Trying Too Damn Hard!

You ever write a poem? Maybe a short story? You ever try to force those words out, squeeze them out of your skull? What is the end result? Compare that to writing that flows effortlessly. You’re typing or scribbling away, ignoring the spelling errors (unlike me right now), completely lost in the flow of words. Which kind of writing reads better? If you read it out loud, which one sounds better?

Obviously I can’t speak for you, but if you are anything at all like me, those words you squeeze out like the juice from a lemon ultimately leave a bad taste in your mouth. They just aren’t as good as biting into some juicy, sweet succulent fruit.

When I write about effort and work VS effortlessness and allowing it is this I am struggling to refer to. Can a seed that sprouts under your concrete driveway be said to be working hard to make its way up through the cracks to reach sunlight? On the surface it seems obvious, of course it’s hard work! But isn’t it just as likely that the seed is probing, looking for the path of least resistance, as it seeks the surface? Isn’t what a seed is doing a lot different that you trying to shove a spear through the concrete?

Neville is one of my favorite teachers of all time. You have heard his words here, I have shared his teachings, as well as my realizations and understandings based on what he has written. But Neville is missing something, or I have missed it in his writing. Neville’s whole teaching is equivalent to shoving a spear through concrete. You know what you want, you visualize it, you imagine it, something clicks, and you come back to your present moment experience, knowing it has happened, that your present moment experience just has to meet up with the experience you have created. You squeeze that lemon in an attempt to get lemonade.

But maybe, as I think I am coming to understand after watching Abraham today, just maybe in doing things this way there is, somewhere in the background, a focus on whatever it is you do not want, or whatever it is that has gone wrong.

Using my parent’s situation as an example, and using Neville’s teaching, I can sit here and visualize a house for them, imagine it, work on this every day until something clicks, come back to the present moment, secure in my faith it is provided. The problem is that it matters too much to me, and too much to them. There is a note of desperation here, I have to get my parents a house. Why? Because soon we will not have one. That is where the focus is, not on the new house, but on the coming lack of a place to live (what is not desirable, unwanted) and that neuters any effort I make to manifest this.

When it matters a lot, when it means a lot, when we are strongly invested in something. we may try to shove a spear through concrete to make it happen, or squeeze that lemon. Exhaust ourselves in our efforts. Is that seed exhausted? You would think so, I mean it would seem to be hard work to come up through the ground and layer of concrete. But the seed is taking its time, sending out shoots and roots. It is conserving its energy.

For the seed there is no proof that sunlight exists. Its nature is to go in the direction of the sun. How does it know where to go way down there in the darkness? You ever seen a plant growing naturally send its roots up to the surface and its leaves under the ground? Of course not! Somehow it knows. That is its faith, and it is exactly what we must do. The seed is our example.

In the part of the video I watched of Abraham (one of the Law of Attraction In Action videos) a lady was talking about how she was going to enter the dating scene, having recently come out of a relationship. How would Abraham do it? And Abraham said that they would have fun with this.  It became obvious that it mattered to the lady who she got with when she went out again. She wanted the right man, the right relationship. She wanted to do this right (how Abraham would.) Neville would tel her to imagine it, wait for that click, and come back to her present moment experience. Abraham tells her to have fun with it.

Abraham also uses phrases like “releasing resistance.” What does that mean? I think I understand it a little now. It is all about letting go. The more important something is to me, the more relaxed I need to be! Beating the drum (another phrase from Abraham) of what I want when I am so far away from it will keep me far away from it. I have to set down the drumsticks, let go, unattached myself, relax, and really just have fun. Find the next best feeling I can access. Allow myself to drift, without effort, towards whatever it is I want. At some point after this is when I can apply Neville’s teachings. But I have to be closer to what Abraham calls my vortex.

In other words no seed is going to develop a bud and bloom under the soil. Not that I know of anyway. Let’s say that maybe that is a seed’s highest calling, to bloom and procreate. This is the seed’s desire. But as a seed it is far away from blooming. If it tries to bloom now while it is under the soil it will not have the desired result. So the seed must be patient, work its way to the sunlight, reach the surface, develop stems and leaves, grow stronger, then and only then can it bud and fruit. It has to be closer to the surface, closer to the sun, before it can send out those stems and leaves. Call the surface or the sun the vortex of the plant. The energy can be put into what is desired only when it is close enough to its vortex, and the same applies to us.

Manifesting a home matters too much. Somehow, I have no idea how, I need to let go, unattached, and drift effortlessly closer to my vortex, where my ultimate desire awaits. Find a way to have fun with this process. It is not so much trying to focus on the positive. Not at all. It is more about focusing on what makes me feel good, what I want. The better I feel, the closer I am to my vortex. Abraham speaks of this as well. It will be far easier to manifest a house when I feel better in general. The only way I can feel better is to stop putting so much energy into visualizing what it is I want, which ultimately just makes me feel worse because it perpetuates my awareness that I do not currently have what I want. As a result it keeps my away from my vortex and the manifestation of what I desire.

Force VS Flow. Always turn in the direction of Flow, and away from the direction of Force. Yes, to get the juice out of a lemon you have to squeeze it. But you won’t bother to do that with a lemon that is either not ripe or rotten. The lemon has to be that nice, bright shade of yellow. It as to be a little soft, so you know there is juice in there. Then you squeeze it. That is how you make the best lemonade.

Everything has an ideal time attached to it for the best results. Results can be gained outside the ideal, but they will be less than ideal. Patience is needed. Faith is needed. Trust is needed. These are the things we must practice. That and letting go, removing our attachment, to the things that matter the most to us.  We can not win by effort alone, or by fighting back.

We have to be like the seed there in the soil, grounding, rooting ourselves. Probing upwards along the path of least resistance. Always seeking the light of our desire, our vortex, where this desire is waiting for us. There is no doubt, fear or worry. That keeps us in the darkness. There is only faith, hope and trust, an inner knowing that we will reach our desire in time, just as the seed knows it will reach the sunlight. This is how we emerge from darkness into the light.

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