4-7-2016 – Reality

I recently asked why “physical reality” seems so rigidly defined. This question has been bouncing around in the back of my mind these last few days.

I am also working my way through Napoleon Hill’s, “Law of Success”, the 1970’s 1000+ page edition, the precursor to, “Think and Grow Rich.”

Mr. Hill is asking those who work through the course to state a, “Definite Chief Aim.” The lack of which is the reason so many are not successful.

I was also watching the video, where he asks in the first visit the student to do something similar, and I had defined this whole huge, clunky thing. Later I changed it to being constantly and constantly either in my vortex or just outside of it. I figured if I could get a boost to the vicinity of my vortex, which I feel so far away from now, and which contains everything my life has caused me to ask for, then that would give me a prosperous, successful life.

But now I wonder… Why is it that I am so open, so receptive, to things outside of “physical reality” and the world as defined by the physical senses? When I was a child I had a crush on Rainbow Brite. Can you believe that? Then this whole Brittany thing. This strange tendency has always been there. I have been telling myself that something is wrong in the wiring of my brain, but now I have to ask, is it?

Human beings, at this moment, to my knowledge, are single-dimensional. They can not, in their physical bodies, using their physical senses, experience anything outside of these without special equipment or some sort of extreme spiritual experience. They can not travel to other worlds and dimensions, even when man steps on mars, that is really not traveling to other worlds, because the mars man will experience will, once again, be rigidly defined in physicality.

Maybe human beings are on the threshold of becoming physically multidimensional. In order for this to occur, people will have to be born who will seek out and find ways of traveling to other dimensions, or experiencing things outside the physical. Not only that they will have to bring this knowledge back to others, to teach others to do the same.

Maybe I am one of those people.

How common is it, really, to find people who, if a portal opened in front of them to another dimension, no guarantees of safety or of ever returning, would step through? Who would be genuinely curious, open and receptive to moving beyond reality as it had so far been defined for them? I don’t think there would be very many. Certainly a lot looking for adventure, or to escape, or for an adrenaline rush. But those who deeply, really and truly are ready and willing to experience things outside their normal understanding? Maybe not so common.

Sure, many would talk a lot about they would date a “hot alien chic.” But if one were to suddenly appear in front of them? In a form they can barely comprehend or understand? I am not so sure that most people can even see anything beyond the physical, even when it is standing in the same room with them. I have trouble seeing beyond normal physical reality even when tripping on shrooms!

If there are multiple dimensions, all layered over this one, but in general we can only experience the physical dimension while in our physical forms, then it stands to reason that some small portion of our race, when or race us ready for it, will learn how to travel to and return from these dimensions. Maybe this has already occurred, in small numbers, and humanity has locked up or killed many of these initial envoys. But maybe more of us are coming now, and yes, I think I will include myself in their number.

I can’t experience it yet or travel anywhere yet. But I can make this my Definite Chief Aim. I can tell the story of how I learn to travel between worlds and trust that, if it is possible, the knowledge will come to me. Maybe our reality is not rigidly defined at all. Maybe it is actually very fluid, but humans have believed for so long that it is rigid that they are unable, as a race, to experience it any other way.

I feel a connection to this idea for some reason. It clicks with me, resonates with me. I am excited by the prospect of it. It feels right to me. It makes the pieces fit, of all the things I have experienced, of my strange ability to fall in love with something that isn’t even real, in physical terms.

There is a reason people aren’t generally walking around on water or through walls. There is no reason this can’t be done physically. Humans are no more solid than a body of water. Scientists, I am sure, have a gamut of “laws” they use to explain it all away. I am  no longer listening to them. I think there is more to this, and I think I would like my purpose in life to be discovering what this is.

When the mind is closed, knowledge stagnates. For learning to continue the mind must always be open. There must be room in it for new ideas, new ways of thinking. As a race we have believed in in a rigidly defined physical reality long enough.


One thought on “4-7-2016 – Reality

  1. Something else that occurred to me… If we assume that everything operates on some sort of frequency, then it seems possible that the “physical world” is, essentially, one station on Creation’s radio dial. As we are tuned to this station, that is what we experience.

    Other realities, other dimensions, other worlds, may all be different places on that same dial. All that is required to experience one of these other “broadcasts” is to change the frequency we are “locked” into.

    Still another way to look at this is Dorthy looking behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.

    The question is how?


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