It Has Begun

So I have started my journey. I headed out of Camas, Washington last night and made my way to Cascade Locks, Oregon roughly 8 long hours later. I biked through Washougal in 90+ degree weather, stopping at Safeway where things were almost beginning to melt on my bike. I went through a long straight stretch and up what I am now and forever calling the Endless Hill.



A woman stopped just after I passed what looked like an old gas station and offered me a ride in her tiny Honda sedan. I was appreciative and grateful, but I knew I could never stuff my gear into that car. She may not know this, but the real gift she gave me was proof that I am not alone, that others outside of my family and friends can and will support me.


I hope you’re not afraid of heights…

 I stopped at the Cape Horn lookout and stupidly thought I could make North Bonneville or Stevenson in the next hour or so. Took probably 3x longer. Traffic was thick the whole way until later at night, some truckers honked at me as they passed. Went past the dams along a road that seemed like it would never end. So dark out I could clearly see the stars. I crossed the Bridge of the Gods and used what limited funds I had to stay at Best Western for around $180.00.





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