How Do You Cultivate Desire?

So I am using the word cultivate here with the idea that this means to not only plant, fertilize and water the seed, but that one must also pull out weeds, dig out roots and break up the ground. To my mind this is the entire process of cultivation – the preparation for the area in which you will plant what you wish to cultivate, and the tending of it when you have planted it.

I am currently reading a very old book, older I think than even Napoleon Hill’s, “Think and Grow Rich.” This book is Wallace D. Wattles, “The Science of Getting Rich.” I have committed myself to this text, to studying it, believing it and applying it. Today I read something that troubled me. Wallace Wattles says, and I quote, “It is the things you do not really care about which require effort to fix your attention upon them.”

Mr. Wattles teaches that there is this stuff that is in and between everything, and in order to get something you want, you impress its image upon this stuff. In more modern language I would call this stuff energy. There is the energy itself, and the things in our world of which this energy has taken form. Instead of the phrase, “get what you want” I would probably use a word like Manifestation. But I have to say I like the down to earth way Mr. Wattles writes things.

In any case, in what I have referred to as ,”Manifestation Teachings” the process remains the same. There is something you want. You focus on it in your mind’s eye, seeing it as detailed as possible. Then you claim it, see it as already yours. You essentially detach from everything around you that shows you differently, as far as you are concerned it is already there.

To make this clearer… If you are living in a tiny, overpriced apartment and you want a nice 2 bedroom house in the country, even as you come home to your cramped apartment everyday, even as you wake up in it every day, you are thinking about this 2 bedroom house in the country. How it is laid out, what furniture you will put in each room. If you can throw in smells from your favorite flowers planted in a bed outside the front door you do that. You hear the birds singing. The more real you can visualize it, these teachings tell you the quicker this will come to you.

But what they have not mentioned, to my knowledge, is that if it requires a lot of effort to visualize this 2 bedroom house in the country, if you have to do as Napoleon Hill instructs and visualize it every day on rising and before you go to bed, well then you don’t really want it. You have an internal conflict, and until this is resolved, you will never manifest what you want.

That was one thing that threw me off in Mr. Hill’s teachings. I know from personal experience that trying to force something through, to make it happen, is actually working against the Universe. There is an effortless flow, and only when you are in that flow (you will know when you are) do things fall together, always for the best for all parties involved, always far better than you could have ever imagined. Trying to make it happen only keeps it from happening.

That does not mean there is no work to be done. Only that the work will also be a part of that effortless flow. When you are are WORKING at TRYING to manifest something, you will likely not get it, or it will be far less than you wanted. When you are WORKING TOWARDS manifesting something, just doing whatever work comes at you in the natural flow of the process, then you will get it, and likely it will be far better or more than you wanted. Usually it will show up in an unexpected way.

That is my understanding of the process. But I have not been able to get it to work for me. Now with what Mr. Wattles is teaching, I think I know why. It is really as simple as I don’t want it as much as I think I do, or think I should. This also leads me to seeing that there can be opposing desires.

For example I want to have my own house, but typically I tend to call it my own space. At the same time I do not want to be alone. I remember that year I had my own apartment and I was miserable. I am either afraid of being alone or simply strongly desire to not be alone. This is what makes it so hard for me to manifest my own house. In fact, when I have attempted to do this, I was always thinking somewhere in the back of my mind of having my parents in their own house close by.

Ultimately this means I do not really want my own house, not if I will be alone in it. But I have to stand on my own two feet, live my own life, and let my parents live theirs. Also, the best way I could ever help them (if I really wanted to help them and I think I do) is to be independent of them, supporting myself. If I have enough income and money that I could buy my own house, that means I would be better able to take care of them.

So now I come to an impasse… I feel I need to stand on my own. At some level I really do want my own house, where I could live as I please, maybe start a family. But I do not want to be alone, out of fear or just not wanting it I do not know. Here then is my question… How do I release my feelings of not wanting to be alone, or even being afraid of being alone? How do I let that go? Also, how do I want my own house so strongly that it is effortless for me to dwell on it, imagine myself living there, visualize every detail? In other words, how do I strengthen my desire for independence and having my own house?

If you have any thoughts on this, please comment below. I do appreciate your feedback. Hoping to find a solution here. Also hoping these words help you. If you have been trying, and failing, to get something you want, ask yourself if you really want it that badly, and if there are any conflicting desires getting between you and it.

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