One thought on “Old Stories

  1. I wanted to capture the essence of something that has become so clear and poignant to me. I see it all around me, as well as in my own life. I tell these stories about someone, how they are very eccentric, opinionated and particular, But that only reinforces these perceived defects in them. I am not seeing them as they are, but as I think them to be based solely on my perception of them. That perception is based on my experiences with them, and those experiences exist only in the past. Their only power in this moment lies in my remembering and thinking about them.

    That is the only way I will ever see anyone. It will always be about them, at least until I reach a more enlightened state. Well if how I perceive them to be is not desirable, not how I want them to be, why don’t I see them differently? Instead of seeing them as I have, tell a new story. Think of them as interacting with me in a high frequency, high vibration way. I can choose to think thoughts about things that depress or inspire me, with every sort of feeling in between. I am learning it feels better to choose inspirational thoughts.

    Not to the exclusion of negative thoughts. It is not about positive thinking. If negative thoughts come I embrace them. I feel what I feel. But when I am ready I let them go. It is always my choice what thoughts to hold onto, and whether or not to hold onto them or let them go. It is always my choice what stories I tell. I choose to feel what I feel, in this moment, embracing whatever thoughts come and then, when I am ready, letting them go. I choose to tell the kinds of stories that, if my life was a book, I would want to read it, and I would find myself inspired by it.

    I listen to the stories this person tells of those around them. All these perceived negative things about them. I see so clearly that this is the only power they have over this person, the power this person gives these people to influence this person’;s perception of them. If this person could only tell a new story, one where they enjoy having these people around and interacting with them, how they respect this person and treat them how they want to be treated, this person’s whole outlook on their situation would change.

    I can not change this person, and should not desire or seek to. I am not doing this person any favors by reinforcing the stories they are telling. What I can do is tell a different story about this person to myself, how these things happen for them. I can see them in a situation they consider desirable. I can see them as happy, joyful even. I can tell that story, no matter what this person presents to me. That is the best and only thing I can do for them, other than to love and accept them as they are and support them as much as I am able.

    I am telling new stories, for the sake of myself and everyone who comes into my life.


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