What Was Forgotten

All manifested form, all energy given form, is a creation of the formless, the energetic. As the energetic in its purest state is love, it naturally seeks to express itself. The most natural means of expression is through creation. We are the creative expression of the formless, the energetic.It is as if an artist is painting a scene, wondering what it would be like to be there, so they enter the painting. But they forget that they are not the painting, that they are not the painted scene. That in reality they are the one painting the scene. They are the artist, not what the artist is painting.

This world is the playground of the formless, the energetic. It has entered into the world it has created through us. It experiences the world it created through us. It does so out of unconditional love and joy. It is unconditionally loving, naturally joyous, creative and adventurous. Our lives are its adventure, our world is its creative expression.

We are both the artist painting the scene, and the adventurer exploring it. But so many of us forget that we are connected to, one with, and in fact are the artist. In forgetting we are the artist, we forget that this life is supposed to be an adventure. In this forgetting most of us loose our joy, although a few find it in their creative expression.

The formless, the energetic, is having fun. When it enters its creation to experience it through us it is playing. Very much like an actor playing a role. But many of us forget we are playing a role and instead become identified with it. The true cause of suffering is twofold:

1. We forget we are the artist exploring their creation.
2. We forget we are playing a role, and instead become identified with that role.

We could sum it up by saying that all suffering is the result of our forgetfulness. Because it is only in our forgetfulness that we harm this world and each other. This is why we are not punished for what we do in our lives. Could you, while being loving, punish a child for forgetting something? No, of course not. Not out of love. It is even more so for the formless, the energetic, as it is unconditionally loving.

When motivated by love you would not punish another for being forgetful or unaware. You might be able to do so from a place outside of love. But in the formless, the energetic, there is no place outside of love. Love is all there is. It is complete, total and unconditional. You could say, in fact, that the formless, the energetic, is nothing but love. Love in its purest, undistilled, undiluted formless state.

Any form is made from the formless, the energetic, and all form returns to its natural formless state. All things come from formlessness to form, to return to formlessness. As the canvas of a artist is the focus for their creative expression through painting, so all form is the canvas of the formless, the energetic, through which it focuses its creative expression. Unlike the artist, where the canvas, paint, paint brushes and scenery are all separate from them, all form is made of the stuff of the formless, the energetic.

That is why it is accurate to say you are connected to God, one with God, and God. God is just an idea you have about the formless, the energetic. It is just a label, a name, you give to that which has no name and can not be labeled. Whatever name or label you use for the formless, the energetic, you are that. You are made of that, you are connected to that, you are one with that, you are that. You are the creative expression of that, and you are that which is creatively expressing itself.

It is pointless to argue over what it is, because the formless, the energetic, is not only your idea of it, it is also, at the same time, the ideas of everyone else. There is nothing contradictory here. Because all ideas come from the formless, the energetic. There is no one way to remembering what has been forgotten. There are infinite ways to remembering. Each individual expression of the formless, the energetic, will find its own.

You can not describe or know the energetic, the formless, any more than you could describe or know a distant mountain that you have never seen. Even if someone were to describe it to you, perfectly, without the bias of their perception (which is impossible), you still would not be able to truly describe or know the mountain. Even if you were to see a picture of it in a book, or to read about it, you still would not be able to authentically, truly describe it or know it. The only way you could ever authentically, truly describe it or know it is to go there and see it for yourself.

If you can not authentically, truly describe or know something in the world of form that you have never experienced with your physical form or seen with your physical eyes, how would you ever be able to authentically, truly describe or know something in the formless, the energetic? You can not. The only way to truly describe or know the formless, the energetic is to experience it for yourself. The descriptions of others, the experiences of others, are not enough.

That is why it is so pointless to fight over what are considered to be holy books. The experiences of others are meaningless to your experience. A holy book may bring you to where you experience the formless, the energetic for yourself. But at best it is a guide. At worst you substitute the experiences of others for the Truth of the formless, the energetic. But it is not the Truth, because it is not your truth. The closest to the Truth any of us will ever come is when we experience the formless, the energetic, for ourselves. But that will only ever be our truth, and not the Truth.

