The Storm

I enter.

My mom starts talking about
how great and good God is,
the way that tree fell.

I feel such a surge
of hatred, anger and maybe
even a little bitterness.

But I choke back my words,
and say nothing at all because
I don’t want to hurt her.

I exit.

I have come to feel
that everyone is entitled
to their beliefs.

I just wish they would
stop shoving them down,
my throat, smothering me.

Is it too much to ask
that you respect my right
to believe as I wish???

I am doing that for you,
though your unquestioning,
sheep-like behavior wounds me.

When will humanity evolve
past the need to define God
and simply accept things as they are?

When will they let go
of the old, the outdated,
beliefs of others, long dead?

Will they ever learn
to define God for themselves
and respect each person’s experience?

The wind rages, trees fall,
limbs are blown across the lawn,
reflecting the storm within my soul.

On Consciences, Psychopaths and Sociopaths

I have had some questions in the back of my mind for some time now, regarding this thing called a conscience and those who are said to have been born without it. Something I read not too long ago led me to believe that a conscience is not natural at all. Nobody is born with it. The more I think about it, the more I am certain a conscience is a lot like software. It is conditioning, and for most humans the conditioning or programming takes. But for a few it does not.

This brings up an important question… Is every human being who does not accept the social conditioning or programming of a conscience become sociopathic or psychotic? Is the fact that someone sees no difference between bad or good, right or wrong, and feels no empathy towards others, a guarantee that they are going to go around killing people? Is it true that someone without  conscience has no feelings at all? Or is our society, through our media, trying to convince us that anyone who doesn’t have a conscience is bad, or broken, or a monster?

The conscience is yet another control mechanism, installed in children by those who raise them. Our society is obsessed with controlling the behavior of others. Once you have a conscience installed, the next step is to install a religion. Between these two most folk can be depended on to behave in ways that society finds acceptable. The few “bad apples” can be thrown out.

But what if I don’t want to install a conscience or a religion into my children? What if I want to raise them knowing that there is, in fact, no such thing as good or bad, right or wrong? What if I want to raise them to listen to the hearts, their inner voices, and to turn inwards instead of trying to control things from the outside? If I were to succeed in this, would I be raising monsters? Incapable of living among other humans, likely killing at first by accident then on purpose, not knowing why everyone tells them killing is wrong, not even understanding what the word wrong means?

Or would they simply not have the desire to kill? Maybe the desire or drive to kill is separate from not having a conscience or any empathy towards others.

What are your thoughts on this?

I may have more to say later…

Song of the Unicorn

Today I reclaim my horn
and proclaim myself
to be a Unicorn!

Whatever the truth may be,
be I Unicorn or Donkey,
I will be me!

I will be free and I will make
my life as enjoyable
as it can be!

No more hiding in Donkey’s clothes
I will polish my horn
until it glows!

I no longer care what others say
I will never again hide
my horn away!

I now embrace my horn,
and live my life
as a Unicorn!


Dedicated to Mia Michaels, author of A Unicorn In A World of Donkeys:


Never Born

How easy it has become
to turn away from pain
to set my face as stone!

I have kept all my pain inside
I have held back all the tears
that wanted to be cried.

I have not given myself
any space in which to cry,
given up, wanted to die.

But now I am releasing
all that I have been holding,
inside my heart and spine.

Because if there is no release
physical issues will manifest
and there will never be peace.

So today I give myself all
the space I need to mourn
every dream never born.