Finding Your Way Through

At the suggestion of a friend I have opened up, “The Nature of Personal Reality” last night and began reading. Today I started on Seth’s introduction and encountered this, “What exists physically exists first in thought and feeling. There is no other rule.” This passage, and one from earlier, “Your conscious thoughts can be great clues in uncovering such obstructions” (obstructions defined as, “strongly negative characteristics present in your most intimate thoughts.”)

So I started thinking about what things I might be consciously thinking about. Asking myself if perhaps the things of which I am aware of are things I am thinking about. But then wondering if that could be considered a conscious thought, because it seems to me that a conscious thought is a thought I am actively directing. Unconscious thoughts would then be things I am thinking about that I am not directing. In other words, conscious thoughts are initiated, while unconscious thoughts just happen. But do both come from a point of awareness?

Anyhow one of the things I am aware of is my back pain. It comes, I have been saying, from sleeping on a fold-out sofa in an RV, on memory foam mattresses that loose all their resistance when they are warm. It has been warm these last few days, and as I recall, I always slept better when the room was cool and the mattresses were stiffer/firmer.

But if my physical pain existed first in thought and feeling, from what thought or feeling did it originate? I thought at first it came of my negative attitude towards my bed. Then I thought maybe it came from my dislike of having to put away my bed every morning and make it every night. Then I realized that it likely ultimately came from my negative attitude towards my current living circumstances/situation, living in this RV with my parents. When when I think these words it is like I am spitting them out. You can see now how the second quote applies, my conscious thoughts giving me clues here to these obstructions, these negative feelings.

What this all boils down to is that my bed literally cannot support me because I do not support it! As cute as this simple explanation is, if I go deeper I see that the reason I have this back pain is because I have not been accepting things as they are. I have not, do not and am not yet, loving and accepting my living circumstances/situation as they are. Instead I am railing against it – resisting it. It is the conflict from this resistance that is creating the physical pain I am experiencing. I bet if I dug a little deeper I could even figure out what lower back represents according to someone like Louise Hay in, “You Can Heal Your Life.” I may come back to that. But I’ll bet it’s related!

The question is, how do I fix this? What solution(s) can I try to address what is essentially the energetic cause of this physical pain? I have learned from the teachings of Abraham I can not jump from from where I am, in anger and hatred and resistance, to love. Too far to go. It seems to me what I can do is start to bless my bed, every night as I make it, and every morning as I put it away. Furthermore I can bless this RV and my current living circumstances/situation, every time I exit or enter the motor home. Finally I can be thankful – I can practice gratitude. I can be grateful that the RV has given me a place to live, a roof over my head as it were, and I can be thankful that I have a bed to sleep on. I can show appreciation for the fold-out sofa, for the memory foam mattresses, for my sheets, for my blankets, and for the RV itself.

I think gratitude is so important because it helps to dissolve negativity. Blessing something and being thankful for it is the acid that will eat away all the negativity around an issue. But it is a gentle acid. It helps the negativity to be gently released, to just effortlessly come free of whatever it is tightly wound around. Going after negativity with negativity may remove some of the negativity you are attempting to remove, but will almost certainly leave some behind. As always, flow not force is the key.

Finally an “attitude of gratitude” is, I think, the first step towards acceptance. This isn’t the same as surrender or giving up. Acceptance is a way of acknowledging things as they are and being willing to leave them like that. You do not wish they were something else, you don’t try to force them to change – you take them as they are. Acceptance of a thing leads to love. You can not love something you do not appreciate, and you can not love something you do not accept. To get to acceptance, you must go through appreciation AKA gratitude, and acceptance AKA allowance.

Acceptance AKA allowance is important because it puts you in the position of conscious choice. You are not simply reacting to something that comes into your experience. Something comes into your experience, and you choose how you will respond. You can fight against it – resistance – and this will create conflict in your life. It will take the power from you, and place it with whatever it is you are resisting. Basically you choose whether or not something that comes into your life will have power over you or not. You choose how to perceive it. You choose how you will label it. You can label it as negative and resist it – denying that it is there. Or you can accept that it is there, allow it to be as it is, then decide how you will perceive it.

