Making Honey

          Is the bee
  passionate about her flower,
          or is she
only interested in making honey?

      If I were like a bee,
  what would be a flower to me?
          What would I
     pursue so passionately?

          Would it be
     this writing of verse?
          Or would I
    be doing something else?

        According to one,
   there is no need to guess,
         my passion is
   a love I resist or repress.

          May I become
   like that "simple" honeybee,
          may I pursue
    my love just as fearlessly!

          May I be aware
     of all I would love to do,
            may it be
    these things that I pursue!

         ...and may it be,
         the same for you.

The Hand of God

You know often I read that God, whoever or whatever it is, will not reach down and pull you out of the mess you have made of your life. But is this really true? Just outside my door I have a small plastic bowl of water I keep for the various animals that wander around here. Lately as I walk by, I see that the bees (yellow jackets I think) are actually learning to swim in it. I have watched them land on the water, and if I disturb the bowl at all, they fly off, right off the surface of the water. I have watched them land on the water too, and just drift there. Others that are not so brave cling to the side of the bowl and get their head as close to the water’s edge as they can. I know they are doing this because I can see their antenna are pushed back around their heads a little.

But every once and a while, as just happened a little bit ago, I will see a bee that is fully immersed in the water, unable to free itself. I don’t know if a bee can drown, but I assume so. So when I see this I use my foot to gently pour out some water, along with them, over the edge, into the grass and safety. Usually disturbing the swimmers and drinkers in the process. Today’s potential drowning victim was a bumble bee or hornet. I imagine that for this bee it is a lot like God helping it. I mean after all, physically compared to a bee I am enormous. Also I am either connected to, or a part of, or a physical manifestation of, God. And if I can do this for a bee, God can do it for me.

So when I am stuck and drowning in my own life, is it illogical for me to believe and hope that God, looking down, will take mercy on me and shift things just a little to help me get out of the mess I have gotten myself into?