More Cracks in the Armor

I have seen some troubling things the last few days. I watched this latest episode of the Blacklist, about the religious group Kyron. I also saw the movie, “The Remaining” based on my brother’s recommendation. Now there are a few things I want ti point out.

To start with it troubles me that people can be so… There is no other word for it. Stupid. Just downright unintelligent. I would even go so far as to call it willful insanity. To follow and worship a human being, who has to take a shit and wipe their ass the same as you. But I guess there is something in people that causes them to loose all rational thought and self control in the presence of anyone they perceive to be somehow better or more than themselves.

I like to tell myself if the musician Sting stopped by out of the blue I would treat the man like anyone else. Just invite him in for tea and pleasant conversation. But I wonder sometimes. Here is someone whose music I have appreciated for years. Would I act rationally in such a situation? So I can only say how it seems to me. But I can’t criticize or judge the people, only the action. Even that is criticizing and judging though, which is against my chosen practice.

Also if you are born into such a situation, born into a cult or a cult-like religion of some sort, you really don’t have much choice, do you? I was born into Christianity and I became “saved”, staying a Christian for over 20 years. My mom presented me with this “choice” when I was 12. So I can understand how in those kinds of circumstances you really get trapped, unless you are an exceptionally strong-minded and strong-willed child. But people willingly joining such a group? Going to such groups and throwing out all reason? It troubles me.

Which brings me to the other subject… My desire is for every human being to be able to think for themselves. I don’t want anyone following anyone else, especially me, with blinders on. I don’t want any words, especially mine, being thought of as some holy scripture. I desire that people think for themselves, and remove anything between themselves and a direct experience of their Source. I think this may end up being my work while I am here, or at least a part of it. Enabling people to think for themselves and coming to their Source directly.

To that end I want to present some more issues with the Christian religion. I may have talked about some of this before. I came to these realizations after watching, “The Remaining.”

First of all God can not be loving, yet be critical and judgmental. Also there can be no love in a religion that threatens eternal suffering if it is not accepted and believed in to the exception of any other. Any God of such a religion can not be loving, because it is based on fear. You believe in God or you go to hell, where you will suffer, for all eternity. You believe in God or you will be stuck on earth during the Tribulation.

Speaking of, what kind of religion, purporting to be loving, creates a horror story of a future for humanity and the earth? In the Christian Bible we are told there will be this time of Tribulation, and only the chosen or select few will be saved from it. Then, ultimately, the earth will be destroyed, and everyone, Satan, demons, non-believers, will be kicked into a lake of fire for the rest of time. What kind of God is it that would create such a scenario for the creation He supposedly loves? It makes Christian believers no better than that Kyron group on The Blacklist. Seriously think about that for a few moments.

Love is the exact polar opposite of criticism, fear and judgment. What exactly is the expression of love? It is an acceptance, without qualification. It is an allowing, an openness. We can visualize it like an embrace. Is criticism an embrace? Is it acceptance, allowing or openness? No. Is fear an embrace? Is it acceptance, allowance or opening? Definitely not. What about judgment? Again no. All of these are a pushing away or resistance to. Think about a family member you love. How do you feel? Now think about someone you dislike or hate. How does that feel? The difference should be obvious.

If it is that obvious in what Christians view as imperfect human terms, then it should be even more obvious to God. God, being perfect and without human limitations, would not love as a human loves. Could not. God would have to love above, beyond and outside of any human being. Since the love is stronger, the opposing forces of its opposite are stronger. If God is perfect love, then He can have not possess one shred of anything negative. If God is perfect love. He can’t criticize, be fearful or cause fear, or judge. It would be absolutely against His very nature.

Now God obviously can be anything He desires. He is God afterall. But even God can not transform the nature of love to something it is not. Not that He can’t transform its nature. Simply because love is no longer love if it is turned into anything else. You can call hate love if you like, but your actions determine what you are actually displaying. Love is love, hate is hate. Changing love can only make it something else. The state of love will always be one thing, and the state of hatred another. If you want a universal law, something that you can always point to and call Truth, this is it. Do you understand? Can you see what I am trying to say?

Maybe God created things to be as they are. This is what Christians believe. OK, let’s run with that for a few moments… Everything that, at this moment is, that is how God created it. It is either that way because of the blueprint God created, or because God has directly made it that way. So God is involved either directly or indirectly. God did not kill thousands of Jews. But God did create man, and a man and a woman together had a child named Adolf Hitler. God also created the system that allows for death, if He did not create death itself. God created the conditions of death. God created the elements that went into the guns and bullets used. God breathed life into each physical body that killed or did the killing. God chose not to interfere or intervene.

