America’s Darkest Hour

There is a sign just down the road from where I recently resided. It tells drivers who pass by that marijuana is a dangerous drug. It isn’t. This is fear-mongering and an outright lie. I asked my Higher Self, my Source, all Agencies and Entities with my Highest Best Interests at Heart, Ramtha and those known as Paul Selig’s Guides (AKA Melchizedek) how I could address the energy that has placed this sign there. I want to remove the sign, I want to tear it down. And I will. But removing the sign does not address the energy that caused the sign to be put there in the first place. That energy is my true target.

In a strange twist I started to watch The Darkest Hour with Gary Oldman tonight. I watched as all all these people in positions of power, with a terrible enemy at their doorstep, hemmed and hawed and kept trying to push peace, which is the thing that got the prime minister before Winston Churchill kicked out by the opposition in the first place. I watched as Churchill declared war, and the room was silent after he was finished speaking. I realized something, that sometimes physical action has to take place first in order to change the energy that has caused an unwanted thing to manifest.

For Churchill, the action to take was war. England had to go through war to find peace. In my case, I have to remove this sign to start the process of changing the energy that placed it there in the first place. Some group of people somewhere had the belief that if only they could eliminate drugs, they would be happy. Only they likely used words like safety (especially citing the safety of our children) and security. Drugs, and those who use them, have been made a scapegoat. Those who believe that eliminating them will fix things focus on drugs so they don’t have to address real, far more difficult issues. The same thing applies to guns.

The problem is that making drugs and guns illegal creates crime, it does not eliminate it. Anytime you make something illegal for which there is a demand, you create opportunities (and lucrative ones) for those willing to meet the demand. In the 20s it was liquor. Sometime during Nixon’s presidency it became drugs. In our time it’s guns. Now we have drug runners and arms dealers, making vast amount of money, because they are meeting the demand of those who need or want drugs or guns.

Why do people want guns? For the average person, it’s because they want to feel safe. They want to feel empowered. With home break-ins on the rise, is it any wonder people want to have guns? Why do people want drugs? Because life, not to put too fine a point on it, sucks for the majority of Americans. They work hard at crappy jobs, and they just want to escape. They just want to feel good. For those who are addicted, they are meeting the demands of their bodies. A few of us, like me, are seeking spiritual experiences.

I partook in Ayahuasca for my spiritual development and growth. I tried shrooms, and they actually helped me to be less depressed than I was. I took a legal variant of DMT because I wanted to see past the physical to the energetic and spiritual. I took marijuana to share experiences with my friends and my brother, and again, to feel good. To not feel so alone. To ease the aches and pains of the hard work I was doing at the time. I am still working hard, but am without the kind of friends or money that would allow me to use marijuana. But if I had the cash, I would buy a big bag of it and a vaporizer, because I am in serious pain through the work I do and from which I am not recovering.

Marijuana is better for you than aspirin, acetaminophen, and any other man-created pharmaceutical drugs. It is far healthier and more relaxing than cigarettes, and has no long term health consequences. In fact, you would be better off using marijuana and cocaine in the correct ways to alleviate the aches and pains you deal with on a daily basis.

Here’s a question for you… WHY are Ayahuasca, DMT, LSD and Peyote illegal? Have you ever bothered to ask yourself this? No, you likely haven’t. There is no reason these substances should be illegal. They have no side effects, they don’t cause any physical damage, and they are not addictive for most people. Ask a police officer or the FBI some time. See if they can give you a decent, relevant answer that doesn’t sound like a script they memorized.

To have a society free of drugs and weapons (especially guns) you need a society where everyone is easily and effortlessly meeting their needs and at least some of their wants. A society free of the control of the law and religion. You have to address the system that causes people to need or want drugs and guns, and until you do, drugs and guns will exist. Also, as long as we live in a society that attempts to control the behavior of others through laws, regulations, rules and religion, drugs and guns will exist.

Do me a favor and the next time you see an anti-drug or anti-gun sign, tear it down, OK? Because we have to focus on the real issues in our society, and stop getting distracted by the scapegoats and straw men of our politicians and those in positions of power. How about we make it illegal for homes to be taken away? Or to be fired from a job simply because of a merger, or the bosses trimming the fat? How about we make it illegal for anyone to benefit from others being in jail? And how about we make it illegal to be in jail without an easily accessible and usable way for all inmates to reform, through programs, training, etc.?

It’s time to face the truth of the REAL issues, and to focus all our effort and energy on them.

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