11-18-2021 – What Does Donald Trump Listen To?

Believe it or not, this is the most important question you could ever ask yourself! It is the most important thing you could ever Google. Because chances are, if you are reading this, you are operating at a similar frequency or vibration to my own. Meaning you are probably not one of the wealthy 3%. While it is possible one of members of this group could find and subscribe to this blog, it is unlikely. Because we tend to emulate in our outer world whatever is going on in our inner world, and we tend to operate at set frequencies or vibrations in our lives, unless we make some sort of substantial shift. We also tend to draw into our orbit, as it were, those operating at similar frequencies or vibrations.

So, if you are anything at all like me, you have no idea how to answer this question. You don’t know what Tony Robbins or Donald Trump or anyone other person in the 3% actually listens to or watches. Or reads, for that matter. But I can all but guarantee that the things they are paying attention to are generally of a much higher frequency or vibration that the things to which you and I are paying attention. So hopefully now you see why this question is so important. But there is an even better reason to ask it. You see, there is no way that I know of to teleport yourself into the Trump, Hilton or Robbins families. No way to live there with them and become saturated with, presumably, the sort of environment that, were you raised in it, you would not be sitting here, reading this. The sort of environment with endless opportunities to do truly be do or have whatever you want, the mindset to achieve it, and the support of close family as you pursue success.

Now maybe I am idealizing here, and I could be naive. But I doubt that the discussions around the dinner table in the Hilton, Trump and Robbins households is the same as the one around my own family’s. My dad is a janitor for crying out loud! My mom is an unemployed homemaker looking for ways to make money on the internet. They are always broke or short of money, and, let’s face it, they will never be millionaires. If that was something either of them truly wanted, if that was a natural state for either of them, if that way of living could become one they were comfortable with, then I would want that for them. I would be cheering them on. I want them to be happy. To succeed. To be able to pursue any long forgotten dreams or hobbies. All I can say is that based on over 40 years of living with them, their course is set. When they die they won’t leave anything for my brother and I, and will likely not even be able to pay for their own funerals.

I don’t say this for your pity, and if you are a family member reading this, please do not share what I have said with them! It is NOT my intention to hurt or offend. I am just stating the facts as I know them. Along with this is another troubling fact, and that is as long as I live with them, I will end up just like them, or worse. It is my comfortable or familiar zone. It is what I know and will allow myself to accept. I am soaked in 40 years of the kind of mindset that had my dad working at Safeway for 30 years, to now serve as a janitor. In fact if I wanted to I could inherit the job from him! Were I to become successful and wealthy I know I would find resistance somewhere in my family. That state is alien to just about every blood relative I have. So if my life as it stands (and as it will likely end if things continue as they have) is not good enough for me, what can I do to change it?

The answer is deceptively simple. I have to break out of the comfort or familiar zone. I have to break out of the rut, the habitual way I think (my mindset) and act. If my ultimate example is to become wealthy like Donald Trump or Tony Robbins, I have to think like they do. Which means I have to immerse myself in the things that they immerse themselves in. Hence the all important question, what does Donald Trump listen to? I think he is the better example to look into, because not only has he been wealthy, lost it and regained it multiple times, he set his sights on the presidency and succeeded. Whatever you may think about him as a person, can you think of a harder to achieve goal than to become the next US President? Because I can’t! If I immerse myself in the things which Donald Trump immerses himself, if I can virtually put myself there at his dinner table, and if I stay there long enough, that exposure will counter the training of my parents, and eventually cause me to become successful. If I could have a mentality that would set a goal like becoming the next US President and then reach it, then there is literally nothing, not one thing, I couldn’t do!

But how do I find the YouTube channels that have the kind of content that would immerse me in these higher frequencies or vibrations, this success mentality, for lack of a better word? They wouldn’t be like the stuff Tony Robbins does, who is always trying to sell something. The wouldn’t be looking for loopholes or shortcuts. Think about that for a moment… If you are looking for the “easy way” to do something, that implies there is a “hard way”, and once you have made the thing you want to do (becoming wealthy) hard, you have already lost! Becoming president is hard, and if Donald Trump had set out thinking that it was hard, and looking for an easy way to get it, he would have never won. It really is as simple as that. Donald Trump likely didn’t waste a single second thinking about order of difficulty, although I bet a lot of people “helping” him in his campaign did! Likely why so many were fired. He set his mind on becoming president, and in his mind he already was, even before he started. He had no time or patience for contrary voices, especially on his own team. I am almost certain of that.

So all these “easy way” investment channels, most of the “hacking” channels and any of these “this loophole” channels are all of a lower frequency or vibration that the one I am looking for, which is whatever the 3% tell their children as they raise them and talk about around the dinner table. I want to raise my mentality and develop a “wealth mindset” before I set out to learn how to invest or start a business. Because these channels operate at such a higher than average energetic frequency or vibration, they will not be super popular. That will be the first clue. They won’t have a lot of views or subscriptions, they won’t have donation or Patreon links, and they will not be selling merch. They will never talk about the “easy way” or “loopholes”, and much of what is discussed will be very high level, likely at the borders of my own understanding. They also won’t be very “new age” or spiritual. Probably won’t talk much about manifesting, visualization or affirmations. It’ll be practical stuff and content that supports the pursuit of success. As I write this I realize that maybe this kind of channel may not yet exist! Still, if it does I hope to find it. If you happen to know of any, please share a link in the comments below.

Just a few thoughts that came to me tonight I wanted to work out here in a post. I hope they help you in some way, at least to clarify what you are looking for, if you are seeking to break lifelong patterns of subsistence like me.

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