Death and Sickness

This post should be considered a sort of work in progress. Thoughts in development, inspired by the chapter, “Immortality in the Flesh” in Prentice Mulford’s, “Thoughts Are Things.”

Now I don’t know about you, but whenever I get sick the mentality is that there is something wrong. I am not super negative about it. But I assume that physical dis-ease is a symptom of an energetic cause. In other words, there is something inside of me that is focused in the wrong direction, and I have drawn sickness into my experience.

If you study a lost of books on cancer, and obsess about cancer, and collect all sorts if medical information in cancer; if you basically fear either yourself or someone you love getting cancer, cancer will likely come into your life experience.

This happens, according to the teachings of Abraham (and others), because when you focus on something – anything at all – that is essentially the same as asking for it. So if you focus on what is not wanted, if what you are dwelling on and thinking about doesn’t make you feel good, if you are trying to push something away out of fear, as far as the Universe is concerned you are requesting it. You can’t ask to be healthy if you are always feeling sick or worried about being sick. Your focused is on sickness, not on health.

It is those things to which you direct the largest amount of energy or focus that you draw to you. The more you don’t want something, the more energy or focus you have on that thing you do not want. It’s like you have shone a spotlight on it, and the Universe, constantly searching for the things you want, sees that and immediately sets to work bringing that to you.

But there is a time delay, because the energy of whatever you have drawn to you has to come into the physical world, so you can, when you realize you don’t feel good about whatever it is you were dwelling on or thinking about it, direct your attention to something that feels better. Just whatever feels even slightly better than whatever it is you were dwelling on and thinking about, and in this way, bit by bit, you can move that spotlight onto you something you feel good about, that you truly want.

I hope I am making this clear enough… OK, so there are some things you are shining a spotlight on without thinking about them at all. You short of adopt or inherit these things. One of these things is the belief that all things must and will die. That to not die is somehow abhorrent, evil, unnatural or wrong. Also that everything gets sick, and getting sick is this awful, bad terrible thing.

But let’s set that aside for a moment and say that both of these are untrue. Let’s say that death is actually not natural. Let’s go a step further and say there is no death. Bear with me. Let’s also say that sickness may be natural, but is actually a good thing. Turn both of these beliefs on their ear.

Even if both of these ideas are proven to be wrong, it is good practice for you to challenge everything you assume to be the truth. Instead of accepting things unquestioningly, maybe we should learn to question more and accept less. Why exactly are we so attached to these adopted and inherited beliefs, that we most likely never sat down for a moment and took the time to think about whether or not we wanted to accept them in the first place?

Still with me? Good. So let’s just acknowledge, accept, embrace, release then let go of all our former beliefs about death, dying and sickness. We can always pick them back up again later, if we decide we really want to. And this is good practice as well. Now you are making a conscious decision as to what you will accept as the truth, what you will believe.

Maybe sickness is actually a sort of cleansing process. Maybe there are things in you at an energetic level that you are shedding, for lack of a better word. Just as you shed dead skin, hair and other “physical” material, maybe you shed energetic material too. Like a tree shedding its winter leaves before new spring growth. That is one illustration that Prentice Mulford uses.

Maybe as we grow and develop as human beings, we shed old beliefs, old ways of thinking, old thought patterns. Maybe as we grow as people there are growing pains, and these translate physically as various illnesses. If this is so then my current belief, that I have consciously chosen to adopt for now, is correct. That belief is, as I have stated before, that all physical symptoms have an energetic cause.

So our first step is to take this new belief for a test drive. The next time we experience illness, we immediately think of it as a cleansing or growing process. We are shedding something, getting rid of something, and making room for something new. Sickness is not something we will ever desire to seek out, but when it happens we know that it is a good thing. It is not to be feared, there is no need to fight or resist it (that would make it stronger), and we can’t run away from it (it stays with you.)

Instead we do the same with the sickness as we do for everything we feel. This has become one of my practices. When I have a bunch of things I am feeling that I need to work through I Acknowledge them, accept them, embrace them then release them and let them go. I allow myself to feel them as long as I need to feel them, then I release those feelings and let them go. I retain no negative feelings or any feelings that feel bad.

When we are sick we can do exactly the same thing. Acknowledge the sickness, accept it, embrace it, release it then let it go. Let ourselves be sick as long as we need to be sick, then release the sickness and let it go. Our focus, our spotlight, is on feeling energetic, good and strong. There is no thought of dis-ease, illness or sickness. If such thoughts come we follow the steps already outlined: A.A.E.R.L.G. Acknowledge. Accept. Embrace. Release. Let Go.

Now let’s take this a stet further… Let’s use this same process whenever we think of death. Whether we are thinking of someone we love dying or our own death. A.A.E.R.L.G. The same with any beliefs we have about aging, death, dying. Toss them out with the rest of the trash. A.A.E.R.L.G. anytime they come up. From this moment on, I make this commitment, and you can make it with me:

“I no longer believe that aging, death or dying is is inevitable or natural. No matter what I see around me or in the mirror. Despite any evidence to the contrary. No matter what anyone does or says. As far as I am concerned, here and now, in this moment, my physical body can be as energetic, healthy, strong and young as I wish it to me. No matter how many times it has orbited around the sun. I will leave this world only when I am good and ready. It could be tomorrow, it could be 100 tomorrows from now. Against all my former beliefs to the contrary, I choose when I will leave this world, and I choose how my body functions and looks while I am here.”

Print this out, sign your name underneath. Whenever the old beliefs come up, refer back to it. Those beliefs are like a groove in a record. It is very easy for you to play them over and over again, as you have played them for years. With what we have done here we have created a new groove, and that will have to be played over and over, until it is natural for them to play instead of the old groove.

Unlike a record, where the grooves are essentially permanent, the belief-grooves in our mind correspond to pathways in our brain. As we play this new groove, as it gets deeper and more firmly impressed, the old groove fades away, and the mental pathways in the mind and brain change and re-route to this new way of thinking. You are, figuratively and literally, changing your mind about aging, death and dying, as well as dis-ease, illness and sickness.

On being born you we kind of like an etch-a-sketch. Those who raised you sketched out an idea of who you would be. As you grew older you adopted and inherited many of their beliefs and “mind grooves.” After all they could only play for you, through the entirely of how they raised you, the grooves they had in their own minds. Once you grew old enough to start creating your own “mind grooves”, the responsibility remained with you to shake that etch-a-sketch up and sketch out a design for yourself of who you would be. But most if not all of us have simply accepted the sketch from those who raised us. A few of us have tried to draw your own sketch over it. But far too few, if any of us, have simply erased the old sketch and drawn something new.

With what I have shared here you can now do that, in regards to your thoughts concerning dis-ease, illness, sickness as well as aging, death and dying.

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