It is time to remember what has been forgotten. You are not only a creative expression of the formless, the energetic. You are not only the role that you play. You are formless, the energetic, creatively expressing itself through you, and experiencing its creative expression through you. You are the artist, the canvas, the painting, the paint brushes and that which is being painted. There is no separation between the formless, the energetic, its creative expression, and you. Only in your forgetfulness do you experience the illusion of separation. Only in your forgetfulness do you suffer.

It is time to remember.

Apparent Reality

This post may be a little rough. Writing it tired and not all my thoughts are clear. But I feel it is important enough that I must write abut it.

I was listening to the news the other night. They were talking about the upcoming heat wave in my area, how the police were afraid of people going to the river to cool off. There have been drownings, not only that, but the water is lower than usual so “owners” of “private property” along the rivers are dealing with people crossing what they consider to be their land when their intertubes shred, leaving them stranded.

My initial reaction was to hear this and all I could think was, “How long until they make it illegal to play in the water?” Not those exact words, but along those lines. But then I realized something.

It occurred to me that this is exactly what the news wants the reaction of its viewers to be! Perhaps not the news reporters directly, but the people in charge of this television station and the news station. In other words, those with a lot of influence, money and power. The CEO types.

The question is why would they want to influence the viewers not only of their news programs but also through what is shown on TV in this way? On TV the whole good VS evil thing is constantly perpetuated. There are always bad guys (those in the wrong) and good guys (those in the right) with little variation in theme.

The only answer is that they know something I have shared with you here a few times before. Wen we resist something, we give it our power. We make it stronger. We give it power over us. What is going on here is that these people have some sort of agenda. They want us to not swim in the rivers of our communities. They want is to stay off “privately owned” land. They want us to take sides when we watch a TV program, to continue to believe in the good VS evil paradigm.

Now I have placed owned and private property in quotes because I have come to the decision that nobody can own land. They can use paper to pay for it and get paper that says they own it. But it is all complete and total bullshit. Nobody can own anything on the earth. Everything you think you own will no longer be yours when you leave the physical through death. Even if you passed it on to your family, in a few years or decades it will pass son to someone else. Before you “owned” the land someone else “owned” it, and before that someone else, and when we get back far enough the Native Americans lived on it. We took it from then, sooner or later someone will take it from us.

You do not have the right to say you “own” anything in the natural physical world. I don’t care if you have a paper that says you do, or used paper to buy it. Ownership is only a societal construct, and agreement between people in society. I will allow you to claim your “ownership” of your land. But I will also practice civil disobedience and walk on it if I have any reason to do so. If I am hungry I will pick some things to eat. If I am traveling somewhere and it is convenient to cross your land I will. If you send dogs or guards after me I will defend myself.

I will not damage or destroy your land. I will be a responsible guest, uninvited or not. I will leave no trash behind. I will even pay for what I harvest with that paper you think is worth so much, if I have the paper to pay you. I will not harm or threaten you or your family in any way. But I will not heed your no trespassing signs. I see what you and others like you are doing to the earth, and I do not approve. I will not have you tell me where I can or can’t go. Enough ranting…

The point here is that someone, likely a group of someone’s, has an agenda. They have figured out that resistance to something makes it stronger. So they are using that against people. The solution is very simple. Stop watching TV or listening to the radio. But if you can not do that, then the next best thing is to be aware of your response to what is portrayed on the screen. If you feel yourself resisting, let it go. Understand that the reality thus portrayed is only apparent reality.

If there is a reality where people are drowning, there is also a reality where people are becoming skilled swimmers, where programs to help them become this way are freely and readily available, where water safety is practiced and taught (but never legally required), where people want to learn about water safety, where they want to learn to swim better, and in this way nobody is at risk when swimming in open waters.

Where one reality exists, so also exists the potential, if not the actuality, of its opposite. For every person who has drowned at least 100 have swum without incident. For every shredded tube and trespasser at least 20 people have made it downstream and crossed at only public areas. For every concerned police officer over safety are those officers who know how to keep people safe while supporting their right to have fun. They are smart enough to know that people need their freedom, and willing to do their job to keep them safe while they are enjoying themselves. Do you understand now?

