I used to make things on this computer,
things for Minecraft and other games,
short stories and video tutorials,
but the passion for this has left me,
and I remain stuck, staring at the screen.

What would it take to rekindle my passion?
Is there any way I could find the desire,
the strength to sit here, typing away,
building things and learning new things again?
Will I ever return to my natural creative state?

Because the part of me that enjoys making,
that little child in me, is laying in his bed
on top of his Legos, afraid to move or make a sound
because if he does, his parents will come punish him.
I have to stop letting fear control my life.

Unfortunately, I have little time left with my laptop,
as I had so little time with the computer I built before.
Soon I will leave here, and I can’t take it with me,
so how will I express myself creatively then?
So many answers on Google, none to this question.

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