On Cooking

Any cook who claims they have reached perfection is a fool.

Perfection is a carrot on a string, a state nobody should pursue.

Instead focus on becoming just a little better, practicing just a little more.

This kind of perfection is growth and development, not stagnation and death.

There is no getting it done, no point to reach.

The staircase goes on forever, sufficient for the rest of your life and all your lives to come.

Even if you were to live forever there would always be some new thing to learn, some nuance found or rediscovered.

Jesus has died millions of times already, his work was only finished for him.

His singular act happening over and over again with each new believer.

Each time each new believer learns a little something new.

Put awareness and love into your pancakes!

Let those who eat them be filled with your loving presence!

Welcome each new thing you learn and enjoy greater and greater levels of refinement!

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