2-12-2016 – Defeating Those Who Oppress Us

This has been something on my mind for some time now. If there is a They, and They use Law through the Agents of the Law to Oppress Us, how do We fight back? Because fighting back is resistance and only reinforces Their strength. No riot, to my knowledge, has ever succeeded in changing anything for the better. It has only resulted in death and injury on both sides.

But the very act on the part of Them to Oppress Us is resistance to Us, resistance to Change. That gives Us strength and reinforces Our position.

We live in a world of perceived duality. Duality does not really exist, all is one. But humanity perceives opposites, those for or against, those bad or good, right or wrong, etc. For humanity, duality is real and has a real effect. That means if there is an extreme where They can send out Agents of the Law against Us, there must also exist a way to send the Agents of the Law back to our Oppressors.

It is like our Oppressors have shot a beam of light at Us. We can let it burn Us, or we can pull out a mirror and send it back to Them. Another way to understand it (a better way I think) is in terms of martial arts. We can use our Oppressors strength against them. This has to be possible, because if one extreme exists, so does its opposite.

This is where we need to focus our attention. This is how we fight against our Oppressors without resistance. We can go the route of Ghandi, go on a hunger strike. Or we can light ourselves on fire. That is one form. Or we can fight like a martial artist and find a way to turn the Agents of the Law back at Those who sent Them.

Our Oppressors found a way to turn them against Us, so we should be able to turn them back on our Oppressors. The question is how. Find the answer to that, and you have found the secret of defeating our Oppressors.

What is it that drives police officers to gather together and drive off protesters who have obviously been wronged, who are peacefully gathered, who have been wronged yet have done no wrong? What is it that turns police officers against those they should want to protect?

For the purposes of this writing, Oppression is incorrectly titled Law. The Agents of the Law are everyone from lawyers to police officers to the military. Any person or force sent out to enforce the Law. Both Law and Religion are the Tools of Our Oppressors

It is through Law and Religion Our Oppressors try to control Us, or more accurately, try to control Our behavior.

It is through Law and Religion We are told what We can and can not do, even as Our Oppressors ignore the very laws and religions They have created.

It is through Law and Oppression We adopt beliefs about what is bad or good, right or wrong. These things do not exist outside the perception of humanity.

These thoughts come after reading, “The Voice of the Master, Chapter 17 – Youth and Hope” by Kahlil Gibran.


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