. I am trying to think back, to remember how I was then. Because there was no thought that I was thinking positively or negatively. I just thought however it was I thought. I think I went from one thing that made me happy to the next. Constantly looking for things that made me feel better. But I never really thought about how I thought until now.

There came a time, years later, when I started to deal with my thinking. When I addressed my anger. My parents had started a home business, actually I think the first time was my dad. I had gone from living with my family, to living alone in an apartment, to moving in to my grandmother’s house. There, in 2008, things started to change.

Sometime after that my dad started his first business and something compelled me to work on the way I was thinking. I was tired I guess of thinking like I had been. I was tired of being angry and breaking my things. I found that book on lucid dreaming and became aware of other kinds of books outside the fantasy or science fictions stories I liked to read. I think my first positive thinking type book was Maxwell Maltz’s, “Psycho Cybernetics.” Found Dale Carnegie after that I think. The focus became using visualizations to change the way I felt and thought. I had a script for depression where I worked my way out of a swamp, climbing a mountain to a viewpoint at the top. I had a script for taking all the energy of anger and moving it from a volcano to a power plant.

I started training my parents, trying to get them to think differently too. That became a habit. If I caught them saying something negative I would bring their attention to it. I think it has had an effect, however, if you drive at a nail long enough, and if the nail is strong enough, and if you are strong enough in your pounding, you can put that nail through anything! But the change will be exterior, forced.

While I can not say for certain, my parents never made the interior adjustments, of their own volition, to effect any lasting change in them. I do not criticize or judge, I am commenting on what I observe, and this is what I think I see. They might catch themselves saying something negative every once on a while, but as far as I am aware their way of thinking is almost the same as it was all those years ago. However that is their game, their path, the things they have to choose then decide to work through. It is none of my business, I am now aware of this habit in me of correcting them, so I am making the needed changes in myself so that I no longer do that.

Just a few years ago I became aware of Advaita and teachers like Jeff Foster. Things changed again. I became aware of something called duality. The material I had been reading up to that point, and from that point to now, helped me to realize something important about positive thinking. It was brought home when I tried to read something by Robert Schuller. I got a few pages in and I realized how immature this way of thinking is.

The problem with positive thinking is that it is another extreme. If you think negatively, you are at one extreme. If you think positively, you are at another. Somehow you have to be able to allow yourself to feel how you feel, and think how you think, no matter to which extreme your thoughts may go. Part of loving and accepting yourself as you are, which I learned from Louis Hay, is loving and accepting how you are thinking, right now, in this moment.

Jeff Foster taught me the process of Admit, Allow and Accept. As I recall, Thich Nhat Hanh taught me No Attachment, No Aversion, along with Sunyata (Emptiness), Alakshana (Signlessness) and Apranihita (Aimlessness) AKA the Three Concentrations. That paper, put on my ceiling, so many years ago, remains today, though other papers have been added or taken away during my growth process. I likened it to Jesus’ teaching of, “Consider the lilies…”

The Highest Alignment or Highest Vibration state, to use what I am learning from Abraham and Seth, is to apply these to your thought processes. Allow yourself to think freely. Admit whatever it is you are thinking. Accept these thoughts. I see this as embracing them and then letting them go. Do not become attached to them, or adverse to them. If you try to control your thoughts, from being negative to positive, it means you are automatically  and judging them. Ultimately you are criticizing and judging yourself. You can not love and accept yourself as you are if you are criticizing and judging yourself every time your thoughts are not what you want. You can not love and accept others until you love and accept yourself!

Effort or force is not required. Changing the way you think requires effort, it is something you try, so it becomes something you do. Drawing from what Tolle has taught me, you are cementing yourself in time. There is this idea you will be happy, at some point in the future, when your thoughts are positive and completely under your control. So you will never be happy. Happiness becomes a carrot on a stick for you.

“Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not…” The Three Concentrations. Rowing your boat downstream. All meaning the same thing. The solution is not found in the effort. You can’t get there from there. Trying to make yourself think one way or another will bring more of the thoughts you were working so hard against. Better to work with where you are now, at this point in your life.

