One thought on “Returning To Childhood

  1. As I stood in a field today, thinking about something I said in the past, about how the sky was bluer, the grass greener, I realized that the world had not changed. Only I had. My perceptions of it. I realized that as I have become more aware and conscious, more tuned into the world around me, that nothing has changed. I could see myself as a child, running through that field, chasing girls, or walking along, idly picking a blade of grass while avoiding the thistles.

    When we are children I think there is some sort of primal awareness of our surroundings. We are tuned into them in some way we loose as we become adults. We disconnect ourselves from the world, and think that it has lost some of its magic. But it never has. It is just as vibrant and magical as it was when we were children, and when we become aware and conscious, when we tune in, we discover this for ourselves.

    Cast off your socks and shoes, your clothes if you are able, and walk through a field or forest. Tune into your environment. Let go of all thoughts of time and worries about what others may think. Become aware. Do not get distracted by the thorns and thistles, the mud or occasional piles of feces. You did not care about any of this as a child. You barely even thought about it, other than maybe to play around in some of these things.

    Just walk around, feel the earth under your feet and the sun on your skin. Open yourself to the world around you. Connect. Spot the birds hiding in the trees, the praying mantis somewhere in the field. Notice the play of light and shadow on the ground. Discover the truth I am sharing with you for yourself.


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