To use my own life as an example, I attempted to head out on my own via bicycle in 2016 and then ended up coming back here, living in my parent’s RV. Things came together for me to go to Clark College. If I looked at things that way, this whole circumstance/situation has been a blessing. But living in the RV has meant I have no personal space, no hot showers, and I sleep on a heavily worn/used fold-out couch, on two memory foam mattresses, one a topper and one thicker, but neither of them very dense foam. I have to make my bed every night and put it away every morning. Up until now I have seen this as a curse. I have been resisting it. My resistance of it has not changed it at all. But it has caused me to be unable to perceive my circumstances/situation as a blessing. It has likely also lead to the physical issues I have been experiencing, including my back pain.

If I had instead accepted the RV and my bed, allowing these things to be as they are and not wishing they were anything else (resistance), I would have been able to practice gratitude, and I likely would not be experiencing these physical symptoms. The RV and my bed will be the same either way. I can get angry at these things all I want – they are still what they are – I can not change them by my negativity towards them. I can also appreciate these things – again they are still what they are – I can not change them by my positive attitude towards them.

Or can I? I suspect that things can change only when we are in a state of appreciation and allowance, because they have to match the energy we are giving out. In other words our attitude, feelings and thoughts draw things to us. Then our attitude, feelings and thoughts keep these things with us or help us to release them and let them go.

Something bad remains bad as long as we feel negativity towards it. Often our negativity towards it will make it worse. The molehill becomes a mountain. The princess feels the pea no matter how many mattresses are on it, and the pea gets larger and larger, even as it remains the same size. But something bad can not remain bad if we feel positive towards it. This means that the only way to change something undesirable which has come into our life experience is to love and accept that thing as it is, and to find a way to bless it and be thankful for it.

In my case it would be hard to love and accept my bed as it is, and I am not sure I could see it as a blessing, much less be thankful for it. But I can love and accept the RV and my current living circumstances/situation as they are. I can think about how this thing that has come into my life experience has been a blessing to me, and I can show appreciation for the ways it has been a blessing. That will, indirectly, allow me to bless and show appreciation for all the other aspects of this experience, including my bed. I can even find my way to appreciation and blessing for these physical symptoms, including my back pain, because it has given me a point through which I could gain the knowledge I now have. I might even be able to apply that to my bed and directly find a way to bless and appreciate it.

When you cut yourself there is pain that directs your attention to where the damage has occurred. Likewise my back pain has drawn my attention to where this damage has occurred, AKA the likely energetic cause of the physical back pain symptom. OK, let’s check in with Louise Hay:

“Lower Back – Fear of money. Lack of financial support.

Middle Back – Guilt. Stuck in all that stuff back there. ‘Get off my back,’

Upper Back – Lack of emotional support. Feeling unloved. Holding back love.”

The pain is mostly in my middle and lower back. Spot on as usual! Gonna have to think about, “fear of money” though. In what way am I afraid of money? How do I work through that?

Remember that you choose what comes into your life experience, and you also choose how you will respond to what comes into your life experience. Resistance AKA Denial will give power to a thing, causing conflict between it and you and creating undesirable energetic causes resulting in undesirable physical symptoms. Acceptance AKA Allowance will give power to you, causing no conflict between it and you and creating desirable energetic causes resulting in desirable physical symptoms.

If something has come into your experience you no longer want to be there, the first step is to accept it as it is, allowing it to be as it is. Stop resisting it. The next step is to bless it in order to release any negativity wound tightly around it. You have to release it and let it go – all of your negativity – your anger, bitterness, hatred, etc. You may need to forgive someone or something. Once you have managed this, you have to see it differently. Up until now you saw it as something bad. You have to find some way to bless it. Did it teach you something? Is it a part of a larger thing for which you can show appreciation and be thankful?

If you are unable to really get behind the appreciation, blessing and gratitude, just say the words. Repeat them every time you think about this thing or encounter it or are reminded of it. Repeat it until it becomes true. Always allow yourself to feel what you feel – do not repress or resist your feelings! Flow not force. In time, through gentle reinforcement, you may find that you can appreciate, bless or show gratitude towards this thing, either indirectly or directly.

It will be interesting to see how I can apply these things in the next few days and what the results will be.

Your Life Is Your Laboratory

In, “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” Abraham, through Esther Hicks, refers to this as Action Reality and Emotional Reality.

