How would you like to wear one of my poems?

Wish granted!

Maybe you would like one of my AWESOME sayings?

Or how about this?

Cool, right? And you can support your favorite little-known poet, just by purchasing DreamBliss Designs items like these from SpreadShirt. Here is the link to my SpreadShop:

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PLEASE NOTE! Read the description for each item CLOSELY! I just ordered the Men’s Premium T-shirt for God Within in black. I got it today, and the quality was AWESOME! But it is for a slimmer fit! So if you have more in common with Jabba The Hut than Luke Skywalker, you will want to order a size or two bigger on the slims, or just not order a slim at all.

I mean the fit and cut was perfect, for someone my exact size minus 80 pounds around the middle. It came right down just past my waist, the seams on the shoulders were spot on. If this was a stretchy, runner’s shirt that would be perfect. But for something you want to fit loosely and breathe in, it doesn’t work well.

The QR code on the back works flawlessly, taking you right to my SpeadShop. You will be impressed with the quality and color of the things you get at SpreadShirt. Just be extra aware when ordering, read all the details in the description! I am going to try a 2x tall if it is not a slim fit, 3x tall if it is. I will take a picture with me wearing it when I do.