Cascade Locks

Thing were mostly downhill after Cape Horn. Stopped at a little convenience store, one of those with the architecture of a wooden grocery store from bygone days with a cafe inside. Bought a sandwich and some Cascade coconut water. It was getting dark, so I struggled on to North Bonneville. The store was closed, so I looked for a water fountain. I had gotten lucky on the main road, finding a waterfall I filled up my water purifying bottle with. But I was low now. That road after Bonneville, along the dams, was harder than anything else I went through that day. Just endless, dark, my light was insufficient, passing cars going the other way blinded me, my light fell off at one point and my bag. Just too much weight in the back. I was well into and probably past my physical limits. When I saw that light to the Bride of the Gods it was a relief.


The bridge was OK in the dark, the lady about let me through without paying, but I had my quarters already in my bag. I thanked her for her generosity, told her I was ready to pay, paid and wound my way down to Best Western Plus. I parked my bike outside, went up to the desk even thought I saw a little No Vacancy plaque there, and asked the attendant if there was anyplace else I could stay in town. I was told a room had just opened up and I took it without hesitation or asking for details. It would come to over $200.00 and I couldn’t use the hot tub or laundry yet. I said something about my budget, more just working it out with myself, but the gentleman overheard me and did something so I got the room for about $178.00. Breakfast was included. I went to my room, took a shower, tried to do some stuff but fell asleep. I was up early the next morning and in the hot tub. I washed my bike clothes in the shower and left them there to dry.



I found a bike campground not far away, after walking to the nearby Bridge Restaurant (I may not have that name right) for an excellent breakfast, I struggled with my bike to to where I would stay that night for $50.00. Nice place, constant wind, that night I slept on the ground on my yoga mat and had strange dreams about my pillow blowing up. But I spent the day in Cascade Locks, exploring the town, getting food at the Penguin burger joint, which was still very popular but not as good as I remember. I hung out at a place I saw below the window in the restaurant where I had my breakfast. Just a patio, iron chairs, plastic tables, spots of tree sap. Fell asleep there a few times.



The next morning I left my bike in the shed the folks running the campground made available to myself and a couple of other bike nomads, an older married couple heading east. They had much nicer bikes and gear and seemed much more prepare than myself. The name of the campground is Port something, slips my mind at the moment. But yeah, left my bike, walked with my purple bag mostly full of food and extra clothes and mailed it back to myself. Lost about 40 pounds or so, made things much easier. Enjoyed another shower that night, walked along what I presume is one of the locks that morning. Saw the geese, the paddle boat. Just spent all day Sunday and some of Monday recovering from my Saturday journey.






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