… and I watch as the country goes to hell…

This post is NOT going to be very spiritual! It isn’t going to be very clean either. And it is DEFINITELY going to rub some people’s political affinities the wrong way. I am NOT being a spiritual teacher in this moment. I am being a 45 year old man, living in America, watching as the constitution is stomped on, watching as my president is wrongfully impeached, watching people running for an untested, unproved vaccine. I am responding to these things from a very low vibration, low frequency, non-spiritual perspective. I am angry. I am tired. And I wish I could do something substantial to change all this shit going on around me.

Normally I would relegate a post like this to my other, darker site. But as I may not be allowed to express myself at YouTube without being banned, I will do so here. I want to get these words before the eyes of other people. I want people to pay attention, to hear me, and to WAKE THE FUCKING HELL UP! The powers that be, the companies and corporations in charge of social media outlets, want to silence me, or more accurately, those like me who have an opinion that is separate from theirs. People who do not want to toe their line, People who refuse to believe what they want us to believe.

I guess in that sense this IS a spiritual post, because in order to walk your own spiritual path, in order to experience whatever or whoever God is for yourself, you will have to go against the flow of religion and in some cases, your family and the society in which you live If you haven’t gotten strong enough to stand on your own against the current by now, then you need to start developing those muscles, or you will be swept downstream in the tide of bullshit your religions, your politicians and your society has been feeding you since you took your first faltering steps.

OK, to sum up… I have not verified anything yet, but it seems that congress has voted to impeach President Trump not once, but twice. I feel this is vindictive and done without grounds. By that I mean any evidence they had to impeach President Trump would not be strong enough to stand up in a murder investigation, for example. They say he instigated the “attack” on congress. I have seen no definitive proof that this is the case. But I suspect that others WERE behind this, trying to kick the president out and destroy any work he has done. Also I find it interesting that nobody is mentioning the BLM protesters that were also on the scene. The local paper here called this group that “attacked” congress a “Trump mob.” This is an attempt to associate Trump with the protesters, when in reality Trump and the protesters are not connected. What I mean by this is that Trump was not in contact with any of them, did not direct or order any of them. Presumably some of them supported him, but they all acted on their own initiative, or on the initiative of an unknown third party.

This headline also dehumanizes the people involved. They were PEOPLE, not a MOB! WHENEVER you see this attempt at dehumanization, you are looking at an effort to make it easier to attack some group. The Nazis dehumanized the Jews, the genocides in Africa happened after the groups being slaughtered were dehumanized by their attackers. The media has been constantly undermining President Trump, even before he took office. There IS a plot against the president, Biden was NOT voted for by as many people as they say, and this attack on Congress was their coup de grace. Biden is not the legitimate president, and in the years to come the evidence for this will come to light, ideally, for those holding the reigns, too late for us to do anything about it. I predict, in the months to come, your media will only have glowing things to say about Biden, no matter what he is really doing while in office. I can almost guarantee this, put money on it. It is also a safe bet that he will die or become physically unable to perform his duties, so Kabala or whatever the hell her name is can take over.

The OTHER issue as hand here is the complete DISREGARD for the American constitution by companies and corporations – PRIVATE AGENCIES – as I believe the legal terminology is. The gist of it is this… Within the real or virtual walls of a private company they can dictate what people are allowed to say. According to Charmx, and I have yet to verify this, YouTube is currently banning anyone who talks about the election. Now I do not know who the idiotic, stupid, ignorant asshole was that made this possible, but we have to change this. We have to establish the Constitution as INVIOLATE, within the borders of America, PERIOD. Also, if you have America employees or users, you have to abide by the American Constitution. A precedent must be set that any company, real or virtual, based in the borders of America or comprising of any Americans, MUST abide by the Constitution, no exceptions. The Constitution must be sacrosanct! Of course, in doing this we also have to establish that a private organization, like a social media platform, can not be held accountable or liable for the things its users say. Only those things said by the representatives or employees of said platform.

The reason for the necessity of this should be obvious. If all a people have access to in America was specifically established to allow the people a place to freely develop and share their own opinions, about those in charge, about religion, about anything and everything. That is what everyone has bled and died for in World War 1 and 2, Vietnam, Korea and the Middle East. Because in all these places, some group in power sought to subjugate its citizenry, and we, the Americans, the Allied Forces, sought to free them. What good is establishing freedom for others when we have no freedom ourselves? What did our ancestors bleed and die for if a private agency can dictate what people may say within their real or virtual walls?

Over the next few months I will create t-shirts, look for petitions I will link here and do whatever else I can do to repeal the decision to impeach Donald Trump. I will do whatever I can to open an investigation into the real instigators of the “attack” on congress, and I will do whatever I can to repeal any protection given to private agencies to essentially disregard and disrespect our American Constitution. BTW… Why were these people considered trespassers in Congress? Don’t we, the American people,. own these buildings? Didn’t we pat for them with our taxes? So how could we trespass on buildings we own? Think about that for a second.

Too many people are using the fear generated by the pandemic to pass shitty laws and pursue their agendas, against the interests of the American people. We have to put a stop this this. We have to stand up, and if we need to fight, then we have to fight. If this has to lead to civil war, so be it. I would rather resolve our issues peacefully. It is ridiculous to assume that using war you can buy peace. It will only engender more violence. So I do not call for violence or war. I would rather pursue things non-violently, through well organized protests, the collecting of information being hidden from us and made public through any legal means available or hacking as a last resort, and petitions to our local leaders. I only want to take up arms if all other avenues to cleaning up this mess are blocked.

For now you can help me by simply buying and publicly wearing, this t-shirt. More designs are coming:

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