The obvious question then is this… If God is perfect, couldn’t He have designed a better system? Found a better, and not just a better, but the best, way to do things? Perfect means perfect knowledge. Christians claim there is nothing God can’t do. Yet it seems the one thing God can’t do is figure out a better way to deal with those who do not choose to follow His religion. He also can’t seem to figure out how to remove death and sin from the world without destroying it. He was unable to cleanse Sodom and Gomorrah without destroying it. He was not able to cleanse the pre-flood world before destroying it. It is God’s choice and opinion that directs His actions. He is intolerant of sin, so He has to cast out of Heaven 1/3 of the angels and Lucifer. He has to cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden if Eden. If God is all powerful, why can’t He find a better way to deal with his attitude and opinion towards sin? Or failing that, why can’t he de-create sin? Just get rid if it if He hates it so much!

But the Christian God is limited. He seems unable and unwilling to do these things. As far as I am concerned, He is unable and unwilling to do these things. There seems to be some force or law that is more powerful than God, which God is forced to operate by. Otherwise God, being God, should be able to create any reality He desires, with little or no effort, and certainly no need to destroy anyone or anything. God is also limited because He is operating in duality. Since He has such a strong focus on what He does not want, He inadvertently creates more of it, and enforces the reality of that which He does not want. You can not be obsessed with perfection without the ever-looming reality of imperfection. You can not have love without the possibility of hate. You can not see something as good without having something you see as bad.

For God to really have the power of a god, much less the God, as the Christians refer to Him, He would have to be above, beyond or outside all duality. He would have to be in a state where there is no love or hate. There is no hate because there is no love, there is no love because there is no hate. There is only is-ness. There is only some place or state that is separate from such distinctions. It is not something that can be understand from human perception. So I can not explain this very well with my words.

But I have experienced something like it. I have been in a state or place where I was able to do my thing, feel my feelings, think my thoughts. no matter what was happening around me. I was not attached to the circumstances around me. I was not engaged with them. I was able to sit there, and eat my breakfast, while my brother threw stuff all over the room. I was able to sit there, eating, not criticizing my brother. Not fighting with him. Not hating him or loving him. The best way to describe this is as a state where there is no criticism, fear or judgment. In that absence of these things, what is left?  What is left when there is no negative? You would think that only positive is left, but that’s wrong. If positive exists, negative exists. You could make this a Zen koan I guess. What is left when you remove all negativity? There is something there. Maybe the Zen folks would call it emptiness. Tolle would call it Aware Presence or Being.

Whatever that place or state is, God, being God and perfect, would be there all the time. But the Christian God, as described, is not. The Christian God is engaged against the things He does not want. The Christian God is attached to holiness, perfection and sanctification. In short, the Christian God is under the influence of an ego, the same most humans. The Christian God is caught in duality, again the same as most humans. Therefore the Christian God can not be God. There is no other conclusion you can draw.

If the Christian God is loving. He can not rule by fear. If the Christian God is loving, he can not criticize, condemn or punish. If the Christian God is loving, He can not throw even what we would judge as the most deserving, like Hitler, into hell. He can not throw Hitler into hell and call it an act of love. He can not throw Hitler into hell, shrug His shoulders and say that is just the way things have to be. In the first case He can’t be loving, and in the second He can’t be the all powerful, one and only God He claims to be.

The majority of us want Hitler thrown into hell. I may have said this before, but the majority of us want him there, roasting on a spit, suffering. The idea that he has not been punished for his crimes against the human race is impossible to bear. If someone were to suggest that, upon Hitler’s death, he simply was absorbed back into that Source from which we all came, there would be outrage. The majority of humans want there to be consequences. More so for others who do things we do not desire. Not so much for ourselves. We want there to be condemnation, judgment and punishment. The majority of us want justice.

I understand this and am working through it. But I have come to realize that hell as a reality is far worse than a reality where Hitler is not roasting on a spit in it. I would rather believe in a reality where, no matter what we do in this life, when we die there is not condemnation, criticism, judgment or punishment. While we are here there are certainly consequences for our actions. But after death, I prefer to believe in a reality where we return to that Source from which we came. That while we are here we are playing roles, like actors on a stage. We come in stage right, we play our parts, and we exit stage left. Do you know why that works better for me? Because I know that in this kind of afterlife, there is no duality, and that is true perfection. Not perfection to the exclusion of imperfection, but that state or place we could label as perfection, but which has no label, that exists once all imperfection is removed.

Ultimately it is not our concern if someone got away with it or not. I know that is easy for someone like me to say. If I were to get married, have children, then one day find myself under attack from armed men, led by someone, who slaughtered everyone and nearly me, to wake up, Punisher style, alone, the very last thing I would ever want someone telling me is that it is not my concern of those men, and the man in charge, got away with it or not. I would certainly feel the urge to go after them, probably get myself killed in the process. I can’t say I would not seek revenge. But here is the point… I am human! As a human being, not imperfect by nature, but in the process of remembering his perfection, and having not remembered it yet, I have the right to feel whatever it is I feel! That is part of the human condition. So what is God’s excuse, as He is not a human?

