The Quiet Ones

He looks at me intensely,
dying to speak, but his voice
is drowned out by the voices of others.

Give me the awareness
to take this one aside
and let them talk to me!

Give me the ability
to listen to them, to hear them,
to not interrupt or offer advice!

It is the quiet ones
who need us to hear them.

Be sure to invest some time
with any of the quiet ones
who have entered into your life.

Because the one who has pain
yet is unable to share it, to speak it
is the one the pain may overwhelm,

with tragic consequences.


One thought on “The Quiet Ones

  1. This was inspired by the movie, on Netflix as My Suicide but also known as Archie’s Final Project:

    The movie is about a young man who announces during AV class that his project is that he will kill himself on camera. Naturally the adults and everyone who thinks they know better respond in their typical fear-based, ignorant fashion.

    There is a twist later where something happens and it turns the whole thing on its head. That twist is where this poem/teaching came from.

    I didn’t go into this movie expecting to learn anything, but I picked up a number of useful little lessons I will carry with me.


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