At this time you may be completely oblivious to these words. Your mindset just doesn’t allow you to become aware of teachings like this until you are ready. But if you have found these words, and are reading them, then you are ready for them. If not, they will be right here, in this form, or somewhere else, from someone else, in another form, waiting for you.

The Abraham teachings show us how our thoughts affect how we feel. If we feel bad, we are likely thinking bad thoughts. If we feel good we are likely thinking good thoughts. The practice then is one of awareness, just as Tolle and others teach. Learning to become aware of how we feel so we know how we are thinking. Learning to become aware of our thoughts. Then applying the Admit, Allow and Accept process to what we are thinking.

We no longer fight our thoughts and the way we are thinking. Instead we become martial artists with our mind, and use its power against it. Not in an effort to defeat the mind. The mind is not our enemy. That is our interface between who we really are and our brain. But to effortlessly free ourselves from the control of the mind. From being controlled or directed by our thoughts. From our thoughts throwing us from one extreme to the other. Because remember our thoughts affect how we feel. So freeing ourselves from the mind’s control allows us to enter a place or state where, as the Advaitist’s teach, we become the ocean, not something tossed about on the waves. Or to use Tolle’s words, we become an aware presence.

In short, there are still thoughts, and there are still feelings from these thoughts, but we are no longer attached or engaged with them. They no longer have the power over us as they once did. We can allow our thoughts and feelings to come and go, being fully aware and conscious of them. We can use whatever is coming and going through our awareness as a sort of compass to see where we are at at any given moment in time. If we have something we would like to accomplish, something to manifest, we can track down any resistant thought to its habitual pattern or belief, then apply the Admit, Allow and Accept process to that, releasing that belief and letting it go. Seeing it like a visitor that has been with us for many years, but now it is time for them to head home, so we gently usher them out the door.

The positive thinking teachings have their place. If you are mired in the other extreme of negative thinking, as I was, you can use that to dig yourself out. But just remember that it is only another extreme. It places you firmly in the grip of duality. Because where there is negative there must be positive, and where there is positive there must be negative. If one mind state exists, the possibility of the other mind state also exists. One state reinforces the other. The more focused we are on the mind state we do not want, the more of that mind state we will have and find others around us have. The practice is one of no attachment, no aversion, to either mind state.

This also means you will be more natural or whole. This is very hard to explain, but there is a sort of artificiality to the positive thinking people. Everything has to be positive all the time. There is no room for things associated with negativity. Someone dies, you have to be positive. You can’t feel sad about it. You loose your house, you have to think positive! Now death is not something to be sad about, still it is the tendency of most humans to mourn.

Anything negative that happens can be seen as a blessing, an opportunity or a chance tor practice. You can’t utilize the whole feeling and thinking spectrum if you are intently focused on one extreme. If you are able to allow negative thoughts, and release the need to have only positive thoughts, you free yourself to feel what you feel and think what you think. You can be Authentic and Honest with yourself. You allow yourself to love and accept yourself as you are, no matter what you are feeling or thinking.

This is what Abraham calls moving downstream. Trying to think in one extreme or the other is rowing upstream. You can’t get there from there. You have to turn the boat around and go downstream. You have to be able to take whatever feeling or thought arises, in each moment, and allow yourself to feel that, to think that, yet at the same time not become attached to it or identify with it, also not to be adverse to it, or run away from it. In this way you use the mind’s energy of producing constant thoughts against itself by freeing yourself of your normal tendency to be caught up in whatever yo are feeling or thinking. If you not longer are attached to or identified with your feelings and thoughts, they no longer have power over you. You are free to choose your response to any feeling or thought that arises.

The kind of thinking you have is not important. But becoming aware of your thoughts on a moment-by-moment basis and learning how to work with them is.


After reading Tolle again this morning I realized something. I am even getting glimpses from my dreams last night, so whatever this is I probably dreamed about it as well. I realized that I am angry, resentful, towards my parents and what I perceive to be, what I think will be, the circumstances of my birthday and Christmas. That I will not be able to go anywhere special or do anything special, and that my parents will not do anything or make even a reasonable effort to shop for gifts.