Neville says, “To be conscious of being or possessing anything is to be or have that which you are conscious of possessing.” He refers to this as, “Adopting the consciousness.”

If you are at all like me you read these words, and if you understand what you are reading, you find yourself nodding your head.

If you are reading these words and not understanding them, you are not ready yet, but you can apply what I am about to teach you to make yourself ready.

When I read these words I am certainly in agreement with them, and understanding them. But it is only intellectual. Nisargadatta likens to this sort of borrowed knowledge as a plastic flower. It may look like a real flower, but unlike a real flower, it has no scent.

All knowledge must be applied and experienced individually. Everything I and these others are saying here must be applied to your own life experience. In doing so you grow the beautiful and unique flower, with its own fragrance, that is the knowledge as it applies to you.

I have only had, until moments ago, a plastic flower. But now I see the green sprout that is the result of applying and experiencing this knowledge for myself.

I just realized that in order for me to have someone to share my life with, I must adopt the consciousness of someone who has someone to share their life with. What does that mean? Until a few moments ago, I never really got it. Now I think I have it.

I have to live my life, in this moment, exactly as I would live it if I were with someone. My Action Reality (Abraham/Hicks) or Present Identity (Neville) is of someone who is alone. Someone who acts and does things as if they were alone.

In my case there are certain things I expose myself to which I know I would not if I had someone to share my life with. I do not take care of myself as well as I would if I was with someone. I do not act or resemble in any way someone who has a wife and children. I act and resemble someone who is single. This changes now.

I have to work with what I have from where I am. If I had money, I would buy some fresh roses for the woman I am sharing my life with. Should Source provide money, or flowers, I will do this.

I would also not expose myself to these materials I have been exposing myself to, I would not act or do certain things I have been doing. I would not have pictures in any format of other women I would be looking at as I would have no need for such things. I would take better care of myself.

Even though I can not yet see her with my physical eyes, or touch her, or talk to her, or hear her, I can, and now will, act as if she is right there, just outside of physical perception.

Others would call this crazy or nuts. Or they could call it unrealistic. They would say I am daydreaming. It is not considered normal in our society to act as if someone is there when clearly they physically are not.

But that is the only way I can see to apply and experience the truth of adopting the consciousness “…of that which I wish to be or have…” The truth is she is there. “We get what we ask for, whether we want it or not.” – Abraham/Hicks.

However, unless I stop having the consciousness of a single male, there is no way for her to enter my present life experience. It is like Scotty trying to beam someone somewhere without coordinates. It works better if you have them, so you can lock onto them and beam someone up, or down, as the case may be.

There are no coordinates, no consciousness, for that which I have asked, which the Source instantly and immediately manifested, to come into my life. She is there, in that teleporter beam, just waiting to coalesce and become a part of my life. Now that I am adopting the proper mindset, the proper consciousness, she can.

I can apply this to every area of my life. Lacking clarity? Adopt the mindset of someone who has clarity. Faith? Purpose? Act like I do.

I share these words to ingrain them into my heart and mind. I share them so that you may also benefit from them. If there is something you want in your life, this is how you go about being or having it. Just imagine how you would be when you become or have it, then act and think that way.

It really is that simply. Easy to understand, no matter what words are used. But useless applied and experienced for yourself. Your life is your laboratory. Discover, experiment and learn!

Another Reason To Be Yourself

An idea that has slipped into human consciousness recently is to be who you are. To be yourself. The reasons for being yourself, and not trying to be like someone else, are fairly obvious. The idea does get tangled up in the idea of uniqueness, which enforces the idea of separation, the whole us VS them mentality. But the truth is there is something unique about you, and that is the reason you are here.

More and more I am agreeing to the teachings of Abraham, and chief among these is that you existed non-physically, or energetically, before you entered your physical body. Does that mean reincarnation is real? I do not know, and am reserved about that. But it does make sense that as a soul or whatever you want to call it, which is what will remain when your physical body ceases to function, you chose to manifest in a physical form. If you chose to manifest in a physical form, then it is certainly reasonable that you had certain things you wanted to experience. Furthermore, it makes sense that you could determine when, where and by whom in physical time you arrived.

