Roadside Cross

This cross marks the place,
Where someone’s soul left this world,
To transition to,
A realm free of suffering,
And the crushing weight of pain.


One thought on “Roadside Cross

  1. Update! Changed real to realm. Darn spelling errors!

    This is my third tanka. I wrote it after seeing a cross on the side of the road roughly across from the wildlife refuge in Ridgefield, WA. There was a sort of knowing, an instinct for the syllable count as I wrote each line. There was little struggle or thinking how to make it all work.

    Notice that each line is now separate, a complete segment, nothing starting on previous lines. My guess is that soon I will be able to write a tanka and not even have to think about the syllable count, and I will count it after it is finished and find everything fits.

    But if some lines have a syllable less or more than they are supposed to, the question then is do I leave it, or try to make it fit? I think the answer is that I leave it. Because rules are guidelines meant to assist, not masters to follow.


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