Please Send Loving Energy To John of God

I recently wrote a post, since moved, that mentioned this man and a recent accusation. I have not looked further into this. But I realized that my negative energy is only adding to the negative energy of the situation. What the man needs is our love, whether he is innocent or not.

This man helped Wayne Dyer to heal from his cancer, and he also helped Debbie Ford heal from hers. He has been instrumental in helping to heal many of our spiritual teachers, and many, many others besides. He is a real, legitimate healer who has had a definite positive impact on many, many lives.

Please spend a few moments with me now, sending him your blessings, your love – sending him light and positive energy. May that dissolve any darkness either in John of God himself or in those involved in accusing him. May what is best and highest come from this situation.

Thank you.

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