Life I Want To Live

What is it that compels those
who claim to love us, who claim to care,
to suggest we keep trying,
to put ourselves out there?

Why would you tell someone you love,
someone you call a friend,
to go out there, knowing full well
what awaits them?

Perhaps there are some things
we just have to accept,
perhaps some things truly are hopeless
with no solution to it.

I tried, I really did,
and I was rejected again,
proving, once more, that trying
is not a means to a successful end.

No matter how hard
you flap your arms
you will never rise
up from the ground.

I guess some of us
are just born with rotten luck
and I am one of them;
I really should just give up.

As far as I can see
life has been cruel to me.
I have done and tried my best
but consistently failed every test.

I am done with this, done with those who tell me
to keep going, to keep trying,
when to do so would only bring me more pain
as I am not living a life I want to live.

One thought on “Life I Want To Live

  1. This poem will likely remain rough and incomplete. I wrote it after I asked someone out and was, once again, rejected. I have been laughed at in my face. I have been treated unfairly. I have been told, usually indirectly, that I am not good enough. I don’t think I have it in me to ever try again.

    I quit.


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