As a result, in this present moment, I am unhappy. I can almost smell the toxic fumes from my disappointment, resentment, anger, bitterness or whatever else is there. As a result I will experience exactly that I have faith that I will experience. I expect I will do nothing special and go nowhere interesting. It is a groove recorded into my psyche. I have more faith in an undesirable future than a desirable one.

All previous Christmases and Birthdays that I have experienced where I do nothing special and go nowhere interesting are a collective result of one birthday or Christmas in the past where this non-happening happened, and the next birthday and Christmas I assumed would be like the last, and so it has gone on until right now, in this present moment.

It is a residual haunting, repeating over and over and over again. All these negative emotions and mental states sap my energy,drain my ambition, making it hard to think, making it hard to do anything different, making it all but impossible to create another groove that could repeat over an over and over again, this one of a birthday and Christmas where I am completely aware. Where I am abundant, accepting, open and receptive.

Maybe I create a new groove where I always go somewhere special and do something interesting on my birthday and Christmas. Or maybe I do one better, and create this state of such openness, that anything could happen, each year, year after year, and it’s a sort of present I give to myself. Maybe one year I do something or go somewhere. Maybe another I just stay home and enjoy spending time with my family. But as I am fully aware, fully present, the external circumstances will have no effect on my internal state, which will be filled with joy and wonder, which is the idea state for one’s birthday and Christmas, right?

I can not get there from here, unless right here, right now, in this present moment, I release all these emotions I perceive to be bad or negative. That humans generally apply these labels to. That includes anger, bitterness, depression, frustration and resentment. These states are not aware. They are not open. These states close you off. They weave a story about you. Your suffering, what you didn’t get,or what you got that you didn’t want. You you you.

But that is not really you. It is your ego, your story of who you are. The stuff you say to someone when you meet them for the first time. You start with a name and you may follow up with your age, your job, or your religion. None of that is you at all. That is not who you are, and introducing yourself this way is a lie, because you are not telling that person who you really are. You are telling that person who you identify yourself as. You are telling them about you, they are not experiencing the truth of who you are.

The next time you meet someone say, “I identify myself as (my name here). As a part of that identity I enjoy (insert things this identity enjoys) and I work at (insert job here.) Or something like that.

I see what I need to release and let go. I am not entirely sure how to do that. But if I continue as I have been feeling I will create a toxic environment around me and others around me. I will reinforce an outcome I have grown weary of, and in that outcome I will be so totally identified with my ego that I think these things that I perceive to be bad or negative are happening to me, when they are not, they are happening to my ego, the one wearing my name with its own back story.

When I am no longer identified with my ego, as this story of who I am, I will be aware and practicing awareness. I will be free to let anything happen, free to experience the possibility of anything happening. Free of labeling happenings as either negative or positive, good or bad, right or wrong.

If I can accept that what is happening is perfect, just a I am perfect, just as this world is perfect, just the way it is, my circumstances can have no effect on me. I can enjoy that which resonates with this state, and because that state will only attract more circumstances like it, I will naturally, effortlessly flow into circumstances that from the outside, to any observer looking on, are positive, uplifting. It will appear as if there are no limits to the positive experiences I am having, to how wonderfully things are working out for me. But inside that state there is no ego, so there is no comparing/contrasting or criticism/judgment. That state is the freedom to be unaffected by circumstance, which is the ultimate way to attract circumstances that, were you able to form an opinion within in, you would want in the first place.

Now if i focus on this future I perceive to be more desirable, I fall into another trap. I cement myself, once more, in time. Mind and ego are cemented in time. Ego is always looking back at how things were better, or ahead at how things will be better. When teh ego is not looking back at how things were better, it is looking back at how tings were worse, and it is projected into the future who things will be like they have been.

You don’t get to that place, that state, by involving the ego. You get there by not going there. You attain that state by not trying to attain it. You move forward by staying still, right here, right now, in this present moment. You practice awareness now, moment by moment, and through that practice you find you are there. But it all starts, right here, right now. It all starts with practicing awareness, in this moment, moment by moment.