This is very important for you to grasp. The world you interact with using your physical sense is not real! It is an illusion! Becoming attached t any illusion for the sake of other illusions is sheer idiocy. As intelligent, spiritual people our task is to look beyond what appears to be reality, what is masquerading as reality, exactly as we would do when the news tries to sell us one viewpoint. We stop, a let go of our resistance, and we think about the other equally viable viewpoints that come easily and readily to mind.

I am learning, understanding more and more, that what I experience in the physical world is an exact reflection of my beliefs. My inner world. My thoughts. I do not have to accept apparent reality. I do not have to accept reality as defined by others. I can look beyond, past and through that to the reality I want to experience. What is really just choosing the illusion I want. Because at the root of everything is Source, whatever you want to call that energy that exists in everything.

So if I do not like the reality of children and teens drowning in the rivers, I ignore the apparent reality of issues of safety. Instead, I focus on what I want, and what I want is programs in every city in America next to any major watersource, that are free, supported completely by donations and volunteers, that teach swimming skills and water safety.

But that is not enough. Not only do I need to envision this, and do so on a regular basis for a few minutes a day, I have to feel from that place, see from that place. How would I feel when in just a month I could watch the news every day and not hear a report of a single water related death or accident? How would that feel? Pretty good, right? What would such a place look like? People having fun swimming n our lakes and rivers, whole families, even little children, enjoying the water without serious incident.

So, in the face of what I am hearing on the news now, I think about how I would feel if I didn’t hear that on the news then, and I visualize in my mind’s eye what then looks like, as opposed to focusing on the images that may be shown now.

We have a choice, in each and every moment, to listen to what others are saying around us, or what is being said on the news, to resist or run away from that, which gives it power over us, to buy into it, which reinforces it and keeps it from changing, or to let it go in one ear and out the other. Choosing instead the reality we desire instead of the reality we are hearing about or experiencing.

Whoever they are, whatever their agenda may be, that is only apparent reality. A no trespassing sign is only apparent reality. Rules and regulations we do not want and did not vote for is only apparent reality. Nothing is set in stone. The only things that never change are those things that are Real, and absolutely nothing in the physical world is real. It is all illusion. Even if someone shoots you in the head, that bullet is only an illusion. I have said it before and I will say it again…

It is not the landing after the fall that kills you, it is the resistance to whatever you land on. It is not the bullet that kills you, it is your body’s resistance to it. But it goes further than that. Your belief is what energizes things in the physical world. Your thoughts are what make things real in your experience. You are only going to be in a situation where someone would be shooting you if your beliefs and thoughts were of the frequency to draw that situation to you. Otherwise you would never encounter such an experience. Your beliefs in the illusion of the bullet are what enable it to kill you.

It makes me think about something I read in the graphic novel series Unwritten. There was a part when Tom, the main character, was in a story. He discovered that the more he focused on anything in the story, the more real it became. This story happened to be taking place in a city during the time of the Nazi’s, and one of the officers, realizing he could not hurt Tom until he focused on him, got Tom talking to him and focusing on him until he was real enough to shoot Tom. Until that time the bullets would have had no effect. I leave you to track down the story and read it if you want to learn what happened.

It is exactly this way, to a far more seemingly mundane extent, in the physical world. And your focus is mostly unconscious. When you become more aware and conscious, you can shift your focus more easily. Most of the time the majority of people run around on autopilot, barely aware of what they are doing or the world around them. But unconsciously they are still focused on and invested in the illusion. As we become more aware and conscious, we can more deliberately focus, and this allows us to choose the illusion we want to manifest, instead of the illusion we have subconsciously manifested around us along with the rest of humanity.

There is still much to this I do not, yet, understand. But as I learn more I will share more. The main thing I wanted you to take away from this is that you are not powerless, you can change the world, and the process is a lot easier than you probably thought possible. Just see the world as you would like it to be in your mind’s eye, using your imagination. Feel from that place, see from that place. If all you can do is feel that is perfect. The seeing just allows you to put yourself in it. Makes it more real. But the feeling is the most important. Do that, on a regular basis, say at least 5 days a week for 5-10 minutes a day, and you will see that what appeared to be realty will begin to shift, if it doesn’t change outright.

