The Storm

I enter.

My mom starts talking about
how great and good God is,
the way that tree fell.

I feel such a surge
of hatred, anger and maybe
even a little bitterness.

But I choke back my words,
and say nothing at all because
I don’t want to hurt her.

I exit.

I have come to feel
that everyone is entitled
to their beliefs.

I just wish they would
stop shoving them down,
my throat, smothering me.

Is it too much to ask
that you respect my right
to believe as I wish???

I am doing that for you,
though your unquestioning,
sheep-like behavior wounds me.

When will humanity evolve
past the need to define God
and simply accept things as they are?

When will they let go
of the old, the outdated,
beliefs of others, long dead?

Will they ever learn
to define God for themselves
and respect each person’s experience?

The wind rages, trees fall,
limbs are blown across the lawn,
reflecting the storm within my soul.

A Message To Those with Delusions of Royalty

I know it is not as prevalent today, at least not in America where I currently reside. But for generations this idea has persisted among humans that some humans, by winning the genetic lottery, are better than other humans. These humans look down on their fellow humans and have referred to themselves in the past as royalty. This post is addressed to anyone out there that still has this delusion.

Were I to cut you open, you know what I would find? The same blood, organs, muscles and bones as I have, were you to slice me open. Your blood is not blue. It is not somehow more pure. You might have a better red blood cell count or something like that. But ultimately, your blood is exactly the same as my own.

The only value your blood has, the only value it can have, is the value you give it, and others stupidly agree to. I no longer contribute to this collective unconscious agreement. I no longer buy into the idea that there is any such thing as royal blood or bloodlines. All I can see is something like we can see in pure-bred dogs – a lot of inbreeding for some stupid ideal, the reasons for which have long since been lost to time.

The circumstances you were born into, the genes you happen to carry – none of this makes you special. Your stubborn belief in your specialness only serves to drive a wedge between you and other humans. It is a divisive mindset. When you see yourself as above and separate from another, it makes it easier for you to hurt them.  This banner of separation humans have been waving for thousands of years is the source of all conflict, all war.

If the “touchables” or royalty in India saw the untouchables as their brothers, as their sisters, as connected to them and one with them, it would end generations of suffering. For a place where everyone goes to seek enlightenment, India is one of the least enlightened countries in the world, perhaps second only the Muslim countries like Iraq and Iran. If you turned to the one next to you and could see God sitting there, you would not continue to act the way you do.

You are free to believe whatever you want, and if you want to believe that you are in some way better, go for it. But understand that this is a belief, not a fact. It may be a fact to you, and the circles you hang out in. But in the eyes of Creation we are of equal value. God is in each of us. We are connected, we are one, and this is our true value, this and the essence of who we are. Those are the only things that survive long after your physical form has perished.

Who are you inside, as a person? As a human being? Are you truly living to your full potential? Are you following your dreams and passions? In what way are you contributing to the whole of humanity? What legacy will you leave behind, that has had a definite, positive impact on others? Or are you gliding through your life, expecting everything to be handed to you, contributing nothing, expecting the world? If you were laying on your deathbed, right now, could you honestly say you have no regrets? Do you like yourself the way you are, the way you treat others?

Answer these questions honestly.

Egypt is filled with the crumbling aspirations of those who wanted to be revered as gods. Some of our most beautiful architecture is dedicated to those who had wealth and power. Yet little else of their legacy remains, besides dust and bones. So many lives have been sacrificed on the alter of someone’s ego. This idiocy must stop! And it starts with us, from this moment on, refusing to buy into this crap any longer.

God Be With You

I have no more use
for this doubt and fear.
While I appreciate your truth,
your truth may not be my own.

Maybe these things I read,
Maybe these things I study,
Maybe these things I believe
are all wrong, and I am wasting my time.

Maybe they are not the Truth,
Maybe I am being mislead,
but I will not give in to fear.

Maybe I have to go
in the wrong direction
to find the right one.

Maybe these things
will lead me, circuitously,
to my own Truth.

I will study what you recommend,
I will take with me what speaks to me,
I will leave the rest of it right here,
with all this fear and doubt.

I no longer want it,
I no longer need it.
I must believe in myself,
that even if I get lost
I will once again find my way.

I must be patient.
I must trust.
I must keep going
wherever this path takes me.

Thank you for caring enough
to try to help me,
to try to correct me.

Go on peace,
and God be with you.

Fallen Brother

A noble, majestic tree falls
as I watch, horrified and sickened.

This sacrifice of something
deemed less important,
than the desires of men.
This continuing rape
of mother earth
by those too ignorant and
too stupid to understand!

They see only the value of the flesh of each tree
they do not see the brotherhood,
the Source essence of God found in each tree,
and found in them as well.

Silently I mourn for my fallen brother,
for the cutting down of one more thing of beauty,
for the wanton destruction of my home.
This image is forever etched in my memory.

What do they plan to do,
when the last tree falls?

The Circle 29 – God’s Will Is Your Will

God’s Will Is Your Will

In this episode of The Circle I share something that blew my mind, that God’s Will is actually Your Will, that they are one and the same.

The materials I am drawing from are Claim Your Power by Mastin Kipp:

Also Ramtha, The White Book by JZ Knight:

The Hand of God

You know often I read that God, whoever or whatever it is, will not reach down and pull you out of the mess you have made of your life. But is this really true? Just outside my door I have a small plastic bowl of water I keep for the various animals that wander around here. Lately as I walk by, I see that the bees (yellow jackets I think) are actually learning to swim in it. I have watched them land on the water, and if I disturb the bowl at all, they fly off, right off the surface of the water. I have watched them land on the water too, and just drift there. Others that are not so brave cling to the side of the bowl and get their head as close to the water’s edge as they can. I know they are doing this because I can see their antenna are pushed back around their heads a little.

But every once and a while, as just happened a little bit ago, I will see a bee that is fully immersed in the water, unable to free itself. I don’t know if a bee can drown, but I assume so. So when I see this I use my foot to gently pour out some water, along with them, over the edge, into the grass and safety. Usually disturbing the swimmers and drinkers in the process. Today’s potential drowning victim was a bumble bee or hornet. I imagine that for this bee it is a lot like God helping it. I mean after all, physically compared to a bee I am enormous. Also I am either connected to, or a part of, or a physical manifestation of, God. And if I can do this for a bee, God can do it for me.

So when I am stuck and drowning in my own life, is it illogical for me to believe and hope that God, looking down, will take mercy on me and shift things just a little to help me get out of the mess I have gotten myself into?