I Love The Fall!

I love the fall!
Light glimmering through colored leaves,
scent of chimney smoke on the breeze.
But what I love most of all

is Thanksgiving, and Christmas time,
graphic novels and books of rhyme,
being read under a bright light,
in the deepest depths of the darkest night.

There is nothing better for me,
than time spent with family,
some only seen once a year,
I am glad that they are there.

But as the year comes to a close,
I take time to reflect, become morose,
I look back on the year before,
to relive what I have learned once more.

But from this moment, until then,
I will enjoy the lights on every limb,
the blow molds, the inflatables – every decoration
that fills everyone with so many emotions.

I am thankful for the life I have had,
I have learned from the good, and the bad,
I have fully felt the happy, and the sad,
things that brought peace or made me mad.

I do not know what next year will bring,
will it bring me joy, just more pain?
More doubt, more loneliness, more of the same,
or perhaps an abundance of every good thing?

There is no way to know,
I will just have to wait and see,
how the current of my life will flow,
and what the future holds for me.