4-20-2020 – Hey! It’s 4-20 Man! Someone Pass Me A Joint…

Bet that title hooked you, didn’t it? No, this won’t be about drugs or anything… I just noticed today’s date and had to say something. But if you are feeling generous you can certainly mail me some marijuana. I mean it is legal now in this state… Contact me using my Contact Page if you want my mailing address. And yes, I am serious about that! I do enjoy the stuff, but it’s a luxury for me so I haven’t bought any in a long time. Need to get myself a good vaporizer too someday…

Moving on… I had a few things I wanted to write about these last few days, and have been taking notes so I do not forget. But the result is going to be somewhat fragmented, somewhat patchwork. So please bear with me…

Something else I have realized that has likely contributed to my issues manifesting things is that I have been discrediting myself, or the manifestations themselves. I have to thank Bryan Hutchinson, author of, “Writer’s Doubt“, for the lead here. He says, “It [doubt] can affect you to the point that you not only underestimate your abilities, you discredit them.” (Bryan Hutchinson, Writer’s Doubt, page 80)

I started thinking about this… In what other ways have I discredited myself, made important things smaller or in some way less important? I immediately thought of finding the hatchet. Man I have been going round and around on this! Maybe someone just set it there… Maybe one of the girls ran off with it, returned it, and wasn’t careful about where they put it… On and on until i forget the significance and importance of the event!

Then I thought about the “I Am Light” conference I managed to scrape together enough money to attend. I make it sound like it was so hard, don’t I? And yes, there was work involved. But it was not nearly as hard as I make it sound, and I did better than just manifesting the funds to go. I manifested what I needed to travel there, to pay for a nice lunch at Red Robbins, and even to consider buying some materials, thought they did not have what I went back to buy. That is not nothing! That’s a lot of money for me to get together towards this goal!

I was constantly berating myself afterwards, that my energy was not right, I was not operating at the best or highest frequency, that my attitude was not quite right, that if I had been in the right place with my attitude and mentality I would have had a better experience, and it never stops! Once I got onto that train I never figured out how to jump off the damn thing! Well until now perhaps…

I think I have been discrediting myself, and worse, discrediting these important (to me) manifestations. Now the Universe isn’t going to have hurt feelings or anything. But it is like winning a marksmanship contest with a bow and arrow, hitting almost dead center, then afterwards complaining about how it was a millimeter or so off! How can you possibly enjoy your victory, and celebrate how well you have done, if you are nitpicking everything all the time? No, ultimately by doing this you hurt only yourself.

Fucking doubt or whatever the hell it is that causes this! I wish I had a genie in a lamp, so I could make one of my wishes that all my internal negativity would become physical, and that I would have the power I needed to just slay these beasts and be done with them, once and for all! I have talked about this before. But somehow I think that it would be easier if my opponents were tangible so I could more easily defeat them. Plus I would love the anger and stress therapy that comes from justifiably beating the hell out of something that is definitely deserves it, something that is definitely a villain, something that my world at least would be better off without!

But no, I have to fight these inner demons in weird, unintuitive ways such as accepting them acknowledging them, embracing them, not resisting them, creating space around them for change, etc. BAH! Can’t just be a knight slaying the evil dragon. Nooo, that would be TOO easy!

So yeah… To add to all the tips I have given you about manifestation over the years, remember to honor your successes! I don’t care how poorly you think you have done, observe those feelings, those thoughts, acknowledge them, accept them, embrace them and then release them and let them go. Focus on the fact that you succeeded. How you succeeded is immaterial – it simply does not matter. Hell, the HOW almost always, if not always, just doesn’t matter! All that matters is that you arrived. You wrote the book. You manifested the funds. You got that shit DONE! Pat yourself on the back! Give credit where credit is due, show appreciation and give thanks.

This is your work… First you have something you desire, so you do a little gardening and plant the seeds using affirmations or whatever. Then you step back and let nature take its course. Even if you need this plant to sprout and mature in a limited time frame, you let it go and leave it to the Universe. While you let the Universe do its thing you keep in mind what it is you want. You stay focused on the desired outcome. You might glance over, see how the plant is growing. But that’s it, you don’t spend a second worrying about it.

After it sprouts, grows and bears fruit you’r job is to just enjoy it. You show appreciation and thanks, and you give credit wherever it is due. Then you leave it at that. Don’t allow yourself to look back and start to question if you did this right, or that. Don’t start thinking about how you could have done this or that better. It is DONE. It is FINISHED. Your job is to plant the seed and enjoy the fruit, that is it!

Now you may have noticed a few old posts showing up in Twitter and Facebook, as well as the subreddit. I wanted to talk a little about something I forgot about, and that is creating space. I go into a lot of detail about it here. I guess I got this from Eckhart Tolle’s, “A New Earth.” As I think about it now, I think this ties in with the releasing and letting go part of the manifestation process, and maybe even with positive reinforcement when it comes to something you want to do, like writing.

There is work you have to do in order to manifest something. You gotta be clear on what you want. You gotta take any steps that present themselves, in the natural flow of your life, to take. But you never try to make something happen. You never try to force it into existence. If you do the end result will not be the absolute best for you and all those involved. No farmer tills the land, digs the trenches, mixes in the fertilizer, plants the seeds, waters them, and then each and ever day comes out to dig every one of the seeds up to pry open its shell.

No, the farmer may continue to water, but other than that he leaves the seeds alone. His work is finished, until the seeds sprout and begin to grow. Then there is weeding and harvesting and all that stuff. But there is a point, between planting the seeds and coming back to work on the plants where the farmer simply walks away, leaving it to nature, God’s will or whatever. It is EXACTLY the same for manifestation!

The seeds in our example are being given space in which to grow. Physical space in the form of loose soil around them. Nobody drives a steamroller over their freshly planted seeds! They need that loose soil, that combination of space (air), soil and water. Now maybe this part of my example is a little weak. Perhaps some seeds will grow just fine in a compacted block of soil. But for our example we’ll assume that they need that little bit of space for optimal growing.

When you dwell on what you did wrong, or what you could have done better, when you discredit yourself or doubt yourself, you begin to compact the soil, as it were. It makes it harder for your manifestation seeds to grow. If you do this after successfully manifesting something, you create rockier, harder soil for your future manifestations to take root in.  Your future manifestation success may be scatter-shot at best, and the plants that come up will be hard, scraggly things not even close to what you wanted.

In real-life terms, because you have discredited and doubted yourself in previous manifestations, you manage to finally manifest a home for you and your family. But it is barely big enough for all of you, the roof needs to be replaced, and there are a lot of repairs to do. If you had practice a little more faith and trust in yourself, as well as in the Universe (or God if you prefer), you might have gotten that nice 5 bedroom mansion down the road you have been dreaming about.

In order to get the best results in your manifestations, you have to be light and loose about it. You have to operate in the natural flow of your life. You have to be aware, open and receptive. And you have to stay that way. When doubt starts whispering in your ear, you have to acknowledge it, accept it, release it and let it go. That’s where the awareness comes in, why you need it. Otherwise you won’t even be able to tell when you are undermining yourself.

I think the work of manifesting may ultimately be about the same as any artistic endeavor, any work that requires a lot of creative energy. It seems the world is putting a lot of effort into keeping you from creating the life and the things you want. There are a lot of distractions, and if you are not aware, you will not recognize the negative voices like doubt when they begin to whisper to you. They use familiar voices, familiar language. They may even seem like old friends. But they are not your friends, they are the enemy of your creative work, and you must be on guard against at all times. You must keep your focus on what you want, and once you have it, you must never look back except in an attitude of appreciation and thanks to all parties involved.

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