The Hand of God

You know often I read that God, whoever or whatever it is, will not reach down and pull you out of the mess you have made of your life. But is this really true? Just outside my door I have a small plastic bowl of water I keep for the various animals that wander around here. Lately as I walk by, I see that the bees (yellow jackets I think) are actually learning to swim in it. I have watched them land on the water, and if I disturb the bowl at all, they fly off, right off the surface of the water. I have watched them land on the water too, and just drift there. Others that are not so brave cling to the side of the bowl and get their head as close to the water’s edge as they can. I know they are doing this because I can see their antenna are pushed back around their heads a little.

But every once and a while, as just happened a little bit ago, I will see a bee that is fully immersed in the water, unable to free itself. I don’t know if a bee can drown, but I assume so. So when I see this I use my foot to gently pour out some water, along with them, over the edge, into the grass and safety. Usually disturbing the swimmers and drinkers in the process. Today’s potential drowning victim was a bumble bee or hornet. I imagine that for this bee it is a lot like God helping it. I mean after all, physically compared to a bee I am enormous. Also I am either connected to, or a part of, or a physical manifestation of, God. And if I can do this for a bee, God can do it for me.

So when I am stuck and drowning in my own life, is it illogical for me to believe and hope that God, looking down, will take mercy on me and shift things just a little to help me get out of the mess I have gotten myself into?

These Things Nobody Questions

I was raised in a family that instilled the “values” of working hard. True believers not only of the Christian religion, but also of the “go to school, go to college, get a job” mentality. Of course this was able to be trimmed down to what I guess they thought was truly important, “Get a job.”

But it’s not just my parents, and it’s not just Christians, that buy into this. One of my college professors, a very intelligent man I really respect, lived the epitome of this mentality. He had worked hard at various jobs all of his life. He believes in working hard and hustling as you do it. He insisted that I look for work the last quarter I was there – it was a part of my Capstone project.

How it comes off to me is that if I get a job, ANY job, it will solve all my problems, as well as the problems of whoever is helping or supporting me at the time. Apparently in the majority of our civilization’s mindset, getting a job is a magical solution. Worse, not getting a job, or refusing to get one, turns that person into a lazy, shiftless nobody who lives with his (or her) parents. Worse still, what girl wants to have sex or go home with any dude who lives with his parents? ESPECIALLY if he is over 20??? If you are a man over 20, and you don’t have your own place, as far as the vast majority of prospective females is concerned, there is something wrong with you.

Part of it is hardcoding, supposedly. Guys look for young, strong women because they will be able to bear and raise their children. Girls look for handsome, strong men because they will be able to protect and provide for them. Get down to the animal roots of the thing and it is all about survival. A relationship is all about this trade-off. “I will fuck you because I know you will take care of me and our children”  and  “I am interested in you because you look strong enough to bear my children.” Humans are, ultimately, highly evolved animals. Or maybe we just have animal instincts despite our intelligence?

Not saying I buy into any of this, but it makes sense. I hold it loosely like any belief, and will re-evaluate when I have any experiential knowledge of the subject. In any case, the whole “get a job mentality” is all a part of this. I mean if you have a job and are supporting yourself, it reasonably follows you could support a woman and a family, right? Or a man and a family, or whatever gender/role mix there may be.

Here is the first thing nobody questions, which I have alluded to or mentioned before. Even if you are highly educated (i.e. an honors college graduate, say) that does not guarantee that you will get any better job than before you when to college. For most of us the situation is the same whether we go to college or not, and we are expected to “start at the bottom and work our way up” in any case. All college really gives you, all you pay thousands of dollars for when it comes down to it, is a CHANCE that you could start at a better bottom than most other people.

Then, even if you get a job, there is no guarantee you can keep it, and you can be fired at any time for any reason. Unless maybe you have some sort of corporate contract or something. But in that case, if they want you gone, they will give you the least desirable work and put the pressure on for you to voluntarily leave. There is no recourse here, the money you have comes from them, so how would you pay for a lawyer?

Then, even if you somehow manage to stay in the rat race, claw yourself into a good earning position and stayed there for more than 40 years, they can STILL steal your investment or retirement funds (as happened bank crash a few years back.) They can still steal your possessions, or your car, or your home. Even though it is considered legal, it is still stealing. No other word to call it. So there is not even a guarantee that you will be able to keep a job long enough to retire, and even if you do, that you will have anything waiting for you when you get done.