It all ties in rather neatly with the idea that we create our own realities. If that is the case, if this is the process whereby we arrive into this physical world, then it becomes even more important that we be ourselves. This just occurred to me tonight actually. If we chose our place and time to manifest, certainly others chose theirs. So your parents chose their place and time, specifically so they could have you as their child. Which means they somehow already knew what you came into this world to experience, and they came into this world to be a part of that, as part of what they wanted to experience.

In other words, if you are not yourself, if you do not follow your heart and live your dreams, you are not experiencing what you came here to experience. You are not living the life you came here to live, and you are not allowing others around you to either. If how you are living your life right now makes you feel bad, chances are it makes others around you feel bad as well, because nobody is experiencing what they came here to experience. When you are living a life that makes you feel good, chances are others around you will also feel good, because everyone is experiencing what they came here to experience.

Certainly there are those who do not feel good when you are living the life that makes you feel good, and are feeling good when the life you are living makes you feel bad. That is very likely what they came here to experience. Certainly there are struggles with our parents as we define ourselves. My parents are Christians, and I have left the Christian faith. Considering how I feel about my life now versus how I used to feel about it, I think I am living the life I came here to live. Those around me helped to propel me here, and I helped to propel others to the lives they are living. I have a friend who was a male and now thinks of herself as transgender. This was an experience I chose to have, knew I would have, before I came here. My time with this person was exactly what they needed so they be propelled to their experience. They wanted to experience being transgender in their physical life. I served my part in their chosen experience, and am serving my part in my parent’s chosen experience, as well as anyone else I interact with.

At some level my parents must have been ready to be challenged about their chosen religion. If I were to guess I would say they are taking the first steps to freeing themselves of religion. By being myself and pursuing my own spiritual path I give them the experience they came here for. If I were to give in, be “saved” just to make them happy, I would be miserable. They may be happy at some level, because their beliefs tell them that I am now “saved” and won’t go to hell, but inside there will be doubts and turmoil. They will sense I am not happy, that I am unfulfilled. I would probably be angry and depressed like I used to be. I am not sure I would even want to continue living. This would hurt them.

As things are now they are scared for me, because I am not “saved”, and they worry I will end up in hell. But at another level they see I am happier than I ever was before. I am more alive, more joyful. Were they to ever read any of these things I have been saying they would be amazed that their son wrote that, had that depth of spiritual experience and understanding. They can sense at some level that I am, more and more, living the life I came here to experience, and as a result they are getting the experiences they came here for. I think maybe this changes people, it creates a space where people can change. I think my parents may be growing spiritually just by being around me. I don’t even have to say anything. I just am myself, and that influences them on some deep level.

I do not understand the intricacies of this, and it seems to imply that reincarnation is real. Why else would you come into a physical life with certain experiences in mind? You must be growing and learning, and it would have to continue on after your time in the physical ceases, until you next time in the physical. Why would the energy that is in all life need or want to experience separation of itself and a physical manifestation of that separated part? Is it bored? Is it growing and learning through us, its individual manifestations? What drives a cell to divide itself? What is that energy, that motivation, beyond any DNA programming coded into it? Maybe whatever it is that drives a cell to divide also drives the energy of life itself to divide and become all the things around us in the physical world.

I do not know, and these questions remain unanswered. What I do know is that everything fits with this idea, this theory, so I will subscribe to it for now. If it is a belief, or becomes a belief, I will not have it be a part of my identity. I hold all beliefs loosely from now on. I identified myself as a Christian, and all the beliefs I was taught were associated with that. Ripping out a part of yourself is not an experience I want to have again. Of course I must have come into this world to have it! But I mean while I am in this physical life. It was probably the hardest thing I ever went through. But I learned not to identify with my beliefs, to be ready to drop them the instant they prove wrong in my own experience, and I have dropped many beliefs over these last few years. I will drop this one as well if it proves to be wrong. But so far it feels right, it clicks on some level, and the teachings of Abraham have affected some sort of inner change that is transforming me in ways I could only label as life affirming and positive.

Some believe that you are a passenger in the car of life. Sadhguru says life just is, and seems to imply that you can’t control it, that to do so creates a story, a fiction. Maybe I didn’t understand what he was saying. But I don’t believe in fate or destiny. I think we are the car, not just the drivers, or the passengers, and we are in control of our lives, even if we choose to relinquish control to the autopilot, consciously or unconsciously. To not take conscious control is to choose to live on autopilot. I choose to take conscious control and responsibility for my life. I will take life as it is, moment by moment. That is my practice. But I am driving now, not on autopilot, and not allowing others to drive me. That is likely the life I came here to experience, and by being true to myself, by being myself, I am allowing others around me to experience what they came here to experience.

