More Issues with Christianity

I have been sitting on these words for some time now, and have lost much of the essence of what I wanted to say. But I want to get out into this white space whatever it is that remains.

I was sitting in the hall as a bible study group was going in the main sanctuary of my parent’s church. I overheard the former pastor of the church talk about how hard satan worked at drawing Christians away from God. When I heard that, something occurred to me.

In our society we equate hard work with success. We think hard work is something admirable, good, worthy. If this is indeed the essence of hard work, then how can it be the essence of a being that is presumably the antitheses of anything good?

Satan should by all rights be lazy. What is that old saying about the devil and idle hands or laziness or something? I can’t recall the worlds. How can a being that is lazy, even if powerfully motivated by hatred, ever work hard at anything, and continue in that work without giving up or quitting?

It is so easy for Christians to point at anything they disagree with or simply don’t like and blame satan for it. How much attention and credit to they really want to give their sworn enemy?

Just another example of the myriad of cracks and flaws in the house of cards that is the Christian religion.


2 thoughts on “More Issues with Christianity

  1. “Idle hands are the devil’s playthings.” – or, be so busy, work so hard the devil has no opportunity to use you to sin.
    Depending on which denomination you find yourself in, some don’t give you a lot to do, they say you can’t work your way to heaven. Others expect works to back up your faith and always have something going on.
    It bothers me that some believe that God has not elected hardworking believers because there’s a verse where Jesus says “I never knew you.” Seems like the only ones who realy win are the ones who get to make the decisions. The devil is, for them, a scapegoat.


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