Criticizing and Judging VS Acceptance and Allowing

So I have taken up typing again in an attempt to learn a new keyboard. In an effort to diagnose any issues with my connectivity, I wanted to take a moment and write something here.

I was taking care of the dog, and I caught myself in the act of criticizing and judging. I realized that there is no difference between me and another person who lives here. She is overtly critical and judgmental, I am covertly that way. I realized the reason this person is in my life is because that is the frequency or vibration I have been operating at. I have been critical and judgmental, just not aware of it, not really. Maybe there have been previous moments of lucidity, of awareness. But maybe this was the first time I had become truly aware of my hidden (from conscious awareness) critical and judgmental nature.

The reason these people are in my life is because of the way I am, and even going over this is more criticism and judgment, towards them and myself. Then I realized something else, what criticism and judgment actually is. It is a “pushing away from.” It is a way to distance, segregate, and separate. But when we do that, we are not accepting or allowing. We can not accept ourselves if we are constantly criticizing and judging ourselves,. We are not accepting others if we are criticizing and judging them. To accept someone is the opposite of criticizing or judging them.

Now think how this applies to other areas of your life. In what other areas are you criticizing and judging? Money perhaps? Do you have criticisms towards money, or judgments about it? If you do, then you are not accepting money, and if you are not accepting money, you are not allowing it into your life. The energy of it is blocked for you, so the physical form (currency) is not showing up. At least not like you want it to. You are working very hard to get something that you are pushing away! Any hunter will tell you that chasing after your prey will all but assure you will never catch it.

So how do we stop criticizing and judging? Simple. We become aware that we are doing it. We can practice being aware of when we are about to criticize or judge, and with practice, we can choose not to criticize or judge. What we need to do is not that complicated. But even though it is simple, it remains very difficult, because your egoic self will try very hard to lull you back into autopilot so it can retain control. You have been sleeping at the wheel for a long time, and your ego has been driving your life. Is your life something you are happy with? I know mine isn’t. So I want to start taking the wheel and see where it will end up if I am driving. But this takes one more thing, and that is being present.

So yes, you will have to find a way to practice being present. You can’t sharpen your awareness and weaken the ego’s grasp without it. The ego’s power comes from you staying asleep, always dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. BTW, this is why all “manifestation teachings” instruct that you don’t worry about the how. That is just a form of worrying about the future, meaning that you are identified with the ego and under its power. As long as you are under the sway of the ego, your natural state of abundance remains blocked.

It is only in the present moment is the ego’s power weakened, and you have a chance to regain control. A typical form of practicing presence is known as meditation. I know you have heard of that by now. But ANYTHING you can do, where you can focus on your body, whatever it is doing, whatever position it is in, whatever breathing is occurring – if you can do something and just tune in, that can become a away to practice presence and sharpen your awareness. You could do this while washing dishes. Or writing. Or a myriad of other task you may do throughout your day.

If you are struggling to manifest money, this may be the one thing holding you back. Discover your real feelings and thoughts towards money. Free write or stream of consciousness write about it. No editing, no holding back. Get real with yourself. If you see anything there that is not simple acceptance and allowing, you are closed in those areas, in those ways, to money, and the only way to bring money into your experience is to open up. As I have said before, every flower opens in faith that the bee will come. It is only in opening that a flower can receive. It is also in only in opening that the flower can share its beauty with the world.

The sun is shining.

It is time to open.

Failure Is A Judgment

According to Wayne Dyer, “…failure is an illusion. No one ever fails at anything. Everything you do produces a result.” and “…failure is a judgment. It’s just an opinion.”
Wayne Dyer, 10 Secrets for Success An Inner Peace

I never realized the truth of this until I read those words. For so long I have thought of myself as a failure. I made this acceptable by precluding it with, “in the eyes of society” or “according to society.” First of all, how in the hell do I know what society, as a whole, actually sees me as, if they even see me at all? Am I so important that everyone is looking at me, labeling me a failure or success? Likely not.

OK, maybe I am referring to those people around me then. But even in that case, I have no way of knowing how anyone truly feels or thinks of me. And putting that aside, failure or success is a frame, a way of perceiving myself and my value, a judgment call. It has no actual basis in reality at all. Even someone who sits on the couch, smokes weed drinks beer and plays video games all day is successful at sitting on the couch, smoking weed and playing video games all day!

What does it say about us, that we would look our noses down at another, at the way they live, and derive any feeling of satisfaction by thinking we are better than them? Who is looking down their noses at us? Who is looking down their noses at them? Why do we torment ourselves and others in this way? I am beginning to see that social pressure is no better than peer pressure, which is really no better than bullying.