We are all connected, the things we do have a definite effect on others, even if we are not aware of it, don’t see it, or it is not obvious. We also have an effect on the human race, and the more of us coming off autopilot, the less that will be the default of our fellow humans. Our task in this life is simple. We live our own lives. We follow our dreams and our heart. We listen to our feelings and intuition. We let them guide us to a life that feels good, feels right. We will know it when we are there. You could call that our Dharma, and by living our Dharma, we allow others to live theirs.

It Is Not Hopeless

Someone said the other day that they were going through a time where they felt hopeless and stuck. They were writing songs about it, but getting tired of the same old theme coming out. I recognized this landscape as one I once walked through.

I know these feelings. Not too long ago I also felt like I was in a rut. I had this image in mind of an old power line access road my brother and I used to explore when we were younger. These deep ruts, filled with mud. Any vehicle, barring heavy machinery or military equipment, would get stuck in those ruts. This image I associated with those feelings.

I asked myself today if I feel hopeless. If I feel stuck. Maybe those feelings are there, but I do not seem to be aware of them. I can not say that I am still traveling through that landscape or not, although it seems unlikely. Lately I seem to be more identified with feeling lost, confused, uncertain. “I don’t know” has become my catchphrase, not “I am stuck.”

After reading some of Adyashanti’s, “Falling Into Grace” this morning I noticed some things I was not aware of before. So I wanted to write about it, in case these words would help this person, or anyone else who may need them. Unfortunately I provided the wrong address to my blog, so I am unsure of this person will ever see them. But that’s OK. Getting into this state of OK is what I am going to talk about.

Adyashanti writes of a “vortex of suffering” we get pulled into while we are in an “egoic trance.” In other words, as long as we are living in a state of separation within our minds we are ruled by the ego, and are in this trance state. This “vortex of suffering” pulls is in when we fight, resist or struggle, because in doing so we identify even more closely with our ego.

Our ego, as I understand it, is our self-image, our story of our self, our story of, “my life.” It is that which causes us to separate ourselves from others around us. That is them, this is me. That is theirs, this is mine. Us VS them. They are Christians, I am an atheist. They are atheists, I am an agnostic. They are sports fans, I like to watch movies. All of this is driven by the ego, examples of people in this “egoic trance.”

My understanding here is limited. I do not know how I can become one with God and still be myself. I do not know how I can wake up from the egoic trance, or what they would mean. I am not even sure I have the ideas of ego and struggle correct. But I have found a few connections that may prove useful to understanding this.

In an earlier blog post I talked about trying. How trying implied effort, so anything we try to do implies, by our very act of trying, that these things must be hard to do. Also that if we set anything on a pedestal, make anything important to us, we risk putting it out of reach.

Well this fits in with struggle as well. If I am trying not to think certain thoughts I have labeled as unwanted, then I am struggling to only think the thoughts I have labeled as wanted, which gives the unwanted thoughts more power over me, and which places me deeper under the control of my ego. If there are wanted thoughts, there must be unwanted thoughts. Freedom comes when we see a thought as simply a thought, without attaching any sort of label or meaning to it, without criticizing or judging it.

Whenever we view anything as difficult or hard we give it power over us. We may also give it power over whatever we call God. This is something we should not do. That energy or force which we call God must always remain more powerful than anything in our experience during our lives. Otherwise we block the flow of this energy or force between us, and restrict what we can receive. I have written about this earlier too.

So let’s come back to hopelessness. What is this experience? It is a feeling. What is a feeling? It is a thought. In other words we have had an experience. We had a thought about that experience. We then, based on that thought, had a feeling based on that experience. Through the whole process it was our choice. We decided, whether consciously or not, what we were going to feel by what we chose to think about it. More so the specific thoughts we chose to latch onto, to attach ourselves to and to identify with.

Perception plays a role here. Where one person may feel stuck, another may feel secure or stable. Or one person may view being stuck as a bad thing, and wallow in the virtual mud pit, while another may enjoy playing in the mud, and view it as a challenge to get out, and still another may feel they are drowning and thrash around, sinking deeper. But the reality is there is no mud pit. There is only a thought and a feeling, filtered through the glasses of perception.

