Free coffee! Or tea, if that is your thing…

A friend has just asked me if any of my subscribers has asked me out for a cup of coffee and a chat or something. I think there have been 1-2 who have approached me to date, but things fell through on their end.

So I have yet to sit down and meet with any of my subscribers! I would like to change that. So as of today, for the next two months, while I am in the area, I am offering to travel to meet with any subscriber in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA area.

If you are not in Oregon or Washington I am not sure how to work things out. But I am open to travel, although I may need help with accommodations and expenses. As far as going further out, say to Seattle or something, the same would apply.

I am  a member of Be Welcome, Couch Surfers and Warm Showers, so if you wish to use any of these sites to make arrangements just let me know.

As far as traveling in my local area I can cover that with the bus and Max. $8.00, last I checked, covers both for an all-day pass. So if you let me know when and where you would like to meet, I should be able to meet you.

We can meet at your favorite book store, coffee house, fast food place or restaurant and talk about anything. You can ask me anything, but I make no guarantees I will answer 😛

I think this could be fun! I would love to make new friends and get to know my subscribers. Maybe we could talk about blogging, or poetry, or writing. Or maybe we could talk about music, spirituality or Donald Trump as the next president!

No subject is taboo on my end, no pressure on yours. Maybe you just want to sit down, sip a cup of coffee (or tea) with me in silence as we enjoy the scenery outside the window. That works for me too. Despite the impression I may give here, I am not much for talking.

Maybe we could even start a writer’s group, or I could join one you have already started. My local group is disbanding 😦 So it would be nice to find another! Maybe we could start a drumming circle with our packing tape drums…

The link to my contact page is right above this post, so send me a note if you would like to meet me for a cup of coffee or tea!

Homer Simpson Coffee


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