You don’t have to buy in to the stories told by others, or how things are. Do the best you can with what you have, but if you don’t like the story, simply rewrite it. Don’t resist the story you are currently experiencing. Leave it alone and place all your energy on your story, the one you want to experience. That is your power, and nobody can ever take that from you.

It Is Time To Open

In doing things that we think of as requiring ability, skill or talent to do, we are like a flower. Some of us may bloom part way, never quite committing to our fullest potential. Some of us, while budded, may look around at others who have bloomed, and assume we can not bloom as beautifully, so we don’t even try. But how can we know what is inside of us unless we open and allow it to come out?

There is no ability, skill or talent to our blooming. Everyone is a flower, everyone can bloom, everyone has beauty inside that they can let out. Everyone has their own unique inner color and form. Nobody has a better color or a better form. We might perceive the blooming of another to be more beautiful in comparison to another or ourselves. We would refer to such a person as having ability, skill or talent. But that comparison exists only in our perception.

To whatever or whoever we call God, who walks among us and is the energy inside us that connects us all to each other, we are all, each and every one of us, bloomed or not, loved, exactly as we are. Whoever or whatever we call God does not love the ones we perceive to be beautiful more. Whoever or whatever we call God does not love the ones we perceive to be ugly less. When we see ourselves as beautiful or ugly, as having ability, skill or talent, or not, whoever or whatever we call God does not see this. Because whoever or whatever we call God knows exactly what we have inside.

When you approach something that really compels you, really draws you, really interests or speaks to you – something you have always wanted to do, something you may have enjoyed doing in the past, something you feel you would enjoy doing now, maybe even something you enjoy doing – that is the right time to throw out all your beliefs about ability, skill or talent. That is a good time to allow yourself to do whatever this is to your fullest potential to do so, in your own unique way.

For me there are two things that fit this description. Drawing and singing. What is it you hear about both of these? That you have to practice a lot, that you have to train yourself, right? Also that there are these things called ability, skill or talent, and that you have to have one of these draw or sing. It is easy to justify the belief in these things. If I sat down and tried to draw something I would think of as beautiful and technically proficient, in other words, if I were to sit down and try to create a drawing that would look photo realistic (photo realism being the ideal of perfection) but only managed to do something simple, maybe a step up from a stick figure, I would assume (and most would say correctly) that I have no ability, skill or talent for drawing. Or, if these others are a little nicer (or they want money from me) they would tell me something like, “All you need is training. Practice drawing every day and you will get better!”

This is what usually happens when us flowers converse among each other. When we are younger we draw to the best of our ability. But as we get older and continue to draw the same way be come to believe we can not draw. When we are younger we sing and we don’t care who is listening or how we sound. As we grow older, if we are lucky not to have others criticizing us, we hear ourselves and are not happy that we don’t sound like our favorite singer, our idol, at the time. In both cases we give up. It is always due to criticism, from others, from ourselves, or from others and ourselves. We never allow ourselves to draw or sing as beautifully and uniquely as only we can. We never fully open, never showing our inner beauty to others, never allowing the light outside to come in. It is only in openness that the light can come into us, and it is only in openness that we can show our unique beauty and form. It is only when we are fully open that we can do that thing we want so desperately to do to the fullest of our ability, in our own unique way.

What I have been doing, after reading, “Illusions” by Richard Bach (in reference to when Shimoda picks up the guitar at the hardware store) is allowing myself to draw. I used to say to my highest ability, but I see the belief systems embedded there now, so I think a better way to say it is to my fullest potential. Or I could keep it simple, I am allowing myself to draw. There is this desire however that has me wanting to draw masterfully. I can already draw. I am not happy with my drawing at this point. I assume that I am not allowing myself to draw to my fullest extent or potential. I believe, still, that practice and training are required to draw what I would call well. But, to paraphrases Shimoda, “Then that is exactly how it will be.”

If I believe I must practice and train myself to open fully to my drawing, and my singing, if I believe it must be hard, that I must work for it, as society and the world, for the most part, says it does, then I will have to practice and train to get better. It will be hard, it will be work, I will have to work at it. Also, there is a limit to what I can do, based on the concepts of ability, skill and talent. My vocal range can only go so far. Any singing teacher would tell me this. I could go to a doctor and get a professional opinion regarding it. It seems logical, it must be right. Right?