Dealing With The Funk…

Apparent Reality VS Reality

I am reading Adyashanti’s “Falling Into Grace” and at first this text was really speaking to me. But then the author started talking about “accepting what is” and how some things are “immovable and unchangeable.” I disagree, 100%, with this belief. I can easily demonstrate why.

All around me are walls and windows. Someone like Adyashanti may say that the reality is that these objects are solid. You can’t go through a closed window or a wall. That is reality. But this is a false statement.

There is another reality, that the windows and the walls are made of particles and space. That these particles vibrate at a certain frequency, and this is the same frequency my physical form vibrates at. As a result my hand won’t go through a wall because of this vibration.

But there is also yet another reality, that I can affect my body with my mind, so if I could affect the vibrational rate of my body, then I could, theoretically, walk right through a wall or a closed window.

All these “realities” are really only “apparent realities.” Accepting the “reality” of the solidity of closed windows and walls is not really accepting reality. It is accepting a belief about reality. That such things are solid. In truth nothing is immovable or unchangeable, or else it would be perfect. Another author said it best, something along the lines of, “It is only real if it never changes.”

I think it is as foolish to accept an unwanted apparent reality as it would be to fight against it. In fighting what appears to be real we are, in essence, giving it power over us. We are making it more real for us. But in accepting it as real we give it the same power. We never challenge it. By letting things be as they are we are essentially saying that is is OK for these things to be the way they are, when maybe it is not OK. If we are going to accept, admit and allow we should accept, admit and allow everything, including when something is not OK.

A Buddhist monk who sits there as someone prepares to shoot them or cut them in half with a sword because that is the reality of the situation is foolish. They are not giving value to either their life or the life of the one about to perpetuate the act, as every action has a consequence, and murder has a consequence in the life of someone who commits it. The monk should defend themselves or run off. Because it is only an apparent reality that they are about to be killed. As they aren’t dead yet, it is not real. They have just as much chance to escape, or win their freedom, as they do of being killed.

The apparent reality in our American cities is that here are many homeless people. It is foolish for us to simply accept that and say, “Oh well, that’s just how things are.” No, the truth is that this is how you believe things are, and how other people in society believe things are, but this is not the reality, only a collective belief in an apparent reality.

Going out there to feed and clothe the homeless also enforces the apparent reality of homelessness. Because the energy of service draws more service to it, so in truth you create more homelessness by serving the homeless. Also fighting against homeless, trying to remove them from the streets, will only give the apparent reality of homelessness more power.

I think what we have to do here, in this example, is accept the apparent reality of homeless, but not in any way invests belief energy into this state. We acknowledge it appears to be real, that homeless people have come into our sphere of awareness. Then I think the next step is to look inside ourselves. What is being reflected to us outside is showing us something wrong inside, inside each of us individually and inside society collectively.

Addressing whatever it is that is allowing homelessness to appear is how to address the issue of homelessness. Our beliefs about apparent reality that we actually believe are reality, our beliefs about society, our beliefs about the individual’s place in society – these are where the issue of homelessness has been given birth, and until we address this, no matter how much we serve the homeless or throw them off our street homelessness will continue to appear. It points to a flaw in society itself. Exactly as sap coming from a sawn limb points to an injury in the tree, or blood coming form a wound points to an injury in the body.

In the case of our Buddhist monk, an even better tactic of non-resistance is to not even resist the bullet or sword blade! Really! The only way a bullet can pierce or a sword blade can cut is because of our beliefs in what bullets and sword blades can do. These beliefs are reflected in our bodies. We believe the bullet can hurt us, we believe the sword blade can hurt us, so these things can hurt us. But remember, this us apparent reality. It seems to be enforced by all we know about the world around us. But it is not true reality.

In truth the monk can make his body non-resistant to bullets and blades, so that both would simply pass through, leaving them unaffected. It only requires mental training of the ability to use one’s mind to change the vibrational state of the body. Monks are already most of the way there. They have exceptional mental clarity. In some cases they have exceptional body control. This is just the next step in the natural progress of their training.

