09-08-2021 – Yes, I Am Still Here

I was working at doing one post every weekend. But a variety of things have conspired to cause me to break that habit, and I am not sure, considering my current experience, if I can re-establish it.

So the long and short of it is I was on vacation in the middle of August, I have been prioritizing making content at YouTube, and I have been trying to help my mom with her stuff. Then I had to help my dad, because he found he just didn’t have the energy to do his work.

Come to find out the lady we are staying with had tested positive for COVID, and after what must be the American equivalent of a Russian lad wrestling a bear, I got my parents set up to be tested, and my dad tested positive. My mom tested negative but has since been showing symptoms, and now I am.

So yeah, this wonderful feeling of dizziness, not having any energy, light headed, occasional coughing, vice grips on my skull constantly squeezing – you know the rub. I figured I better come in here and update you while I still am able to do some work today.

Appreciate your prayers if you are a religious type, and your healing energy if you are a spiritual type. I might try to do another post this weekend – we will see.

I hope you and your loved ones are well, and that you can escape this – and the whole vaccine fiasco. BTW, BOTH my parents were fully vaccinated. So if your government tells you that the vaccine will prevent COVID – that’s utter bullshit. If they try to sell you that it makes it easier to go through – that’s also utter bullshit. A vaccine is to vaccinate you against something. It is not to make it easier to get through it. The American government at least has some sort of agenda here. I am not vaccinated, and now definitely see no reason to subject myself to it.

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