We all chase this:

This is the first thing, or set of things nobody questions,. We keep passing on the same bullshit information to our kids and perpetuate this nightmare. The fact of the matter is if we all, collectively, said, “Fuck you” to society and JUST STOPPED WORKING, those in charge would be at our mercy, and we could demand better pay, better job security, and everything else. But instead we just stick our heads in the sand, tell our kids to do the same, and things are only getting worse. Anyone who bothered to pull their head out of the sand could see it. Why don’t we question the system? Why don’t we ever ask if there is a better way to live and support ourselves and our families? Why? We KNOW there are more workers than those we work for. We have the power. Why do we let them treat us and our children like they do, and have for the last 100 years or so?

That’s just ONE issue. Here’s the second thing we don’t question… Let’s talk about the folks in charge of the banks, who ran off with our money. If we had done that, what would have happened? We would have been chased all over the globe by the fucking FBI or some other 3-letter organization. So how come they aren’t? Over and over again I see people in “good”, high-paying jobs – positions of authority and power – who constantly fuck up, and there is no repercussion for their actions. Or rarely. Everything from the idiots in charge of the SciFy and NBC channels who cancelled good shows like Dark Matter and The Brave (which has an unheard of 97% approval rating) to those in charge of huge corporations that feed us untested GMOs and rape the planet, to everything in-between. There is no accountability. But nobody questions this either.

What I am trying to say here is that if we, the average Joe (or Jill) did any of these things we would be mightily smacked down, with all the authority of our government, and if that failed they would militarize the police and send them after us. You know they do this. How come we have to work so hard for the scraps, for shitty jobs we may not even get to keep, where if we do even the slightest thing wrong we are terminated on the spot, yet these other motherfuckers in positions of authority and power can mess up all they want and nothing happens to them?

Let me ask you… How long are you going to let this continue? Do you really, honestly and truly want your children to grow up in a society like this, doing the same things you had to do, and their children, and their children’s children? Will there ever come a time when you say, ENOUGH! Will you ever question the system? No, no you probably won’t. Because this is the way things ARE, and you are under the flawed believe that just because this is the way things are, just because this is the way things have always been, that they must remain that way. But in reality things will only remain the way they are as long as you are not aware of them, as long as you do not question them. Things can’t change, until YOU do. But you are as set in your ways as I am, even though I at least am not trying to be.

I hear the voice of someone saying, “Fallacy of shoulds” in my head for what I am about to say. But I, we, everyone SHOULD be able to do the thing they love, get paid for it, and support themselves in that way. Thankfully more and more people, unhappy with how things are, have managed to extricate themselves and find another way to live. I cheer every one of these trailblazers on. I hope to be one of them. I have seen the proof, that I could support myself through Patreon. I could easily make $2,000 a month doing what I do – the equivalent of a minimum wage job, and I know a number of others who are earning money the same way. I am glad to see an option like this. I think people are waking up. And it is just as valid an option as typing up a resume, applying to numerous crappy jobs until you get one. In fact it is better than that, because I am in charge. The person doing it is in charge. So nobody can fire you or steal your money other than you. I hope to see more people abandoning the machine and do this.

We are finally in a shift, a change. Things are finally beginning to change. Because even if people are not questioning things, they are getting fed up with the system and finding another way to live. And I am one of these. But I wish I was succeeding at it like these others are. So far I am not. But I hope to be able to stand on my own, and support myself, on my terms, living the life I want to live, soon. In fact I will either do this or, literally, die trying. I am not fucking around anymore. I have had enough of the ostriches and sheep around me. If that is how they want to live, I leave them to it. I will not live that way, and I will not raise my children to live that way. In fact I will raise my children to question EVERYTHING, with full awareness. Because we need more people like that in the world. The machine must die, we must starve it of its continuous supply of cogs, and that starts with our children.

So the next time you have the urge to tell someone that they need to get a job, think twice. Because you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. You are following the regurgitations of your parents, as they followed the regurgitations of theirs. If getting a job was truly any sort of solution, we would all be able to feed ourselves and our families, pay our rent, meet all our basic needs, and still have some money left over for our desires with any job out there. But the vast majority of us can barely make rent, clothe and feed ourselves and support our families. We struggle to provide for ourselves and others until we die, leaving nothing to our kids, but the absolute worst instruction ever, to get a job.

It’s time to wake the fuck up!