Reasonable or not, our desire of justice enforces our separation from each other. It is a negative focus on what we do not want, in these examples to loose our loved ones. So we will loose more loved ones. Every cop that goes into the world with an overriding desire to not loose any more lives will loose more than any other cop without exception. Nobody thinks much about this, nobody notices these connections. But they are there, they have been there all along. We just haven’t noticed them. It is the cop who goes out seeking to save lives, focused solely on what he wants,  which is helping people, protecting people, saving lives, who will loose the fewest lives during the time of his service. Do the research and you will see this for yourself.

Seeking death for another brings death to us, plain and simple. All exterior negative focus places us at opposites with love. As long as we are clamoring for justice or revenge, we can not be loving. As long as we are criticizing and judging others we can not love them. That is why I say that the fate of others in the afterlife, no matter what they have done during their physical existence, is none of our concern. Because to make it our concern closes us off from love. We are then unable to live the life we came here to live. Desiring the destruction of the life of another, in any capacity, will destroy our own lives, and the sooner we wake up to this fact the better. Because while we are watching someone else on stage, playing their role, and condemning, criticizing or judging them, we are unable to play our part, so when the time comes for us to exit the stage, we will leave unfulfilled.

The only way the actions of others can affect you is if you let them. That seems harsh. It is not like you let them hurt or kill your loved ones. But you did let their actions towards your loves ones determine how you felt. You could not help your initial feelings. You have to feel what you feel, you are a human after all. But how you proceed from there is solely your choice. Do you pursue justice to the exclusion of all else? Or will you do what you can, then let it go. Leave it to the authorities, pick up the pieces and focus on expressing love? Find your way to forgiving the other and focusing on what you want?

You always have the choice of how you respond to the actions of others. You always have the choice to feel what you feel, and, when you are able, to feel something else. You always have the choice to think what you think, and, when you are able, to change your thoughts. You can change how you feel, how you think, and how you respond. You can choose to focus on what you desire or want, or what you do not desire and do not want. You can choose how you will see things, how you perceive things. You can choose to focus on exterior things or interior things. In the making of these choices you create the reality you will experience. That is what is meant when someone says you create your reality. Because in the making of these choices, that is exactly what you do.

I choose to not invest my belief energy in a god like the Christian God. There is no belief or non-belief in His existence. I simply don’t care if He exists or not. I allow him to exist or not. I just will not serve or worship such a flawed god. I also choose not to invest my belief energy into a reality of condemnation of others who are not Christians, or who have done things others would criticize or judge as undesirable. I do not agree with or support the actions of those who hurt or kill others. Neither do I criticize or judge them.

I choose not to focus on these sorts of things. I choose to make it none of my business what happens after death. I choose to focus on this moment, right now, not some uncertain destination in an unforeseeable future. I choose to let others believe as they will. I choose to present clear, concise information, to the best of my ability, so that their choice of belief can be aware, conscious and present. I choose to practice loving and accepting myself as I am, so I can love and accept others as they are. These are some of the choices I have made. These are part of what I call my practice.

I do not know if they are the best choices. But they seem like the best choices for me at this moment in time. I do not know how these choices will work if I end up in circumstances where either myself or those I love are being hurt or killed. I know to what extant I can create the reality I experience, and I know how to contribute to creating a better reality for every other human on the planet, ans well as the earth itself. I will invest my energy there for as long as I am able. But how I deal with things happening to me or my loved ones, I can’t say for sure. I choose to not spend any time thinking about it. I choose to focus on what I want, not on what I do not want.

I chose to leave the Christian religion behind. I can’t remember for sure, but I think I went so far as to renounce it. As I have said many times before, it certainly was not easy. But I am not looking back, and now from this place outside of it, I see so many things much more clearly. I also find more and more flaws with this religion, flaws that I feel all institutionalized or organized religions share. So I choose to follow none of them, yet be open to any teachings which speak to me in any of them. I am not attached to the choice I have made. I am not adverse to Christianity. I choose to hold all my beliefs loosely, so I can drop them at a moment’s notice. I choose to keep my identity separate from what I believe. More and more it seems clear to me that I have made the right choice.

We are responsible for the choices we make. I take full responsibility for my choices. What about you? What choices have you made? Have you ever taken them time to sit down and write them out? Are they your own choices, or were they really not your choices at all? Have your made your choices with full awareness and consciousness? Are you really aware and conscious of the choices you have made?

Will you choose to think about these words or not?