It is not about defying reality. It is about defying apparent reality. This is done without any kind of seeking, including the seeking of control, and any kind of struggling. You accept what appears to be real, but you also know, with every fiber of your being, that it is only apparently real, that it is not necessarily what is truly real. You become non-resistant to apparent reality, but in this acceptance and non-resistance you still challenge it.

You test it. You ask, is this really real, or is it only apparently real? Do I really know for sure that I can’t walk through this wall or allow the blade to go through me? You can’t honestly say you know this for sure. You can’t honestly say that you have learned everything you need to learn to walk through a wall or allow a blade to pass through you. You can’t honestly say you know everything you need to know. You can’t honestly say you have tried everything there is to try. You can’t honestly say you are no longer investing belief energy into apparent reality somewhere. You may still have deeply ingrained beliefs about apparent reality from society, your family or your culture.

An example is needed here, and we will use the Bible, which may be a fable, or may be false, but for now we will assume that all accounts are true and that there is hidden ,meaning we may not have uncovered yet. Jesus stepped out of a boat and onto the surface of lake or sea, during a storm. He walked on water! The apparent reality is that water is not solid, that you will sink, and when one of his disciples tried it, they started to sink. For a moment they stood on the water as they forgot apparent reality, seeing Jesus out there, walking around, but then their beliefs about apparent reality, literally, began to sink in!

But Jesus invested no energy in apparent reality. He did not fight the water or the waves. He probably did not fight opposing beliefs. He probably accepted everything, allowed everything, but invested no energy at all into apparent reality. So he stepped out and walked on water. If Jesus could walk on water, we can too. We can walk through walls and let blades pass through us. We simply have to invest our belief energy into knowing, having faith, we can, rather than in the apparent reality that we can’t.

Everything Jesus did, everything Buddha did, we can do, and more, without exception. We are limited only by our beliefs. Our thoughts do affect reality, but not directly. First we have a thought, then we choose to believe in that thought or not, then if we have chosen to believe in it the thought it affects our perception of reality.

Jesus probably had a thought such as, “water is not solid, you can’t walk on that, everyone knows that!” but he chose not to believe in it. He chose another thought, probably something like, “Through my father I can do anything, even walk on water.” He believed that thought and stepped out, knowing that the water was a surface he could walk on, and as a result he was able to walk on water It was not a miracle. It was just a different thought, belief and perception.

A teacher like Adyashanti seems to be saying, unless I am misunderstanding him, that we are powerless. That there are things we can’t change, that we can’t control. I say that is absolute bullshit. I say that seeking to control and change things will lead to suffering, same as any seeking, and in that aspect he is correct. I say that accepting apparent reality (and it is all apparent reality at this stage, because it is always changing, all the time) is as foolish as struggling against it. Both approaches give apparent reality power, and take it away from you.

I say that you are not powerless, that you can control and change things. But you don’t do it through seeking or struggle. You change things by seeing them as they appear to be, as they present themselves to you, and then simply choosing not to invest your energy there anymore. Whatever the truth, you have an energy in you that is the same energy in everyone else and the whole of creation. You can interact with that energy using your thoughts, solidify that energy using your beliefs, and through your perception experience that energy in any way you wish.

Here is an even simpler, parting example… Someone comes up to you and spits in your face. You have a thought about this experience. From these thoughts you choose what to believe and that determines your response. If in your culture it is an honor to be spat upon, you have a though that this is an honor, and you smile and say thank you. If you are a descendent of Irish settlers in South Bronx you have a thought that this asshole is insulting you, and you punch him into next week. If you smile at all it’s to show all your teeth in a threatening gesture. If you are a Buddhist Monk you will probably have the same thought as the Irishman, but will still smile lovingly at the person who spat on you.

In this example, whatever you chose to do, you had a choice of action. Thoughts came, you chose which ones to grab onto and then you choose to invest energy into the corresponding belief. That belief, in turn, had a direct effect on your perception of reality. You chose to be honored, insulted, or to simply accept it as what is. You determine what is real for you, which is in fact only an apparent reality. This is your power, to choose what beliefs you will put energy into, and this will directly affect your experience of apparent reality through your perception of it.