We do not have to measure up to ANYONE’S standards! Not even our own! It is our choice, our decision! Don’t BS me by telling me, “I have no choice!” Fuck that! You do and you know you do! You can tell whoever it is to FUCK OFF in whatever way feels best to you. God will not smite you down, the earth will not stop turning, and the stars will continue to burn. The only thing that will change is that you will have taken the very first step in learning to respect yourself.

I an done with looking at others and criticizing and judging them. I have no goddamn right! Even when it comes to the worst examples of human monsters in the history of our race. I have to learn, I am learning, that we are all physical manifestations of God, and we all have our own paths to walk. This life is a classroom and a game all rolled into one. It is not meant to be taken seriously, nothing done here matters and has any consequence outside of the physical realm.

We may do something in this life and die, believing we are bound for hell, and we may die and end up in a place that meets our deepest, darkest imaginings of what hell is like. But at any point we can wake up, leave, and choose another experience. We get what we ask for, whether we want it or not. We choose, we decide, and our experiences reflect our beliefs and expectations. They are framed by our perceptions. The world looks like, and to us is, exactly what we really believe it looks like, and is. But few of us really see the world in its true form, outside of any frame.

What was it Edison said? Something about he didn’t fail 10,000 times to make a light bulb, he just found 10,000 ways it didn’t work? We take an action and this produces a result. It is up to us to call the result a failure or success. Or to buy into others defining it as a failure or success. That is our choice, it always has been and it always will be. We decide how to frame things, how we will perceive them, consciously or not it is always our choice, always our decision.

I don’t know about you but I am making a choice, a decision, right now to stop berating myself and calling myself a failure. My experience of life right now is not, in my opinion, in my perception, great. I don’t need to make it any worse by judging myself as somehow inadequate, or lacking, or worthless. I might be living on the side of the road or under a bridge a month from now. I don’t know what the future holds. I will try to create a better life experience for myself. But wherever I end up, from this moment on, I refuse to call myself a failure, or looser, or anything like that. I am done with that. How about you?

Something To Think About

What I am about to say has been inspired by Mike Dooley’s book, “Manifesting Change.” I am directing it primarily, or maybe especially, at Christians. My goal, as always, is to pry open your mind, as much as you are willing to allow me to.

My intention is that you learn to think for yourself, that you stop believing in something just because that was the way you were raised or because you have always believed it, and you stop assuming that just because you believe something that everyone in your life has told you is the truth that it may not necessarily be so.

I wrote this down yesterday in my notebook. I will from here on quote mostly from what I originally wrote…

If, “…in the beginning was God…” then, before the creation of the time and our world only God existed! Everything was God, only God. No other materials could exist to work with.

That means everything that Christians believe God created, that they refer to as God’s Creation, has been made from God. Period. End of story.

That means everything and everyone are all parts or aspects of God. As we are all a part of God, we are all connected to each other, this world, and God. God is our Source of being.

In this way then we are, literally, God, or, if you prefer, individual manifestations of God.

These statements may have made you uncomfortable. That is good. It is never good to be comfortable with your beliefs, faith or religion. These should always, without exception, be questioned. Otherwise you risk making them a part of your identity. As I have learned personally, if you leave come to a place where you have to leave the beliefs, faith or religion you have identified with behind, it can be an excruciatingly painful experience.

Let us take these statements a little further…

If we are a part of God, or an individual aspect or manifestation of God, or are God, then, ultimately, we can do no wrong. So why do we believe in karma, judgment and sin? Why would God eternally condemn or punish itself?

We can do no wrong, because even if we did the worst thing imaginable and killed hundreds of people, we have only killed hundreds of individual aspects or manifestations of God. When you cut yourself and bleed, you kill hundreds, maybe thousands, of cells and things that live in your blood. Are you guilty of their murder? How could God be guilty of killing physical aspects and manifestations of itself? Also keep in mind that in death only the body dies, so the real person experiencing life through that physical form is unaffected.

Death is only a changing of focus, a transition. It is no worse than taking off a pair of glasses. God is experiencing life through you, thorough your physical form, as an individual aspect or manifestation of itself. Your body, ultimately, is nothing more than a pair of glasses, or, if you prefer a sort of “real world” virtual reality helmet. God is experiencing itself through you, through your unique physical perspective.

If death is the worst thing we could think of, and we can see now that it is death only pf a physical form, not the real person (Christians certainly believe this) then how could we, how could God, condemn itself to hell? This is for the worst offenders according to the perspective of most people. If God would have no reason to condemn the worst offenders to hell, why would it condemn the least offenders, say those who simply chose not to be Christians?

We will stop here. I have given you a lot to think about. Be with whatever it is you are feeling right now. Feel what you feel, be authentic and honest with your feelings. They will guide you as you think about what you have read here.