Never Be

I do not exist for you, do I?
I am like a stray asteroid,
outside the orbit of your universe.
It is so cold here in the dark.

I long for the light of your sun.
I wish I could live in a reality,
where, at the very least,
you could acknowledge me.

I would do just about anything
to have you in my life,
to touch you, see you naked
and make love to you.

I am attracted to you,
I find you so alluring,
but I have nothing to offer you,
you are so far out of my league.

I am drawn to you,
but I can’t look at you anymore,
because it hurts me so much,
knowing what I know.

I feel even lonelier now
than when I came.
I am suffering,
and in so much pain!

I wish I could change things.
I wish a different fate awaited me.
I hate my life, all this longing
for things that can never be.


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