If I understand Adyashanti correctly, they key is to stop fighting. Just allow this hopeless feeling, this state you believe you are in. Just stop. Admit your feelings, observe your thoughts. But just stop, Release and let go. Embrace this experience, and in doing so, you take the first steps to freeing yourself from “egoic trance” and the situation itself.

The ego apparently needs struggle to enforce division. It needs to fight and resist. So when we stop fighting, resisting and struggling, we begin to free ourselves of the ego. All we have to do is accept whatever we are experiencing. Accept it, admit it, allow it and just let go. No fighting, resistance or struggle. No matter how horrible things might be from the perception of our bodies, no matter what is happening to us on a physical level. We simply allow ourselves to feel whatever we are feeling, and we stop fighting, resisting or struggling.

Does that mean we don’t fight back to save our physical bodies, if threatened, or the physical bodies of others? No, I don’t think so. But we have to realize that our physical bodies are only physical manifestations of our separation from our Source, whatever we call this energy or force. We are not our physical bodies, what happens to them does not affect who we truly are. It seems like it does, but that is because our egos are attached to our bodies. Body, ego and mind are all things that keep us separate from God.

I think that’s how things are, but as I said, my understanding is limited here. What it comes down to can be summed up by a simple example. In “Falling Into Grace” the author uses the example of a loved pet, a treasured companion, being buried. They allow themselves to feel that grief, and in that allowing the experience, not fighting it, a pinprick of light is seen in their heart, and inside of that is a smile. So that, even in the experience of grief, they are OK. There is love and light. I forget the actual words they used.

Most of us “fight back the tears.” Especially if we are male. We are supposed to be strong, to not cry. So if we go through an experience of grief, maybe a few tears escape, but we choke them back. We do not allow ourselves to just stop. Feel what we are feeling. Allow the feelings to flow and move freely within us. We resist, and ultimately we thrust ourselves deeper into the “egoic trance.” We give the grief power over us, because we make it to be hard to go through. Our experience of grief becomes exactly what we believe it to be by the thoughts we latch onto about it and the feelings we feel about it. The belief we have about the experience comes from our perception of grief. So its perception, thoughts, feelings and finally belief.

To wake from “egoic trance” we need to release and let go of all our beliefs. We need to change our perceptions. We need to let thoughts come and go without attaching ourselves to them. We need to allow ourselves to feel, without judgment, whatever it is we are feeling at any given moment. That is how we can be OK, no matter what is going in the world around us, and no matter what we may be experiencing.

So the first step in coming out of feelings of hopelessness and being stuck is to stop fighting, resisting and struggling. To admit that these feelings are there and allow yourself to feel them. To accept them, embrace them even. Be OK with feeling hopeless and stuck. Be OK with writing poetry or songs about it. Just stop and be OK with all that we formerly had labeled undesirable or unwanted. No criticism or judgment. No attachment or aversion. Just still, stopped, OK.

Then you are free to change your perceptions about this state. You can see it differently, then think about it differently, and then feel about it differently. You can accept whatever is happening in the present moment. You can stop giving what you call undesirable power over you by fighting against it or calling it hard. You can stop labeling your experiences at all and just let them be whatever they are. It is then that you can awaken from “egoic trance.” They way out is not found by fighting, resisting and struggling through, but by stopping, then accepting, admitting and allowing.

These concepts may be hard to understand. It helps to use an example. I was thinking about where in my own life I am fighting, resisting or struggling. For me it is where I live. I am located over two miles from a small town, predominantly Christian, with little or no social or spiritual opportunities. Also little or no work. I feel isolated, alone. I have few friends, and none are in this area. I am single, coming up on 40, and I have nobody to share my life with. I live in the house with my grandmother and my parents, who live in an RV on the property. My grandmother, my aunt, my uncle, my parents – all the people I am usually around – are all Christians. This is the current story of “my life.”

I do not want to be here. I feel stiffed, suffocated. But I can not leave. Where will I go? With no money, no transportation other than a bicycle, where can I go? I feel, and as far as I am concerned I know, that this is not my True Place. There is my right place, which is where I am now, where I put myself, and my True Place, which is, essentially, what others would call fate or destiny. I think of it as the place where I am doing what I love to do, and am able to support myself as well as a family, and of course in this place I am also serving others.