Wrong. It is all only what I call an “apparent reality.” The “real world” is an illusion, and all “apparent reality” is a part of that illusion. It is reality as defined by the perceptions, collectively and individually, of others. Of the majority, in most cases. It is called reality because, “It has always been that way” or “It as been that way for as long as I can remember” or because “That was how I have been taught” or because “I have a degree that says it is so” on and on it goes. But no reality is really real, it is only apparently real, only as real as we collectively and individually choose it to be. Another possible reality is that everyone can draw or sing, regardless of ability, skill or talent, and without any prating or training.

We live in dualism, which means that if one reality exists, so does its opposite. If there is a reality where we have to learn to draw and sing, where we have to practice it to get better, and we are limited by ability, skill or talent, then there has to exist another reality where none of this is true. You can’t get around it. If you believe in good then evil also exists for you. No matter how much you may deny it. Where one thing exists, so exists its opposite, this is the law of dualism. Where there is something you love, there also exists something you hate. Where there is something you desire, there also exists something you do not desire.

Richard Bach demonstrates this beautifully and simply by his character Shimoda, picking up the guitar, and playing it in such a way we would define it as beautifully or skillfully. But Shimoda had never played a guitar before in his life. He had no ability, skill or talent, no practicing or training. He wanted to play, so he picked up the guitar and allowed himself to play. This is what I am doing in regards to my drawing. What I will do in regards to singing. I am allowing myself to do it, and gently but persistently removing any beliefs to the contrary. I am determined to open fully, to no longer be partly open. To allow myself to do all the things I have always wanted to do, whatever they are.

Why do we choose to believe that we must have ability, skill or talent? That we have to practice and receive training in order to do well? Does a flower need ability, skill or talent to open? Does a flower have to practice openness? Does a flower have to be trained how to be open? No. Flowers open naturally. In fact nothing could be more natural for a flower. It is the same for us. Our opening is just as natural to us as our breathing. We have no more need for ability skill, talent, to practice or be trained, to open than we need them to breathe.

I am already doing this in my writing. Although you could argue that I have always had a natural penchant for it, that I have always been good at it, that I have been writing for years so I have a lot of practice, all that would produce is technically perfect writing. It is writing most people would look at all think of as good. But it is not easy, flowing, natural writing. It is not writing would contain all my unique beauty and form. It is not writing from inside of me, maybe a natural flow from my Higher Self through me.

Maybe the difference is not detectable. Maybe only you, the reader, will notice any sort of change. But on my end I can tell you the writing I am doing right now, in this moment, feels better. It feels higher somehow. It feels more free and open somehow. That is writing coming from a full blooming, a full blossoming of my expression through words. Allowing the light to come in and go out from my unique beauty and form.

This is how I wish to draw and sing. This is how I wish to do everything that I have even the remotest interest in. From dancing to barefoot running. Whatever it is I want to do, I wish to do it from a state of full openness. It is this state of full openness I seek to, that I wish to, guide you towards. Somehow, I don’t know how (and the how is not my business anyway) I will do so.

It is time for a new way to teach, not a teaching that implies others must be trained. Not a teaching that requires training. But a teaching that guides, a teaching that brings a remembering, because you all already know everything I have said to you here. At some level, deep inside, even though you may choose to ignore it or may not recognize it, you can feel the validity of everything I have said to you here. You are beginning to remember, and in that remembering, you will open.

So the kind of teaching I wish to do is a guiding to your opening, in the familiar guise or role of a teacher. Someone you may see as having great ability, skill or talent, showing you how a thing such as drawing is done. But I would have no great experience, no professional training. I would not be practicing every day. I would simply be expressing myself through drawing, whenever the desire for expression comes to me, and allowing myself to do so to my fullest potential, fully open, in my own unique way.

That is the goal, if I was one to set goals, and in general, I am not. It would be more accurate to call this commitment, right now, in this present moment, I am committing to doing this, setting the intention to do this. I the meantime I will continue to apply it to my own life, and work through the beliefs that create resistance between me and the fulfillment of my desires and intentions.