The point of all this is that I have been fighting, resisting and struggling being here. Which gives this place power over me, makes it hard to live here because I am, “trying to do my best in this situation…” and places me deeper under “egoic trance.”

So to apply what I have learned, I need to stop. To let go and release. To accept, admit and allow. A part of how I do that is to treat this place as if it were my True Place. How would I act if this were the absolute best life I could live on this planet while in my physical body? Obviously there would be no fighting, resistance or struggle. This also changes my perception of this place, freeing me to think other thoughts and have other feelings about it.

As long as I perceive, as long as I see this place, as something undesirable, with all the thoughts and feelings attached to that label, then that is what this place will be for me. When I stop seeing it this way, I can see it as something different. I can use this experience to wake myself up from my “egoic trance.” So this place becomes a place of transformation for me, not stagnation.

How can you change the way you perceive your current circumstances, experiences, or life? Take the first step. Stop fighting, resisting and struggling. Stop giving it power over you with words like “try” or “hard.” Allow yourself to experience whatever is happening, right now, in this moment. Just think whatever you are thinking, and feel whatever you are feeling. Change how you look at you current circumstances, experiences or life.

Beyond this I have no knowledge. I know what to do, but am in the process of taking the first step myself. Once I have taken that first step I will certainly share my experiences, and if the second step is apparent, I will point it out.

There is no such thing as hopelessness or being stuck. There is only your belief in these states. When you have released and let go of your beliefs about these states, you will simply no longer be in them. The only things that can have power over you are what you give power over you. Everything else simply is, and it is up to us to simply accept, admit and allow that.

When you say, “I am hopeless” or “I am stuck” you are lying. What you are is beyond hopeful or hopeless, stuck or unstuck. This is, as I understand it, what spiritual teachers call duality. Good and bad, right and wrong, hate and love. The existence of one state means the likely existence of its opposite.

What you are is beyond that. Who you really are is both that and not that, at the same time. Not beyond as if it were something above. There is no physical locality. It is both and neither and at the same time. It allows both hopeful and not hopeful, but does not criticize, judge or label. Ultimately, in a way I still do not understand, all of these pairs of opposites, these sets of duality, are all the same. They all come from the same place, and it is humans who have divided, separated, and labeled it.

I guess its sort of like being in quicksand. You want to struggle to free yourself, but doing so makes you sink faster. We have to change our thoughts and resulting feelings about giving up, letting go, acceptance, admitting what is happening (being honest with ourselves) and allowing, in other words not trying to change things for something we perceive of as better but to simply allow things to be as they are.

So it’s like being a sieve water travels through. Or a limb of a tree under snow. Whatever is happening flows through and can not affect us, because we are not resisting it, or latching onto it. If the branch does not bend under the weight of the snow, releasing the extra weight, it will break. For example, when someone makes being a victim a part of their identity, they are latching on to whatever happened to them. The weight of this experience could break them. It is only through forgiveness, which is an act of releasing, they they keep from breaking under the strain.

As long as we fight, resist and struggle, we sink deeper into “egoic trance” and ultimately we suffer more. When we stop and wake from the trance, our suffering ceases.

It is not hopeless. This may be what you call your circumstances, experience or situation. But hopelessness is not real. It is an illusion. It only exists in your mind. It is not an actual thing. It is only hopeless in your perception, based on your feelings, which came from your thoughts.

Admit to yourself that you feel hopeless. Allow yourself to express how you feel for as long as you have the feelings. Do not criticize or judge. Stop, release, let go. Question this. Ask yourself, “Is this situation really is hopeless?” Is there anything in this experience that gives even the faintest glimmer of hope? Look hard enough and you will find it.

But even if you don’t, to quote a movie I loved years ago, “It can’t rain all the time.” No experience is set in stone. The only things that are real are those things that never change. So this experience is not real, because it can, and will, change. If you can find hope in nothing else, you can find hope there. You can believe, have faith (by acting like you have it), that things will get better. If anything gives you hope in this apparently hopeless situation, the whole thing crumbles. It can’t be hopeless if any hope at all exists. Remember that!